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    Stabs that don't count

    I'm pretty sure most modern games run better than HnG, so...
  2. TheIthuriel

    Next Event New Content Idea

    I feel like the main problem with this is that either the vehicles will have to be bad, to not upset balance or there's be a huge problem with good vehicles being only available for a limited time. I'd honestly love to get something more simple in events, such as regularly every month or two have an event to win x amount of war matches, let's say ten to get a equippable panzerfaust 60 or something similar, not op, something you'll be able to get in the future, and no work at all since all animations and the model already exist
  3. I feel like different modifiers per weapon category reducing stuff like smgs, but letting other weapons be as they were before
  4. Patton is a photoshop god tbh But honestly I would absolutely love the Panzerfaust for infantry, wether it's buyable, and even weapon, a pack weapon or whatever else, it'd be a great weapon for newbies, and it could be a weak, cheap at weapon to always have on you, maybe not enough to kill tanks but to scare them off for sure
  5. TheIthuriel

    letter to Reto

    I mean what are they expecting trying to sell these new "50$ STG/M"/AVS DLCs"?? how are new players gonan see this and think "yeah, that's the game I wanna play"
  6. TheIthuriel


    Should've stated that sales are gonna be gold only IMO, kind of disappointing, makes people upset for no reason if they're suprised and though that it was credits as well
  7. TheIthuriel

    Turning off the engine of vehicles

    I you mean that we need a sound overhaul in general I agree
  8. TheIthuriel

    Nerf bots

    Reto removed the crates for BA rifles as it made grinding infantry assault too easy afaik, but I wish we'd get them back now that everything gives infantry assault As for bots I'm happy that they pose at least some threat, what I would wish for instead is that bots do not get headshot damage bonuses, as they more often than not kill you using lucky headshots, at least in my expirience
  9. TheIthuriel

    Thief Badge

    I can't see how it would be a too strong badge, it would simply be fun to use so honestly : add it, I'd love it
  10. I was thinking that would make it more justifiable to make it loew repair costs, but I suppose it would make sense to make it take up less. As oyu mentioned a single panzerfaust on its own would be pretty useless to carry around to maybe making a single pzf cost 1 eq point and two cost three? honestly I don't know how to do it, for istance is a Panzerfaust 60 as useful as a knife or pocket pistol? how much eq points would be fair?
  11. The Panzerfaust 60 is a fun weapon to use. It's nice to carry around and use against infantry, cars and tanks alike. I personally would love to be able to carry a Panzerfaust with me for two or three equipment points, a second one for a total of four or five even maybe. By allowing everyone to buy the Panzerfaust by unlocking it through a specialist ribbon like most captured weapons or the fg 42 for german infantry I think it wouldn't be used often enough to cause any balance problems at all (if that's even possible, since it really isn't all that strong). Giving it a cheap repair cost and making it more expensive to buy to get it initially would please everyone that owns it but also would make it rarer as everyone that has it unlocked would think twice to buy it (maybe 200k credits? not over the top expensive but also not easily affordable) It even has a reload animation from when it used to be buyable before the RPzB 54 was added
  12. Overall I dont see the point in it, it would have worse stats than the p38 and p08, maybe even the c96 The only thing a revolver could do would maybe twoshot, but that's not really worth it is what every us player with revolver will tell you
  13. TheIthuriel

    Ways to Fix Mountain Town Assault (images and notes included)

    good to see you posting again I personally think that reintroducing parts of the old map or parts of other older maps would make the map seem more alive, since we'd see some more diverse scenery (usually it's all the same props on any map) and could, if effectively use stop stalemates (hopefully at least)
  14. TheIthuriel

    Fog and night matches

    its mostly because fog an night matches at some point in time looked horrible, which is why they're disliked even now, personally I think night matches used to be very frustratign, so I myself am happy with them being so rare nowadays
  15. TheIthuriel

    CHANGELOG 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    I wish the Granatbüchse would actually get its 50m rangefinding option as well. It was possible IRL, just like you should be able to adjust your range on all existing semi auto rifles, even without scopes. Also the range is still greyed out on SA rifles, even when they have those tiny scopes mounted
  16. Honestly, I love nade skins, wish we could get that
  17. Good job, I really like the suggestion and appreciate the effort you put into this Overall I would really like to see these in game, but at the same time I feel like Reto needs a huge amount of time for stuff like this 😅
  18. TheIthuriel

    New SU weapons, and GE

    Tbh, I feel like just saying "love it, new HnG doesn't care about history anymore anyway" would make things way simpler. Just add everything, johnson rifles, M712s, Fliegerfausts, Fedorov avtomats, whatever, just add shirt until the game dies, at least we'll have some fun before the game is gone.
  19. TheIthuriel

    How to not drop PTRS?

    Why would you not want to drop your weapon, scared that someone gets the gun and destroys you? lol
  20. Since the halloween event I was worried that the game might become too arcadey and break the last bits of immerion that was left, baseball bats were kinda fun, and I though it was semi-alright since nobody would use them after some time, so I spent a bit of gold for a bloodied skin I liked. Bad decision on my part. Really bad to be entirely honest, because, since then, the game lost all of the appeal it had to me, and even that appeal was mostly just nostalgia of the old H&G and not the current game. Captured weapons are the one thing I though reto would never add, since it was one of the most hated things on the forums ever, and now what I'm seeing is next we're gonna get captured vehicles.. I've already stopped playing regularily since captured weapons were announced and since then havent play more than once every few week, and even that usually leaves me in a bad mood. I honestly don't know why reto did this, but I'm severely disappointed, it's like they're ignoring the forums even more than they used to. The only thing that brought me back this week was snow, which I'd been waiting for since 2014 or so. The entire event is really fun, snowballs are kinda cool, and the only negative thing I can see about the entire even is the snow being too bright and without proper textures, but that's to be expected for this feature, that has existed for a super long time, and was more of a fun side project for a dev at the time back then (at least that's what I think it was). Overall really fun. Overall most HnG updates before captured weapons had really gave me hope that HnG might turn into a really fun game again, so that was kind of a bummer, but I guess reto won't change this anymore anyway. so It's been great, see ya guys Edit: Also reusing the old christmas skins over and over and over again is such baseball, why not just have the new ones only, and keep the old ones unique, wtf?
  21. TheIthuriel

    Captured weapons (15 NOV 2019)

    I'll be honest, I really dislike the entire idea of this, just love it all sure...
  22. Mate, the whole point of HnG is that factions are asymetrically balanced. It makes gameplay more interesting, and helps players that solo a faction identify with it more as well. It's overall a great concept, so reason to make the game a boring Red vs Blue shooter, that just makes the gameplay boring IMO
  23. Just got enough, so I'm watching videos while playing HnG
  24. Players already rarely write in chat, and now, additionally to the capture messages being shown almost in the center of the screen, the chat is being spammed with the same messages, with it either being not possible, or hard to change. I couldn't find it at least. I feel like this is counterproductive