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  1. galonizer

    thanks Reto!

    the update is so nice! Cant think of anything better, your doing a good job! Finaly, i can just listen to music and turn the IG sound off, i dont have any disadvantage against players with sound, they cant hear me aswell :D, dont have to do a trade of there! Finaly, i can just play tankisti everytime i want, HE shelling the 2% of remaining Inf players and recons, i like the feeling of wasting 30min of the opponent gametime Finaly, i can test world of tanks w/o playing world of tanks Finaly, i can just waste my credits for antitank stuff, no need for pay to a scoped STG, u can play it dirt cheap now, because u dont need to shoot inf now, there isnt any Finaly, i dont have to rage about broken moscow servers/hitdetection, because if i die, i getting shelled or bombed, before i can shot the 2%of inf players ig, EZ fix. AND , you also helped me to decide if i should move to another game
  2. galonizer

    Teemo in H&G

    ha thats like the best description of the 1.12 build gameplay
  3. galonizer

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    nope @nebraskawow , but the good thing about that, i need so much time to find the soldier i want to play in that drop down menu, afterwards i can instaspawn
  4. galonizer

    Meta weapon builds and deploy times in 1.12

    lol if i read Stability build i get cancer :D, this game is all about high ROF to get the sweet random Headshots Never, really never played a FPS game where u can get so many lucky HS
  5. sounds like he is playing solo with MM, and gets 9/10 times attacks against full US or SU clan queing for an defense
  6. i guess @zaerius was speaking about that it is still possible to have a 90% tank team or planes, ofc everyone tested tanks on proto, like me, i spawned this year exactly 4 tanks on live server, but 5 on proto . the question which comes up is how to reduce special classes (this is what we want), and this system failed to do the job, no, its making it worse, because now even without aux seats you could just spam tanks. no worry, bondage masks are on hold atm, but im pretty sure they will be in at some point EDIT: and as a sidenote, i dont want to hear anything about no this (80% tankers or recons or planes ) dont happen or it happens just 1 out of 100 battles on live server, i am playing this game on a daily base (#selfpunishment)
  7. galonizer

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    i guess i will never teabag again in this game :(, because knowing that the opponent gonna be stucked in 3min waitingscreen afterwards is enough my palka gonna be called "enjoy ur deployscreen"
  8. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    thanks for your opinion, i gonna stay at my point of view galo over and out
  9. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    instead of bully me you could use ur time and write smth usefull here, i dont mind to play only pistol or only gewehr , but we are not gonna talk about me, we have to talk about the game itself and whats gonna happen if they are really deploy that patch like it is now, so say what you think about the deploy system here, if you think its gonna be fine ok, but try to trashtalk me somewhere else.
  10. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    eheh yeah, ah and ofc, we also could play on asia servers, reto could see how much fun it is there a so many different ways to set up games which gonna tilt every random player
  11. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    even that would be ok, if they see the problems with there own eyes, i know ur trolling, but even if there would be someone of reto just rewatch a game on prototype, that would be a first step. But for this we have to make serious Test games on prototype, not this trolling around games from yesterday. like this
  12. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    So its not that simple to just write all the points, i know there are coretesters and bughunters, i dont know how new additions to the game get tested. BUT.... Example: depotencounter. TEAM A: squad with good players, veterans or just good FPS players TEAM B: average H&G playerbase which places AT-mines in buildings Team B will get rekt hard and after 1 minute they gettin spawncamped. Which means they spawn, get out of spawnprotection and they die. Now even with the lowest loadout they can get they have to wait. Team A just stay in cover and fragging the enemy players which pops out of spawnprotection, even if someone of them die, they where long enough alive to spawn any kind of top tier weapon. that is a double punishment to that guys. @Reto.RedBjarne said that there was alot of complains about players can spawn top tier weapons and there are to many of them in the game. Do you really think the complains will be go away with that ? If players faces good enemy players and gettin killed 5 times in a row by an Johnson, and they can only spawn with a stock gewehr if they dont want to wait 3 minutes to deploy, is this really solveing the problem? The point what i want to say with this post. Just grab some good players, you have guys in ur lines as i said who could easily make a list of players and ask them to join a test. Team Reto plays against Team Veterans. You will just see how much fun it is to play with that system. You can see the problems with ur own eyes. You just have to give me a time and Date when to play on prototype, and i will get enough guys there to make it , no problem. It should cost you like 30 minutes of working time, i guess its a good trade.
  13. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    Dont watch it until you have ur daily dose of vodka megaman, otherwise its hard to understand
  14. galonizer

