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  1. The Heros and Generals Dance

  2. Do we have a realistic timeline on when the the "tech upgrade: war servers" task will move out of early development let alone be complete? Do we know what changes are top priority to the devs once that happens? The RTS designer is the lead programmer of the game and we have never even seen him on the forums discussing RTS issues with players. Maybe he was in one dev stream but did he even talk about the RTS then? Sfscriv I appreciate the effort and time you put in to taking ideas from the forums and combining them with your own to present real goals that would mostly make the game better. Unfortunately I truly believe they are so far away from making any meaningful changes to the RTS that right now we are just blowing smoke up each others rear ends. I want this game to succeed and like most of you i think in order for it to do that it needs this unique game mode to shine. However the truth of the matter is that It is currently doing the opposite and there is no real "light at the end of the tunnel" approaching anytime "soon". If this is just an exercise of what we 'hope and pray' the game will look like in 2021 then by all means continue blowing smoke. p.s. Sorry for being so negative, my current ebb and flow of HnG passion is deep in a valley.
  3. This is Why Germany Loses the War

    Fixed this for you. I doubt any of those US players would be using alts. Even if they changed the way they play since i have been away I know they are smart enough to know that they wouldnt need to use Alts to pop an over stacked AF against GE. This is one of the reasons why i have stopped deploying almost everything in this game and rarely find any motivation to play anymore.
  4. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    The streams have improved over the years so thank you for that. A simple suggestion on how to improve the streams further would be to spend a little time reviewing the questions/content that will be covered prior to the live stream. Weed out the questions that have been asked to death or the ones that do not make any sense. Figure out the meaning of any slang prior to going on air and looking like you are not familiar with your own game, even if it is just lost in translation phrasing. Polishing out those awkward moments that make your company look out of touch would greatly improve the quality of the stream in my opinion. Not that it is a huge issue but every dev stream there is at least one, maybe two, moments that make players cringe super hard. I know time is money and you cant spend too much extra time of the streams but i think with a little extra preparation you guys could improve a lot in this area.
  5. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    Years of suggestions and pointing out issues with the RTS. Why the hell am i going to spend any time testing changes that are going against basic issues pointed out by numerous community members over the last few years. About Fing time new ATs were allowed to be named whatever... what about the rest of the playerbase who is done buying new ATs? YAWN... more half assed fixes that are not truly understood by the devs. Lost in translation or some sh*t i guess. More of the same. See you guys in 2019 when we have a single new map...
  6. Reto-American biasim

    He's right you know.
  7. Does war overview include AR wins?

    Is Qrabbit a sh!tty version of B-rabbit?
  8. More ruined buildings and destroyed vehicles on maps?

    thank you.
  9. More ruined buildings and destroyed vehicles on maps?

    at some point the devs talked about this and also said they would love to implement more. The reason they said they are currently unable to implement these assets was because they cant have 10 of the same wrecked vehicle in a map while the performance cost of having 10 unique wrecks in a map would be too high. @Reto.Desji was it you that talked about this in a dev stream? Also, on the topic i put a post together a couple years ago requesting more variation of the current maps. Different levels of destruction on the maps is the one i would want the most. The devs already track how often a town is fought over. The war replay map shows the darker rings around the towns that have been fought over the most. use that system to track how "hot" a town is, the "hotter" the town the higher destruction version of the map is loaded. If the town is not battled over for x amount of time it resets to the current un-damaged versions we play on now. Oh well, prob will never happen but here is the link to that post i put together if you are interested.
  10. Ping Problem

  11. ** New players still being ignored... **

    I like that they are doing this. Good question by @simranzenov2. However, Simranzenov2, we need more info about the things you search/matchmake. Yes the team needs to be reducing the amount of time it takes the average person to play a match. That said, players also need to understand that searching for battles to play a special class is going to take a long time. If you want to be a pilot, in war, as German you will wait hours. That is because over the years, the game has punished generals for providing those spawns. If you don't care, you can select all options and get into a game in a reasonable amount of time. Essentially what the devs responded to your question with in the video. this game should be more clear about the fact that if you want to be a tanker/pilot/sniper/para you need to spend most of your time as a regular infantry or figure out a better system to accommodate the world of tanks spill over.
  12. Get More Gold for Less Cash

    they do send emails out. There may be a forum setting you need to toggle or maybe check your spam box.