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  1. liverare

    H&G PC fan speed

    Reto are just really smart. The fan whirl and in-game whitenoise helps with ambience,
  2. liverare

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    Whatever side on the tank debate you fall, odds are you're calling for nerfs against them. Just nerf and buff both sides: light tanks restricted to mg + he med+ tanks restricted to mg + ap + apcr stupidly bump up the resistance on med+ against rockets/grenades That way, HE spam quits being a problem and so too does rambos. Not only that, but med+ are going to be mostly used when the stakes are raised, i.e. when the enemy uses meds to destroy your lights and so you use heavies to destroy their meds.
  3. liverare

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    Reto were considering adding an anti-tank class which was evident in an assault team design buried in the game files. This could've helped balance out tank v infantry, but it wasn't realised and now it's too late. Most veterans already have infantry characters kitted with AT.
  4. liverare

    Anti-personnel mines

    Bottom left, slightly above the collar. It'd be easier to spot when moving about, then the background/foreground differences make it slightly more noticable. However, I had to run this image through an image processor and jack up the exposure before I could see anything.
  5. liverare

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    The PTRS is great against fighter planes and that's what we need it for. If it's buffed in any way, it'll equally be nerfed in other ways. Make it weaker / more expensive to use, and that may end up impacting how useful it is against fighter planes. This game is loosely based around realism; so why not instead make the PTRD an AT rifle? Because its a bolt action, I think a buff would be fine so long as it's never made as accurate as it was years ago. Plus, I skipped the PTRD unlock because it felt like wasted credits, so by making the PTRD useful in other ways, I may want to go back and unlock it.
  6. liverare

    remove AT from tankers

    I'm a real Van Gogh myself, creating works of art on the map.
  7. liverare

    PTRD Accuracy Buff

    Yes and No: It's dang accurate laying down and shooting a wall a few feet away. However, when there's a large gap, lets say the length of a bridge, the 'rifle' aspect of the anti-tank rifle isn't lived up to. And it shouldn't. The PTRS is already a very powerful weapon even with the atrocious accuracy. It's easy to unintentionally miss your target a bunch of times but the weapon's forgiving as the ammo is very cheap. Planes already have a very tough time fighting SU when there's guys like me with PTRS: It would be unfair if this weapon were more accurate. Other factions will slowly capture this weapon too, so there could eventually be matches where each side has 6-7 players who can all spawn with PTRSs. That might either be really fun or a complete nightmare lol and I'm both excited and anxious to find out:
  8. You just know people will be kicking & screaming for refunds when their fully modified captured weapon gets nerfed.
  9. Have you ever asked yourself how unmanned tanks managed to wind up in your battle? There's no crewman left, or perhaps sometimes recon cars are parked up nicely but all the snipers are dead. It's eerie. This could be fixed with reinforcements, or better yet if each vehicle had one implicit driver. The crewmen / recon lives could then be used spent assisting other tanks and whatnot.
  10. I would like to see new filters added to the War and Staged menus: Day / Night Heavy fog / light fog / no fog Faction filter I don't enjoy playing night time matches because I have to turn up the brightness on my monitor, shut my curtains, and strain my eyes throughout just to have half a chance of not dying. The fog range would be useful for players who might not want to deal with tanks / planes. The faction filter I don't think is too important, however it could help some people to stay immersed fighting one particular faction.
  11. 1. An alt can secure a few kills and then wait out the rest of the match. This is more easily achieved if the owner is prepared to die a few times. 2. I don't play the RTS side of things so that would affect players like me. There needs to be a cost to playing War matches, something the Generals can control for. Generals will know better than most how to keep alts out of their armies.
  12. liverare

    |REPOST| FG42 for US/SU Infantry!

    It is a GE para weapon. If US/SU paras ever get an unique weapon, then to remain consistent, those would have to be capturable by enemy infantry too. It's already a nuisance to see just how committed some players are to their captured weapons even when I think they were only meant to be a novelty, but now you're proposing to include weapons from other classes? My initial thoughts on the captured weapon system was that it would help deal with the 'nerf this!' threads (that I'm largely responsible for lel). However, there are now battles where captured weapons make no sense in, like the SgT in USvSU, or carbine in GEvSU, and I'm guessing the AVS in the others. I really don't want to fight Americans using the FG42 against my Soviet butt. Let's just draw a line there.
  13. It would be awesome to see Generals in FPS like we see soldiers in RTS: small arms only (knives/handguns) binoculars + points for spotting with them more points for defending / attacking objectives Also, they get to play wearing their swanky generals uniform!
  14. My two most favourite tanks in SU: Swimmyboi knows no bounds This pizza box has meta profile Simple rooty tooty point and shooty on top, great against enemy inf I patrolled B-line river on Town with this bad-boy. Zooks would splash all around me and I'd be paddling my little putt putt boat around like a boss. Manlets needs not apply Climbs around like a mountain lion with those absolute chad tracks Literally 100 shells per type Crew get a good sun tan with how good a gun elevation its got This absolute chad is #1 defence on Mountain Town 01 vs D- and E lines. Drive her up the train platform, bump into the AA to destroy it, cross the top of the train onto the mid-platform, and nimbly navigate it up the stairs. And you call these level 0 kek
  15. liverare

    I freaking love the PTRS

    those boys don't fly low unless you doin something they want