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  1. I may translate a couple ones that are the most interesting to me. May...
  2. nerf german fighter planes

  3. Actually, the Dutch kinda stopped the invasion, 5 days was an amazing result from the Dutch army which was outdated etc. It was expected that the Netherlands would fall within 24 hours.
  4. So today the Dutch Institute of Military History (NIMH) released 409 (battle)reports from soldiers/officers etc. (Land, naval and airforce) (It's all in Dutch, sorry) @AxeHeadSlam @donni- @Thisbirdisonfiya and some other Dutch people I forgot to tag.
  5. Veteran Question

    I think it does.
  6. Ddosing reto players

    Dude, you seem to come up with crazier theories each day.
  7. AFK

    Because it is against game rules, simple, when you are afk the whole match, you are hurting your team. The report function is there for a reason.
  8. AFK

    Because, some people are AFK the whole time in a match? ...
  9. Reducing amount of Bushes

    We got scopes for infantry before all the bushes got added, and by then everyone had scopes including me. So that argument is pretty invalid.
  10. Here are the nine insiders!

    9 Insiders, enough chance to get me a hoodie. Thanks in advance.
  11. Player 1 & Player 2

    You're literally calling everyone a hacker. Just because, some, play the game a lot and are actually good players. That does NOT mean they are hackers...
  12. Ah yes, how it used to be, that a tank AT could only spawn 2 tanks, but 3 tankers.
  13. I guess yea, if you use the same 'tier' tank you gain 0% extra, just lets say... that 50%, if you use 2 tiers lower, you gain, lets say a 12.5% bonus per tier, so 25% extra? Or do you mean something else?