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  1. us non vet only use heavyset and thats it lulz.
  2. KKND2

    buff german pls

    no, that is not how you buff germany. to buff germany reto need to turn off the ability to join US and SU when their k/d and/or win/lose ratio reaches a certain threshold. so good players dont get to play US and SU. likewise low k/d and/or win/lose ratio players don't get to play germany. this is where you all say "i agree ;o!' and stand up and applause with fireworks going off in the background scenery. lulz
  3. KKND2

    More Fun in H&G

    great mind think alike :P i just make my own fun if the game doesn't entertain me enough lol recently i've been playing a tank theif infantry and just goof around enemy tank spawns. i just spawn an apc at the start of the game and drive to their spawn at the end of the map with 1hk BA, wrench and tank theif gold badge xD its been hilarious
  4. makes you wanna whisk some plump cheeks with a stout whip lulz
  5. KKND2

    new carbine sound

    somehow the new carbine sound reminds me of red alert or c&c light infantry gun fire. cracks me up whenever i hear it ingame XD
  6. KKND2

    More Fun in H&G

    hey the thread is called more fun in h&g 😛
  7. KKND2

    More Fun in H&G

    for many years i play a mini game with myself when playing H&G. it's called defeat reto I set a few targets that i have to reach every game and I end up doing some interesting things. the targets are: -must win battle (lulz) -must have possitive k/d -must have 500 credit or lower repair bill per every 45 minutes (if only playing infantry) -must not spend more than 5% of the time sniping -must have at least 8k credit earned per 45 minutes -must not use higher tier stuff (so no stg, mp40, panther, tiger 2, wulf etc) if any of the above failed to happen i would consider the game a defeat even if me team wins lulz
  8. KKND2

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    i feel like most of the revenue reto is getting is from asians. i would wager if all the western players left reto would still be profitable to exist. i think the most valuable part of us is public image and that is it.
  9. KKND2

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    i like the carbine change. the captured weapon fully mod feature is not a negative (not a positive either). so overall a good patch. not the best though
  10. KKND2

    M2 Update is good

    ya my happiness gauge is increasing because of the m2 change. me like
  11. KKND2

    not enough mods

    let german infantry fully mod their fg42 too while u're at it plz :O!
  12. to me the game dies when reto bankrupts and the server shuts down XD
  13. if this game dies i'll probably just go back to play battlefield i guess *shrug*
  14. oh i see so it's not rank 36, its rank 36012 XD!!
  15. :O! i'm a fan *wave hankerchief* o/ also i dont mind this. this means i can mod that starter russian lmg on my german soldier now ps: can some1 explain what the number below the rank means? the 012 below the 36*