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  1. An apc should not take 4-5 anti tank rockets to destroy. Fix it, it's ridiculous.
  2. n-force

    Chat from players and some repeating info

    Instead of nerfing headshots maybe buff all shots.
  3. Can you give me the link to this page?
  4. Thank you for your extremely valuable input. That's what I'm talking about. There is no punishment for macros. It's all in the grey.
  5. n-force

    Chat from players and some repeating info

    This solution is extremely lazy and funny. There are many other ways of solving that problem. Less rof for starters..
  6. n-force

    Chat from players and some repeating info

    Surviving a headshot is not unrealistic, it is outright laughable.
  7. I need to clear up something. I'm not accusing anybody of using macros. Especially not clans. I have no idea about that, my point was not the recoil control, as that is sophisticated it's not easy to come by, however full auto SA rifles, I believe I came by a lot of people using that. Autofire macro comes as a default macro entry for most gaming mice, even if it doesn't it's super easy to create one. I can't help but feel these people who have these mice in some unfavorable conditions would feel the itch to go for that autofire button. I mean why not? We don't even know if it's allowed or not. Nobody managed to give me an explicit statement that forbids macro usage. I made this post about random individuals whom I highly suspect were using autofire macro with SA rifles. And another huge reason for posting is that I'm honestly not sure if macros are allowed or not. If I'm not mistaken this is not the first time I'm trying to get something from devs regarding macro usage, I think I posted some stuff years ago, not completely sure I'll look for my old posts for that. I believe they never said explicitly that it's not allowed, at least not to the best of my recollection. My opinion is that there are a lot of people who use auto fire macros and since it's on youtube there must be at least one guy that uses recoil control macro. A lot does not mean there is one in every match. If I see one every day it's a lot and it's an issue that needs to be addressed. Anybody who thinks otherwise can just create an alt account and spam macro for days, see if anything happens to the account. Let us know too. Imo I think nothing will happen. Back in the day, I was using a macro to spam keyboard buttons for ribbon XP farming, never had any issues with that. I would go afk after I triggered it so it was working a full match, you know stuff like crouch movement, etc. I hope I don't get banned for stating this, it was like 5 years ago, and also at that time, I didn't know if macros are allowed or not. Hell, I still have no clue. Ofc with thousands of hours of grinding I would not risk my account and I would not expect any veteran to be so stupid. So the people who try to turn this into a flame war between clans I have put on ignore and will keep doing so. Edit: Found a topic where I was talking about macros It seems I wasn't so innocent lol. Edit2: Also I just realised I didn't read Baskerville's reply properly and agreed with him causing a dilemma. The macro involved keeping a button pressed, back then there was plane debug controls thing and I just didn't like pressing it up all the time so I made a macro for it.
  8. n-force


    Idk what kind of a map designing interface they coded but they seem to have a hard time changing even small details. Must be some potato.
  9. Another one with reading deficiency goes to ignore list. Thanks, keep them coming. @viktor.oven that's quite interesting any idea why it is like that?
  10. n-force

    Get rid of the underdog bonus

    Why do soviets win the war? Because German Army is crippled by queue. How do you solve queue? Underdog bonus. The underdog bonus should never be removed. There is absolutely no logical reason to remove it.
  11. The reason I posted this was because I saw a random guy playing full auto with SVT, it was a random match with random people. Some people with 5 year old mentality try to bring up clan stuff and get good out of this. It's pathetic, they think the world revolves around them. Please don't feed them.
  12. Explicitly means explicitly. That's is not explicit as you already had to explain further. They may not be using macros ofc I never scored that possibility over but still, I want them to be checked. That's what I'm planning to do, report everyone that fires too fast with SA rifles, it's not my job to determine if they are cheaters after all. If I get 1 cheater out of 10 it's a step towards a better game. But there is no explicit statement and I don't remember RETO staff posting about it on forums, I hadn't been around for a couple of years, maybe there is something in that timeline? From the time I was active I don't remember any official statements, so I've been wondering for years lol. All in all, I have high regard for SA rifle users, I myself love SA rifles and if I was more skilled and if I wasn't playing the faction with the worst SA rifle definitely I would play more. I don't want to boost their ego by naming but I know some old timers from US clans that were pretty overkill with a garand even back when SA rifles were absolute baseball.