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  1. Regardless of engine used, the pay2win aspect of multiple badges for vets, and weapon/attachment grind is not appealing to the steam userbase. They can play a game where they have weapon/attachments after install, why play a free 2 play game where you have to buy them, on a proprietary engine with quite a few rough edges. Also, its important to remember if only one guy is working on the engine, anything related to engine specific bugs will take months to fix, if even are fixed at all (look how long bike seat took...). These type of things could be done with alot more then one guy working on the engine, but its a smaller dev group with micro-transaction system. They would have faired alot better in population and reviews had they made all guns/attachments ingame available for all players immediately, added 2 badges for all players, and just charged cash for skins/camos etc, bonus exp/gold/credits for vet. I don't think that many people are going to play an older engine game where you have to grind or buy everything when you can fire up a modern fps and equip loadout and go, with 10x more people to boot....How long the low retention and whales will fund the game is questionable beyond another year or two, being realistic.
  2. starting pilots will be cut through like butter. Believe me. I played inf only, and level pilot to 7 in week or so casually playing pilot in staging. To clear misconceptions, flying is not easy; secondly fighting pilots with badges that are higher tier is quite near pointless, and invites ramming strategy in many staging matches. Actually I highly doubt you will hop into a recon plane at level 1 and go 40-0 in staging ,sorry but I don't believe you. Lol. If you never have flown, it may look easier to fly, and even after never crashing again, you still deal with numerous AA, sniper tanks, pilot outnumbered situations, higher level pilots/badges. Level 1 pilot is going with normal ammo vs potential ap/pe rounds and flack jacket badge so its not like you magically get kills and exp, actually leveling pilot was quite slow compared to inf. Thats generally what you would learn in the first week of flying recon planes on a low level new pilot. Certainly not going to carry 3-4 kdr from inf character over to pilot if you never have flown, I mean its not really practical without badges leveled up, and ammo type equipped, and ofcourse experience flying, knowing where people are and spawn from and move to/from is obviously a decent advantage though, I'll concede that much, doesn't translate to kills though, certainly not any immunity flying over raping people, maybe in war with max rank experienced pilots, lol. Perhaps staging shouldn't put max exp/rank pilots in with randoms...
  3. You could easily substantiate this in multiple ways, first you can obtain ping with normal f6/f7 keys, secondly you can obtain action server IP from hngsync-live.log file in appdata/locallow/heroes and generals/hngsync-live.log You can then take the "/R "actionhost="" line from recent battle in question, the IP here is just from one of my previous games yesterday. I then used pingplotter to run network graph on the hops to the action host; and see location of hostnames along your hops, which will allow you to figure out what server you are, and also shows any packet loss on the way as an additional plus. From FAQ on hg website: "Currently we have action game servers placed in Netherlands (Rotterdam), Russia (Moscow), Japan (Tokyo), Hong Kong, Australia (Sydney), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and the United States (California & Virginia). The strategy servers are not depending on low ping and are placed in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). " From forum search on action host locations:
  4. In normal networks the main determining factor is not speed, but distance, since all broadband (25 Mbit/s down, 3 Mbit/s up - FCC, 2015) is considered to have fast enough "speed" to handle the bandwidth capacity. Commonly mistaken, when buying 'faster" internet speed, you are buying more capacity (more seats in a van for example) rather then a faster car (sports car for example). So in reality your ping would stay the same regardless if you obtained double your download/upload speeds, because your distance has not changed, only the capacity, or total seats in the analogy. Other factors like routing/hop congestion is real, but much less of a contributing factor then distance. The amount of time the packets take to travel on a 1MB(8mbps) connection, is the same time it would take to travel on a 2MB(16mbps) connection, despite having double the capacity your ping would remain the same. 80-90 ping could suggest a considerable distance of up to perhaps 1,200-1,700 miles varying on the congestion and hops of the ISP. For my personal experience, I ping about 80-83 to dallas, which is 1800 miles from me. My routing isnt the best to dallas though, I ping considerably better to cali, oddly enough. My total download speeds always are lower to dallas, due to the routing/congestion I assume. That being said, I know very little about the experience of EU players compared to the older days when a single player could start the match, and we knew where it was based pretty much. They should add active action server region to UI imo, next to FPS/Ping, or tab menu..
  5. Game Freezes.

