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  1. Tanks are more weak than a player

    Sunleader, perhaps you would be well served by taking a break from this game. You appear to be quite passionate in your arguments here but sometimes passion blinds us to the reality around us. As a caveat, if folks come to a game forum and post their complaint(s)... they should fully expect opposing player opinions and be willing to argue the point(s) without leveling dismissals or personal insults.. To post in a game forum and then disallow opposing player opinions is... well... folly. *** Edit *** I laugh at anyone using posting their top game score while holding a Thompson SMG. Thompson SMG is the most imbalanced, overpowered, SMG in this game... bar none. So much so... Reto Moto should change its game name from "Thompson" to "STITCHER".
  2. Tanks are more weak than a player

    Tanks are a joke in this game... all around. First... it takes three or four hits from a tank's coaxial machine-gun to kill an opposing infantryman. Second... tank HE rounds were nerfed (during that Reto Moto HE nerf pass which saw all HE rounds nerfed to some degree) and now this go to weapon (for anti-infantry purposes) is fairly useless. Third... tanks cannot simultaneously fire their main cannon and their coaxial machinegun... this was NERFED by Reto Moto who removed it due to infantrymen whines. Fourth... one tank wasn't even used in combat during World War II yet here it is... a mainstay of the U.S. armor roster. Fifth... tank commanders (at least German ones) were able to use periscopes and commander turret armored windows to scan the battlefield around their tank. Not in this game... which requires tank commanders to be unbuttoned (i.e. exposed to enemy ground fire). Sixth... a single tank round hitting an enemy aircraft used to down it/destroy it. Not anymore... this, too, was nerfed recently by YOU KNOW WHO. Seventh... some tanks have had their off-road speeds nerfed whereas other ones suffer no off-road speed penalty. Eighth... some AT weaponry types weren't even effective against armor during World War II... yet they're fully effective in this game. Ninth... tanks are relegated to being a single man/crew unit... when, in reality, they had numerous crew members (on average 4 though sometimes 3 and sometimes even 5). Tenth... airplanes are GOD MODE in this game... tanks cannot even traverse the battlefield anymore without always being seen by attentive pilots. This game breaking aspect was introduced when Reto Moto thinned the hedgerows AND the forest/forest canopy. Eleventh... there is no damage model for tanks... just a hit-point system... a hit-point system easily and negatively affected by an infantryman's badge. Yes, that is correct, an infantryman can grind a badge which allows his handheld anti-tank weaponry to do +25% damage to armor targets. Two SHOOTS! Conversely, armor has no + damage badge for their character class. Twelfth... armor spawns are easily camped nowadays... probably even more easy than before... because spawn locations are closer to the objectives/capture points... and AT Rambos move like lightening across the off-road terrain... Thirteenth... although part of "fifth" above... armor lacks a 3rd person view/3PV (for situational awareness/SA)... while all other vehicles have this in game. So why don't armor units enjoy this 3PV aspect? Fourteenth... the bush bandit bug... if you park your armor unit amidst a ground shrub/bush... you might find yourself unable to repair it for the bush bandit bug strikes preventing you from making use of keyboard/mouse input. You have to move around the armor unit to repair it from a different vantage point or perhaps move your armor unit out of the bandit bush. Fifteenth... off road and improved road speeds (for armor units) deserves an programmer audit. Armor units should be coded to have relatively accurate speed ratings... which is not what we experience in-game presently. Sixteenth... why are some armor units unable to use the "R" key to reload their ammo magazine? Yet, in some tanks, a player can use the "R" key to reload their tank ammo. Sunleader, disagree with you here. Armor units remain the only unit type in this game which has been nerfed in SEVERAL regards (refer to my list post above). Playing an AT Rambo is far easier than playing a blind and deaf armor unit.
  3. Absolutely Ridiculous

  4. Ripping off Arma 3 mods

    Thanks Kmeto. Yes, that is a great idea for this game for the "spotting mechanic" is wonky at best... and we all know the in-game communication system is yesteryear (i.e. chat bar centrific).
  5. Ripping off Arma 3 mods

    What, exactly, is this I'm looking at? Are you referring to the aiming/view circle?
  6. Nerf fckn planes!!!

