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  1. Bourgui2

    Insufferable resource queue

    At that time ATs were twice bigger...If you have forgotten.
  2. Bourgui2

    armor 2.0 population objective ?

    You're perfectly right, the end of the aux seat system means the death of H&G we could appreciate. Tanks should be much more expensive to spawn, about 1k credits for a Light, 3K for a Medium and 5-6k for a Heavy. I don't understand why tanks cost less than AT weapons required to destroy them! NEVER SEEN THAT!
  3. Bourgui2

    armor 2.0 population objective ?

    It seems Reto wants us to play World of Tanks. That's ridiculous, I've choosen H&G for its infantry battles and RTS. What remains of these?
  4. Bourgui2

    ATs EXP Bug

    Same problem for me on battle M 2166506276992865940.
  5. I sent paratroopers on the land attack line. At the end of the (won) battle, the AT was destroyed, after loosing the 9 airplanes and only 19 on the 36 paratroopers. This problem was solved but has re-appeared. Is it linked with the end of auto-resolve?
  6. Bourgui2

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    This experiment is interesting but I wonder how wars can be conducted with so many lines for so few players playing war. I think the number of lines between cities should be reduced as well.
  7. Bourgui2

    Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    What surprises me is that spawning a tank costs less than the sticky grenades required to destroy it. How can it be understood that 3 improvised grenades of 2 kg cost more than a 8 t and more tank? Even not worth saying that I don't understand why Sticky cost twice more than RPG 43 or PanzerWurfMinen.
  8. That system promoted the team playing for new officers. Because if you don't play with a clan, your units are not played but by random players who can waste your ATs. Indeed officers had to earn WF by playing FPS to promote their ATs that wahtever gained XP when involved in a battle. So they knew what it means to have ATs. About vehicules, you didn't need to belong to a motorized unit to spawn on a vehicule driven by someone else! So previous system promoted team playing and didn't deserve AT owners as soon as they belong to a team. Was it so bad?
  9. That's crazy. Why not returng to the initial WF system where ATs were not pooled, but each soldier gives WF to the unit he belongs for the casualties he's made.
  10. Bourgui2

    Is underdog bonus still effective?

    The problem is that Germans only play against US....
  11. Bourgui2

    Is underdog bonus still effective?

    No WF + no XP => underdog bonus doesn't exist anymore. So we'll see the German faction growing more and more. Well balanced game!!!!
  12. Bourgui2

    Is underdog bonus still effective?

    It's surprising to see an Axis player answering this question. As an Axis players are nearly all the time more numerous than any faction, they can't see wether or not this bonus is effectively applied. Why joining German faction? Simply because being a sparing partner (less efficient infantry weapons and tanks) for them without any counterpart is not acceptable. I need a Reto answer.
  13. I wonder if underdog bonus is still effective since I can't see its benefits in XP nor Warfunds. A good reason to join Germans?
  14. Bourgui2

    New winning town mechanic

    Again! How many resources were wasted, trying to capture all these airports! https://imgur.com/a/tJn6B
  15. Bourgui2

    New winning town mechanic

    Today, Aulla and Roquevaire should have been captured before neighbouring cities. But the bug was here to save the resources falling in US hands... Two hours later, these airports are still in german hands, even if O1, O2 and O3 were captured. Only once I've seen an airport captured, it was Moranego, when there were US troops on every road and the 3 points captured. I must add these solution cannot work in Roquevaire since the road between Cassis and Roquevaire is still bugged (for one year now?).