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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Bug: Action Client Crash. Map Encountered:N/A (uniformly applied potentially) occurred on city-town map. Location Encountered:N/A (uniformly applied potentially) occurred at c3 objective. Details: Action client crash during gameplay, 10/13/17 15:32:12 Invalid player.application: MissionSession: 4129865881841496491, LoginSession: 6939463613119438909 How to Reproduce?: Not applicable at the moment. player-live log: hngsync log: Not sure what the "invalid player" reference is in the logs, however I don't have any special characters in my character names anyhow and I assume its not related to the problem. I've played since 2012-2013ish, break since map rework due to bugs/high cpu utilization. I had HWmonitor running on second monitor and noted average 65c temp, and peak around 80% utilization on the 3570k during this game session. I am swapping 650 ti out for 980 soon, so I am not too concerned about the gpu benchmark at the moment, especially since I played for years without any issues on 650 ti, and very little client crashes. I launch the game now with black screen at first launch (which is pretty easy to work around), but then get client hang where I had to alt f4 it, cpu/gpu utilization dropped to normal idle utilization as application hung, there was no persistent cpu/gpu utilization by the executable after it hung. GPU driver I do hope this issue does not persist after 980 and move to 12gb ram. I doubt it could be related to the account personally. Perhaps gpu is bottlenecked, I added tdrdelay on it of 10, since it was at default 2 seconds value. Diag although doubt its relevant:
  2. unfortunately the amount of scoped rifles makes the bush situation a probable double edged sword. negligible decision to implement them for new players, but nevertheless its history. SMGs are basically automatic pistols, and probably should be moved to secondaries if everyone is going to have scoped rifles or lmgs, lol. That is the reality of the design progression, I mean sure you can buff/nerf guns all day long, but SMGs shouldn't be mid or long range weapons anyway, so with the scope design decision the smgs should probably just be moved to secondary weapons to progress to through As a primarily only SMG user, I don't think they should be buffed at all necessarily.
  3. Recent ~100% CPU Usage

    They stated in a twitch stream that it was something related to "Cpu registers" that they identified and fixed, but also mentioned in Q&A that they were planning on releasing or had released in brazil, which means they will have to make the game run on alot lower specs then what it currently runs on. You could expect a more optimized version in the future. I also experienced the same on my 3570k, haven't played in months because of it. Just chillin in siege and other games until its fixed. cited source on brazil release:

    We could always try executing steam with elevated privileges and see if that helps, but I believe they have recommendations for that specific steam issue, which I am aware we did complete. I think we could get steam version working to be honest, given your standalone was being blocked completely from executing I would assume it was a security related problem for standalone. It is also possible the commands Quarx provided helped fix the standalone execution problem aswell, as it seemed to not be downloading the initial setup.exe correctly, and would auto-delete it after running once, this is symptomatic of security, for example windows defender or some anti virus, which superdipanbaby was not running any 3rd party anti virus.

    I wanted to stress he is from iraq and was not very technically savvy, I know this point was made, however; alot of users coming through are not keen with modifying settings to properly allow applications to execute. His standalone setup.exe would not execute at all. That was clearly a sign of being blocked by security. We disabled security suite, and defender, added admin permissions on the setup.exe itself along with giving permissions for full control to user account. It appeared to solve the problem with standalone setup.exe actually running. The only remaining problem was steam deleting the launcher.exe every launch, after updating... As mentioned in the voted up comment, he was getting access denied on the tcp/ip command you gave him, which he did not notice, given he is not technically savvy, and obviously English is not his first language being from iraq, and receiving the pre-built computer. He did not have 3rd party, just proprietary Microsoft security, which includes live file monitoring through defender....I had to add the permissions as mentioned, and disable defender with gpedit.msc to get standalone setup to execute, however I did re-do your commands since he was getting the error when entering it, and not realizing the message saying access denied in command window...I'm not sure most of the users here will realize they have the error, it doesn't do a good job of notifying you, just gives text in command window at end saying error, access denied. netsh int ipv4 reset Resetting interface, OK! Resetting Unicast Address, OK! Resetting Neighbor, OK! Resetting Path, OK! Resetting , failed. Access is denied.Resetting , OK! Restart the computer to complete this action ^That is what it was saying, I had to do a regedit to fix it then redo the command. At this point his standalone works, steam was still deleting launcher and updating every launch; I told him he might need to reinstall steam version which I suspect will work fine now that the standalone is working. I did recommend he delete cache and reinstall the steam version. Not sure if he wanted to mess with it now that standalone was working. If it was not a result of the commands or defender blocking standalone, then I am not sure why his standalone setup.exe would not execute. Nevertheless I was able to fix that part and get his standalone running so he doesn't have to play other games.. That is where he is currently at last I talked to him 4-5 days ago.

