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  1. galonizer

    Suspicious kill

    lul :D made my day , for me it feels w/o beeing accused of cheating by lauri , you are not a true veteran ))
  2. galonizer

    hackers, a lot of them

    u sure u played HG? ))
  3. galonizer


    true that XD
  4. galonizer

    Feedback after a long break

    well, i dont get this weapon balance stuff, for me there is one decision to do to start of: do we want a realistic weapon handling or an arcade one? mix up both turns always into a more or less inbalance, reto is nerfing/buffing since years now and it didnt become better. Why not just BUFFING the guns overall, make them a bit closer to each other on every faction and make them fun to play? I dont mind if all the AR/mg/smgs act more or less the same. For me it sounds always like reto is thinking about how to make a weapon not useable. Best example was the ptrd, instead of change the way the badge works on oneshot cars , the damage on planes etc. you nerfed the acc , so the weapon becomes a joke and u are better of to go play in the lotterie, gun wasnt fun to play anymore. ( just doesnt want to speak about stg since there gonna be some clowns which gonna start this GE bias shirt )
  5. lul balance RTS with FPS isnt a good choice, remember when there was a bug( yeah sure, bug....) where soviets spawn more or less without deploy time, it was unfair as hell, even a group/clan had a hard time to play against random groups, Reto dont learn, instead of making the FPS part more balanced for everyone, u gonna destroy it again
  6. galonizer

    Any adequate GE Players?

    once soviet, always soviet )), to be honest, you also have to keep in mind that there are so many long time players in axis compared to the other factions, not even clans, but long time players, thats also a reason for the unbalance and for the weapons, i think that the german weapons are overall easier to play than the su/us ones, but on the other hand, if you play alot ,su and us weapons performs better (imho), i guess what the other factions needs ( specialy US since SU got a pretty nice lmg now) is also a more or less easy to play weapon like the stg, low/mid rof with okayish damage per bullet.
  7. galonizer

    Get rid of Underdog bonus

    stage up to a certain character level, than it becomes unavaible, would be the way to go for me, also if this gonna be a thing, reto need to rework the RTS/ ATs, so it not gonna/not that often happens that ur stucked in cancer walking attacks.
  8. galonizer

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    ha, played some prototype to test armorplates, qued, find an airfield, 5 vs.5, 4 tankistas.... nice test, why not just enable depot encounters? also , given by the numbers who playing prototype, it would be better to have these small maps, specialy if reto want us to test inf. stuff @Reto.Hades
  9. galonizer

    SU clans?

    event is fair and balanced. )) so, im gettin ready to be raped now ))
  10. galonizer

    Armour plates confirmed, what do you think

    i see a recon is in our lines )) well, im pretty sure, with the additional 3 eq points for that crap, there will be many players without it, so enjoy ur ez farm ba ))
  11. galonizer

    Armour plates confirmed, what do you think

    yes, they change the system to make it more noob/new player friendly, and you want to have a buff on BA so veterans can bully the new players again with 1hk? sounds like a plan, i like it ))
  12. galonizer

    Community Hotfix

    uh sad, one guy less to HE shell ((
  13. galonizer

    Community Hotfix

    finaly , a good change overall
  14. galonizer

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    germany wins because of superior communication , face the true ..... ( galo gets ready to get slaped with some stick from us players , since they have no weapons to shot me anymore ) .............. bad galo... ))
  15. galonizer

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    ha, its reto, expect the worst which can happen and you wont be disapointed