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  1. aleksi134

    Submachinegun Tiers

    The controllability is what people praise it for. Compared to the PPSh it makes a big difference. Hence multiple people during the war used it to mow down russians at low to mid ranges.
  2. aleksi134

    No Sound Glitch (Already Tried Volume Mixer)

    Not the game's fault. /Closed
  3. aleksi134

    Soldier not gaining XP in a -special- ribbon

    Hello, it is intended that you do not gain ribbon XP for the respective classes (paratrooper, pilot) as normal infantry or otherwise. As these ribbons unlock specific weapons and badges to the respective classes. I will confirm wether or not its intended to gain XP otherwise from parachuting and such. /closed
  4. aleksi134

    Forum vets

    I used to write more on the forums nowadays not at all. Its not like anything has really changed, hence why im playing many other games.
  5. aleksi134

    Tuntematon sotilas(2017)

    Watched the full version at cinema when it released, was amazing experience and great movie. Though way too long for my bladder.
  6. aleksi134

    Finland: Tech tree

    50Kg might seem like alot but, it isnt that much in the end for two people carrying it. Aswell while this extra gear they have is somewhat heavy aswell, we pretty much carry the same amount these days.
  7. aleksi134

    G-43 with Kurz ammo (need info)

    Well its kinda like a M1 carbine, but yes i dont see the point realisticly or gamewise even.
  8. aleksi134

    Finland: Tech tree

    Finland took plenty of land.
  9. aleksi134

    Finland: Tech tree

    Well Finland never joined axis formally. They only made a pact with Germany and had good relations, aswell it wasnt much of a choice when the allies helped Soviets. Aswell it was a chance for Finland to reclaim lost land. Sweden never really fought anything in WW2 other than with the volunteers. Norway fell early in the war.
  10. aleksi134

    Submachinegun Tiers

    The M712 could be classified aswell as sub machine gun almost as it has stock and it could have a larger magazine. There is italian sub machine guns aswell, beretta 38/42,44. There is aswell some czech sub machine guns but only used by SS, but i doubt this would be a issue considering what we have in the game.
  11. aleksi134

    Submachinegun Tiers

    I wouldnt say 3000 kp31s is alot if you look at the grand scale, thats about the same amount as MKB 42 were deployed. Anyhow im sure Germans had more PPSH to use than KP31 of course this goes to the captured weapon territory but then again so does the kp31 pretty much, if Finnish faction ever got introduced.
  12. aleksi134

    Finland: Tech tree

    People get offended by everything these days, thats your problem, its basicly like people cant face reality so they escape from it.
  13. aleksi134

    100% True Facts

    Can confirm.
  14. aleksi134

    Finland: Tech tree

    I mean i like these ideas and all but you know lets just wait to see if this game lives on to begin with.
  15. aleksi134

    Can't stop the Weeb invasion

    *Obsessed with EU4. Also that video is horrible just because of the music and weebs. Nukes were a mistake, because there wasnt enough of them, you either drop em or you dont.