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  1. MrMandel

    @Reto, please aknowledge the war battle bug

    I guess that goes hand in hand with the increased amounts of crashing battles after new build. It happened before also, but not this frequent. Now it happens several times every day I'm playing.
  2. MrMandel

    @Reto, please aknowledge the war battle bug

    It's not only that you're caught in the match for 10 mins after it's "finished" without resolving, it also has to be replayed with chanses of new lines opening up in the meantime, which wasn't open and would never have been in the original setup. All this changes the possible outcome of the match drasticly and is imo gamebreaking. Paying customers lose both WF/Creds/XP, and wasting time for nothing. Yesterday I was in one of those, it didn't resolve in favour of the winner before the 4'th play, with "new" lines opening up during that time, and also killing off a parablock in the next town (which cost WF's for someone supplying those). Last war, the "ending" match (Rome) had to be played several times before war was over cause of this "non match resolving" bug. @Reto plz wake up, this is too big of an issue to ignore!
  3. MrMandel

    Why do cheaters do it with regular players every day in your game?

    Somebody, give this man a tinfoil.
  4. MrMandel

    Macro users

    I suspect this guy is using macros: Reto, plz do something about it!
  5. MrMandel

    Optimisation Status : ....good

    8700k, 1080ti and game microstutters like crazy as soon as there's tanks/planes, sigh. Seen it before through the years and a fix always came, now I'm not so sure about that anymore.
  6. MrMandel

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Stuck on heavy since the 70's: ^^^^
  7. MrMandel

    AT List

    @Reto.Odin ?? Not sure if this is your bag, but since you are the UI guy I guess it is, plz change it back.
  8. MrMandel

    AT List

    Still waiting for this "must be super easy" fix since 5 months ago! And now there's this "popup" making the "too wide" AT list even more annoying. @Whoever at @Reto making the UI
  9. MrMandel

    Nerf AT Rambos!!

    ^^ There is no credit gain what so ever in killing tanks today, you lose creds doing it.
  10. MrMandel

    Nerf AT Rambos!!

    Thank god there's at least a way to counter them (way too expensive, but still) when almost every battle looks like:
  11. MrMandel

    LOW FPS!!!

    If your CPU is even able to hit 104C you need to take a look at your cooling system, it's not good enough!
  12. MrMandel

    LOW FPS!!!

    Yes, I think the game is more demanding on CPU than on GFX. Mine (i7 -8700k) runs on pretty high temps playing this game, nothing alarming, but still higher than most other games makes it run.
  13. Just a thought. Try to run "Memtest" or similar tools to check your memory sticks. Might be you have some bad blocks. H&G was always badly optimized and have had some nasty memory leaks through the years, guess proto isn't free from it.