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    Get rid of Underdog bonus

    stage up to a certain character level, than it becomes unavaible, would be the way to go for me, also if this gonna be a thing, reto need to rework the RTS/ ATs, so it not gonna/not that often happens that ur stucked in cancer walking attacks.
  2. galonizer

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    ha, played some prototype to test armorplates, qued, find an airfield, 5 vs.5, 4 tankistas.... nice test, why not just enable depot encounters? also , given by the numbers who playing prototype, it would be better to have these small maps, specialy if reto want us to test inf. stuff @Reto.Hades
  3. galonizer

    SU clans?

    event is fair and balanced. )) so, im gettin ready to be raped now ))
  4. galonizer

    Armour plates confirmed, what do you think

    i see a recon is in our lines )) well, im pretty sure, with the additional 3 eq points for that crap, there will be many players without it, so enjoy ur ez farm ba ))
  5. galonizer

    Armour plates confirmed, what do you think

    yes, they change the system to make it more noob/new player friendly, and you want to have a buff on BA so veterans can bully the new players again with 1hk? sounds like a plan, i like it ))
  6. galonizer

    Community Hotfix

    uh sad, one guy less to HE shell ((
  7. galonizer

    Community Hotfix

    finaly , a good change overall
  8. galonizer

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    germany wins because of superior communication , face the true ..... ( galo gets ready to get slaped with some stick from us players , since they have no weapons to shot me anymore ) .............. bad galo... ))
  9. galonizer

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    ha, its reto, expect the worst which can happen and you wont be disapointed
  10. galonizer

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    omg, i locked into hg today, i earn a command point from war victory ribbon ? wtf what is that ? is it true ? after 3 years of suffering on axis side ? got tears in my eyes 😥
  11. galonizer


    To bad im on vacations atm, palkanizer would try where is bushtronik?:)
  12. like thats why i always said never give soviets weapons ))
  13. galonizer

    STG Underpowered

  14. galonizer


    ofc this is one of the main reasons why GE suffers, lack of clans with players who put in the time and que for hours. The old guys who did that for ( not joking) 2/3 of there gaming time over the last years dont want to do that anymore, new players never saw how much fun it could be with an organized faction to make pushes etc. Nowdays if you have like 4-5 guys in a channel ( which happens randomly and only at weekends ) and you have the motivation to make some shiat on the RTS map (if you have ATs out) you start queing for a battle, after 30m nothing happens, you go with ur squad randomque, get a cancer attack against a full us or su clan ( who just starts a battle after some minutes que time ) after that everyone just stop playing thats my personal experince over the last year. And ofc the broken and bad changes to the game , like sound, pingpong tank update etc. ( but thats an issue for every fraction ofc)also doesnt help to keep the fun. I really like it if some us or su main player gives some brainfarts about GE, just get organized, get clans, make pushes, want to show the way how GE can win. These players say, hey , i also swap some time on GE i know how it is. YES, but if u are frustrated, you can just swap back to ur fraction ( clans and friends) and play like there was never smth else. I also played all 3 fractions, and not just some hours.... When i sometimes play with BAD, it feels like how the game should be, just look at the map, take a target ( Big encirclement, push a major city) and just que and pop the battles you need. You dont have that anymore on GE ( not like it was ever better, but like i said in the beginning, there was more players who did the sacrifice of gaming time for the "goal" , most of them got an H&G burn out nowdays
  15. galonizer


    lul 100% prove that reto doesnt understand there own game&problems
  16. galonizer

    SU tanks got buffed

    who doesnt ? ))
  17. galonizer

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    u sure it wasnt some SU clanmates ?
  18. i need more tankistas, i like it when there are so much tanks on the map that they cant even move because they block each other )) i like to spawn russian shiatboxtanks and go cap the points or just camp in police station in town or as the zookie guys said once, just spawn a heavy, ignore enemy tanks and just HE click inf how about remove HE from tanks ? or like RB said once on the dev stream maybe add some kind of conefire to make it harder to shell inf from one to the other end of the map. To get my fun back while playing it needs a tank/plane hardcap (smth like BF for example) and nerfed/removed HE if thats happens, im fine with nearly immortal tanks, because i can ignore them a bit more as Inf and just do what the game is designed for, cap the point.
  19. galonizer

    H&G Asia [Germany]

  20. galonizer

    FPS. Give a solution

    new feature with outlines is a fps fail, turn it off if you havent until now, reinstall the game , it helps my fps alot again, seems like H&G had some problems like other games after updates, old commands or whatever still remains in some cfg files or whatever an having trouble with updates one. But to be clear, the game performance is going down with every new patch the main reason are the plain and tankspam i guess
  21. galonizer

    Tankas & Tankes

    the main part about it what thrills me up is that reto at some points saw the problems, like they said special class spam is a problem, they made the auxseat system to make it a little bit better, they said APCs are to stronk , they said HE clicky clicky from tanks is to much and they gonna do smth about it ( suggestion from RB was to add some kind of conefire to make long range HE clicking more difficult) ...... but they did the complete other way around : they allow to spam special classes like it was never that bad, APCs are so op , could be spamed like hell and pretty hard to take down now, HE spam works now also cqc with tanks, because you need a stupid amout of AT stuff to get a tank down. squeeze out the last $$$ out of the playerbase. Some years ago if somone ask if the game is worth to play, i said Yes, it has his problems, but overall its good, defently worth to put some time in it , now its a clear NO, we as Vets are so much raging about it now, but we are still playing it, because we new other times, have friends in H&G and 1/10 battles could be fun. We put so much time and passion in it that it is really hard to just throw it away with just clicking uninstall. Im 31 now, the last 5 years i had 2 girlfriends, 3 different cars, got a new job, the only thing which always was there is H&G
  22. galonizer

    Tankas & Tankes

    so @Hippieman83 seems like ur playing mainly tank in H&G? so there is no point for paying you attention It is like it is, to win a game you have to cap the point or defend it , this is infantry work. So guess what should be the mainfocus class of the game ? and which the supporter class? right. ATM the game is a joke, there a games w/o any infantry players in . All those plebs which are crying because of the tanks was to weak are just noobish and dont get the gamesense. We need a cap on special classes in War matches.
  23. galonizer

    auto resolve

    as long as there are EU and NA/SA players on one RTS map , there will never be a fix for that , noone likes to play on 180+ ping in 2019 ( i even dont play at this ping 25 years ago in Quake )
  24. galonizer

    ORCAM BOIS (Yeah were back)

    nice clan, its the best NA Axis clan, out of two.
  25. galonizer

    Cheaters or very good?

    every average player goes EZ 3+ K/D against the H&G playerbase