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    Colorblind issues reticle

    @Reto.Hades @Reto.Odin Here's a link to a very useful (and free) little application that allows for the quick analysis of text/graphics relating to how they appear for sufferers of the different types of color and sight deficiency. Windows - https://github.com/ThePacielloGroup/CCA-Win/releases/tag/2.5.0 MacOS - https://github.com/ThePacielloGroup/CCA-OSX/releases/tag/2.4
  2. Flint74

    Solving tank problem

    Funny how this was sort of predicted, and yet the obvious and easier solution to the Rambo vs tank issue, i.e. removing all four AT Grenades, was almost universally shouted down because almost nobody wanted to lose their precious grenades...
  3. Flint74

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Not bad, seemed a bit shouty though - maybe it's time for The Sound of Silence...
  4. Yeah, how about they don't do that... Tankers already have to put up with excessive amounts of anti-tank weapons in-game, as well as planes continually bombing the heck out of them. All your idea will do is make it 100% totally not worth playing the tank career at all.
  5. Frankly, even if the T-28 in game was the later 'B' model with the slightly longer L-10 L/26 76.2mm gun, that alone would make enough of a difference to make the tank somewhat more fun and worthwhile to use in-game. Putting the 'A' model in the game really was a poor choice on Reto's part, especially against the M3 Lee and 50mm-equipped Pz.III
  6. Flint74

    Anti-Aircraft Soldier

    Just another reason to 'fix' flak jacket so it only protects the pilot and not his plane, and at the same time maybe also allow it to protect anyone wearing one while using an AA gun.
  7. Flint74

    Badges Rework Needed

    Because the badge system is clearly hugely limiting in the way players can play H&G, either by the games design and/or by the players own badge selection for each of their soldier characters. In fact, if this weren't the case then almost certainly this topic, and the question of increasing the number of badge slots, wouldn't keep cropping up on here quite so regularly as they both do. Thus, clearly something needs to happen with the badge system, and sooner rather than later, so that these issues finally get the attention they obviously require. And if simply tweaking the current badge system in a variety of different ways turns out not to improve the situation, then it's clear the time has come for other solutions to be considered. Also, whether you're grinding one ribbon, or all of the ribbons that apply to a soldiers class, the ribbon level-based system doesn't actually require any player to do anything different than they already do in-game under the current badge system. Instead players are still entirely free to focus on working only the specific ribbons that suit both their playstyle and the needs of the particular soldier character they are currently using, if that's what they want to do, or, if they're feeling ambitious they can instead grind all of the ribbons that apply to their soldiers class if that's what they want to do. And here's a couple of key points: * not all ribbons currently apply to all careers in-game, indeed some are much more specifically associated than others, the ribbon level-based system wouldn't change this. * what the ribbon level-based system does do, is give players that degree of flexibility of choice they don't currently, and likely won't ever, get from the badges. Because yes, Reto could add ever increasing numbers of badge slots to every soldier to give players more freedom of choice, but at some point it becomes a pointless exercise to keep adding more and more slots until everyone is eventually running around with so many badges that simply switching to the ribbon level system would have been a far quicker and easier option in the first place anyway. Once again though, you seem to be working on the principle that very new players can fight against very experienced players on a regular basis, e.g. bronze MM group versus gold MM group. Except the MM system should be preventing such extremes from happening, so that while bronze and silver might see each other now and then, and silver and gold might see each other occasionally too, bronze shouldn't ever be seeing gold, unless the active player population is so heavily reduced now that such extreme matchmaking is required to start battles in a timely manner, in which case the game has far bigger issues than worrying about the underuse of certain combat badges. Also, if the MM system is routinely allowing new players, or existing players using new and/or mostly unupgraded soldiers to fight against very experienced and/or heavily upgraded players then clearly the whole matchmaking system also needs some further attention as well in order to prevent such mismatches in matchmaking from occuring. As well, because of the way the badge system works, i.e. it can take 4 ribbon levels to upgrade most badges, and each upgrade generally has a single large percentage increase in effect on the particular base skill, that can then lead to larger skill mismatches between players of the same and/or different MM groups that require more grinding to close the gap. Whereas, with a ribbon level-based system, because each and every ribbon level is effectively an upgrade to a particular skill (or skills), and because the system allows all players to choose to work some or all of the ribbons and skills applicable to their chosen soldier whenever they want too, suddenly the skill mismatches between players within a particular MM group, or even between players of different MM groups, can become a lot smaller and far easier to work through, e.g. with only a few percent difference per ribbon level, instead of a single much larger (double-digit in a lot of cases) percentage jump every four ribbon levels. And yes, some skills are not even percentage based, e.g. the ubiquitous Dynamite Lover badge/skill, and those skills/perks would essentially remain unchanged, except that they'd always start at ribbon level 1 instead of whatever level they start at under the current badge system, which could be as high as ribbon level 4 in some cases.
  8. Flint74

