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  1. silverlik

    Impact grenades

    I had this happen to me a couple of times, but I realized it is caused by the fact that the grenade got shot by a bullet, which also detonates grenades.
  2. silverlik


    When the person retreats all his assault teams, he leaves parts of his assault teams behind. So the match has 0 actual assault teams, but all the remainders who were abandoned while retreating.
  3. silverlik

    Dirty Gameplay

    I didn't feel targeted, it's fine. I was responding like that because you made it look like, or at least in the context it was, that it was also a form of US dirty gameplay like the OP of the thread is complaining And yes, para blocking is in the game, and it is up to the player to decide whether to abuse it or not. I feel like that parablocking is a legit but scum strategy in the current state of the RTS, as the RTS allows it and has no system to prevent it. You can't expect players to now just stop doing it after a post on the forums, the only one who can bring change into it is Reto only by reworking the RTS and with it how paratroopers work.
  4. silverlik

    Dirty Gameplay

    First of all, hey thats me on the screenshot. Anyways, you are taking a screenshot of a battle that was literally at the end of the war. I know who's ATs it were and he sent them for fun because Rome was also under para attack (which won and made US win the war.) and for the people who didn't get into Rome (55+ US players queued directly), they could still play next to Rome with paras. It was not an example of dirty gameplay. Also, blocking 30k?? Dude, that's literally next to Rome, where German players press that deploy button and never move their ATs for the whole duration of the war. No wonder there is 30k stacked on it.
  5. silverlik

    new gpu and fps problem

    I don't use AMD but maybe check your AMD settings? Also, maybe a Windows update installed? They sometimes literally break your whole setup or make it perform bad.
  6. silverlik

    Least favorite map and reasons for that?

    Depends on the situation, if the enemy has lots of recons/tanks/planes. Airfield...
  7. That is forum rank. Most posts = Higher rank. I honestly wouldn't want this, we would see some skins which are very questionable and won't fit... ( cough cough anime skins )
  8. silverlik

    How to block somebody in the forum?

    Ha, we are immune!
  9. silverlik

    How to block somebody in the forum?

    Hover over their avatar, ignore user.
  10. silverlik

    I found the truth

    That is if you haven't deleted it.
  11. silverlik

    M 36 - Jackson

    And M36 can penetrate it with APCR rounds with ease.
  12. silverlik

    M 36 - Jackson

    The German HTD is the only one with a MG.
  13. silverlik

    How to level up bloody Bolt Actions?

    This isn't allowed (stats padding). Honestly, take every shot that you can, every. Even if there is like 99% chance to miss, take that shot. It will give you XP. Also, if you get the chance, pick up BA rifles from your dead teammates if they have one and it is OHK. Ribbon boosters help a lot though.
  14. silverlik


    Or you maybe just aren't that good at the game as you may think. How can you blame it on your gun...
  15. silverlik

    Nickname Change (Account)

    You're telling me you aren't a Finnish gamemaster?