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  1. ** New players still being ignored... **

    I like that they are doing this. Good question by @simranzenov2. However, Simranzenov2, we need more info about the things you search/matchmake. Yes the team needs to be reducing the amount of time it takes the average person to play a match. That said, players also need to understand that searching for battles to play a special class is going to take a long time. If you want to be a pilot, in war, as German you will wait hours. That is because over the years, the game has punished generals for providing those spawns. If you don't care, you can select all options and get into a game in a reasonable amount of time. Essentially what the devs responded to your question with in the video. this game should be more clear about the fact that if you want to be a tanker/pilot/sniper/para you need to spend most of your time as a regular infantry or figure out a better system to accommodate the world of tanks spill over.
  2. Get More Gold for Less Cash

    they do send emails out. There may be a forum setting you need to toggle or maybe check your spam box.
  3. its a solid map. very balanced from both spawns. I look forward to seeing the map filled in and completed. Keep it up.
  4. Finally soviet boycot is over

    i personally agree US is the strongest faction in the game. they have played their cards right though so the argument is always between GE and SU. bitches constantly call for cheats based on lack of skill. Baswaldo you are correct in these idiots are just nubs who do not understand all of the aspects of what is what.

    well as a little gold fish you cant expect to go head on with a great white shark. You need to pick around the edges and grow until you are big enough to go head to head with a shark. Right now you are not, so we are trying to give you pointers to be able to one day instead of just quitting the game.

    make sure you have at least one recon so you can see what is going on around the town you want to engage. find a nice area that is not getting steamrolled by a clan/whale and get your troops in for some xp. Sometimes it does take a while to find a spot like that but it is worth doing.
  7. 184% XP BONUS LMAO

    logging on to score some of that asap.
  8. Get More Gold for Less Cash

    slight decrease in price. Good move overall though they should advertise the actual discount they are presenting to the players.
  9. Ukraine on Fire

    I am curious what some of you think of this movie. interesting to see how polarized the reviews are. Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. more proof that germans are right

    Rename staged to "training mode" and lock out characters that are > lvl11 and no one will complain about staged warriors being op anymore. If too many people want nothing to do with the rts battles, which boggles my mind, then create a lvl 12-17 version of staged that somehow still affects the war effort. The overall winning faction on this mode May boost xp for their rts players by a few percentage points or increase their factions stock pile speeds by a tiny fraction or some other minor temporary reward. @WarDaemon I got no real comment for you if that was a staged battle. If it was a war battle then you should know how many other factors go into aiding a one sided butt kicking. We have all been on both sides of those many times regardless of the faction. In those one sided disaster battles you got to make a choice, DGAF and just work on some basic ribbon crap or quit the game before the anger ruins the evening for you. If you are just trying to troll the balance police then continue to enjoy the salt mining. From my personal experience, i prefer to grind new characters in war because I experience less geared players overall in war most of the time (all factions). That is of course until i run into clans or a shirty battle (foot only on D line village). However, the overall experience is much greater for me personally. I wish more people got out of staged and played the mode this game was intended to be about.
  11. AT per player limits

    Will there be a way to self prioritize which ATs of yours come out first? Will this system work with each different type of AT separately or will the queue be a massive glob of every type of AT?
  12. time to play GE.

    I vaguely remember something along those lines being said at one point. Would be nice if any dev stream masters had a link or remembered which one it was from. I feel like you are right but what threw me off is that it was with a level 5 character.
  13. time to play GE.

    where do you know that from? the second screen shot shwos the UD and vet bonus adding into the entire score along with every other thing i did in the match. notice screen shot 2