    Badges Rework Needed

    1: Instead of customising by badge, you could easily retain some element of character customisation/specialisation by simply introducing certain additional infantry sub-classes, as we already have in-game with the Medic, e.g. Sapper, AA gunner, AT rambo, Sniper, etc. As for having to grind all ribbons to achieve all of the perks, players already have to do that anyway, as part of the basic game, so that situation would be no different with badge perks or ribbon-based skills. 2: And the current badge system doesn't provide the 'best soldiers' in-game with an advantage over other less experienced/skilled players? Well of course it does, I mean we all know how much of a grind it can be to get just about any badge up to gold level currently, hence why a lot of players in staged battles still tend to run off to a map corner to grind a particular badge or other when they think nobody is watching. And on top of that, because the badges generally provide only a couple of large percentage step increases in a given perk, it means there's a long gap/grind between earning a lower tier badge and eventually earning a higher tier one, which in some cases can make a huge difference between two players, one with a bronze or silver badge and the other with a silver or gold badge respectively. Whereas all switching to ribbon level-based skills would do is increase the number of steps available to a skill while making each step a smaller percentage while still providing a similar overall range between level 1 and 12, meaning, for example, less of a gap in a particular skill for a player at ribbon level four and another player at ribbon level 5. Also, such a skill-focused system (rather than a badge-focused system) also somewhat replicates what would happen to real soldiers, whose skillsets would generally improve over time through persistant training and actual combat. It's worth also pointing out that such a skill-focused system also answers the oft-repeated community request for additional badge slots for both free and premium players, something a badge-based system is unlikely to ever satisfactorily provide in H&G (at least from a community perspective). 3: You're both forgetting though, that players are already sort of broken up into matchmaking groups precisely to try and mitigate not only such excessive differences between skill/experience, and weapons, but also to reduce the chances of someone simply going seal-clubbing at lower tiers on a regular basis. That the matchmaking group system doesn't really work (from a balance perspective) is kinda obvious though, this is presumably mostly because of the comparatively low player population numbers which then forces the system to combine different MM groups into staged battles together in order to start staged battles more quickly. But presuming the population issues eventually resolve themselves so that each MM group predominantly only sees itself (as intended), if that happens then all that would be required is some adjustment to the MM groups and the system that assigns players into those groups, and that should better keep players of roughly similar skill & experience levels together. And yes, the alternative to such a ribbon level-based system would require some serious adjustment to the badges, such as the few examples you mentioned, but it still leaves one key question: * Will such changes to the badges actually encourage players to use any other badges from the usual few suspects, e.g .Heavy Set, etc.? Because if the answer to that question is ultimately 'no', then perhaps an alternative solution, such as the ribbon level-based suggestion, would be worth investigating.
  9. Flint74

    Badges Rework Needed

    Why not simply get rid of ALL of the badges, and instead make all of those badge perks simply become a certain percentage based on combat ribbon level? Thus, the more you play the game, and the more you level up your combat ribbons, there'd be an associated increase in the skill level for each perk. Plus, this would then resolve the ridiculous situation where basically everyone uses the same 4-5 badges, while the rest of the badges, the perks from some of which could be quite useful, go completely unused. Maybe Reto could then also remove the ability to pay credits/gold to level up the combat ribbons, so that everyone had to legitimately earn the necessary experience to level up their ribbons the old fashioned way. -Notes- * - The Freefall combat skill would only apply to Paratroopers, Pilots ejecting from their plane would instantly auto-deploy their parachute. The skill would also require a minimum safe altitude to freefall from, below which there would be an increasing chance of taking fall damage on landing because of going too fast to land safely. ** - The Camouflaged & Ghillie combat skills would only apply to the Recon soldier class. The Dead Eye skill would apply to both Recon and Infantry classes. *** - The Flak Jacket combat skill could also take effect whenever a soldier uses any static or self-propelled AA gun. N.B. As well as turning all of the combat badges into ribbon level skills, some of those skills would also need new counter-skills, for example, a new spotting skill would provide a counter to the effects of the Ghillie skill.
  10. Flint74

    The Answer with 1 word forum game!