    My packet loss was a result of a overheating DC adapter on modem, LOL. I really can't believe it was not reto. All those warpy games, and I had packet loss at hop 1. Now I have new modem and no packet loss, swear to god if I warp in eu server again >.<, Just goes to show you its not always reto with warp/packet loss I guess, never suspected my modem going bad. o_o Just exchanged it with ISP today. Multimeter showed 17v coming from DC adapter which is rated for 12v, so it was putting out 17v with no load (not plugged into modem). LOL.
  6. Ddosing reto players

    Linking videos is against the rules for cheaters, secondly ESP, Radar, and aimbot are all client side, easily detected and hence why hes using a low level character with no weapon mods (get banned much). A classic example of retards falling for being scammed of $3. What is there to explain? These are client side exploits which again are commonly known and detected. ESP/Radar are commonly detected with screenshot capabilities of anti cheats like pb/be/gg etc. All of these mainstream anti cheats carry forced screenshots which show the ESP outlines on the screen. I can't speak for RETO and their anti cheat, but I do know they can review matches in a replay setting. These type of cheaters were detected by anti cheats 4-5 years ago routinely, as you could see by their forum chatter, lol. Ban from BF4 (yesterday) for example:
  7. Majority of the won war matches are clans vs random MM/queues. Overwhelming majority I would say. The weapon balance issue is quite hysterical. Quit like afrika korps? who cares. They were the only decent MG clan in GE anyway, and bobthebear pilot etc. Its dead now, get over it. EU already gets ping advantage in like 90% of war matches, nobody seems to blink an eye. lul. winning the war literally winning nothing, respawn and play the same city attack/defense? I mean I could understand your point if Germany was not winning as many if not more matches, even though loosing the war. New Era, stack ping and 6 man squads into cities. Get used to it. I am still running the same garb tommy from like 2014 and solo queuing 130-180ms every single game, you sound butthurt.
  8. NVIDIA problem reflections
  9. NVIDIA problem reflections

    injector ban, used for cheat normally. developer command formerly "streamer.maxvideomemory 1" in console at start of game, but was removed. EDIT: streamer.maxvideomemory 1 still works as command, but it only works for me if i enter it during countdown screen, ingame. If the match has started, and i join late, then I can not enter it, it will cause game to crash. FYI.
  10. NVIDIA problem reflections

    I've not read any similar problems to yours with reflection. I searched "reflection" and found 8 pages of threads, but not anything I seen relevant to this. Did you try low shadows quality? I do not think you can remove shadows anymore. You used to beable to, but now the game will not launch if you add that command, If I remember correctly.
  11. Ddosing reto players

    While I have a strong urge to flame this OP, I think I will resist for a multitude of reasons. First of all, You sound like a troll seriously, but removing a player with a "pointer" on his text message indicates exploiting a bug utilizing a memory address within the code not denial of service attack through IP flooding. You seem computer illiterate, and I am not any expert by any means. In 2010 I had made a gameguard bypass using sandboxie virtual sandbox, and isolating the anti cheat within the virtual environment while the game ran outside. Obtaining points to addresses of memory is done with memory editors, and these are easily detected by nearly all anti cheats. Even the results of manipulating client side addresses can result in irregular errors in the network, for example in MMOs, a different genres of games, often players would use exploits client side with memory editors to spam skills faster then possible, avoiding delays on their attacks etc. This is something that is relatively common and known among game and anti cheat developers. This is not even remotely related to ddos through IP. Cheating in FPS is literally pointless. Also, HG has very low % of cheaters, I've only reported one in my entire time playing. Most I hardly would notice. A good squad of clan members is always more of a threat then a random cheater, and a random cheater would not dictate many of the outcomes of the matches on the RTS map in my opinion. Lastly, the reason I had hesitation to flame this OP, is because in another MMO in 2010 by searching string value of the price of a item they were selling ingame for ingame currency, I was able to null the value and attempt the purchase using a simple memory editor, and resulted in a disconnection error on the seller shop; which is elementary level of exploiting games, meaning easily detected and prevented. They patched the bug within days and banned the character. All cheats in HG are easily detected and hardly worth using as its a FPS. Literally no point in cheating in FPS, and I've never been kicked by another player, ever throughout the years of playing the game. Given the broken english of the forums for many, hard to tell if its a troll or cereal post, lol.
  12. NVIDIA problem reflections