    Wrong. Ack Acks were designed to destroy aircraft altogether. No matter how nor in what way.
  7. I havent played in almost a month

    I log in and play a Staged match or two but spend most of my "game time" chatting in GAC (as I find GAC chats more entertaining than the game itself). I patiently await a new World War II era game to play. They ARE arriving this year.
  8. I see GE got nerfed

    What is this drivel? Seriously, I call things as I experience them. I'm "well known for targeting the US faction"? What... on Earth... are you talking about. Seriously. How about you stick to yourself and quit threat stalking me. I have no idea who you are nor do I care as all I've seen from you is your entering the same threads as I can quoting my posts while attacking me or altogether dismissing that which I've said yet all without your own proof. Sorry, but I'm done calling things as they are in H&G for it is broken and beyond repair. Proof is in the pudding... and the pudding has rolled out the door along with the meatball. Au revoir et bonne chance.
  9. I see GE got nerfed

    It was fresh from the start when this happened. I reported it on the forum last week (after a server downtime) and Reto Moto promptly locked my thread yet I suspected it was the case and again I keep experiencing such in this game (yet only when playing Germany).
  10. I see GE got nerfed

    Germany has remained nerfed and continues to be nerfed for years now... all because of Allied whines. Case in point... just saw it happen again... logged into a German staged match (from the start) and already there was a Chafee tank positioned outside our German spawn point. So YES, GERMANY WAS NERFED AGAIN BY ALLOWING ALLIED FACTION TO SPAWN INTO A MATCH ALTOGETHER more quickly than their German opposition. Oh, and I was an infantryman so I know damn well I should have been spawned in prior to an opposing Chafee but NOPE... the Chafee was already positioned and camping our spawn. SO YES RETO MOTO CONTINUES TO NERF GERMANY for the sake of whining, sniveling, Allied players. That is why Germany will never again win War campaigns under its own power. This game is kaputt (for Germany).
  11. This has repeatedly been asked for... and long been ignored. Shirty game... is shirty... expect nothing... perhaps enjoy shirty shirt game.
  12. State of bayonets?

    This game is so SHIRTy right now... and someone wants THEM to introduce bayonets? LOLz Sinking ship... is sinking.
  13. Anyone who thinks the Messerschmidt 410 is a viable match for a P-38 Lightning (in the game that comes with these forums... known affectionately as "Pilots & Rambos")... is plainly a sucker.
  14. Do you know of that which you speak? Germany's rate of overpopulation is not as frequent as it once was (particularly in 2015 and through much of 2016). In fact, I routinely log in now and see the United States with overpopulation. Lastly, the fatal flaw with your argument is that MANY German players stay loyal to Germany each war but they DO NOT deploy their ATs nor do they even play War matches instead they played Staged matches and simply enjoy the good chat conversations to be had in GAC (German Army Chat). Granted... GAC is not as entertaining as it was a year or so ago... but it remains superior to the remaining chat channels. This game is completely and utterly imbalanced in favor of Russia and the United States. Reto Moto has repeatedly admitted this and continues to do so. Reto Moto uses a false premise to maintain this coded game imbalance for it punishes Germany yet GERMANY HAS NOT WON A WAR SINCE OCTOBER 2016. <--- YES THAT IS CORRECT. The two "German wins" in 2017 were COMPLETE SANDBAGS wherein U.S. and Russian squads switched to Germany and ran the map. Thus, THOSE ARE NOT GERMAN WINS. Period. I'm sick and tired of championing my preferred faction for it just falls on deaf ears around here. Many of us have moved on and won't be back. For that I am sad... but I know who is fully responsible for such and their initials are R.M.