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  1. DerAlchemist

    Gestapo class

    In Germany you don't say Trick or treat on Halloween. You scream at the door: GESTAPO SOFORT ÖFFNEN!!!
  2. why we sont make a meeting over teamspeak it is time boys
  3. Hey Gringojis you are so right. German community i diieng out of this baseball. Reto needs to ssop it this game has so much
  4. I use the standalone client because it doesnt have so many bugs and less lags in my opinion.
  5. DerAlchemist

    Shoudn't H3 Be a mine?

    Look here I translated you the meaning.It is a bigger version of the Panzerhandmine. So it shpuld get called antitank mine
  6. DerAlchemist

    German Motobike VS US/SU

    I wanna see still a two seated Zündapp KS in this game.They where really common in WW2 and so on
  7. Unfortunately we are already in stage 3.
  8. DerAlchemist

    Shoudn't H3 Be a mine?

    wrong. Never trust Wikipedia. "Die Hafthohlladung 3 HL war eine vergrößerte Panzerhandmine mit einer Ladung von 1,5 kg anstelle von 1 kg. Der Körper hatte 150-mm-Durchmesser und war mit den drei Haftmagneten fast 275 mm hoch. Diese Ladung mit 3 kg Gesamtgewicht »klebte« mit einer Kraft von 45 kg an der Panzerung; sie durchschlug fast 140 mm. Die halbkugelförmige Ladung wurde später durch eine konische mit 1,7 kg Gewicht ersetzt, und die HHL 3 wog nun 3,5 kg. Von den 553 900 produzierten Stück gab es im März 1945 noch 59 000." From lexikon of the Wehrmacht. The first sentence says the H3 is a bigger version of the Panzerhandmine. Right Handmine.
  9. DerAlchemist

    HQ Staff Member Vacancies for German Army

    Hey, thank you @donni- I really appreciate that you believe in me I will surely activitate me in the HQ if the german army and all others want it like this
  10. DerAlchemist

    Black screen

    There is a blackscreen if you log in pls fix it. It's not running for like the half of the clan who use browser client.
  11. DerAlchemist

    Looking for people to play with

    Ok, sure I even thought it was you on steam but I wasn't sure. Yes, Lets play together ;).
  12. DerAlchemist

    Looking for people to play with

    Sounds totally great I am a Officer from SBV Clan Have a look on the Axis Teamspeak
  13. DerAlchemist

    looking for a clan/army to play whit

    No you won't. And I would recommend you as well SBV to join ;).