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  1. Music for all factions (Sabaton)

    US choices are awful, In the Army Now is actually from Status Quo, Sabaton just made a cover, and like mentioned, Aces in Exile is British related. A better choice would be Screaming Eagles..

    2:13 - 3:26
  3. 100% True Facts

    U wot
  4. non weeb thread

    A dot is a ball but 2D.
  5. Can't stop the Weeb invasion

  6. Can't stop the Weeb invasion

    My god what a noob made the vid, I was able to unite Japan at like 1470 lol. (I love EU4...)
  7. Never seen weaker GDC

    I agree, AI kicks my butt in one damn mission in BK II, where you have to capture that fuel depot as Germans and not destroy like the fuel, but AI just lets their tanks roll over all the barrels of fuel and then I fail the mission...
  8. Weebs need 4+ threads

    What if my home is underground.
  9. Weebs need 4+ threads

    There are better ones Kappa
  10. Weeb Union

  11. When did you become a Weeb?

    When I was born. Kappa
  12. Cheater reporting

    You on drugs? When you report someone ingame it creates a 'ticket' at support with everything already filled in, time, match, match ID, player etc.
  13. When google trolls me...

    You don't get the reference?
  14. Mind Blown

    Miklós Horthy, he was an admiral of the Austro-Hungarian navy and became regent of the Kingdom of Hungary.