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  1. Letter from the CEO #1

    You have really improved yourself over the last months, props to you for that. Now you need to start roll out some improvements to the game as well (armor 2 seems very promising). Anyway keep it up guys!
  2. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte

    Thought the same, could be a whole map centered around a factory with a bunch of wonderwaffe protoypes or something. Would add some uniqueness to the maps. Or maybe when RTS gets an overhaul and more depth it it could be a mission for recons only to destroy this monstrosity while the other team defend it. (i know its not a wonderwaffe weapon but its one of the more bizzare vehicles germany built during the war)
  3. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    Finally a respons from Reto. And when will this "large vehicle overhaul update" be released? This year?
  4. These spawns friggin suck

    The new spawnsystem just makes attacking even more of an pain in the a** as if infantrysnipers, HE shelling and bomb/HE spam from the air wasnt enough. The spawnsystem isnt just bad, its garbage and is yet another feature nobody asked for and on top of that ruined an otherwise great build. They could at least let the attackers spawn in front of the objective instead of way back of the previous point. (Got a little carried away there but this new system frustrates me so much)
  5. Flame thrower

    Aint happening. They said during a stream the game cant handle fire and smoke grenades so a flamethrower is completely out of the question.
  6. The problem in my opinion is the freelook camera, midair reload and the lack of limits on the amount of pilots per match. Fix those 3 things and you would solve alot. The AA guns in game are so incredibly pathetic im not even gonna get started on those.
  7. Yeah sorry about that. too many badges these days, hard to remember them all
  8. If you dont care about repair costs a scoped STG really dominates at medium range and with only ammo as the other mods its pretty stable. Single fire is pretty useless; i find it easier to fire a burst in automatic mode instead. Beside the STG i use h3 to deal with those pesky halftracks and tanks. And lastly i also carry a medkit. Tight grip is a must imo and when i buy veteran i use hip fire gold since its harder to aim in close quarters.
  9. It isnt, i just said i look forward to it. And like i wrote before i dont think this system will work very well in war mode. But at this stage of the game tank combat is so incredibly broken some drastic changes has to be made. We will just have to wait and see how it turns out.
  10. I'll never reach the bottom of scoreboard like this!

    Im more curious about the guy with 64 kills and 64 headshots. Fishy... What even is this match btw, so many weird scores.
  11. I just tried the m4a1 and got chased by kubels for 30 minutes, im pretty sure it cant get much worse than that. Cant wait for the tanks only mode.
  12. Get rid of your headshot coding.

    If you look into the "kill feed" (or whatever its called) when fighting for an objective (for example 02 on town map) with lots of close quarters combat at least 50% of the kills are headshots. This system just promotes hip firing with a max RoF guns hoping for a lucky headshot instead of actually aiming and trying to land shots by your own skill. The game punishes you for practicing with your weapon and becoming good with it because hip firing is just so much more effective at close range. Might as well play day of defeat. Next update after armor 2.0 better be infantry 2.0 because infantry game play in general makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes. The combination of scopes for infantry, headshot rng, sway and the removal of zoom from iron sights makes playing infantry a horrible experience, at all ranges and maps.
  13. I'm sorry thought this was only to be implemented in the tank vs tank only mode, But you're right, this seems like a bad idea in War mode, just didn't think that far (its late).
  14. I like this idea, i hate the current tank combat where entire teams spawns in either t-70s, chaffes or luchs, or entire teams of panthers. I can count on one hand how many panzer 4s ive seen in the last 2 months (even though it was the most mass produced german tank during the war). The community has been asking for more restrictions on some of the gameplay for a long time and when they finally add some they´re immediately being called "play style police". At least give it a chance. No matter what they do they get flak for it, some deserved, some of it not as much. I'm so sick of the current tank combat so i really look forward to try this new system. It cant be any worse than what we have now anyway.
  15. P. 1500 Landkreuzer

    A guy with 3 stickys and a motorbike would still kill it in seconds lol