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  1. silverlik

    Your favorite game OST's

    Sea Shanty 2 is a meme in the RS community.
  2. silverlik

    Your favorite game OST's

  3. silverlik

    Do i get a free tank when i buy the tank crewman?

    Yes, the starter tank depending on what faction. (M2A2, Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. A or T-38) It is only good against infantry and soft armored vehicles, like trucks. For facing actual enemy tanks, try to avoid them. Level your ribbon and get a tank with something like a cannon to take out enemy tanks.
  4. silverlik


    Sure if its the anime character, if not, please no. It's a game in WWII setting...
  5. Known, should be resolved within days. /lock
  6. silverlik

    Bug fg-42. Test server.

    First of all, bugs on Prototype are not to be reported here, also this is known. The main purpose of prototype right now is to test the bipods them self and the stability of them. Not the guns them selfs. /lock
  7. silverlik

    Can't Move or Look Around

    Hi, can you all please provide the Mission ID when it happens? To get Mission ID:
  8. silverlik

    1.12 Forward Airfield Map O2 stairs blocked

    Known. /lock
  9. Contact support for a refund at Make sure to include details of your character, as in which character (name) and vehicle. Not a bug /lock
  10. silverlik

    8 Archetypes of the H&G player.

    Me when playing US alone... US randoms are the worst...
  11. silverlik

    German AT Rifle Says PTRD-41 on Ribbon

    Known. /lock
  12. silverlik

    Fallen H&G Friends

  13. silverlik

    ! IMPORTANT ! - Ampulomet 1941, Bug ,Slot 4 Slots / 5 Slots

    Known. /lock
  14. silverlik

    Chinese Faction Tech Tree

    We can keep dreaming for new factions.
  15. silverlik

    No second pouch for the M9A1

    Already known. /lock