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  1. You're welcome. I would also say that I don't think including SPAA tanks/vehicles as variants within a tank ribbon unlock system would be a very good idea. Instead, the current and future SPAA tanks/vehicles should all be their own class of infantry support vehicles, entirely seperate from the tanks and other vehicles available in-game, particularly because this then frees the SPAA vehicles up for ideas such as the following AA soldier suggestion - https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/67461-anti-aircraft-soldier/
  2. You're probably thinking of the T26E4 (see the spoiler below), which was the prototype designation given to the somewhat infamous M26 Pershing upgrade project that eventually became better known as the 'Super Pershing'. And yes, the T26E4 project did have an improved/longer 90mm gun as compared to the original M26 Pershing with its M3 90mm L/53 gun. In fact the one and only example of the T26E4 (sometimes also known as the T26E1-1) that eventually saw some limited amount of combat in Europe before the wars end, was equipped with a prototype T15E1 90mm L/73 gun that was capable of firing, for example, APCR rounds at around 1,140m/sec, which meant the gun was quite capable of punching holes through the frontal armour of a Panther from well over 2km away. Sadly however, the T26E1-1 was quickly found to have an engine and drivetrain that was far too underpowered to adequately cope with the excess weight of the tank, especially with its longer and heavier gun, as well as with all of the armour field modifications that were applied to the tank after it arrived in Theatre, such modifications to the gun mantlet in particular which then required the installation of the two stabilising damper springs on the turret roof to help hold the gun up in a neutral position and also make it easier for the gun to elevate/depress, without which assistance the gun would have essentially been stuck pointing down at the ground. Thus, because of the tanks many shortcomings, after a very short time in combat service it was soon effectively abandoned in a local German storage/scrapyard until some time shortly after the war when it was apparently broken up for scrap. The remaining 20+ later examples from the T26E4 project never left the U.S. and so never saw combat; they were also equipped with the equally prototype, but similar in performance, T15E2 90mm L/73 gun, which, unlike the earlier T15E1 variant of the gun, instead used two-piece ammunition (i.e. separate propellent charge and projectile).
  3. The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Postmodern Jukebox
  4. Here's a brief conversation I had on this very subject at the end of last year. N.B. Here's a link to the thread the conversation was had in - https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/83552-list-of-tanks-super-thread-us-ger-su/
  5. Anti-Aircraft Soldier

    5:40 To put the amount of explosives used to finally bring down the 'Zoo Tower' flakturm into some kind of context, it took the British almost the same weight of dynamite (some 90-100 tons in total over 3 attempts) to bring down the 'Zoo Tower' flakturm as the Americans used in Composition B just for their single 100 ton calibration test blast ahead of the Trinity nuclear test in mid-1945. And yes, for any Star Trek fans out there, that is Captain Kirk (a.k.a William Shatner) narrating that short video clip. For the rest of the video, do check out the very interesting documentary "Trinity & Beyond - The Atomic Bomb Movie".

    If Reto would simply restore the AA guns in-game to their pre-Adams conditions, and they made the invisible hitbox on each plane actually encompass the entire plane, then they wouldn't actually need to nerf any of the planes performance statistics. But that's apparently thinking too logically, which means it'll never happen.
  7. Anti-Aircraft Soldier

    I thought that's what the PTRD was for...

    Colour me surprised that the second most popular item at this time on that first list of poll options is "Remove Infantry Scopes"... I mean who'd have thought that people within the community were still so completely and thoroughly fed up with there being so many unnecessarily scoped infantry weapons in-game?... 'Cause Reto certainly still don't seem to have grasped that one very simple concept, even after all this time, and even after all of the constantly repeated community complaints about, and requests to remove, the infantry scopes that have been posted by us ever since infantry scopes first became a thing in-game.
  9. Or maybe FlyingCow, just like some of Reto themselves, has taken a summer holiday to get away from it all.
  10. Last seen on the forum - July 7th.
  11. Is transferring accounts to other people allowed?

    The reason why sharing/selling accounts is specifically NOT allowed as per the rules is really just pretty straight forward common sense. If you shared your account details with someone, and they then, for example, used hacks while using your account, then it's your account that gets banned, and then Reto have to deal with you crying to them because it allegedly wasn't you that cheated instead it was this other individual you shared your account details with, except you can't prove it wasn't you that hacked, so Reto tell you to take a hike, and then the whole thing just gets to be all kinds of messy and unpleasantly awkward. Thus it's just easier for Reto, and the community, if account sharing/selling is essentially banned in the rules because then there can be no come back if you do share and something goes wrong, because the blame is all on you for breaking the rules. And it's not just Reto that have this kind of clause either, in fact most/all games companies, particularly those developing/managing MMO games, generally have something similar in their own rules, because otherwise it all just becomes too much work for their customer support teams to constantly argue the toss with every single whiny little crybaby who thought the rules didn't apply to them when they shared/sold their account only for the account to subsequently get banned/deleted/have all its premium items stolen/whatever/etc. etc. So yes, you can quote whatever data protection laws you like until you're blue in the face, but at the end of the day, the rules about not sharing/selling player accounts are their specifically for everyones protection (and sanity).