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  1. MrMandel

    LOW FPS!!!

    If your CPU is even able to hit 104C you need to take a look at your cooling system, it's not good enough!
  2. MrMandel

    LOW FPS!!!

    Yes, I think the game is more demanding on CPU than on GFX. Mine (i7 -8700k) runs on pretty high temps playing this game, nothing alarming, but still higher than most other games makes it run.
  3. Just a thought. Try to run "Memtest" or similar tools to check your memory sticks. Might be you have some bad blocks. H&G was always badly optimized and have had some nasty memory leaks through the years, guess proto isn't free from it.
  4. MrMandel

    No Resources

    Here's another. Happens almost every match now. Match ID:
  5. MrMandel

    No Resources

    Here's 2 printscreens with console opoen for you: Match ID: DXDIAG: This problem became even worse after update, only difference now is the possibilty to just click "Rejoin" button after hard reset of game.
  6. MrMandel

    No Resources

  7. MrMandel


    How come I can que on this battle? Normally I'd get this:
  8. MrMandel

    No Resources

    Can't even open the console since the game crashes in that moment, but here's a match ID from a random match where it happened: (Maybe you meant me to do a screenshot of the console every battle I join to get it before game crashes? Can't predict when it happens and it doesn't happen as frequently as it did when I first reported it, so that would mean a lot of screenshots :) )
  9. MrMandel

    What is happening on Asia server battles?!

    People tend to forget easy. This was a thing already some years ago, and only difference back then was the "pingclans" were GE.
  10. MrMandel

    How did they see you to get that kill?

    No one said he's a cheater, he's just making people aware of what you can do to get an upper hand, and asking if Reto should do something about it. Still waiting for a lifesign from the Devs on the matter. I guess it's not easy for them to do anything about this though, since it's just messing around with the settings for your gfx making this possible.
  11. MrMandel

    How did they see you to get that kill?

    All you need to do is go to Mcbl4's YT if you want to watch that vid. It's discusting and needs to be addressed in some way by devs.
  12. MrMandel

    AT List

    Simple question: Reto, why did you take away the possibility to "hide" AT's on right side of map. As it is now it obscures too much of the map, and was fine the way it was before. Annoying! Pls fix! (Have to be super easy fix, so rather yesterday than tomorrow) Before: After:
  13. MrMandel

    a short note about the game today

    Like you were always a "cheater magnet". Bad luck in other areas as well?
  14. MrMandel

    No Resources

    It's month since I posted this and still no reaction, so maybe it's just me. Still having the same problem, less but still.
  15. MrMandel

    Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    Hmmm....guess this explains a LOT.....