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  1. Stenum is the lead programmer and i have no doubt he is capable of being a great designer as well. Plenty of Indy Devs out there that crush at doing everything. Its also great they are passionate about their project. Stenum and the team have been doing a good job but there are still lots of issues in the design of some areas of the game. I think that if they had a like minded person who was focused on nothing but the design aspects and keeping them consistent throughout the entire game, the game would feel more polished and well rounded. Also i think it would help the guys wearing multiple hats, like stenum, to see their vision done just that much better. You bring up a good point, i would hate to see this happen as well. I would not want to see this person creating new mechanics or modes, i would want them to work on taking the new mechanics or modes to polish them down. I guess i really just want someone to take all the overflow grindy work from redbjarne and allow him to focus on the bigger picture stuff. I am sure they could hire from within but even so i still would like to see someone doing this full time.
  2. I am curious who those dudes are? I am aware of Desji, who was originally an environment artist and is now a newly turned level designer, and Redbjarne who actually has lots of design experience from his many years in the industry. Problem is Redbjarn is the game director and has to spend his time on bigger picture issues, including managing the art and engineering team leads. From what i can tell Reto does not really have any true game designers dedicated to balancing systems and making levels. They have trained programmers and artists who are also trying to do the job of a system/level designer. And because there is not one central system designer we see inconsistency in the balance of certain aspects of the game because those designs are seemingly left up to the programmer or artist that have been tasked with the specific job. I truly think that if reto went out and found a really qualified system designer who has lots of experience with multiplayer shooters the game would really be better off. A person to spend all day every day focusing on nothing but "dialing in" the feel of all of the gameplay mechanics in the game. Someone who's sole job at reto is to "find the fun" and keep it consistent across the vast landscape that is HnG. This is my perception of the issue with a potential solution that i think would really help the game. I say this with a decade of experience working in the video game industry. Also want to add that i am not trying to dis Desji at all. I think he is doing a good job with what he is given and his experience level. Also, these comments about the actual company are based off of what i can see from the dev streams, meet the dev blogs, website info, ect ect. The only designer still working at reto from is Desji.
  3. Confirmed: Kunalp is a terrible pilot! Kidding aside, you are absolutely right, his excuse is lacking some pertinent information.
  4. You play a team game and then get mad at the other team for using better teamwork against you? Sure, 5 minute matches are not super fun but they are not done to seal club, they are done to encircle towns or make quick gains on the war map. Clan seal clubbing is when a clan sits defending a single line (like E on village) and farms a bunch of hopeless noobs for 45 minutes just to pad stats. Solution to your clan issues is for reto to implement clan functionality into the game so the majority of people playing are in some sort of clan, casual to hardcore. You said you play for a couple hours at a time. Find a clan that just uses matchmaker to join. But if all you do is use specialty classes then i doubt any clan would really want you to play with them. Regarding your yellow and red cards. Only time i have ever had that many report warnings was from a game where i was actively shooting down friendly pilots, not from a stray bomb TK here and there.
  5. basically had the same experience as you. Sunday afternoon (US) and Sunday Night (EU) everyone has and their brother was waiting for the war to end. My screen froze at the Retrieving Assault Team screen. By the time i was able to deploy i was in the queue for everything. The deploy all button is awesome but when everyone is spamming it at the same time the game clearly cannot handle it. On top of that I have a feeling the EU guys get in and queued up quicker because they are closer to reto HQ. Everyone has their own personal tips and tricks to get through the quickest but this has always been an issue when GE is deploying in mass. I think today was just the perfect storm.
  6. It is not punishable to do it.
  7. here are the current stock pile numbers.
