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  1. P40 buff

    this is a good idea, but what about also allowing players on long matchmaker waits to load into battles as tail gun only players specifically to fill the roll of the AI you are talking about? I cant imagine you will say no, so in reality, is this something the devs could actually do?
  2. P40 buff

    you bring up some good points and i agree with a lot of what you are saying in this post. However, i just wanted to point out that there are a lot of flaws with using the leader boards currently. The stats are based on single characters not on accounts. I have multiple pilots and multiple soldiers but the leader-board only grabs the highest for the category and shows only the top one. on top of that i have different accounts for each faction so one account might show 0 of a specific stat while another that is not being searched does. Just saying, dont totaly call this guy out based on just leaderboard stats, they are new and there are lots of potential variables. Regarding Dogfight leaderboards. I think GE is up there a lot because of the overpopulation issue. I think SU is up there because the Yak is still boss. The p40 buff in damage is nice but still requires some skill to take advantage of. Currently between flying the p40 and the 109d, i enjoy the 109d more. I was uncomfortable using the new US plane but i think i need to spend more time in it.
  3. Corner Compass

    The map is already oriented to show N/S E/W. Open the map, the top of the map is North.
  4. We are no longer Germany

    that is absolutely a good thing. I think the suggestion is also worth trying. I just don't think that in the current state of the game it will accomplish much in the overall grand scheme. I hope i am wrong but i feel like we are in store for more of these. It will be interesting to see how the game changes with the removal of AR and Turning off WF welfare for SU. Maybe now since everyone will be on the same playing field as far as WF earning more people will start to complain about the numerous WF sink holes in the game. Problem here is the people who got so fat off of the bonuses over the years will have a real nice buffer before the levels even out between factions Specifically i am curious to see how turning off AR changes the game since alt starting battles will be much more obvious with the required 5 alts over the couple you needed last time this was tested. Retreats still going to cost full price? Instead of committing my troops for a max of 2 hours per attack what will the time value be now?
  5. Very hard decision

    buy the panther and complete the tank grind when you are done, then start a pilot.
  6. We are no longer Germany

    i will be surprised if it actually changes much. It is good that reto is trying something in the short term while we wait for them to implement the actual rts overhaul. They also mentioned the 2nd step in the test would be to re-do the choke points in the alps to make it easier for GE to defend that line. It was also mentioned that they may turn off AR to see how the war goes. After all that, the general sense i got was that it will still be some time until we see real solid improvements to the war game. Maybe Santa will bring us an RTS update for christmas...?
  7. Glad they're giving this a try. Not sure it will change much but its good they're trying something different. The goal should be for Germany to start in Germany though so i do think they need to keeping trying to accomplish a better solution.
  8. Update 1.08 ‘Planes & Ladders’ is here!

    why no mention of the lighting in the changelog?
  9. Axis players plz stop spawning AT's at all

    The state of the RTS is bad. I wonder if reto is still going to play dumb during their QA session this week regarding the state of the rts.
  10. Prioritizing Map Development

    Another great post by you sfs. Why haven't they hired you yet?
  11. Why

  12. Autoresolve mechanics

    the map layout has changed. More routes opened into italy and many choke points added to protect SU and in some cases US against GE offensives. so, no the starting capitals have not changed but there were many city/town layout changes that have directly hurt GE on the rts.
  13. Remove autoresolve

    what about only being able to use the second combat badge if you play in war? I just feel like with more situational information to the player, they will buy into playing crappy lines once and a while if they know how it directly benefits the next battle or battles around that location. Like before the battle started, if you got even more information than you do now wouldnt that help players buy into the battle a little more? We have all loaded into a battle with no vehicles against the enemies best equipment. Sure that sucks and most people would straight up leave that battle. But what if you got a message telling you that the longer you take distracting the enemy here, the town you are assaulting is being surrounded. Wouldnt that extra information give you a little motivation to actually try and play the underdog? I think giving players hazard pay, extra credis/xp , would also help in these situations.
  14. Remove autoresolve

    i understand that and the stuff you quoted originally were suggestions to create more reason for players to participate in the war mode. what in your opinion would incentivize you to play war mode if none of the things mentioned already would do the job?