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  1. zeetttbööööweeeeee PMKaaaaH
  2. as1n bad player xaxa )) also we went up from 2HK AT stuff, to 10+HK AT , think about that
  3. galonizer


    I love the H&G forum, even on christmas its full of hate :D the ez and fastes fix will be just a limit on tanks in game, like 2 tanks or 3 per team, but since reto doesnt listen to the comm, this will never happen, you have to face the truth, they need money, otherwise the game will just shut down earlier than expected :D so what they did, just let everyone play toys, make them better, add more tanks to the game, bait new ppl into tanks, let them pay for it to get a K/D boost und just HE shelling the shirt out of inf. 2nd step, just reduce the fix cost by reduce the crew, add more sales to the game to squeeze out the last money drop :D I wont be surprised if they gonna buff the tank even further, because they dont care about the game itself, they just want the money atm, it makes no sense to make threads like this one nvm Merry christmas to everyone ( yes, this also include the leftovers from reto:) )
  4. galonizer

    New Legend for maps

    dont forget to add the yellowgreen bush next to the Krepost spawn orange brick house , in short= YGBNTTKSOBH
  5. 😖 have mercy, dont trigger someone to play war
  6. galonizer

    Did I get this right?

    mh idk if i get the point right, but you dont lose WF if ur AT`s arent deployed, the WF will be paid only if they deploy. Otherwise Axis would be out of WF´s 3 years ago But yea, i know that feeling, there were times on Axis where you have to wait 3-4 real days until you get ur stuff out of the Que, para could be up to 1 week but reto fixed that problem by bleed out the playerbase with nice updates and no sound EZ fix again
  7. galonizer

    will you fix finally your armor update?

    yes, i did the NO SOND with (c) on another thread this is just my way of doing the call outs , and yea , your so right , how could i forget about one of the most used call outs during 1 hour queing times on TS Galonizers Call out Guide 2.0 -Tankisti -Another Tankisti next to the Tankisti -Another Tankisti next to the Tankisit next to the Tankisti -NO SOOND (c) MCbl4 -golovo. -Inv me again, i crashed still working on it to make a youtube guide, maybe we gonna put it on your Channel xlt ? PS: this is how to deal with community feedback
  8. galonizer

    will you fix finally your armor update?

    Galonizers guide for proper call outs and complains during a battle on Teamspeak since armorupdate : -Tankisti -Another Tankisti next to the Tankisti -Another Tankisti next to the Tankisit next to the Tankisti -NO SOUND -golovo.
  9. galonizer

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    to sum it up , i will say it in the words of one of the most famous and best H&G players of all time NO SOND , NO SOND, B.....T! (c) mcbl4 :DD
  10. galonizer

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    new logo and more tanks! thanks thats exactly what i was waiting for maybe i gonna test the new recoil stuff, if i gonna find 1 or 2 inf players between the tanks:)
  11. galonizer

    Switch sides in WAR

    for me its not the point, for me it shows how shady reto sometimes try to hide things, its not about the alt acc itself, its just an place holder, everyone knows there are alt acc, everyone knows there are evil alt acc which just burns ressources , spawn apc over apc, giving call outs to there "real team" on teamspeak, pop battles to encircle even active players, but how to deal with the problem.... just deny that there are alt accs, maybe the players will trust us.... EZ fix, if it dont works and the complains goes on, just say, yes there are alt but just a small number.... . Bill Clinton famously told the nation, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."
  12. galonizer

    Switch sides in WAR

    no there are not !
  13. galonizer

    Switch sides in WAR

    there are no alt accounts (c) Reto 2016
  14. galonizer


    there are no alt accounts (c) Reto Also if it sometimes hard to believe, alot of the "veterans" are adult ppl, some are even older than the Reto crew. There are also some really smart guys around,some have children and wives, some run own companies. These guys want to escape just for a little bit of time per day from there real life to chill. For me its just offensive when reto try to hide things, things we all know because were not so stupid and not just even numbers on an exel sheet, we see things happens and know whats going on, even things reto doesnt or dont want to see, ofc we dont have all the datas, ofc reto have to make money with the game and have to make decisions which are sometimes bad for a part of the community. Sometimes we are wrong, or dont see the whole story behind it, but i mean, if i fire nearly 50% of my team, what can i expect as a player? more content? faster fixes?.......i guess not.
  15. galonizer


    ha finaly , was a matter of time, squeeze out the last drop of money with nice camos, than let it go
  16. galonizer

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    eheheh , just checked H&G news from time to time, today i feel like i have to write again here. NO, just NO i would have voted 4 or 5 years ago, but the current state is a joke.
  17. galonizer

    thanks Reto!

    the update is so nice! Cant think of anything better, your doing a good job! Finaly, i can just listen to music and turn the IG sound off, i dont have any disadvantage against players with sound, they cant hear me aswell :D, dont have to do a trade of there! Finaly, i can just play tankisti everytime i want, HE shelling the 2% of remaining Inf players and recons, i like the feeling of wasting 30min of the opponent gametime Finaly, i can test world of tanks w/o playing world of tanks Finaly, i can just waste my credits for antitank stuff, no need for pay to a scoped STG, u can play it dirt cheap now, because u dont need to shoot inf now, there isnt any Finaly, i dont have to rage about broken moscow servers/hitdetection, because if i die, i getting shelled or bombed, before i can shot the 2%of inf players ig, EZ fix. AND , you also helped me to decide if i should move to another game
  18. galonizer

    Teemo in H&G

    ha thats like the best description of the 1.12 build gameplay
  19. galonizer

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    nope @nebraskawow , but the good thing about that, i need so much time to find the soldier i want to play in that drop down menu, afterwards i can instaspawn
  20. galonizer

    Meta weapon builds and deploy times in 1.12

    lol if i read Stability build i get cancer :D, this game is all about high ROF to get the sweet random Headshots Never, really never played a FPS game where u can get so many lucky HS
  21. sounds like he is playing solo with MM, and gets 9/10 times attacks against full US or SU clan queing for an defense
  22. i guess @zaerius was speaking about that it is still possible to have a 90% tank team or planes, ofc everyone tested tanks on proto, like me, i spawned this year exactly 4 tanks on live server, but 5 on proto . the question which comes up is how to reduce special classes (this is what we want), and this system failed to do the job, no, its making it worse, because now even without aux seats you could just spam tanks. no worry, bondage masks are on hold atm, but im pretty sure they will be in at some point EDIT: and as a sidenote, i dont want to hear anything about no this (80% tankers or recons or planes ) dont happen or it happens just 1 out of 100 battles on live server, i am playing this game on a daily base (#selfpunishment)
  23. galonizer

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    i guess i will never teabag again in this game :(, because knowing that the opponent gonna be stucked in 3min waitingscreen afterwards is enough my palka gonna be called "enjoy ur deployscreen"
  24. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    thanks for your opinion, i gonna stay at my point of view galo over and out
  25. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    instead of bully me you could use ur time and write smth usefull here, i dont mind to play only pistol or only gewehr , but we are not gonna talk about me, we have to talk about the game itself and whats gonna happen if they are really deploy that patch like it is now, so say what you think about the deploy system here, if you think its gonna be fine ok, but try to trashtalk me somewhere else.