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  1. QuemesTC

    France next faction confirmed?

    There was that scene from that devstream where they showed that stuff about planes (you know which one) that also showed a British, Italian and Japanese fighter plane. I assume they'll probably focus on the big 3 powers on either side before adding others.
  2. In the new update, those with med kits are able to see the health of other players from a distance and tell if they need healing. Why not have this feature for vehicles also? So players with wrenches can see from a distance if a vehicle needs repairing or not. It would be a great help
  3. I think it's fairly evident by now that no matter how much we complain about iron sights, sadly nothing is done about them. The K98 and M1919 both have horrible ironsights; yet nothing is done to tweak them in any way. If the gun is "overpowered" with fixed ironsights then tweak the stats, don't force people to play blind.
  4. QuemesTC

    Assault Rifle Guide

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  5. QuemesTC

    The Official H&G meme thread *Post yours here!*

    From the subreddit
  6. US is my main faction and the E8 is my favourite tank. Where is loses to the Panther in terms of armour, it has a stronger cannon. It really is a great tank.
  7. Not really no Removing cross hairs doesn't affect the cone fire if the gun, you're still as likely to get a random headshot regardless of whether the cross hair is there or not. At least with the cross hair there some element of skill remains...
  8. Whilst we're at it why not just go ahead and remove ironsights when ADS also. Knowing what you're aiming at makes things far too easy.
  9. You hooked me from here Fat, capitalist and thinking you're better than everyone else?
  10. QuemesTC


    As most people would agree, currently LMGs are just oversized SMGs. "We'll fix LMGs with bipods" - Reto, 2 ish years ago
  11. QuemesTC

    MG-42 Nerf

    The Johnson, M1919 and Thompson were never buffed. It's just that the M2 was knocked off of top spots and people have started to use other weapons. Just because you get killed by one weapon a lot, doesn't make it OP. Otherwise rip starter rifles
  12. Well this makes sense and I agree with it, but what's new? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this idea of "sub factions" has been suggested on the forums before. Is your suggestion fundamentally different?
  13. QuemesTC

    MG-42 Nerf

    Maybe if you'd been on the forums around then you'd know... Never assume that your opinion is the same as everyone else's opinion. The MG42 was a fairly stable and accurate gun with an incredibly fast time to kill. It needed a nerf, enough said. Reto themselves looked at the gun's stats and made the decision to tone down the empower of this gun (and the M2 Carbine)
  14. QuemesTC

    change game directory

    When installing the game, you choose which directory to install it in. The easiest solution would therefore be to uninstall and reinstall H&G in another directory. You will keep all your in game gear as that is linked to your H&G player account so that's not an issue.