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  1. New badge suggestion - Silk Touch

    The whole badge system needs a rework. There just too many badges and just a few of them are worth using.
  2. Binocular reticles

    didnt the binos have this at one point? And if so why did they remove it?
  3. Stickey Grenades are over-performing.

    No offense but hasnt this been brought up like a billion times before? AT weaponry has been broken for years and reto hasnt lifted a finger to fix it. I guess we´ll just have to wait for armor 2.0 (whenever that comes out) and see how they perform after the overhaul. At least they cant make it any worse... i hope
  4. M26 is mismatched in Heavy Tanks

    People actually play heavy tanks? Do you like being farmed for credits by stickyrambos? Get help
  5. no sense of accomplishment

    The problem is (imo) that the game relies too heavily on grinding, you´re supposed to feel/get the achievement of progress by unlocking weapons, skins, vehicles and soldiers and seen in that regard, yes there is a shirt ton of content in game. But a half of it can be cut out of that argument immediately cause you can skip the low ranked gear completely, like why would you grind and buy a tiger 1 or t34 76 when you can go directly to the tiger 2 or t34 85? Grind is a shirt way of keeping people interested in your game, especially if it can be skipped, and once you unlock all high tier gear the game gets rather boring. Some solutions to this problem could be thing like events, missions and milestones through out your "soldier career". In events special skins for weapons, soldier and vehicles could be obtained by completing objectives, like "capture 10 cps as a sniper","bomb 7 tanks" or "kill an enemy at 250 meters range" (although everything that encourages even more camping seems like a poor idea). Simple system that would change every week and around holidays the they could set up a special event with only a limited number of winners. In these events special weapons and vehicles can be obtained. Mission could be similar to the events but permanent and as you progress through the missions they get more difficult. Maybe lead to a big reward at the end of each mission tree. Milestones could be awards for reaching level 12, 15 and 17. Just some ideas. Maybe i´m taking this thread too seriously. Probably...
  6. Saying that H&G suffers from a sniperproblem is kinda an understatement and for people playing with Smgs, Lmgs and ironsight BA/SA rifles this can be extremely frustrating not being able to retaliate. We used to have a quite a lot of zoom for iron-sights pre Adams when scopes where introduced but the situation wasn't ideal back then either. So why not let the player choose instead, being better at range with more iron-sight zoom or less zoom and being more effective in close quarters? So my suggestion is implementing a "ironsightzoom" modification (not a very creative name, but here we go). his would, as the name suggest, increase the zoom for the ironsights and would be able for all weapons however the zoom level might vary between the classes. This mod would be unlocked fairly early in the ribbon for SA/BA rifles but could be a late unlock upgrade for Lmgs and Smgs. Like scopes I would imagine this wouldn't increase the statistics for the gun. Obviously this modification would not be a powerful as a proper scope but would at least give the user an easier time dealing with infantry snipers. I would also suggest this upgrade comes with the first SA rifle you get when you create your first soldier to make it easier for new players while they learn the ropes.
  7. TD vs heavys?

    A tank from 1931 facing tanks from 1945, Seems balanced enough for this game. but seriously as much as i love that i can finally fight heavy tanks in my hellcat and Is2s in my panther the heavy tank spam is a bit much. Why would you spawn a t34 when i can spawn an Is2 instead? Must be a nightmare for new players in their pz3s, t34 76s and m3lees/m4a1s. I know reto doesnt like putting hard limits in the game but there needs to be a limit on how many active heavy tanks there can be in one match at the same time.
  8. Team mate killing me to steal my heavy tank

    I think you can submit a ticket in the support section and report the player for griefing. You need to have a lot of info about the battle though such as battleid (or whatever its called), Playername and exact time of the incident. Its usually not worth it since its too much trouble. Don´t know if this still works though.
  9. Letter from the CEO #1

    You have really improved yourself over the last months, props to you for that. Now you need to start roll out some improvements to the game as well (armor 2 seems very promising). Anyway keep it up guys!
  10. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte

    Thought the same, could be a whole map centered around a factory with a bunch of wonderwaffe protoypes or something. Would add some uniqueness to the maps. Or maybe when RTS gets an overhaul and more depth it it could be a mission for recons only to destroy this monstrosity while the other team defend it. (i know its not a wonderwaffe weapon but its one of the more bizzare vehicles germany built during the war)
  11. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    Finally a respons from Reto. And when will this "large vehicle overhaul update" be released? This year?
  12. These spawns friggin suck

    The new spawnsystem just makes attacking even more of an pain in the a** as if infantrysnipers, HE shelling and bomb/HE spam from the air wasnt enough. The spawnsystem isnt just bad, its garbage and is yet another feature nobody asked for and on top of that ruined an otherwise great build. They could at least let the attackers spawn in front of the objective instead of way back of the previous point. (Got a little carried away there but this new system frustrates me so much)
  13. Flame thrower

    Aint happening. They said during a stream the game cant handle fire and smoke grenades so a flamethrower is completely out of the question.
  14. The problem in my opinion is the freelook camera, midair reload and the lack of limits on the amount of pilots per match. Fix those 3 things and you would solve alot. The AA guns in game are so incredibly pathetic im not even gonna get started on those.