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    The new weather

    Can we please the faction in-fighting and focus on the real issues here? Plain fact is the weather is just bad right now, even with maxed brightness and custom Nvidia colour settings I have a hard time seeing things. US/SU soldiers in front of most props or objects are invisible at a distance, and GE soldiers are impossible to see in the "night" battles. Visibility is one of the core aspects of an FPS game (which is why games like CS focus on it so much and why there was so much outrage when new content or changes hamper it) and shouldn't be neglected. @Mastah gave some really good screenshots. Why can't we have the old looking H&G back? Too many damn rock/trees just hamper visibility and decrease performance anyway, you shouldn't need a mountain full of trees and boulders to provide cover for infantry moving around.
  2. rgr911

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Please, whatever you do, just change the smoke/muzzle flash while firing so that we can actually see our enemies after we press LMB. As it happens now, shooting with pretty much any SMG/MG/AR will cover your sights with smoke and flash completely, making it almost impossible to see your enemies, specially if there are multiple. Happens the most when you ADS, bit less of a problem when using hip-fire, but you can hardly hip-fire consistently with MGs.
  3. Well, who knows maybe the OP might be into it.
  4. Absolutely no reason not to do it, hell, might even help recons and binos gain some credibility.
  5. rgr911

    Modern attack weapon

    Drones: AP mines on steroids.
  6. rgr911

    How stuarts are made

    Depends on whether it's the Old, Old, old Mt.Town, or the Old, old Mt.Town, or just the Old Mt.Town.
  7. rgr911

    How stuarts are made

    Damn this image brings me back.
  8. rgr911

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Implementing them like that is just not viable I'm afriad. How would you have "separate" units for them? Would you differentiate them based on squads, roles, lines? What happens when you queue in a squad with a black/brown face along with a friend using the stock face? I agree keeping them rare would be the best option, but we're already past that as anyone who'd want to switch has probably already done it anyway. Maybe for the future they could look at something like making them unlockable, but do we really want to increase the grind, even for something like this? From the majority of players/chars I saw, most are still using the old/stock face, very few of the black/brown faces and even fewer still of the "hard guy" (as I like to call it) face. It really doesn't feel too out of place from my personal experience, and I'm fine with them as long as they don't hamper visibility. That would be quite nice, but I'd rather have the other tons of issues to be fixed and even a complete overhaul of the costume/skin system we have now (There was a thread on it years ago, and it was very thorough as well) before they even think about adding stuff like this.
  9. rgr911

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Out of everything, you will choose female characters and/or black/brown faces to leave the game?
  10. rgr911

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    As an Indian, the first thing that popped into my mind seeing that was "Well they added the Free Arab Legions then?" You think of it like you want to. I just wish they made them not so bad (?) looking? Sure why not, then we can also have female fighter pilots and recons for SU.
  11. rgr911

    Smoke back on gun?

    Recently came back to the game and it's now every gun feels like the 2017 StG with all that smoke and blaze. What's the point of shooting if I can't even see who I'm shooting at half a second after pressing Mouse 1?
  12. Obviously that's because GE bullets have a secret aimbot mechanism.
  13. rgr911

    opinion restriction

    And also, just please move the Objective and cap point markers above the ground. You know, someplace where it won't block us from seeing our enemies.
  14. rgr911


    Theme: Line Battles/Headhunters. Objective: Get headshots with unmodded BA or SA rifles. Top 10 with the highest number of headshots, win! Duration: Throughout the week. Affected Players: Everyone Potential Rewards: Special skin for BA/SA rifles, preferably with a cracked skull insignia of sorts on the butt.
  15. rgr911

    The Fun Events!

    I'm getting in on this time, don't care about the stupid game crashing after 10 minutes.
  16. rgr911

    Tank spam

    Thats still not a lot tbh
  17. rgr911

    Town map E line

    They could re-implement the pontoon bridge maybe. Slower than road speed, but faster than whatever water-swamp combo we have right now. Oh, and both the main and secondary crossings need some cover. Chokepoints are fine, but coupled with the spawn locations, pushing from E3->E4 is near impossible without a good team or against good defenders.
  18. That works fine as well, but I don't think they'll restrict tanks until they release tank-only. Even though I'm pretty sure a vast number of tankers are in it just for the HE spam and inf farm; shameful really, Should happen soon™
  19. rgr911

    Tank spam

    Gold mine tbh
  20. This again. They need to introduce some kind of class restriction (not that aux system again, something else) and/or make tanks easier to kill (By adding crew members are hittable modules possibly?).
  21. 30 minutes for skirmishes and encounters. Preferably complete removal for Towns, but if that's impossible/Reto are unwilling, then 6 hours atleast.
  22. There are other options that are just plain better for war. See no problem with that.
  23. From what I've played in the last few weeks, it doesn't seem that bad, but obviously this is something influenced a lot by time/server/randomness, and the fact that inf only matches are so hard to come by in staged.