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  1. To all GE players out there: the game is getting boring. Play the other factions too, ok? To reto, PLEASE, either you limit the number of simultaneous specialists in a mission, or you could use an underbonus on spam. I know GE has a larger playerbase, and they like to whine about everything, but this is serious. Well, we can all end up playing GE vs GE, right? You could add that...
  2. So that's why mostly GE dudes with pistols can shoot that fast hitting every bullet... good to know... I mean: I knew there were ppl with double fire on mouse, but didn't know about macros. Yep, it's cheating and shouldn't be allowed. If they were intended to do that the game would have it from scratch, but that's not the case...
  3. Well, they didn't do anything about it. Still a bunch of GE fighters around. And then there's the issue where u shoot a GE as there was no tomorrow, but they can still overturn u on your shiny plane (even playing on throttle and pitch) and damage u badly, so their 3 mates can shoot u down easy... For real guys, this is boring as love. Just take a look on streamers. They mostly stream GE...
  4. You were saying? Just today, third mission I got into.
  5. Topic was GE pilot spam. Too many GE pilots simultaneously. We can talk about missions crowded on GE paras + GE pilots, but that's another story. Limiting the amount of simultaneous players on a career per mission would do the trick.
  6. Finally taking it seriously. Thank you.
  7. Well then if reto cuts out spamming vehicles you wouldn't end up having so many mates on the air, just a few. Enough to have a balanced battle without vehicle spam on any side.
  8. Listen, I can deal playing a brick, that's not the point of the post. The problem is spamming 1 or 2 classes every single staged mission. So you end up having 10 guys on the air, and missions end up loved in a matter of minutes. Before those upgrades, you could have 45min missions, which were fun and intense. Of course some of them sucked, but HEY! most of them were pretty fun. Staged missions were random, and it was easy to fight against ANY faction. But nowadays, every mission is against GE (3 ways at most) and if there are planes you can end up with the air crowded. That's the whole point, not if one plane is better thant another. I can deal 1 vs 2 battles, or even 1 vs 3. But 1 vs 5 or more is "fly 10s then die".
  9. You could stay easily in 40min battles, intense. If you lock the class when joining the mission as it previously was (staged, not war) you avoid spam. As soon as a player get bored he can't switch class, so he'll probably change the mission leaving; this kinda balanced the game. The actual system allows a player to switch class as many times as he wants, which in turn favors spamming certain types of vehicles or class. They could limit the number of times you can switch the class in war, so you can switch your class if you bring some vehicles, but with a limit to avoid spamming. They could also lock class when joining the staged mission, so players don't spam and stick to what they picked up. This might bring back 1h intense missions, and abort the actual GE players spamming medium planes or tanks as soon as they can.
  10. Just to be clear. The game IS dying. Just assume GE players are loving it down. I still have 54 veteran days to play and I'm considering to uninstall after 4 years... Another GE pilot spam.
  11. So, I join a mission to play fighter. But your solution is I turn to ptrs camper. Yep, ultrafun. I'd rather go inf and die on GE bombs than camp ptrs. No tnx.
  12. GE fighters are killing the game. It's been a while and friends are quitting bored.
  13. 2 vs 9. shame on german faction players...
  14. GozerBCN


    That's because GE players spam fighters every single staged mission. We can start 2 vs 4, which is crap but I can handle. But a few minutes later you can have 2 vs 10 easy. So yes, we tend to play inf or para as soon as you start spamming your shirt on us.
  15. Agree, the game is getting boring. It's impossible to start new pilots...