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  1. [5150]Rasputin

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    There are no toxic players left. We, who know why, are no more. Dasvidaniya.
  2. [5150]Rasputin

    Didn't play for a week and why do I feel so good?

    Everyone I teamed up with in this game is gone nowadays... myself included. 'Tis the end... my friend.
  3. [5150]Rasputin


    Pepperoni, sausage, pineapple atop melted cheese and topped with a healthy... very healthy amount of chopped fresh garlic.
  4. [5150]Rasputin

    What better way to go than with a bang

    I pop in only to find yet more players bailing. Guess I'll exit Stage-Left!
  5. [5150]Rasputin

    4 years in HnG: "Happy Birthday to me! A true story"

    Sad to read I've missed you Legionare. I've strayed from this game (for reason I shant divulge herein) as many other Vets have done over the past year or so. I hope you are well. I miss playing in H&G with both you and Fatal-Is.
  6. [5150]Rasputin

    You brought AT rambos back

    Is this the "TWOCHIEF" from the German Army Chat channel of years ago? If so, you know darn well THEY won't do anything to balance gameplay around here... instead all we've seen over the past few years is nerfing, un-nerfing, re-nerfing with no resolution in sight.
  7. [5150]Rasputin

    Bipods 1.0 - a simple idea

    If they're going to add bipods... then I hope they add the improved shooting characteristics brought upon by using a bipod (i.e. a more stabilized shooting base).
  8. [5150]Rasputin

    It's time to change to VAC anti hack.

    This game has plenty of hackers in Staged matches... always has. An internet search for hacks immediately identifies such. Stop being H&G fanbois and keep an eagle eye out in Staged matches. You'll find a hacker/cheater once or twice a day doing such.
  9. Vets still play this game?
  10. [5150]Rasputin

    H&G 2.0. in the making?

    So true Gaius... so very true. Had enough. Uninstalled. Won't be back... anytime soon. P.S. Been playing WWIIol and therein I've been destroying Allied tank columns with my Flak 36!!!
  11. [5150]Rasputin

    Bazooka useless

    Allow me to sum up Armor 2.0 for everyone wanting to know: 1) AT weapons (bazooka, H3, et cetera) = useless 2) Armor game = useless 3) Aircraft game = Godmode 4) Armor 2.0 damage coding = laughable. /The End.
  12. [5150]Rasputin

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    More hogwash posted by an Allied fanboi. Test it for yourself and then link your video here proving your flawed belief is not flawed. Otherwise, I and those like me (with years of experience playing Allied and German armor in this game) are correct and you remain just an Allied biased fanboi. Armor 2.0 is a failure just like Squad 2.0. Now every tank can penetrate every tank from the front and damage rear components (engines/et cetera). This is pure junk coding. Period. C'ya all in World War II Online... at least that game DOES have ballistic coding.
  13. [5150]Rasputin

    Sold out...

    I'm going to design and market some new logo'd T-shirts with a logo theme focusing on this game's "RTS code".... or rather the "state" of this game's RTS code.
  14. [5150]Rasputin

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Oh look... you think you know all yet your statements in here prove otherwise. Germany's Tiger tanks are slowest tanks in this game. Only quick turning tank Germany has (in this game) is Panzer II Luchs... so quit generalizing and start using specifics or let alone just speak the truth/quit making biased statements.
  15. Logic and reason is my forte. Sadly, most modern humans lack both of the above attributes nowadays. Apparently, you do too.. for you fail at reading comprehension. To wit: "... list goes on." Keep on dreaming folks... for this game will never be what you expect it to be.