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    STEAM problem H&G

    Hi i tried it for a few days earlier since monday but i can't log in - it gave me a blank update with the heroes background pictures. So what i do was to uninstall the game including the new heroes and general prototype client. When i reinstall the game directly from the website it works hope it helps.
  2. ismadi

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Yeap Still down.... i'd go play something else while waiting for it and the swiss faction... Oh yeah
  3. ismadi

    Scope balance

    The sight picture for the unscoped Karabiner is terrible. You can't see the front sight post and the rear tangent sight is microscopic. As a mauser owner, I can tell you for certain that the sight picture in the game is half the size it would be for someone irl and the graphics being so bad that you can't see the very precise front sight blade makes it a pain in the butt to use at a distance. When I was grinding for my scope after the update that took away zoom on irons, I had to up the range to 400m just so I could see what I was shooting at at 100m. Meanwhile, the 1903 and the Mosin's rear tangents are wide enough that the player is presented with a very clear and manageable sight picture. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just elaborating. If the graphics in the game were better, I'm sure the narrow front sight blade would be visible, but sadly with the very pixelated look of the iron sights it's almost indistinguishable from the tangent sight. I have a 30 inch tv and still had to squint an inch from the screen to see what I was shooting at, I couldn't imagine how frustrating it must be for guys on laptops with 12 to 18 inch screens. For reference: a close-up of the sight picture of the K98k. guy you are refering to is me. But i earned the scope after countless death and as it is i camped for idiots to run near to me.
  4. ismadi

    Scope balance

    umm like talking: there is no rule to say tankers have to use tanks, and stay there etc. - they can still equip pistols and go for CQC using others tanks like spawn points - but it nonsense! you dont use then your class advantage. saying that there is no rule to say recons must snipe its like not using main advantage for this class. Sharpshooter at that time under the U.S side i'm sure they got sharp eyes and no scope. How much would that cost sharp shooters in every platoon. Now i'm sure every sharpshooter has those but it will imbalance the game greatly when every infantry can be sharpshooter by options.
  5. ismadi

    Scope balance

    When i played on the american side i kill more people because american sniper rifle has lower swing ratio as compared to German, When i tried the scoped Mosin please let's not compare how accurate it for the swing and trigger hit it did. I get more kills for rounds than the german counterpart after they redid the patch, now i shoot more rounds to kill 1 american and soviet on my sniper rifle because of the swing. Maybe they designed the american to be lesser in magnification but that means more accuracy.