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  1. why we sont make a meeting over teamspeak it is time boys
  2. Hey Gringojis you are so right. German community i diieng out of this baseball. Reto needs to ssop it this game has so much
  3. I use the standalone client because it doesnt have so many bugs and less lags in my opinion.
  4. Look here I translated you the meaning.It is a bigger version of the Panzerhandmine. So it shpuld get called antitank mine
  5. I wanna see still a two seated Zündapp KS in this game.They where really common in WW2 and so on
  6. Unfortunately we are already in stage 3.
  7. wrong. Never trust Wikipedia. "Die Hafthohlladung 3 HL war eine vergrößerte Panzerhandmine mit einer Ladung von 1,5 kg anstelle von 1 kg. Der Körper hatte 150-mm-Durchmesser und war mit den drei Haftmagneten fast 275 mm hoch. Diese Ladung mit 3 kg Gesamtgewicht »klebte« mit einer Kraft von 45 kg an der Panzerung; sie durchschlug fast 140 mm. Die halbkugelförmige Ladung wurde später durch eine konische mit 1,7 kg Gewicht ersetzt, und die HHL 3 wog nun 3,5 kg. Von den 553 900 produzierten Stück gab es im März 1945 noch 59 000." From lexikon of the Wehrmacht. The first sentence says the H3 is a bigger version of the Panzerhandmine. Right Handmine.
  8. Hey, thank you @donni- I really appreciate that you believe in me I will surely activitate me in the HQ if the german army and all others want it like this
  9. There is a blackscreen if you log in pls fix it. It's not running for like the half of the clan who use browser client.
  10. Ok, sure I even thought it was you on steam but I wasn't sure. Yes, Lets play together ;).
  11. Sounds totally great I am a Officer from SBV Clan Have a look on the Axis Teamspeak
  12. No you won't. And I would recommend you as well SBV to join ;).
  13. no, we have now a new clan.