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  1. I see it like this you didnot collect enough shekels to break you need a lot of shekels to order that lol
  2. Yes you have to 1HK, then you make minus if you don't hit the enemy, you have to imagine that a recon should be the backupof the team sniping enemies from the backline. In every battle you need only 1 to 2 snipers that is enough.
  3. omg why are you nub ? G43 unmodded op go depot inf and you got the badge in like 5 hours ez WIN
  4. SOme days the servers are laggy that is why lol!
  5. Seems to be some Illuminati alts lol
  6. Haha lol u wot might ! He knows who's the coolest Nah, we are his fav AXIS clan and you are his fav US Clan Problem solved! But anyways we had nice games yesterday @donni- always close matches! Good team and it is way better then only playing against randoms It's my pleasure to play against you and see you on the battlefield, Dani
  7. I was sweating as I read the kebabremover nr 1 commented my thread with the question what will he ask^^ But thank you, ma petite baguette
  8. Thank you @donni- I wanna play against you again, always a major enemy lol See ya on the battlefield, Dani
  9. If i would play soviet, I really would consider joining this guys. The clan with the moat active players and the best english speaking clan. Always a pleasure to fight you See ya on the battlefield, Dani
  10. Hey Kabrovski, if you are from Europe consider joining us. We are a good team from mostly Germany but we have people from other Nations as well like Cyprus, Greece, Netherlands it would be a pleasure for me if you wanna play with us today Our TeamSpeak is in the linked thread, see you DerAlchemist.
  11. Thank you @Hdawg, I always point out that your clan is perfect for American guys. Keep up that great work and MAKE AXIS GREAT AGAIN!
  12. Yes of course, play with us baswaldo you are of course we are looking forward to play with you
  13. Sad but true, the only clans who are still active are WE, Illuminati, TSK and a little bit Grossdeutschland and Sturmpioniere.
  14. Yes totally the one which lasted over 45min was indeed a very cool game. I hope we have some games like this in the future. We are making the german faction great again.