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  1. II Polish Corps

    One of the uniforms I included back on page 1 was the British Para uniform as also used by Polish forces in Western Europe after D-Day. - - - Update to tech tree on page 1. * Added Polish Air Force ranks (circa 1936-ish). * Added images of various Polish Air Force uniforms. [thank you Dracolithfiend] * Added a selection of Polish Air Force unit insignias.
  2. The Polish tech tree I posted in the thread I linked to above actually includes a pretty good mix of Polish homegrown kit, along with a variety of British, U.S., Soviet and French items/vehicles. There's actually still a few gaps in that tech tree I posted which would be good to fill with items used by Polish troops on either the Western or Eastern European fronts, so if anyone has any viable suggestions, preferably with pictures and/or links that would be appreciated, because then we can try and fully complete the tech tree.
  3. Q&A&Why answers

    This isn't the place to be asking questions or looking for support. Try - https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/forum/39-russian-русский/
  4. They were likely much more than simply 'aware' of the AB43, indeed it seems that after the armistice in 1943 the Germans may have actually supervised the production of about 120 AB43's, which would kinda explain the photo of the vehicle with its German designation.
  5. You're most welcome, glad I could clear that up for you.
  6. It has nothing to do with Aachen, instead 'drehturm' roughly translates as 'rotating tower', or in the case of a vehicle like the AB43 it could also mean 'rotating turret'. Thus, Panzerspähwagen Fiat/SPA, Typ AB 43 (i) mit 4,7-cm-Kanone im Drehturm essentially translates to Armoured Car Fiat/SPA, Type AB43(i) with 4.7cm cannon in rotating turret N.B. The lower case i in brackets in the name indicates the vehicle is Italian. Fun fact, Drehturm Aachen is a roughly 1950's era water tower that was long since converted into a number of floors of office space, with a (slowly) rotating restaurant located at the top.
  7. Why allow < Rank 6 Squad Leaders?

    The Squad Leader Cadet 'thing' is/was there simply because the squad system required that somebody in either a player-made or a random squad was in charge of it, even if nobody in the squad was of a high enough rank to actually have full control of all of the squad system functionality yet. So is it annoying, heck yes, of course it is, especially when you get squad members, who themselves might be of a higher rank than you, who start shouting and raging at you in chat to issue commands, and you then have to remind them that you don't have that ability because you're only a 'squad leader cadet'.
  8. British Commonwealth

    TOG2 - way too large and far far too slow, and not very well armoured either for that matter, especially in a combined arms game like we have here where it'd just get constantly crucified by the pilots and the AT Rambos, not to mention the TD's, and medium and heavy tanks in-game. Could be a good map decoration piece though, perhaps on the factory map. Tortoise - pretty much same deal as the TOG2 albeit the Tortoise had a larger, more powerful, gun and better armour protection, it'd just be far to large and slow of a target to be of any fun and practical use in H&G. Could also be a good map decoration. Churchill BP - same issues as the Tortoise though with only a 17-pdr gun fitted. A45 (FV214 Conqueror) - started as a late war-era design project which didn't really get anywhere until a few years postwar where it eventually evolved into the Conqueror, this kinda pushes Reto's rules for kit eligibility a bit and appears to make the A45 ineligible for H&G Churchill AVRE with 165mm mortar - the Churchill [Mk.VII] AVRE with the 165mm (6.5") mortar installed was a postwar alternative desgn to the war-era Churchill Mk.III & Mk.IV AVRE's with the infamous 290mm (11.4") 'flying dustbin' mortar fitted. Thus, strictly speaking, the Churchill with 165mm mortar fitted is not eligible for H&G. TIn terms of going up against the other heavy tanks in-game, the Churchill Mk.VII with its 75mm gun, and the Mk.VIII with it's 94mm howitzer, both of which had around 150mm (6") of frontal armour, are pretty much the pinnacle of British war-era heavy tank design that would be eligible for H&G based on Reto's current rules for kit inclusion.
  9. Those might be a little extreme, so what about when a pilot dies in a battle he immediately gets switched to being an infantryman, and the player can only pay to make his soldier a pilot again after that battle has ended?
  10. E8 bug

    You don't need to record anything, just provide the Bug Hunters team with the Match ID's (taken from hngsync) for any battles where this issue occurs and they should be able to review each submitted battle to see the issue as it happens.