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  1. Woody051

    New Map Idea [Images Included]

    Thanks It's been ages since anyone has taken an interest in this idea/concept.
  2. We finally got Medics, perhaps now Engineers can be considered!
  3. Woody051

    New Map Idea [Images Included]

    Still on Version 3
  4. Woody051

    Update 1.03 Wings of War is here!

    I still want a way to replace A and D controls to my rudder (left/right) instead of my ailerons to roll the plane. Ideally i want the old controls back but really we should have our own ability to remap all of our control hotkeys.
  5. Woody051

    (Movie) Our Shining Sword

  6. Woody051

    New German Heavy Fighter 'Messerschmitt Me 410 B-2'

    This thing is pretty ridiculously powerful. The guns perform well but i noticed that the rear 13mm guns have a pretty high rate of fire. It's going to be a nightmare of a plane. Also noticed that just as with the fighter-recons you're able to tap "C" to change seat and use the rear guns then tap "C" again to go back to the pilot's seat. For enemies wishing to shoot down the Me 410 i'm gonna say the best hope is for there to be only a pilot inside it and not both a pilot and a gunner combo or it will be a tough fight.
  7. And I would only prefer that "learning" was more a staged battles thing. As a person who owns a pretty large arsenal of Aircraft AT's i'm not especially fond of footing the bill for their mistakes. When players play the expensive assets in war mode and this goes for all assets i have an informed expectation that they have been playing the game for some time and therefore i expect at least a bare minimum of performance to be achieved (or at least hope for). I know there's no perfection and sometimes the battle goes sour or sometimes players are just having an off day. My standards aren't extravagant either. But when i visually watch this flight school horror or worse yet that very player is talking smack the whole time i can't help but get mad when i know that i'm the one paying for this. Paying... yes AT's cost warfunds but as a veteran player i also occasionally put my own money into this game in the form of gold so in some cases it makes for a bigger turn-off. Paying for some mouthy barista to learn to fly in war matches and waste your assets/equipment would be like if you were forced to pay for someone else's kid to go to college to only obtain failing grades or be barely passing in every subject.
  8. I want my old flight controls back. Flying Mouse Mode, Classic Mode, or Camera Mode neither have been the "sweet spot" enjoyable controls that i'm looking for. Flying with mouse or camera mode i feel like you pretty much are intended to stay in 3rd person view.
  9. Woody051

    New Map Idea [Images Included]

    Thanks for the feedback A.) A stone type bridge like D4 in Town or or that in Forward Airfield or perhaps the smaller bridge such as the B-Line on Airfield. B.) Although i see your point, parks come in all shapes and sizes. The reasoning for the house placement there was to encapsulate the park a little so that vehicles coming down the "A Line" had a bottleneck to split into the park and the other forks in the road. The row housing also created a unique barrier line that could divide the battle so that if the park were to be a heated combat area it could enable the street to the left to isolate into its own skirmish area where vehicles/tanks might clash. Housing/Building examples: C.) "Château" is a French word. so if possible i would like a unique battle area for the center of the map. For the time being i would say it could be something similar to town's O1 Police Station capture area of a series of houses and outlaying garages. Part 2 of your question regarding X1, at the time of my first design "X1" existed still on some maps. However now it's beginning to look like maybe it should just be an auxiliary spawn area or a neutral area where supplies/equipment spawns? D.) The train station is supposed to be close to the town because it is the other "O" objective. It was common in some small towns to have a train station in the town like that. It is a bi-linear map. A1, A2, A3, O1, O2, B3, B2, B1. In order for Team A to Override Team B or visa versa they have to push through both O1 and O2 to do so. There was some meticulous though in the spacing of O1 and O2 to make for somewhat of a "killzone" in between that is why there is a church (as depicted as a series of rectangles) that is the path diagonally between the two points. There's also a small cul-de-sac. E.) It was pretty much that, the idea of an occupying military building a fuel depot after occupying the town and putting a light fortification around it. I was using similar ideas to A2 on Airfield and the thoughts of how needy supply depots were in Europe for ground units. F.) That's essentially it, the old Mountain town on E-Line had an interesting rail bridge with slopes, a concrete pillar, and metal truss work. I thought it would create for a unique fighting area. The placement on the map though is down the B line so far that it's kinda like the "last stand" area for the B Team if they had been pushed back that far (Opposite would be true for A1). So if the B team is pushed back to B1 they're kind of on their last legs at that point and sort of needing any help they can get. I intended that the right side of that rail bridge to have a gravel slope for vehicles to drive up and over so that would be helpful. I also slightly curved and scattered the railcars in such a way that it would help block spawning vehicles/infantry of the B Team. Even still it will be a fight to be had.
  10. Woody051

    New Map Idea [Images Included]

    Thank you! Let me try to answer some of those questions: 1.) Elevation. I thought of making a contour map but it seemed like a lot of work that would just create a lot of "busy" lines and i was afraid people would see it and think it would be too complicated or demanding of an idea of mine. The only real request i had was the center portion or "Château" would be built on a small terraced hill with much of the town lower than it. The outskirts of the town such as the wooded terrain would be varied in geography but mainly it would be the "Château" on higher ground and the rest of the town on level ground. I figured though i would leave the game developing tools to render its interpretation of the terrain. 2.) Yes, i was hoping many of the houses would included stairs or even a balcony to a second level. There is also a farm area in the northeastern corner of this map idea, there i would expect barns but also maybe a windmill? 3.) Spawning - This comes from trial and error i'm afraid. I can only pre-think so far but i believe it would be from actually beta testing a designed map in order to figure out what flows best in order to optimized where to spawn. A1 and B1 you can setup fairly easily, after that... it comes with testing. 4.) Vehicles - It's been brought up before and again i must iterate that i'm in believe that not every map needs to be optimal for every vehicle type at every given time. For example the current factory map does already deter vehicles from operating in the core section of the map. Just as with history i think the players will need to learn how to adapt their tactics or maybe choose to use lighter vehicle types or in a different squad-support role if they do indeed choose to spawn one. As for paths and roads... i intentionally implied some areas of housing had wider spacing so that they would be "shortcuts" and that there would be that destructible wooden fencing in some areas. In the forest/woods it could be scarcer in some spots as if it were a natural path and thus easier to drive through. 5.) I don't understand your APC question. I believe there are statistically a high number of places to hide apcs on this map including garages, backyards/frontyards, trees, and other shrubs/foliage. 6.) Huh? 7.) The map does not have to accommodate all classes in the context that you're suggesting. It should not have to bend to the will of Johnny Tankface who wants to derp around in a tank all match. It's a Town. Almost all conflicts had an urban fight of some context. You adapt and overcome. Not every scenario calls for every type of equipment (or every caliber of equipment.) There was factual struggles of armored usage inside close-quarters environments and thus i feel being a simulated war game we should have at least one battle environment that reflects this historical struggle. 8.) Tunnels? It's an old town that was lightly fortified by an occupied army not a fortress city. 9.) Again I believe you're not grasping the concept that is the idea of this map. We lack maps a palette of maps that resemble Europe and the towns and villages therein. Just as in WWII you couldn't roll tanks through every town, you couldn't effectively put air support in every city. I don't understand this want for sameness, i invite the idea of map variety where players have to adapt and play smarter. Otherwise every map plays out too similar.