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  1. Please change the Blood spatter effect

    They actually have the blood splatter coding reversed... the blood splatter would actually be emitted from the exit wound side not the entrance wound side.
  2. If you've nothing constructive to add (particularly if you've not bothered to read what was posted in the first place) then there is no sense bothering.
  3. Yes, planes remain the most overpowered/most grossly imbalanced unit in this game. Bar none. Problems: 1) Planes cannot be killed easily... not even by dedicated ack ack/anti-aircraft emplacements. 2) Planes SEE EVERYTHING moving on the map. Everything. No other unit has this battlefield view. It allows planes to farm unabated... and utterly destroys the gameplay experience of any and all ground players (particularly if one side has planes and the other does not). 3) Remove planes ability to bomb from less than 100 feet from ground otherwise they blow themselves up too. 4) Remove planes ability to reload bombs mid-air. Make them land to rearm bombs. This makes them vulnerable during rearmament. As it should be. Solutions: A) Remove flak jacket from pilot class or buff ack ack emplacements to the point they down a fighter (all of them) in two hits. B) Remove the aircraft SEE EVERYTHING ability. Reduce the planes field and depth of view (i.e. return weather to this game or at least battlefield "haze"). C) Ensure there is not a plane imbalance in matches. There must be a 1 to 1 ratio or no more than one plane unit can be spawned in any single match. D) Revisit aircraft flight coding. Remove aircraft's ability to fly like a butterfly over the battlefield. They are fighters and they never loitered over a battlefield like a butterfly yet they do in H&G. These are all valid concerns and remedies. Please make it happen. Respectfully, Your average H&G gamer.
  4. Why do paratroopers remain sky ninjas?

    That is a great idea Onikikou. Upvoted your idea.
  5. Any word yet as to when an improved tanking game will be marketed/released for us to play?
  6. Why is this allowed to happen ???

    Staged matches are where it IS at.
  7. Seriously, add some descent noise and landing noise to paratroopers. World War II paratroopers landed like a free falling sack of rocks... true story. They landed so hard... they had a high injury rate just from landing (nevermind their free fall casualties inflicted by enemy forces).
  8. See you

    Au revoir et bonne chance Kmeto. So many of us are gone now... used to be I could count the Vets departed on two hands... now I don't have enough digits to even count those gone on my "friends list" alone. I tried to like "Hell let loose" but it remains too wonky for me (though it is in but "Alpha' stage at this point in time).
  9. If the real world was like Reto’s forum…

    Has the OP here been around for years? If not, then their "positive outlook/approach" is hollow at best. Welcome to Humanity 101... One can please some of the people all the time but not all of the people all of the time.
  10. Servers are even worse than before

    I've been away from this game since I posted in this thread. Since then, has this game's play improved at all (at least in regards to latency rates)?
  11. Servers are even worse than before

    This very day... 13:35 hours Pacific Standard Time... my laggy game play continues as it has for the past several days. I averaged 10-15 ping prior to whatever happened... as I always logged out of bad ping matches until I found a green latency match. Now, even the green latency matches are seeing me with 35-75 ping. This is a marked difference in gameplay... and not for the better.
  12. New soundsystem

    Sound coding has always been subpar here. They have never used a 3d Doppler sound system/coding. Thus, I don't expect anything to improve in this regard.
  13. Servers are even worse than before

    Fully agree OP. My gameplay in this game has worsen over this past month or thereabouts. From gameplay lag to server lag to bad connection/latency rates due to being connected to far off game server(s). In the end, I am playing this game less and less because the FPS game play is worse nowadays than ever before (at least for me).
  14. Hunting Hitler

    Actually, it wasn't just I who "strayed off-topic"... you best include yourself in that personal assessment of yours. This thread is about Adolf and yet it turned into "off topic" debate. If I am guilty of this so are you. Pot. Kettle. Black.
  15. Next update

    I loved this game years ago... and I've been falling out of love everymore with each passing "update". Surely, they improve the game's FPS play this year... in include fixing the RTS game and removing RnG coding (at the very least).