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  1. Gameguru09

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    I really, really, don't like this from what i've played on prototype. heavy set already feels like a Must-Have Badge, and these armor plates are both A) Ahistorical and more importantly B) Going to be an absolute MUST HAVE on ANY build in the game. Any item that is a 100% have to equip to be competitive is not a very well balanced item. The problem is that newer players are getting bodied by vets with advanced gear. I think a good solution is allow the 2hk build for semi-automatics to be more easily reached by newer players, and giving them a tutorial hint explaining that its a good build. Letting them flat out increase their health is going to be a huge problem for the game and any balance. I am unironically terrified for what these are going to do for the game, and I am usually a big optimist for changes that Reto does for the game.
  2. This is a well put together post, your observation at fun at the cost of other's fun is pretty darn accurate.
  3. Gameguru09

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    The sound problems nonewithstanding, the changes to the tank damage (from tank to tank) has not been increased high enough. Back in the day, it used to only take a few shots (2-3) from medium tanks and up to kill the other. Certainly, getting the ammo blown up in a tank does not do enough damage. We should not have to kill the engine, turret ring, breach, ammo, and fuel in addition to firing at the base structure for a prolonged period of time to kill the enemy tanks. This slows down tank v tank combat to an unacceptable degree, making it neither fun nor rewarding. Ammo racking the enemy tank, should do 80-90% of the vehicle's total health. at the very least it should be at least three quarters in order to make Tank V Tank combat strategic, while still being at a similar pace to how it was prior to armor 2.0
  4. Gameguru09

    USA Tank Nerf?

    Pershing is now the worst heavy tank in the game due to a lack of doing anything better than the other heavy tanks. Too bad Reto's reference "regiment" didn't tell them that most Panther tankers would disable the neutral steering mechanism because it was more likely to break the transmission than actually move you.
  5. "legal" hahahahahhaha Being a bit melodramatic for a video game lottery over some fake digital currency and like, some zippo lighters don't you think?
  6. Gameguru09

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    Like awful reliability and fuel consumption? Having to disassemble the front of a tank to replace a final drive that sh!ts out every 150km is sure a good feature.
  7. Gameguru09

    Removing AR, Best Reto idea so far!

    How are you feeling about that statement now?
  8. Just because he works for Wargaming does not mean he doesn't know his stuff. He gets paid to fly around and dig into archives about tanks and their procurement. Give the video a watch, everything he says he's researched and seen the primary source or gotten from historians who have. Further more, the M10, M18, and M5 Stuart are all from AFTER the Sherman was produced.
  9. This is just untrue, there was over 30 thousand other tanks built by the US. And that's just counting the Stuart, Hellcat, and M10. Some of the things you've written are half true, and this lecture goes more into detail about why the US army built the Sherman and why it was what it was.
  10. Yes it could? I'm looking at pictures right now of the M1a1 Thompson with a drum mag.
  11. Gameguru09

    All About Tanks

    IS-2 with APCR cannot frontally pen the Tiger 2. As for heavy tanks I'm torn between my M26 and my Tiger 2. I like my Tiger 2 for fighting enemy tanks as, if I'm being frank, it is much easier to do better in German tanks than it is in the other factions. The M26 has fantastic maneuverability for a heavy tank, and it avoids AT rambos much easier. In Armor 2.0 the Pershing is getting hard core nerfed in it's speed so there will be zero point in playing anything but Germany for heavy tanks, unless the urge hits me to shirt on Michael Wittman wannabees. I disagree with your assessment of tank destroyers, Hellcat reigns supreme with it's frankly ridiculous speed and excellent manuverability.
  12. Gameguru09

    23 February

    Valentine's Day is just for love m8. Homosexuals, straights, everything is all good m8.
  13. Gameguru09

    Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    Soldiers always boat about their equipment. If you refuse to look at the ACTUAL FACTS and will go off of anecdotes then there is literally no point in having a debate with someone who puts 'FEELS OVER REALS'. Oh boy, some axis fanboy with the name GermanSoldier making fun of the Holocaust. I'm sure that your Has NOTHING to do with your At all. No siree. Literally no one says that if you like German weapons. Now when you follow up your declaration of adoration for the Wehrmacht with some, I don't know, Holocaust denial, it might call your reasons for being a German fanboy into question.
  14. Gameguru09

    Sherman Jumbo, front armor.

    This is a common myth, something you might have also heard of from sources like Belton Cooper and his mental abortion of a bookunfortunately one-sided account, seeing as he was in a repair unit and would thus, only ever see the broken Shermans. This right here is an excerpt from the Myths of American Armor that I keep in my description that goes into this. (This segment about burn rates is probably only 5 minutes long, give it a watch). And then possibly go and watch the entire thing, its a very interesting watch and Mr. Moran really knows his stuff. Edit: And if you want the hard numbers, this article is fairly well cited about it in the third paragraph.