    A bit of an update here for this user, the problem was resolved with standalone, however; the steam version is currently still exhibiting the self-deletion over and over again, i told him to try re-doing the cache delete and reinstalling hg with admin permissions on steam .exe. Quick background: Northern iraqi on pre-built pc; we tried adding exceptions to firewall and disabling defender because standalone setup exe would not even launch at all, aside from the redirect server offline steam symptom. Continued to attempt standalone download and installation, set run as admin in compat tab, and gave permissions for all entries on the list (user account). We entered the commands again, although I am not entirely sure if he entered them the first time correctly, this is because he was getting the typical error access denied on tcp/ip command, which he probably did not realize the first time through....I worked around that for him and got the command entered, and then moved to do the winsock command aswell since it didn't resolve the original issue of server offline etc. Rebooted, defender had re-enabled, so I used gpedit.msc to disable it for now as it seemed like something was blocking the .exe as it did not even open in the task manager at all when clicked. I am not entirely sure if the standalone wouldn't run because of security settings or not. We were able to finally get installer to open and start downloading. It took quite a while due to the internet in this location geographically I assume. The game was able to start in standalone, and proceeded to synchronize for quite a while, but eventually finishing. Last I communicated with him, he was able to play standalone at this point. The steam version is still exhibiting the same issue, I advised him to do as before recommended and delete cache, and then just redownload/install the game on steam with admin permissions on steam .exe, which I think he knows how to do now after watching me do it like 10 Anyway appears to partially fixed, for standalone is working and he is not forced to play other games. I am not sure if this was a organization or whatnot that pre-built the PC, but it was not executing standalone installer at all. Steam changed from offline to loop of deletion of .exe.
  7. CPU Usage using ~90%

    It is related to a bug most likely. My 3570k will reach 100% use randomly during matches; but normally stays around 60%. No correlation to the cause at all. Ran HG for years no issues with CPU utilization. CPU runs fine in cs, siege, rust, black squad, etc.
  8. Cannot connect to server

    Its pretty odd. I remote assisted two users, one win10 and one win7; both had same issue....Very odd. One was fresh install, one wasn't. Neither appeared to be damaged (installed from disc), and the win7 one in this thread is exhibiting a error code when connecting normally, and exhibits a "server offline for maintenance" message when using a proxy on the hg executable. I'm not entirely sure why the proxy changed the symptom of the problem, no longer giving the error code to view in debug, but instead opening the twitter page as if the game server is offline. We did do the network related commands, set admin under compatibility tab, ran sfc /scannow, set firewall ports and disabled firewall afterwards, turned off user account control, stopped windows defender service, stopped microsoft security essentials service, reinstalled flash and directx, did clean boot with msconfig, and added ports to port forwarding in router control Needless to say, we didn't find the cause. His windows is the same disc as used before no problems for 2 years, same router etc, nothing changed except a fresh install of windows and that was it, hg no longer worked. Lol. He decided he would try another install of win7 to play hg, if it doesn't work then not sure what he will do. I did teamviewer with him for like 3-4 hours troubleshooting it. My fresh install of win7 that hg works on has only 8 active protocols aswell. This appears normal for some retail 64bit win7 versions. I've not personally had any issues with protocols or games related to connections.
  9. Memory Leak/Stuttering

    Roger. By the way they said they were aware of FPS issues in previous community frontline streams, and on the forums numerous times, but during last frontline; circinus stated they did not locate any causes of the FPS drops yet, and had no information on timeline when they will be addressed for the players reporting issues. source:
  10. Memory Leak/Stuttering

    You happen to have high cpu utilization during the stuttering by any chance? I can't really help you with fixing stuttering, but if you have high cpu utilization it would be worth noting. As in abnormally high utilization, not as in your cpu is not good enough, lol.
  11. game will load but not start after new update

    Good to hear its working though.
  12. Not sure that can be a hardware/software issue with your computer, probably more of a bug report with mission ID in hopes they will forward to have someone who is able to debug it, do so. I assume the replays are not just for watching cheaters etc, but also contain information for debugging purposes related to crashes and FPS issues. You've been around a while though, and know the drill as far as reporting that stuff goes I imagine. It is out of beta, but I imagine this is a recent patch change for you aswell, in which the recent patches seem to have coincided with staff vacations. I also had a tank crash recently and I am not often in tanks, just merely used it as it was a slow 1 line defense stalemated.
  13. Graphics device removed..

    roger, yeah they are relatively well known so I'm surprised it was shipped without a intake fan, that is something worth mentioning to them, lol. most likely a bad piece of hardware, i.e. ram, maybe gpu, etc.
  14. Graphics device removed..

