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  1. [5150]Rasputin

    Please remove option to spawn camp at bot maps

    In all honesty, bots are best removed from game (in my opinion). They've added more harm to Staged match gameplay than benefit. I'd rather see 5 on 5 player matches than hordes of mindless bots particularly since the bots yield little XP (gains).
  2. [5150]Rasputin

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    M3 Grease Gun is fine today. Was using mine earlier today (Pre-server downtime) and I was wrecking GE Vets with it.
  3. [5150]Rasputin

    I'm worried

    No .PNG embeds in here...
  4. [5150]Rasputin

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Anyone who demands nerfs (in the game which comes with these forums) best know this... be careful of what you ask for.
  5. [5150]Rasputin

    US armies with MG42

    Yet, we're not "in the game" here... were on the forum which comes with a game. Deduction? As far as what people "name" their weapons... that's on them not me. What people do with their lives/game experience is not within my sphere of control. Perhaps take a step back and realize life is a lot more rewarding/fun when one realizes what they can and cannot control. I'm not the government nor law enforcement so my job is not to "police games'/the internet. As for your anti-goyim agenda... you were born in the wrong era... about a century too late. Got Romanov purge?
  6. [5150]Rasputin

    US armies with MG42

    Most venomous, rude, reply possible. Ignorant too. This game has nothing to do with World War II Fascism so quit correlating gameplay complaints with such. Mods should delete your reply for it is that untruthful and unwarranted.
  7. [5150]Rasputin

    Flamethrower sound effects

    There is nothing wrong with the flammenwerfer sound effects. If you don't like them then do not use a flamethrower or otherwise turn your game sounds off and listen to some music while playing. What is up with these newest generation of gamers? There are the same ones who complain about "lightning and thunder" storm (weather) effects being coded into games. Does this soft serve gamer generation ever stop whining?
  8. [5150]Rasputin


    I just watched saw photographs of German infantry in World War I lighting a British tank afire using... you guessed it... a flammenwerfer. There you go folks... Heroes & Generals should allow us to torch armor now too. Why not? Every other class in this game destroys armor... planes... pilots w/AT nades... infantry AT Rambos... recons w/AT weapon... enemy armor... et cetera... et cetera. Yet, our less than OP flamethrowers do not affect tanks. Why not? Fix please.
  9. [5150]Rasputin

    Flame thrower hit sound

    /Disagree. It's one of the aspects they added that actually works with the flamethrower. Only thing I suggest is that they audit the flamethrower sound file (if they haven't done so already) as it infrequently loops.
  10. [5150]Rasputin


    The OP's complaint is unfounded. First, flamethrowers are not powerful/overpowered. Second, flamethrowers require several "ticks" before killing someone especially if they are using HeavySet Gold. Third, SMGs/LMGs (especially one's fully/properly mod'd) will routinely kill a flamethrower and either survive themselves or via simul-kill (i..e both LMG/SMG'r and flamethrower kill each other). All in all, I feel as though flamethrowers need a slight DPS buff for presently those who get torched are easily able to kill a flamethrower despite their being engulfed in flames.
  11. [5150]Rasputin

    what is wrong, with the game heroes and generals

    Read the OP's title... and immediately grabbed a bag of popcorn...
  12. The bots and rocks have killed the remaining "fun" in this game for me. C'est la vie. Tabletop wargaming has become my salvation.
  13. [5150]Rasputin

    after finding battle game crashes

    Hmm... I do not. Sorry. I have submitted conflict reports to both Nvidia and Reto Moto but weeks later still no better off/no fix. I cannot play Heroes & Generals with the most current Nvidia drivers. I must revert my Nvidia driver back to the March 2020 version (442.74) if I wish to play Heroes and Generals. As such, I'm stepping away from this game again and will check back a few months down the road to see if this game is again playable for us. I have no idea what the conflict is but I do know we are many (i.e. those of us who can load the game but cannot load into FPS matches once assigned one by the matchmaking queue). This is a Heroes & Generals coding issue I believe.
  14. [5150]Rasputin

    The game closes itself

    Have you tried reverting your Nvidia driver to an older one from March 19th, 2020? Try doing that then running H&G and see if it works. The newest/up to date Nvidia drivers are not supporting H&G FPS play for many of us. Thus, we have to revert back to the March 2020 Nvidia driver to play H&G.
  15. [5150]Rasputin

    Tech support is dead?

    The H&G forum no longer has a forum content employee to update/maintain it. The downsizing is affecting all customer support functions nowadays.