    I assumed that it would already be false. You may be looking at shadow issue rather then reflection. As you can see in the settings, there other things you can change but I wouldn't have any idea about your issue personally. Using older dx11 650 ti, so I never bothered tweaking settings to higher quality in any respect, would probably be better waiting for someone who has same issue although I've not heard too much brought up about this. You are referring to the Reflection clipping through the building onto the car for example in the screenshot, right? There is new rendering technique in pipeline aswell, so its hard to tell if this will change your circumstances in the near future. also lighting adjustments in 1.09:
  13. NVIDIA problem reflections

    you can try render.enable_reflections=false localsettings.ini in C:/Users/(name)/AppData/LocalLow/Heroes and Generals alternatively you can just open the game and then use the small HG Sync.exe window that is open secondary to the game, and click I believe something to the effect of "File>Local Settings.ini" and it will open that same file.
  14. Game Freezes.

    Try switching from full screen to window fullscreen, and use render.enable_true_fullscreen=false and render.forcedx11=true under localsettings.ini file. Also, if you are on generals map try switching to heroes tab before game launches. Generals map will use more CPU resources then idle at character loadout tab. I had game freezes consistently with high CPU utilization. When game froze, CPU utilization went down to normal 0-1% of idle, game would stay on last frame rendered, would only close with using task manager, ALT+F4 would not work for example. I solved my crash issue by switching to Windowed fullscreen instead of fullscreen. I had initially thought it was a result of not having integrated graphics driver installed since I use dedicated card, but after experiencing another set of crashes, I switched to windowed fullscreen and the crashes stopped. Also, make sure your resolution for desktop matches the game resolution to avoid the black screen on game entering. Since I switched desktop resolution to the game resolution I no longer get black screen at launch. Game has not frozen since I switched to force dx11 on, and windowed fullscreen instead of fullscreen. Still get the lame packetloss and character unable to be controlled, like moves and turns on his own due to the packet loss. The only game I am forced to play EU servers majority of the time, so I don't notice any issues with other games. I chalked up a few times i had packet loss to my ISP, but nearly every day its a issue with HG and EU servers from NA; I play csgo, siege, rust etc and have no problem with packet loss out, but I dont play EU servers on any of those games either. HG its like every game you have uncontrolled movement, which never happened in the previous years builds of the game. Not sure what changed, other then servers being set by majority of players instead of the first player in, which RIP'd any NA player in war. Seems most US casuals are in staged perhaps. Btw im on 3570k, which benches a bit higher then your CPU I imagine. I still had the freeze problems until making the aforementioned changes. FPS feel alot better on windowed fullscreen with dx11 aswell. I am using 650ti so I don't want to use dx12 etc. Two monitors also might be a reason why the crash with fullscreen is happening, although I didn't waste my time testing it, I was just happy to get rid of the "freeze" that happened every single game, sometimes multiple times requiring relaunch, and then into a black screen, Lol. New players who don't know the game would be disgusted... The Quality assurance testing was not thorough with whatever iteration created the problem. The minimum requirement is 2ghz dual core. Lol. Literally on the system requirements page: You might be saying, yes but snowx that is just old and outdated, and they clearly are just setting as low of a bar as possible to get players to atleast try the game. right? They plan on having computers that are low spec, able to run the game smoothly according to the Brazil release. edit: twitch past broadcast was deleted, replaced with YT link.
  15. hmm Its quoted from tanks-encylopedia that " The Studebaker company would go on to build almost 16,000 M29s", so I mean they did produce a good amount, however in comparison to the Jeep "Willys MB" from wikipedia; By October 1941, it became apparent Willys-Overland could not keep up with the production demand and Ford was contracted to produce them as well. The Ford car was then designated GPW, with the "W" referring to the "Willys" licensed design. During World War II, Willys produced 363,000 Jeeps and Ford some 280,000. Approximately 51,000 were exported to the U.S.S.R. under the Lend-Lease program." I think its fair to say obviously jeeps were more common, just based on production numbers alone. 16,000 weasels compared to hundreds of thousands of jeeps production rates. Clearly with 16,000 weasels produced they were used more then "rarely" though.