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  1. silverlik

    why can't i join discord

    Send me your discord UID or tag in PM and I'll look.
  2. silverlik

    Discord RU

    If you mean the official discord, it is because we simply can not moderate it. We had a foreign language section, however finding moderators for each language, let alone that were reliable, proved to be too hard. Thus it was decided to scrap it all together.
  3. Either one by one or unequip the ones you do not want to deploy/
  4. silverlik


    Frankly, credit only sales should have not been done from the start. The one sale people constantly refer to, Summer Sale 2017, was just a ridiculous sale. To which now every damn summer sale gets compared to. The community is spoiled. It is simply not profitable for any company to make sales for free currency with high discounts. I have seen posts of people claiming that sales are for the players and not for the company to make money, which is again, pretty mind-boggling to be that ignorant and demanding from a F2P game. I understand that people saved up hundreds of thousands or even millions of credits in anticipation of the summer sale this year due to all previous years being Credit+Gold sales.
  5. silverlik

    Specialist cap

    It is indeed not working all the time, please gather mission IDs when it happens and forward it to me via forums/discord.
  6. silverlik

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    I used to be really toxic in H&G (sadly) and I wonder how I was never banned for my kind of language I used in chat (No racial slurs though.)
  7. Please post mission IDs of where this happens. I have already forwarded it.
  8. silverlik

    Graphical settings reset bug

    Known To change settings for now:
  9. silverlik

    AT launcher ammo bug

    Reto is aware.
  10. silverlik

    No sound on T-28 main gun

  11. silverlik

    Can anyone help me identifying these

    M43 style cap with Blue Sky with a White Sun emblem, uniforms were basically Zhongshan suits but redesigned, didn't really have a model name as far as I know and can find.
  12. silverlik

    Can anyone help me identifying these

    No... I already told it on Discord but it won't hurt saying it here. It is a painting of that last picture you posted, of a Chinese soldier most likely of the 29th Route Army, 38th Division with captured Japanese equipment after/during the battle of Tai'erzhuang (1938), captured Japanse helmet, Type 38 rifle and a gasmask.
  13. silverlik

    Your favorite game OST's

    Sea Shanty 2 is a meme in the RS community.