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  1. Right now you can only choose between 24 hours, a month or 3 months of premium membership. Thing is I find myself rarely play the game for more than 1-2 weeks at a time so i seldom buy premium since it feels like a waste of money. This is of course just my opinion but it would be nice if we had more options when it comes the membership length. Especially new players i think would appreciate this since buying a whole month of premium in a game that you started out with can seem a bit too much and buying 24 hours separately quickly adds. Im happy to support H&G but I cant buy a full month of premium when i only use it for the first 2 weeks. So why not give us more options like: 24 hours (current) 3 days (3/7 of a week duh) 7 days (1 week) 14 days (2 weeks) 30 days (current) 90 days (current) 180 days (~6 months) 360/365 days (~1 year)
  2. Jahossi53

    New Universal-1 tractor for the new map

    No offense but who cares about a freaking tractor. Even the engine sound is recycled. Why didnt you add something semi useful like a civilian car or a motorbike, not this deathtrap. And why are you making a post about it one steam and here for something that came out weeks ago and again nobody cares about. This looks just dumb Reto. I know i sound like a real party pooper but all this hype for a tractor?
  3. Jahossi53

    Choose your faction

    Reto should have focused on adding Italy and Britian as subfactions from the start instead of adding the mess that is the Soviet Union. 3 Nation battle royale clusterf*ck in europe is a disaster both seen out of an historical point of view and a gameplay one. But anyway i would love to see the britts in h&g, would add alot of intresting equipment and vehicles.
  4. Jahossi53

    Navy - PT boats

    Playerdriven Carriers in H&G? Sure why not, would problably still die by 3 stickys
  5. Or just give tankers one extra equipment point so they can carry a 1 pouch smg + a wrench/binos. Just absurd that they have so few, especially with all the AT rambos lurking around everywhere. Look ive got nothing against new weapons but this problem is so easy to fix. Probably Too easy for reto...
  6. Jahossi53

    Arent camos a bit pricey?

    A complete set of green pea camo (hemlet+ uniform) costs 897K. That is absolutely ludicrous! For that price you could buy almost all of the 3 top tier heavy tanks in the game or all of the assualt rifles+ the an smg of your choice and also have money over for lunch. To compare; a complete set the most expensive SU camo(s) costs "only" 449K. That is half the price of the green pea camo. What the hell were they smoking when they set these prices? I want some. I know its the best german camo but still, twice the price of the best SU one. That is just absurd.
  7. Jahossi53

    Arent camos a bit pricey?

    Getting the tan camo and a matching helmet will set you back about ~140k. That is alot, especially for a new player with hes low wage. To compare for that price he could almost get an mp40 or a MG34. The camoprice should be half that. like a complete set of "single tone" skin should maybe cost around 50-75K imo. This game is already pretty brutal for new players. At least let them die pretty while theyre getting slaughtered by Spraybines and Russian hacker clans.
  8. Right now camos and skins are almost veteran exclusive, even the most basic ones. Which sucks for new players that also want to customize their soldiers. So why not make the singletone skins a bit cheaper so new players also can afford them and save the grind for the weapons instead (which is pretty brutal itself).
  9. Seriously nobody gains anything from it. The Cadet, at least in my experience often get flamed for not having auxillary seats and him being squadleader (even though its something he cant control). And the squadmates are pissed cause you know... no orders, no auxiliary seats and he chooses attacklines. So Instead of this bullshiet (excuse my language) just transfer the command to a higher level player as soon as he joins. its that simple. Theres still alot of problems with squad 2.0 but just this change alone would solve alot of them imo. Cmon Reto, fix this already.
  10. Jahossi53

    Panzer 38t Ausf. E (skin) (paint)

    Along with bipods and mortars?
  11. Jahossi53

    New badge suggestion - Silk Touch

    The whole badge system needs a rework. There just too many badges and just a few of them are worth using.
  12. Jahossi53

    Binocular reticles

    didnt the binos have this at one point? And if so why did they remove it?
  13. Jahossi53

    Stickey Grenades are over-performing.

    No offense but hasnt this been brought up like a billion times before? AT weaponry has been broken for years and reto hasnt lifted a finger to fix it. I guess we´ll just have to wait for armor 2.0 (whenever that comes out) and see how they perform after the overhaul. At least they cant make it any worse... i hope
  14. Jahossi53

    M26 is mismatched in Heavy Tanks

    People actually play heavy tanks? Do you like being farmed for credits by stickyrambos? Get help