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  1. Map game

  2. Cheaters \ Читеры

    You know, or there are players actually better than you and spend time in the game and learn tricks and such. Anyways... instead of whining about it on the forums, report them instead if you really really suspect them of being better than you cheating via the report function ingame or at support.
  3. That's a big no to me. You are basically saying that you can't play with your friends reliably. While this is a multiplayer game...
  4. You know, just as easy you can find hacks, Reto can too. Like googling it, Reto can do that too and detect them...
  5. How big is the H&G Map - Planetsize ?!

    The largest playable map was 2km × 2km, like for inf, planes could go outside that boundary.
  6. I like yellow people

  7. Can you shoot down planes with AT?

    Yes, you can shoot down planes with anti tank if you mean anti tank with AT.
  8. That would mean they have to add horses. So sounds good to me.
  9. Soviet Halftrack

    Soviet ADG-Lorry Only three made, but it was Soviet / Estonian. (Well, actually, it's literally an Austrian truck design, with armor plates strapped onto it...) Maybe the STZ-5?
  10. On the topic of hair loss

    Thanks for the advice, I guess.
  11. Buy the wrong tank M10, refund

    Make sure to not use the tank you bought accidentally, contact support at and ask for a refund, make sure to include a soldier name and screenshot.