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  1. [5150]Rasputin

    Bazooka useless

    Allow me to sum up Armor 2.0 for everyone wanting to know: 1) AT weapons (bazooka, H3, et cetera) = useless 2) Armor game = useless 3) Aircraft game = Godmode 4) Armor 2.0 damage coding = laughable. /The End.
  2. [5150]Rasputin

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    More hogwash posted by an Allied fanboi. Test it for yourself and then link your video here proving your flawed belief is not flawed. Otherwise, I and those like me (with years of experience playing Allied and German armor in this game) are correct and you remain just an Allied biased fanboi. Armor 2.0 is a failure just like Squad 2.0. Now every tank can penetrate every tank from the front and damage rear components (engines/et cetera). This is pure junk coding. Period. C'ya all in World War II Online... at least that game DOES have ballistic coding.
  3. [5150]Rasputin

    Sold out...

    I'm going to design and market some new logo'd T-shirts with a logo theme focusing on this game's "RTS code".... or rather the "state" of this game's RTS code.
  4. [5150]Rasputin

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Oh look... you think you know all yet your statements in here prove otherwise. Germany's Tiger tanks are slowest tanks in this game. Only quick turning tank Germany has (in this game) is Panzer II Luchs... so quit generalizing and start using specifics or let alone just speak the truth/quit making biased statements.
  5. Logic and reason is my forte. Sadly, most modern humans lack both of the above attributes nowadays. Apparently, you do too.. for you fail at reading comprehension. To wit: "... list goes on." Keep on dreaming folks... for this game will never be what you expect it to be.
  6. [5150]Rasputin

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Hogwash. German armor behaves, in-game, just like your favored U.S. armor... slow and sluggish even when turning. Why don't you spawn in a GE tank and test this out for yourself before entering the forums and speaking fallacy.
  7. [5150]Rasputin

    I have figured out why some headshots don't kill,

    ^^ Wrong. Not a "fact' by any means. Do you not know about ballistics? I suggest you read up on ballistics (as it pertains to small arms and in this case World War II era small arms). Once you have done that, you'll realize you are flatly wrong here. World War II era small arms fire (i.e. bullets) do not, cannot, travel through a person's body foot to head nor head to foot. Welcome to Human Skeletal System 101.
  8. You entirely missed the point. An ATR would never, ever, even damage a heavy tank in World War II... in fact... most were rendered obsolete once medium/heavy tanks were introduced. Fact. Yet here you are in this game... years later and to this very day... wherein the only faction which has an ATR (let alone an ATR which can kill heavy tanks) continues to be Russia. I may re-install and play this game once Germany gets their own ATR for I want to see all the Allied fanboi's in here whining. Also, the M18 and M10 tanks need to have their open turret crew members killable by well aimed grenades and small arms fire. After all, they ARE EXPOSED to ground and air fire in real life. Thus, why can't GE/RU infantry kill their crew if they manage to draw close? You allow our HT crew members to be killed... you allow our anti-aircraft vehicle drivers to be killed... you allow our Jeep/Kubel/Gaz drivers to be killed... list goes on. /FixYourGame
  9. [5150]Rasputin

    Armor 2.0 The Good The Bad The Ugly....

    #USTanksAreWeakAsHellAndOnlyVictorsWriteTheHistoryBooks Of the U.S. tanks in H&G only the M10 and the Pershing would have a decent chance of penetrating frontal armor of Panther, Tiger I, Tiger II and even then only at sub 1,000 meter ranges. In fact, German armor had a DISTINCT tank optic advantage throughout World War II. This allowed German armor to fend off waves of Allied armor at distances well over 1,000 meters whereas most U.S. tanks couldn't even identify at German tank from the same distance due to inferior tank optics. Yes, I know... realism isn't part of this game. I was simply responding to the U.S. fanboi's false sense of U.S. tank superiority which did not occur in World War II prior to the U.S. gaining complete air supremacy. Absent the air supremacy, the U.S. armor would have been obliterated by Panzers. Truth.
  10. LMFAO @ PTRD killing heavy armor tanks... now Russia has an even better advantage given that it has the ONLY ANTI-TANK RIFLE IN THIS GAME. THIS GAME IS DONE. FINISHED. KAPUTT. /Uninstalled..
  11. [5150]Rasputin

    Armor 2.0 The Good The Bad The Ugly....

    Exactly. Armor 2.0 is NOT ballistics coding... just added hitpoint coding. Proof is as you and I and others have experienced. Allied tanks which could never, and should never, penetrate a Panther, Tiger I, or even Tiger II from the front are now doing so because Reto Moto released a crap game version in Armor 2.0. Instead of ballistics coding, all Reto Moto did was add hitpoint boxes to specific armor regions. Thus, any tank can kill any tank now just by repeatedly shooting the same section/armor. Pure hogwash update and the reason why I've uninstalled this game never to return. Anyone want my 20 days of Vet status remaining account?
  12. [5150]Rasputin


    No, Reto Moto needs to withdraw 1.12 and revert this game entirely to Red vs Blue vs White. Forget realism coding... for 1.12 falls flat.
  13. Some of us will be back if ever this debacle called 1.12 is fixed and brought in line with player expectations from three or more years ago. 1.12 is a good try... but it leaves many of us wondering what "beta testers" were actually doing when they tested this "armor update". Too many errors and coding issues to identify in a single post.
  14. [5150]Rasputin

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Armor game is garbage as what happens to some tanks (in regards to damage) does not happen to others. Sound coding (at least positional sound coding) is non-existent. Tank APCR is not even one or two shotting light vehicles/trucks... yet it should be. I routinely have to fire four or five hits into an enemy APC or Jeep/Gaz or even spawn truck just to try to stop it (even then a kill isn't always rewarded).
  15. Yes, that is correct. Panzers (all weight classes) are now relegated to the dustbin. Since 1.12 release, I have tried repeatedly to degun U.S. main barrels to no avail. Whereas, U.S. tanks (light, medium, and heavy) have each time degunned my Tiger II's and Panther. If you're going to add gun barrel damage coding to this game you had better add it for all tanks not just the German ones. Oh, and I have aimed at every U.S. tank barrel and hit it yet all it keeps saying is "damaged" or it doesn't say anything at all while the U.S. tanks continue to fire and degun/outright kill my Panzers. Furthermore, rounds are going through my Tiger II turret and damaging my engine block behind. How is it a Tiger II turret is penetrated from the front by lesser U.S. armor yet does not damage my gun crew/kill my crew as it continues through and into my Tiger II engine block which is BEHIND and BELOW my turret? 1.12 is not anywhere near worthy of release... fix the armor game and fix the darn sound coding.