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  1. MrMandel

    How to rank up faster !

    lmfao Never saw that one comming, right? Good work guys......
  2. MrMandel

    Ammunition and repair costs?

    Here you can calculate how much the cost will be /bullet with various moddings:!weaponcalculator
  3. MrMandel


    No problem, if they give Tiger 2 equivalent for the other 2 factions.
  4. MrMandel


    This bug is already reported, 6+ months ago, still no fix.........
  5. MrMandel

    Never Joining US faction again.. Probably

    daniel131605 Bye, and don't slam the door behind you. Before you go, you should prolly read this first: The same scenario transfers to all specialists in 90% of the matches they are in.
  6. MrMandel

    SU APC ribbon bugged

    1 ½ months later......
  7. MrMandel

    SU APC ribbon bugged

    Really? Reto fired all the bughunters? Simplest bug ever! But no one around to fix it. Wake up plz!
  8. MrMandel

    US tanks shells not registering.

    Guess this is just another ignored bug, cause the people involved isn't even around to check it out.
  9. MrMandel

    US tanks shells not registering.

    It's enough to have the tank standing on any kind of "sharp" edge, like the sidewalks in town, for shells to not register, had me killed more than once. This applies also to the "sharp" edges on ground in the woods around maps.
  10. MrMandel

    SU APC ribbon bugged

    GE and US can. SU could, but not anymore, and here's the proof of it (like I even should have to proof it, but who knows?) Here's the US one: Here's the GE one: Do you people think it's ok no one even bothered to acknowledge this unfair "bug" 2 months after I first posted about it?
  11. MrMandel

    SU APC ribbon bugged

    Still the same after 2 months, there's no ammo/health/schrek box unlocks on SU M3A1 Half-Track Specialist (APC) ribbon. Still pretty important to fix if you ask me. Very easy to reproduce, just check the ribbon.
  12. MrMandel

    Beats me

    In what way is the change of terrain so you can't get up from the water after swimming 2km cause the shore is too steep a good change? And all these pebbles/rocks making flanking harder than needed, and risking getting stuck with tanks etc? Even the old cracks in ground was better. @Retowhoever, plz explain the thought behind this.
  13. MrMandel

    SU APC ribbon bugged

    Pretty important to fix this, plz check it since it's still the same, and not only for me.
  14. MrMandel

    SU APC ribbon bugged

    There's no unlocks for ammo/health/schrek boxes on the ribbon. Also here, level for unlocks missing:
  15. MrMandel

    Compensation for the „Accuracy-Bug“

    Some years ago it was pretty standard procedure by Reto to hand out 24h VET codes after things like this. Dunno why they stopped showing the "goodwill" they did back then.