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  1. emosh73

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    I play this game on an AMD 4300U with INTRGRATED graphics. I still play the game though.
  2. emosh73

    the tank update makes US even worst

    I think the man is asking how to adapt?
  3. emosh73

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    What are you gonna do about it big man? Cry on the internet?
  4. emosh73

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    No kidding Sherlock. I added that for bonus facts since you were proven to be am ignorant fool of historical facts.
  5. emosh73

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Muslims did fight for the Germans during WW2. Watch this youtube video that explains why. Oh and some Indians fought for the Japanese as well.
  6. emosh73

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    How do you mod the M2? Please be specific. Thank you.
  7. emosh73

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    I have 12 million credits more or less. Money is not a factor for me now. My issue is control while yet being effective and competitive. With that said, you still feel NO MODS is preferred?
  8. emosh73

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    I just bought the M2. What mods do I need to make it competitive?
  9. emosh73

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    what mods do you use?
  10. emosh73

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    Do you prefer the M1 over the M2? What mods do you prefer to use?
  11. That happened to me many times this week alone. Rushing to find my nade or pistol and get a fricken snowball instead. DEAD!!
  12. emosh73

    Tank Review #1: M18 Hellcat

    I hate the Hellcat. I rather use the M36 Jackson. If I am paying lots of repair bills for deaths then might as well use the Jackson. Yes, I know the Hellcat takes experience and skill to use. I am new to tanks as in I only have less than three months experience playing tanks. My style is more suited for M36 and M10 TD's. The Hellcat armor is my biggest negative concern.
  13. emosh73

    closing jp hk server is a mistake

    Good post. I play from Belize in Central America. I get the same like you and feel the same way you do. I also play on a crappy laptop with AMD 4300U CPU and I use integrated graphics that come with the 4300U AMD chip. All low settings of course.
  14. emosh73

    How many tanks should I really own?

    Iron fist works good against killing tanks with infantry soldiers. Iron fist with tanker? I have no clue if that works. I always have Iron fist included on my AT rambo infantry soldiers. Works great when using bazookas. I don't think the easy 8 is worth it. I will take my chances with the M5 Stuart and call it a day. Honestly, Panthers scare me the most in this game. I either hide, run or hit them while they are distracted fighting others.
  15. emosh73

    How many tanks should I really own?

    No Sherman Easy 8 on your list? I noticed in this game that when I only set it for light tanks that I either go against against light or medium tanks ONLY. The M5 slaughters any enemy light tanks and I have zero problems with my M5. However, my M5 is only good against certain medium tanks like Panzer 4, but no chance against the Panther and Soviet T34/85. I usually only take on the Panther and T34 when they are preoccupied fighting other tanks or hit and run tactics. I can handle the deaths of my M5 tank in such cases concerning credits. Not sure buying a USA medium tank would help much against the Panther and T34's, while burning up my credits. The M36 can handle the enemy heavy tanks and heavy td's. The M10 is not that bad either. No need to buy a US heavy tank I believe. In conclusion, the ONLY tank left and possibly worth buying would be the Sherman Easy 8 since the other medium tanks are worse. Light tanks I will use -----------------> M5 Stuart Medium tanks --------------> Should I buy Easy 8? Stick with M5 Stuart and use hit and run tactics? Heavy tanks -----------------------> No need to buy since I use the M10 and M36 TD -------------------------------> use the M10 and M36 Jackson Last question, is the Sherman Easy 8 worth buying to go against the Panther and T34 mediums? Are US tank camos for M10 or M5 Stuart worth the money?