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  1. the problem was always there, but it became worse the last weeks/days , also have like 8-10% loss, the problem with H&G is, u cant play like that without haven a reeeaaaalllyy bad fps experince, nice netcode u know
  2. galonizer

    How to not feel bad for being a new player

  3. dont worry, in some month u can remove the % from that numbers and make replace it with players: 50GE players, 20US player and 10SU players
  4. galonizer

    More for Veteran players.

    YESS, gimme my third badge, i really want to fap if i think about my Fastreload+tightgrip+HSG MaschinenGolovo42 with camouflage
  5. yea read that suggestion aswell , maybe 2025 be real, as hades wrote in the AR thread with the poll, they cant make different AR timers on Skirms and Towns, do you think they can make a priority System like that ? Until they shut down the servers there wont be any serious changes to that system, Better make gucci camos for the $$$
  6. well, just lul. OFC there are less SU players from week to week. But its because of the shrinking playerbase, its the same for ge and us . There isnt a mass leaving because of the bad weapons or vehicles. And look at your name, read the Soviet army chat or ig chat, all that cyrillic letters, ofc no one wants to stay there except russian
  7. well, this will tend also in luck or bad luck on the rts map. Which game will start and which dont. TBH there isnt a fix with the current system, As long as there are this big ping gabs, there will always be some guys who can use it like that.
  8. yes ofc, wouldnt make a difference if ge would deploy more or not, thats just more to resolve for us :D, maybe getting a littlebit slowdowned because of the skirmishes :D. I give you my experince after i fully deployed the last time: US were in nord Italy, after they encircle marsaille in 2 hours, they was pushing towards Rom, so i just said, ok, f.. it, i gonna deploy and slow them down a little bit and so some fun blocks. My biggest mistake was, that i didnt checked who played there... ASIAN CLAN(S). GG So basicly what they do is trying to resolve, if this didnt work, they gonna pop the battle, against GE its gonna take like some minutes of que time, they have there moon ping, even if you have a decent team its garbage to play and its not fun, so they win the game in 5-6 minutes. BAM, you are encircled So tell me where is the reason to play rts atm? They can decide which game to play and what to resolve. Nothing u can do about, its broken as f... . SU can also do that, but if you want you can que against them without playing on ping 300+.
  9. galonizer

    Packet loss in and out

    yes for me aswell, i have that issue since couple of days, maybe 2 weeks , never had it before with my isp, every other game is ok, just h&g . Also the bullets arent hitting just one example which i really like to share 8-10% packet loss, also there is one server where my ping is90, instead of 60 ( both moscow)
  10. ah i was starting to make a comment on that, but than i read this )) , but what i dont understand, why not double the timer and let it like this and collecting data, if you dont change anything u wont get any data, if you ask me, RTS cant be much more worse than now
  11. well as an axis player who want to play RTS+FPS and play important battles it would be normal 1/3 play FPS 2/3 waiting and queing
  12. galonizer

    Your gift for Chinese New Year!

    let the alt acc grind begin
  13. zeetttbööööweeeeee PMKaaaaH
  14. as1n bad player xaxa )) also we went up from 2HK AT stuff, to 10+HK AT , think about that