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  1. Ometron

    what's the best anti plane gun?

    2-cm-Flak-Vierling 38 auf Sonderkraftfahrzeug 7
  2. Ometron

    Trello when

    Soon to be released on a Discord near you...
  3. Ometron

    So I heard the panzer 3 has buffed HE shells now

    Yes, and according to Reto-Logic™ a smaller caliber shell with less explosive filling in it has a greater leathel radius, than a larger caliber shell with more explosive filling in it... I probably don't even want to know about larger caliber (88, 90, 100, 122 mm) shells... The last update (1.22.2) gave me another aneurysm and high blood pressure...
  4. Don't want to smash dreams, but let me quickly throw some numbers here... Total employees of Reto-Moto, as of January 2021: 14 (in words: fourteen). People, who are dealing with the creation of game assets / "3D artists" (alternatively: "technical directors"): 1 (in words: one).
  5. A member of "Legion Freies Arabien" (Free Arabian Legion) in France, 1944 (colorized)
  6. "Armor wear down". A great feature, enabling even infantry equipped with machine guns to deal with armored vehicles...
  7. Ometron

    OWL HE round

    "Small" caliber aircraft HE rounds (.30-06 Springfield Pomeroy, 7.92x57mm Mauser B-Patrone, 7.62x54mmR PZ Explosive 'ZaRa') are fine in terms of damage as well as slash radius against small targets (infantry). Actually, they are quite powerful and deserve a small damage nerf if at all.
  8. Ometron

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    To clarify things: I think what the OP is referring to when he says "accuracy", is bullet spread actually. When the PTRD was introduced first, i believe it had a spread cone of 1.0 degrees. Some time later it was buffed slightly, to - i believe - 0.8 degrees. Just to give you a comparison: Most bolt-action rifles in the game have a cone of 0.03-0.05 degrees or so... So yeah, the PTRD (as well as the PTRS and Panzerbüchse 39 is suspect) are pretty damn inaccurate. Reason behind that is probably Reto balancing logic. Otherwise, you could "snipe" infantry too consistantly and easily with those weapons...
  9. Inb4 update 1.21.3 - "The Immersion Update Part 2"
  10. Ometron


    Haha, flamethrower go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRXrS6xOn4Y
  11. This has to be added right after Maus, Panther II with 8.8 cm KwK, Me 262, Me 163 and ZG 1229 !
  12. Ometron

    Flamethrowers really reto?

    The fight is on: https://enlisted.net/en/news/show/43-development-flamethrowers-en/#!/ Inb4 flamethrowers in HnG get pushed to "on hold" anyways XD
  13. Thank you VenstreDjevel for digging out the Deep Dive vid... while skipping through a bit i found the hitbox model i asked for... 27 minute mark... So IF that is still the current and up-to-date model, especially for the head (and i'll just assume it hasn't changed since), then it seems the size of the head-hitbox is actually well-sized and not too large. That brings the question then however, what is the reason behind the increased number of headshots, if it's not an overly large head-hitzone?
  14. ...which is why i requested to have a look at the actual hitbox model via a screenshot provided by the devs. I suspect the high perceived amount of headshots might come by a head-hitbox (or sphere/capsule, i don't know about the actual geometric shapes used as hitboxes) that is a little larger than the actual visible head of the soldiers' model. Case 1: Head-hitbox is larger than head actually. Solution/suggestion: Make it smaller/make it fit, simple. Case 2: Head-hitbox actually fits the size of the head. Solution: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ On a serious note again: If it was case 2, at least we would know then and rule out case 1...