  8. that would be a cool/creepy place to visit. That aside, look how thick the vegetation is there around the cars. There could be an entire division standing along the road and we would not be able to see them. I love going to the woods. I go hiking, mushroom picking, and camping as much as possible and i do not understand the people who think forests are these bare open landscapes. Sure, depending on the time of year some are more sparse then others but during the summer/begginning of fall, forests are full and site lines are much shorter than you guys are allowing yourself to believe. check these clips out, 20 foot site lines at most? Most of the open areas are because they are on an actual path maintained with present day budgets/tools. Imagine if these same areas were filmed during the war before any bike path was laid down through the woods, it would be even denser.
  9. remove all the cover and allow these noobs to fight in an open plain. /sarcasm. current cover is fine, if someone wants to lay an ambush in the forest they should be able to get the jump on you. That person is not on the cap so respawn, flank him, and cap the spawn behind them. or rage and create a post on the forums about how others should play the way you want them to. .
  10. yeah, this is one of the last. This one is also not exactly super secret. #openwindowsbackup
  11. I love how the game RUSE handled their strategic map war room. Not saying HnG needs to have the full zoom capability, which would be loving amazing, but this kinda feel for the strategy side of the game would be much welcome! Aaaaaand maybe i should have read the entire thread before posting... But still. agreed 100% game had its flaws but it really shined in a lot of ways. Still stands out in my mind as one of the better WWII strategy games.
  12. Infantry, infantry, infantry. If you are not sure what to add next add infantry. You can never have too much infantry. I agree with Axeheadslam that the 109 is best german aircraft. Not to mention the things Axe said, its non convergence guns are exceptional at taking down p38's which results in pure WF profit. As far as what the best 10 command point set up would be, 1 mech inf, 3 moto inf, and 2 moto guard. two fun battles, 1 offensive 1 defensive. times that by 10 or so and you can really start playing the strategy game.
  13. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    How would that work with the war mode or are you thinking just have some stand alone TDM mode? Maybe replace staged mode? Maybe create that fps waiting room reto talked about for pilots, do that for fps players waiting for battles? I could definitely see something along those lines, could be cool. Would think that but then again, they still have yet to be able to solve spawning vehicles facing the correct direction. Spawn system requires serious engineering work where level creation is mostly art and design. And since reto is apparently all engineers and the current road block on the lack of new maps has been the lack of artist maybe they could actually do the technically harder task quicker. Speaking on the lack of artists, i do not fully understand why they are outsourcing the art work instead of actually tracking down and bringing in a couple experienced environment artists. Outsourcing just seems like it opens the door to so many issues even if it is marginally cheaper.
  14. The evidence

    No need to apologize, I don't speak any other language so i cannot get upset at someone who does not speak their 2nd or 3rd language as well as i do my only language. So many problems with this game around the time zone differences. That being said, One of the things i love about this game is that i can play armchair general with or against guys like you across the planet who i would otherwise never have any interaction with. At least until one of Trumps bathroom tweets starts WWIII!
  15. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    You are literally describing how COD spawners work minus the spawn protection. The reason COD does not use a spawn protection system is because there would be a lot of getting shot by the invisible player with how often those spawns move around where the game flow is. Devs would have to create an entirely new spawn system to implement that. I think they should keep players spawning outside the capture zone which brings me to an issue i had with the map. Feedback @Reto.Desji One side has to cross an open river while one side has a hedge row covering their advance. In the strategy game how do you determine which side gets the river and which side gets the hedge row advance? Layout: I felt like the capture zone was unnaturally split down the middle. I found that i had to leave the capture zone in some points to get from one side of it to the other. I like that some doors are closed but the flow of which doors were closed and which doors were open felt off. My goal is not to be 100% negative so I will say that i do really enjoy the size of the capture zone. I would love to see future maps, and even the older ones, have capture zones this size. Just curious, when did you guys start working on this map? 11 months into the year I am sorry to say this is underwhelming. That being said, i have a feeling this was put together in the last month/week or two to appease the "MOAR MAPS" section of the community. If so, cool, i just wish you did it earlier than you have because now it just feels forced to beat the end of the year (probably not your call and my gut tells me if they allowed you to earlier you would have)