  11. Pretty sure they can't do that, or if they can it's kinda tricky to do because 'reasons', which is why the Italian faction thread had to be started over anew. As for taking the thread over, thanks for the offer, but to be honest I'm kinda busy myself, but I'm more than happy to help bump the thread occasionally. Also, unless the in-game aircraft speeds were all adjusted relative to each other so that the jets remained comparatively faster than the various prop. powered planes, then the only other option would be for the map sizes to be fairly significantly increased to properly accomodate the jets, and there's currently little or no way the game, as it currently stands, would be able to support maps much larger than what we currently have, at least not without causing some pretty serious performance issues. And of course, adjusting the various aircraft speeds relative to each other would potentially make the older prop. powered fighters and heavy fighters a bit too slow and thus more vulnerable to AA fire.
  12. You're welcome. I would also say that I don't think including SPAA tanks/vehicles as variants within a tank ribbon unlock system would be a very good idea. Instead, the current and future SPAA tanks/vehicles should all be their own class of infantry support vehicles, entirely seperate from the tanks and other vehicles available in-game, particularly because this then frees the SPAA vehicles up for ideas such as the following AA soldier suggestion - https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/67461-anti-aircraft-soldier/
  13. You're probably thinking of the T26E4 (see the spoiler below), which was the prototype designation given to the somewhat infamous M26 Pershing upgrade project that eventually became better known as the 'Super Pershing'. And yes, the T26E4 project did have an improved/longer 90mm gun as compared to the original M26 Pershing with its M3 90mm L/53 gun. In fact the one and only example of the T26E4 (sometimes also known as the T26E1-1) that eventually saw some limited amount of combat in Europe before the wars end, was equipped with a prototype T15E1 90mm L/73 gun that was capable of firing, for example, APCR rounds at around 1,140m/sec, which meant the gun was quite capable of punching holes through the frontal armour of a Panther from well over 2km away. Sadly however, the T26E1-1 was quickly found to have an engine and drivetrain that was far too underpowered to adequately cope with the excess weight of the tank, especially with its longer and heavier gun, as well as with all of the armour field modifications that were applied to the tank after it arrived in Theatre, such modifications to the gun mantlet in particular which then required the installation of the two stabilising damper springs on the turret roof to help hold the gun up in a neutral position and also make it easier for the gun to elevate/depress, without which assistance the gun would have essentially been stuck pointing down at the ground. Thus, because of the tanks many shortcomings, after a very short time in combat service it was soon effectively abandoned in a local German storage/scrapyard until some time shortly after the war when it was apparently broken up for scrap. The remaining 20+ later examples from the T26E4 project never left the U.S. and so never saw combat; they were also equipped with the equally prototype, but similar in performance, T15E2 90mm L/73 gun, which, unlike the earlier T15E1 variant of the gun, instead used two-piece ammunition (i.e. separate propellent charge and projectile).
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    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Postmodern Jukebox
  15. Here's a brief conversation I had on this very subject at the end of last year. N.B. Here's a link to the thread the conversation was had in - https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/83552-list-of-tanks-super-thread-us-ger-su/
  16. Flint74

    Anti-Aircraft Soldier

    5:40 To put the amount of explosives used to finally bring down the 'Zoo Tower' flakturm into some kind of context, it took the British almost the same weight of dynamite (some 90-100 tons in total over 3 attempts) to bring down the 'Zoo Tower' flakturm as the Americans used in Composition B just for their single 100 ton calibration test blast ahead of the Trinity nuclear test in mid-1945. And yes, for any Star Trek fans out there, that is Captain Kirk (a.k.a William Shatner) narrating that short video clip. For the rest of the video, do check out the very interesting documentary "Trinity & Beyond - The Atomic Bomb Movie".
  17. Flint74


    If Reto would simply restore the AA guns in-game to their pre-Adams conditions, and they made the invisible hitbox on each plane actually encompass the entire plane, then they wouldn't actually need to nerf any of the planes performance statistics. But that's apparently thinking too logically, which means it'll never happen.
  18. Flint74

    Anti-Aircraft Soldier

    I thought that's what the PTRD was for...