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  1. RedFoxFour

    MG supression mechanic

    Game already has loads of scoped guns, not to mention vehicles and tanks, which are all highly superior to LMGs at all ranges and effectively can counter LMGs in every possible scenario except indoors but indoors you can flank and/or grenade anyhow. As for camping lets be fair. The majority of camping in this game is not done by LMGs or any automatics. It is almost exclusively done using guns with scopes. LMGs have so many drawbacks already that they need to be good when deployed. Bad on the move, good when deployed. That is how LMGs have been in every FPS game since before even Day of Defeat in the past millennium.
  2. RedFoxFour

    MG supression mechanic

    Just gotta ditch your Heavy Set first. Willing to give up that?
  3. The initial high recoil is what ruins bipods. When using bipod the LMG should work just like the ones mounted on vehicles. Accurate, stable, minimal recoil. And sure, some will say LMGs will be OP then. But will they really? Are LMGs on APC and jeeps OP? LMG on Sherman and Hellcat OP? LMG has some distinct drawbacks such as limited ammunition, limited stamina, limited weapons (basically just LMG+pistol or bandages), very vulnerable when deployed et.c. For LMG to have a purpose it needs to be good when deployed and bad when not deployed. Trying to make it “equally good as other handguns when it is deployed” will simply make them subpar, due to aforementioned limitations.
  4. RedFoxFour

    Just tested the FG42

    Yes, but then you are wasting bullets to stabilize gun. As mentioned this means burning 10-20% of your ammo just to be able to hit something. It is also entirely backwards. The first rounds should fly straight and then make gun climb as you continue to fire. Much like how the SMGs work. Instead the first shot while using bipod throws your gun instantly high, and then you reduce the climb by continuing to fire. It wastes ammo, it is counterintuitive and entirely prevents effective burst firing which is exactly what LMGs should be doing. I agree a workaround is aim low and keep firing until sight is trained on your target. But that is an inefficient and ammo wasteful workaround when kneeling and shooting is more accurate and effective, plus kneeling allows you to be more mobile as well.
  5. RedFoxFour

    Just tested the FG42

    After testing the LMGs With bipods I found the bipods to make the MG worse in terms of keeping your sight on target than simply using good ol’ kneel’n’burst. The major issue is the exaggerated kick from recoil on the first shot fired. This throws your sight up high so you can’t see the target. Then the only way to adjust is to keep firing until the gun stabilized. This means you are wasting 5-10 rounds just to get the sight back on target. While that doesn’t sound like much it is 10-20% of your belt wasted for each target you shoot at just to be able to start hitting anything. You may try to fire bursts, but due to the massive kick from the first round fired any attempt at doing 3 quick bursts means you are shooting way up high into the air as the start of each burst throws your sights up high. This has lead me to start equipping Pointer Quickfire for LMG use and simply rely on kneeling and burst firing as the recoil kick from that (for some inexplicable reason) is much less significant than using bipods. Bottom line: with the initial kick being as devastating as it is now on LMGs, even if modded for low RPM, the bipods will be detrimental rather than beneficial for LMG users.
  6. RedFoxFour

    Bipods 1.0 - a simple idea

    Link to this confirmation? Cause in the Q&A&Y they specifically said they weren't. So if they have gone back on that it help to have more than hearsay.
  7. Not sure how a contextual icon is overcomplicates? If anything it reduces icon spam. There is no need to see wrench icon above an infantryman if you are on foot. Thats just clutter. A small amount of clutter perhaps, but adds to clutter overall nonetheless. We should only see information that is useful to us, hence contextual.
  8. RedFoxFour

    1.12 update zerg problem

    For the sake of argument; if the enemy can spam APCs then what is stopping you from doing the same? If their APC is harder to kill then so is yours, no? Wouldn’t this just be status quo? The real argument is that clans win over randoms. Is that really something new? And is it really related to APCs? To flip the question: Will clans really stop winning over randoms if they make it easier to kill APCs?
  9. To be fair most people lock support slots because 90% of those that hop in proceed to spamfire machineguns at nothing, thus creating a massive line of tracers leading directly back to your location. Being spotted = getting shot. If players, on average, would restrain themselves then more drivers (whether tanks, APCs or otherwise) would keep support seat open.
  10. RedFoxFour

    HE Ammo a Tad Much

    Doesn’t most pilots have two planes? One with HE and another with AP, and then use HE one if enemy has few/no planes and you are mostly attacking ground targets anyhow?
  11. I like that idea. I suggest that the symbols being contextual though. If you are driving a vehicle then you see wrench symbol, but no medic symbol. As passenger/gunner in vehicles you see no symbols. On foot you see only medic symbols.
  12. RedFoxFour

    Tank Update Pros and Cons

    I will argue that no killshot is one of the best parts of this update. Cars no longer get oneshotted by PTRD for instance. APCs are now able to be used more offensively, for instance to shield infantry while crossing a bridge, without getting destroyed in seconds by fausts and PTRD. Armored cars are also much better now in an offensive role. As for tanks they can now operate more in close relation to friendly infantry without this being suicidal. Earlier you got spotted very fast if you were near cap zones or in the main “flowline” between two cap points, and being spotted meant 3 hits and you were dead. You still need to take care and use cover with a tank, but it is far easier to provide close support for infantry now than it ever was before.
  13. You still lose the tank and the tank resource in your battle / assault team. And someone else getting XP for killing your already lost tank doesn’t affect you at all. In other words the only reason to despawn a tank with F11 is to troll others.
  14. Scopes makes even average players very accurate. More accurate players means you get shot more often. You getting shot more often means you start using Heavy Set to avoid dying so often. You still keep getting shot. So you start using a scope as well. Result... everyone is camping bushes with scopes. Now, before scopes were introduced then sure, people were still camping in bushes. However they were significantly less accurate. Instead of getting a hit on every two bullets fired they frequently shot a dozen shots before getting hits. Furthermore, without the scopes the players had to be closer to their targets to get hits. This frequently meant getting close to cap points and close enough that an LMG or SMG could still return fire and get some hits. Now everyone sits far outside SMG or LMG ranges, in bushes, camping the perimeter of the cap points instead of moving in. Scopes is the root cause of numerous issues... e.g. camping, e.g. noone fighting in cap points or trying to capture, e.g. people overuse the heavy-set to the point where it's a mandatory badge for infantry. There is not a single positive outcome from the implementation of scopes other than making less-than-average skilled players artificially boost their accuracy.
  15. RedFoxFour

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    This has been an issue for 2 years and been reported numerous times. I fail to understand hiw RETO can do a large update like this and still refuse to fix basic bugs line this, for months and months and months and years and years. RETO needs a small team that does nothing but squash bugs at this point. I don’t see how else they will ever be ironed out.