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  1. jarisher

    blocked view with xp messages

    Hello, I made this topic before, but nothing was change to solve this problem after 2 updates. So I am making new one with better pictures. Basicly on lower resultion, which makes hud a lot bigger, after few kills and other xp messages view is completly blocked. Impossible to play in fast action inside of cap zones. Same goes for tanks. I am adding my video settings too. Maybe make hud a bit smaller so it can works on lower resolution?
  2. jarisher

    ground texture bug

    Hello, this bug happend after new version of the game with new textures. On every map there is lot of weird looking textures of ground. They dont fit and they have edge shape. It is visible from spawn screen too. I made some screenshots of it. I also added screenshot with my video settings.
  3. jarisher

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    maybe you should read that "server maintenance page"
  4. Unfortunetly no. I`m playing on laptop so to achieve playable framerate I have to play on this resolution, any higher and fps are really bad.
  5. just refreshing topic, it`s still problem on new build.
  6. Hello, I dont if it is in right forum, I`m not sure if it is considered as bug or not, but here it is. On lower resolution (I`m playing on 1280x720) after getting few kills in a row especially in cape zone (riding/defence xp) your view is completly blocked by xp massages. I have some examples where you can see my crosshair and masseges over it. They are not that great quality because I couldnt screenshot it in game, printscreen and fraps etc. just refused cooperate so I took picuters with my phone. It`s really frustrating when action is happeing in cape zone and after 2 kills I cant see shirt and I die because of it. Maybe if you could move text messeges little bit down there is plenty of room for it. Or even make font little bit smaller aswell. https://imgur.com/C3YaYtQ https://imgur.com/W2ZFTOW https://imgur.com/uny2RhS It`s same thing for tanks. After 2 hits my view is blocked. https://imgur.com/KyDXTLE https://imgur.com/7XNgfGr Here is my video settings https://imgur.com/Lz1w662
  7. Hey, I`d like to know if you guys are working on some kind of optimization for current build. Can we except some improvements in perfomance in near future or it is not priority right now? Before update my game ran at 70-80 fps easily, some fps loss occurred when planes were involved in match 50-60 which was still very playable. After update it`s way worse. In match where is only infantry vs infantry my fps goes to 25-30 fps which is just unplayable. I like this game I was trying to play even with bad fps and I still could get some kills and help my teammates but last match was too much. I hope we will see some improvments in perfomance because not everyone has high end gaming machine. Cheers!
  8. New recoil animations feel so good. I hope they will add it to live servers soon. Very good work.
  9. jarisher

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I wonder if it is that hard change some values for tanks armor, speed etc. So many players are complaining about m2a2 being to overpowered. It`s ridiculously strong. I played as german tanker and some dude just rekt my phanter in matter of second, it`s so silly. Two m2a2 just spawn killed every tank in spawn.
  10. jarisher

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I drove civilian truck this morning and I survived 4 direct hits from SU tank destroyer and I could keep going and get away. Maybe if you could take a look at civilian truck armor values or smth. I think after 1 hit from big gun truck should be gone or not moving atleast.
  11. jarisher

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Could you look at the massseges about armor damage? It`s very messy when you are trying to kill someone in car or there some vehicle near and you hit it with few bullets so you cannot see because sights are completely covered with text. Also if you guys try fix perfomance of this build because many players are experiencing fps loss inculding myself.
  12. jarisher

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I also noticed worse perfomance. I could get 60-80 fps easily in most cases before update, now it`s more like 45-60 which is not enjoyable anymore, hard to aim etc. Maybe some perfomance tweaks in the future for slower machines? Example: war match defence on D line only infantry no toys, before update I got 80 fps easily around D2 and D3 point now it`s 40-50 which is just terrible. Maybe new sounds system stress cpu more so less perfomance. Switching back to old sounds might help.
  13. jarisher

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    People will get used to that? You are joking right? It isnt about amount of information, it is about amount of messages you get. If you are shooting at someone and there is a car or anything that can be penetatred and you hit few bullets you cant see anything for few second. Messeges covers your crosshair and you cant even aim thats just bs.
  14. jarisher

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    But you dont need 20 of them on your screen. I said they could reduce them not to delete them.
  15. jarisher

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Hello, could you reduce amount of messeges you get when you hit/kill/destroy something? I was shooting at guy in a jeep and a could not see a thing for like good 5-6 second because my screen was just filled up with text about armor damage. Maybe if you reduce info about armor damage to only 2 messages maximum and then update it after new hit happens.