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    this update gonna be dogsh... (or in mcbl4 words , game after update only 50% players ) so first , the soundsystem, is bad as before when you try to get it working and roll it back, and i really dont know why you want new audios in that game that bad, they are working, more or less, for me its the same like the ui changes over and over again.... . You dont know if the guy is near or not, some sounds are crazy loud, for example if someone is reloading his garant 20m away, it sounds like he is right next to you or even on you... planes are toooo loud... so annoying, i turned down the sounds after the first seconds on a game with paras.... this doesnt add war feeling to the game... now the deploysystem. What I<<< want for the game, and im pretty sure more oldschool players who know whats going on also We want less special classes in the game, because a battle with 50% recons and 45%tanks with 5% inf isnt fun for anyone. So if there are less special classes in the game, we get more inf right? so it should be more rewarding to play as inf instead of the other classes. With the new spawnsystem you cant even play the loadouts as inf as you want, you have to wait ages until u can deploy. PLS remove the deploysystem for inf and let it up for special classes, you should be able to spawn as inf anytime you want, because thats the game, inf gonna cap the point, no planes, recons or tanks. This would shred down the special classes, players dont want to wait ages for special classes, so they gonna insta spawn (more or less) as inf and waiting until there is a support class available (like battlefield, and dont say we dont want to be like battlefield, because thats a bad excuse to not take smth from another game which is working better). Thats the reward for playing inf (what should be the backbone of every game) to be able to spawn and play without waiting. If ppl still want to play only tank or recon (which they only can if they have played inf at some point when they started the game) they have to wait.thats it. Also with the new vehicle update (terrain blablabla) the attackers will be punished even more than before, its not enough that with the new spawn system you cant even flank to an objectiv without crossing the enemy spawn, you also be as slow as a turtle. Think about to decrease the spawntimer for attackers just a bit, to give them a little bit more advantage( you already try it with russians back in the days, oh wait, it was a bug.....ofc). Also think about the impact on the rts map, since you disable AR (autoresolve i know some of reto dont know what it means lul) when there are slightly more sucess attacks, it means more movment on the rts map. I know there are some things i dont thinking about, and all my suggestions arent like the 100% way to go, but what you gonna try to do is gamebreaking. There are some nice additions to the game, no question, but all the nice stuff will be killed with the deploy system. edit: and pls, everyone know you have guys in ur lines which understands the game even better than anyone else, because they played it for years, and i am pretty sure, these guys are also not happy with the changes, because as a long time player you simple cant be happy with it. LISTEN to the guys. And to say that veterans are just a small amount of players, yes, they are, but why? shouldnt it be your goal to get more veterans, more players that want to play ur game on a daily base? so if veterans saying that smth is bad, it gonna affect every player at some point, because every new player is about to become a veteran at some point , if he sticks to the game, or am i wrong? I forgot the name of the guy who said it once on the forum, WE(veterans) are your endgamecontent @Reto.JM @Reto.RedBjarne @Reto.Millan @Reto.Circinus
  15. galonizer

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    so , this must be a joke! After testing the deploy system im feeling like you dont want ppl that keep playing this game. The deploy time is waaaaaayyyyyyy to long on inf with a decent loadout. REMOVE THE DEPLOY TIME ON ANY KIND OF INF! currently im not able to write more feedback, because its mindblowing to me how anyone can think its gonna be a great thing to do it like this. also the attackers should have a better spawntime than the defenders....