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  1. PewdieX

    H&N Streaming

    Could you give us a link to your YT/Twitch?
  2. They added medkits while highlighting the movie to attract more hardcore WWII fans. They added something the community wanted while also attracting new (probable) longterm players. Win : Win
  3. 1+2: Yeah a bit broken 3: I'm not sure what you mean by paying to play together, you just need squad upgrade points, and you can invite 2 people without needing them. 4: When armor 2.0 comes around it should fix a lot of the tank related problems.
  4. PewdieX

    Anti-Tank Separate Soldier Type

    I believe there used to be a Anti-Tank sub-class way back in the old days. P.S. Next time you might want to use the search function, there are many other threads on this topic.
  5. PewdieX

    Custom Skins Idea

    I would suggest a community run approval board thing but it would never happen.
  6. PewdieX

    Show faction on mine marker

    +10xp for taking out enemy mines?
  7. PewdieX

    'Forgive' button

    I'd prefer it if when you hit f1 it would warn them, if they are warned 3 times they get reported.
  8. PewdieX

    Why exactly?

    They could also just remove infantry first there isn't really a use for it other than for the PTRD
  9. PewdieX

    Friendly players get more game

    In most cases like many people seem to believe cyber bullying isn't as simple as "He was mean to me on the internet", it's more like "He has been harassing me for months telling me to kill my self, calling me f.a.g and causing serious emotional and mental health problems that could lead to me killing myself". So sure words can't hurt physically but emotionally they can be devastating especially if someone has something like depression or a low self esteem, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will hurt forever" broken bones can heal, emotional scarring not so much.
  10. alot of this has already been mentioned, also, amphibious T-38 like it should be oh, and SU will not use US amphibious vehicles, they will be the only one with a cannon just make its gun depression shite