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  1. Legitimately Let Down

    I watched the entirety of your video. I see that you keep telling anyone who disagrees with your ME-410 assessment that they haven't watched your video. Sheesh. Give up on that dead horse already. We watched your video and we disagree with your assessment for the facts are in plain view. Your problem is you don't see what your video represents but rather what you want your video to represent. Yet, your video does not represent what you think it does. You just boom and zoom... and use your wingmate as vulching bait. If you don't know what vulching is... then it is you who are lacking in knowledge for the term "vulching" is common place in fighter plane multi-player aerial combat games. Look it up then come back here and refute what I, and others, have presented to you (reference your ME-410 video content). Sorry, but no matter what you say... it means nothing to us up and until you present us with a 1v1 video of you (in a ME-410) fighting against a skilled P-38 Lightning pilot (player). So put the mustard on the sandwich... and git her done!
  2. Legitimately Let Down

    Your ME-410 video means nothing. You, and your wingmates, up against noob P-38's which is evident by their non-evasive actions all whilst you light them up with your cannons. Furthermore, you were on voice comms with your wingmate(s) while the other P-38's were flying solo. This, too, is evident in your video. Thus, your wingmate was baiting the P-38's into following and you fell in behind them vulching them. That is not proof the ME-410 is on par with the P-38 Lightning... not by a longshot. Post up a 1v1 video of you competiting in your ME-410 versus someone of like H&G piloting skill using a P-38 Lighting. I don't have anyone in mind (as to a worthy adversary) but until you do such... your vulching and running video means nothing. No doubt, you have a vested interest in this game to the point I am starting to believe you are a Reto Moto employee or some such relationship. Otherwise, you'd be just another sucker as per P.T. Barnum.
  3. Decreased amount of players

    Jesus H... now folks are /reporting people for using "swear" words in a gaming forum? This IS a violent FPS arcade game... so why aren't swear words allowed? I could understand the TOS against threats/racism/et cetera... but simple swear words should not be ban worthy in a VIOLENT arcade game forum. As to the declining player population... I cannot say I'm surprised. Proof is in the pudding... and you can't have any pudding unless you first eat your meat. Eat your meat and you can have some pudding.
  4. 1.11.1 squad coding... bugged.

    This issue remains and is particularly worse at this time of day (as in right now at the time of this post). I logged in to play and my squad leader is unable to join matches yet they are assigned to a match only to crash out of the match loading screen and back to the "REJOIN" screen. Please fix. ASAP.
  5. The new Update

    Yes, this new update is flawed on many levels. There is also the squad leader bug which the server/game code seems to enjoy now (with this newest patch/version) where it prevents squad leaders from joining a match after having assigned them one. Talk about a lesson in futility...
  6. Tanker use binoculars

    Operate your armor at the edge of every map... and there you should be more safe to dismount (to use binoculars).
  7. The new auto-squad leave (for auto-formed squads) has a flaw. After the match ends, and the squad is disbanded, a player who looks to join another match can find themselves assigned to the squad leader function. At this point, their squad can be entered into the matchmaker... and a match can be located... but at the match loading bar the squad leader freezes and faults out to the "REJOIN" button. Clicking the "REJOIN" button does nothing as does any other effort. As such, these bugged squad leaders must keep rebooting their H&G game in order to keep playing (after auto-squad leave coding dissolves their squad). I don't know if this was a feature but I do call it a bug because it requires us to close out the game and re-launch it (routinely).
  8. We Put Players First , Always

    Which exact "laws" mandated the removal of gold war bonds? Until the exact Danish/non-Danish laws are cited (i.e. identified) I'll simply consider the statement "different laws" as being but a smoke screen.
  9. CPU load 100%

    Interesting... I get this same 100% result. I also use an Intel processor but mine is an i7 cpu.
  10. Yes, you read that correctly. No matter what rank, no matter what class of character, give EVERY SQUAD LEADER AT LEAST ONE auxiliary seat to use (I'd prefer two additional ones but at least one would greatly improve most people's gameplay). Rank gated auxiliary seat gains no longer work as intended as this game does not have the player population it once had nor will it given the way things have been going for the last year and a half. So, if anyone is assigned to squad leader... give them at least one AUX seat to assign (and let them assign at the base level a tanker to start with).
  11. For those with bad FPS and budget gaming setups

    I run a max 60FPS gaming laptop (I throttle down FPS to 60 max to ensure continuity of play). If people want to ensure less lag in FPS play... I'd first tell them to hardwire their internet connection and not use a Wifi connection for maximum gaming pleasure.
  12. When are semi-automatic rifles being nerfed?

    Yes, indeed, I'm noticing I've been at full health and been one-shotted by an SA user (and no it wasn't a headshot). I even picked up a maxed Russian SA and was one-hitting opposing players with it... even at 250m's. I don't know what is going on... but perhaps it is just the wonky cloud servers causing these "anomalies".
  13. Sadly, you folks are identifying longstanding game issues which have remained unaddressed for a long time. Honestly, I expect nothing to change in this game... outside of more camo patterns added and more nerfs and re-nerfs and un-nerfs. Same old song and dance... over and over and over and over... and over... a...n...d... ov... er... again. They have already switched their action and strategy servers to "cloud servers" and we have all seen our FPS gameplay suffer for it (especially with the BattlEye implementation). As I tell other players now... just try to enjoy yourself when you log in... no matter how you accomplish that... try to have fun and if you cannot... then do not play. Yes, easy to say... possibly harder to do.
  14. Why isnt anti cheat what was promised

    BattleEye is not the most effective anti-cheat out there. Yes, it may be good but it is not perfect especially since I know of "cheats" which work against it. Furthermore, there is something going on with this game for I am seeing Rank 2 Recon players with one hit kill weapons. So what is up with that? Is someone spending a ton of cash (i.e. using gold) to speed rank their Recon's bolt-action?
  15. PTRD has to go!

    ATR rifles for ALL FACTIONS or YES REMOVE RUSSIA's crutch ATR weapon (the PTRD) RIGHT NOW! Russia is already coded to be OP with its weaponry and vehicles. If anyone plays Germany they know full well how their chosen faction has been routinely nerfed through the years whereas Allied factions have continued to be buffed or left buffed (i.e. OP). PTRD is stupid OP once again and is being used to clear buildings and rooms just like it did when we all demanded it be nerfed years ago yet took over a year to be nerfed. This game is dying.