    Thats not a good sign, if you have the ability you can send it back but; as i mentioned before ram timing should be checked, and memtest can show errors on ram sticks when you boot to it from a burned disc/thumb drive. Other then that it could be a bad gpu or mboard issue but they would have to diagnose it, swapping parts its a easy way to find a culprit for end users but you might not have another gpu to test anyhow. I would get black screen reboots in 2011 on my AMD build with ram issues because they were incorrectly timed in BIOS, actually I used motherboard auto timing settings, and that is what incorrectly timed the, game crashes were common but not as common as blue/black screens. I had to manually set timing of ram because gigabyte motherboard auto timing could not correctly set automatically the 9-9-9-24 timing it stated physically on the ram stickers. I went to sleep early last night so I didn't get around to forums, but did you mention if that was a hobbyist or ebay buy? or like actual manufacturer or retailer? Make sure CPU-z timing matches under memory tab, the ram timing advertised on the ram. This can be a cause of crashes and black screens, aswell as other hardware components. Aside from a bad memory stick out of a set (1 out of 4), you also have probability of a GPU or PSU issue, but I would more then likely bet my money on RAM issue as its most common, I've had to RMA ram twice on this build, thankfully g.skill ram has lifetime replacements on ram kits you buy, so you dont have to worry about purchasing new ones if you are a computer builder who buys from say newegg etc. Newegg just allows you to assemble the computer part by part which results in usually alot lower cost then buying a pre-made one, because people charge labor for taking things out of a box and screwing it together now a days, lol. Anyhow, Ram is a common issue to be bad, DOA or go bad with inappropriate timings, that can cause application crashes and black screen reboots. Less common causes would be gpu, psu or mboard problems. Speaking from personal experience, when your computer force reboots like that during intensive applications, it can be a sign of hardware failure/issue. Its a bit puzzling how you have not experience blue screens yet though. A black screen reboot without blue screen stop screen could be symptomatic of a heat issue, as we were previously considering earlier in the thread. Obviously you have HW monitor to watch temps, and CPU-z to check ram timing. I would verify the ram timings match the advertised ram timings you are supposed to be on for that ram module you are using. I can't stress the importance of checking ram timing first, and then doing memtest scan real fast to see if there are any immediate errors out right after you have verified the timings are correctly displayed in CPU-z as correct. These two things could shed light on your issue greatly. I went nearly a year before realizing the auto timing on gigabyte motherboard was causing the ram to be set at incorrect Just letting ya know don't do what I did and wait to check ram after other stuff. I also thought it was a heat issue, because black screen reboots would happen when I launched a game during the day, and somehow less of a problem it seemed at night. Turned out to not be related to heat at all, so I have absolutely no clue why I was in full belief it was a heat issue related to playing during the day, lol. Once I replaced the ram and timed correctly, never had a blue screen or black screen since, been about 2 and half years since I had to RMA last ram sticks that went bad randomly. That is 3 separate times ram went bad, once from auto timing on AMD build from motherboard, and twice on intel build when ram just died after being used for years. Luckily by the 3rd time I was able to just do quick removal of ram sticks individually rebooting after each one is substituted out to find the culprit easily, avoiding the previous years of wondering whats wrong, lol. I knew this time they were correctly timed and that I was looking for a potential dead stick. Initially when they were incorrectly timed on the AMD build, all sticks went bad with errors because they were all timed incorrectly and used for months and months. During the next 2 times ram went bad, it was only 1 stick out of the 4 sticks I had in the system, so I had to find which one it was removing 1 at a time and testing with specific ones excluded each boot. Found the dead stick first reboot. Symptoms were gone.
  15. Graphics device removed..

    yeah, as long as the timings look fine, the temps look fine, and you are not having issues across all games with "grey" screens, it should be a hg issue. You could always partition 40gbs to a logical drive from your existing hard drive through device manager -> storage, and shrink exisiting drive by 40gb, create new drive with that 40gb and install win7 to try hg on that partition? simply will give option to select win7 or 10 at startup. Obviously that would be just to test the different OS and see if there is any change in the symptom. Meh, a roll of the dice I guess. Yea, I would log some time in other games first see how it performs. Alot of games do crash now a days though, so its not really something to be super alarmed about. Consistent or persistent crashes would be a issue, and anything associated with blue/grey/black screen crashes would be a bit alarming. Perhaps its related to the OS or hardware and a reto update. Never know. I've had 3-4 crashes in hg this month myself, nothing persistent though.