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    This used to be my favorite game:(

    wtf hapend? why do you kep making it worse and worse with every update???
  2. I agree that wold be the best solution, however I was trying to com up whit something that doesn't require them to change whats already in the game.
  3. Today a trend I see among tankers is to line up at some spot on the map and trade shots with the enemy tanks the entire game. I think this game play is both boring and repetitive and that its directly contradictory to the combined arms aesthetic witch make this game so great. There are many reasons why i think this is the preferred way to play the game, these being the main ones: The long commuting time from the spawn to the actual battle making it easier to stay close to spawn and snipe at the enemy tanks. The instant respawn combined with the long time to kill caused by the new damage system, casing a endless stream of tanks. The high rate of anti tank weapons present disincentivizing tank to go near the objectives. I do think these mechanics are good in and of them self, its the combination of them that are casing the unfortunate situation, so I have tried to com up with a id'e that doesn't require these mechanics to be changed. In ww2 tank on tank combat was generally avoided. Tanks were there to support the infantry and the tanks were almost useless without infantry support. This game is at its greatest when you work together with your team. I believe reflecting the reality of tank use in ww2 (by incentivizing infantry and tanks to support each other and work together) would greatly benefit the game. So the basic idea I have is to give infantry a bonus of some sort based on there proximity to a tank and to give tanks a bonus based on how many infantry there is around it. For example give infantry a 1x xp bonus if they are within 15m of a tank, 2x within 10m and 3x within 5m. For tanks give 1x xp per infantry within 15m. I'm sore you can think up some numbers that make sense. The point of the game is to capture objectives and the point of this addition would be to encourage tanks to do so. The addition would give the tanks a reason to be where there is the most infantry (at the objective) and it would give the infantry a good reason to stay close to the tanks protecting them from anti-tank (the main reason why tanks don't go anywhere near the objectives). It's the simplest way to change the current situation that I could think of, I at least hope this could give some inspiration on how to make this great game even better.
  4. stalin25

    Some news about Division Azul

    I love this clan because every time i logg in there is always someone that welcome me. I always have a great time together with Division Azul and i'm sure that these changes will only be for the best. pratar du bara svenska är de inget problem alla är välkomna.