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  1. Custom Tanker/ Characters

    Yes please. I approve Kappa
  2. The new "you're vet if" thread

    If you remember the old forums(1.0) Kappa
  3. delete a character

    Nop, max characters per faction is 30. (Generals not included.)
  4. delete a character

    You can request it at support at Make sure to give faction, soldier name and a screenshot. Also, why not just use that soldier and make him useful.
  5. Also is this the weeb thread now?
  6. Happy Birthday, my present to you is my useless reply to this thread!
  7. Not like anyone would miss me, would ya?
  8. W.T.F

  9. Deleting Account

    What if I tell you... he is not? What a shock I know.
  10. You can change the color scheme. On top of the screen where the number of major cities are shown. You don't have to type the whole name, you can also just type a part of the name of it and it will show up in the search list.
  11. Junkers Ju 87 ?

    Ah yes, from when I still had my black username on twitch because Turbo. But then Twitch purged it like 2 months after I stopped renewing my Turbo subscription.
  12. The British especially, almost none of their guns used AP rounds with explosive fillers. The Americans did though, From the 75mm and larger APCBC rounds were used pretty standard. _______________ About APCR though, APCR is very bad against sloped armor. Due to the way the shell is shaped, it will bounce most of the times. Perfect image about what I just said that I found:
  13. I may translate a couple ones that are the most interesting to me. May...
  14. nerf german fighter planes