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  1. Nace

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Okay the new German APC is Cool and the M20 is a decent Tier 1 Recon Car ( Seriously the models are great props to the artist ) but this is all worthless if I can't Even choose the Maps I want to play... I mean I guess this is far easier for the matchmaker but sometimes I just don´t feel like playing certain map´s... I rarely complain about updates but this is just not Fun im sorry. Im sure there are good Intentions behind it but this is just anoying.
  2. Nace

    Tankas & Tankes

    this Version is different from what was on the Prototype server, on Prototype you were for example able to 1 hk the Chaffe / 2 hk Pershing is you knew where to shoot / place your AT weapon ( this was a bit too much i guess ) so they did this: -Tweaked large and medium fuel components from dealing excessive damage -Tweaked large and medium ammo components from dealing excessive damage  which was too much as you now need 5+ H3s/RPGs etc. for everything exept for light tanks. They should go for the middle between the Values of ( Medium/Large Ammo/Fuel ) from the Prototype server and the Values on the live server to make it somewhat balanced.
  3. Nace

    Prototype test: Tank versus Tank

    Okay the new Damage is quite interesting I like that modules like ammo / fuel deal way more damage to a vehicle than before (fuel however deales a bit too much compared to ammo) Still this is a good change, especially for Infantry I cant rally say that im a fan of the fact that destroying the tracks deals damage to the overall structure of the tank. ( the same goes for the Gun barrel) they are mostly exterior componetnts after all. (i know that this was allready a thing but now it is really noticeable) also it would be nice if we got the chance to test those effects on the Infantry vehicles ( I hope that OHK of soft vehicles with AT-rifles won´t be a thing again ) Honestly now that this is going to get imlemented it would be nice if the rate of Armor weardown would be decreased or caped at the old value of 1/2 thickness (to not encourage players going for Head on attacks only)
  4. Nace

    Upcoming Tank Map "Crossroads" (Work in Progress)

    So as the map is being tested on Prototype right now i think it is a good time to revive this topic. From the bit of testing i´ve done so far id recomend to look at the following areas: -You should be able to choose where you want to spawn ( A1 A2) ( B1 B2 ) -Also the amount of spawn tokens you have at the beginning of the match should be reduced to avoid everyone spawning tier 2 Heavys right at the start ( maybe add 2 more objectives to make the gamplay more dynamic) but 1 is good enough. If the map was intended for Infantry i would have quite a few more complaints but for tanks this is definitely good enough
  5. Nace

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    after testing all the planes extensively I can definitely say that the FW 190 is slightly over Performing in terms of manoeuvrability. being able to get behind your opponent without effort is not the way dog fighting should work. The P51 is when it comes to manoeuvrability quite perfect and the 1 match I had with it against LA7s was pretty much like P40 Vs. Yak ( the better pilot wins not the better plane ) It is however a bit too early to cry for buffs / nerfs and I think waiting for the statistics is the Best way to go for now.
  6. I hope thats this is simply a replacement for M1919A4 as this weapon never made any sense in the way it was used ingame ( no stock and you are still able to ADS ). clarification would be appreciated.
  7. The Second Capture point isn´t really working too good (The general Idea is good however) in the few games I tired it lead to quite a few stalemates. (this is why the Concept of uneven objective counts exists in the first place) I would recommend merging the two capture points into 1 extending over the bridge, this way if 1 team is camping the fort the other team can still at least archive a balance in Numbers by shifting their focus to the "Village" Additionally adding a new River crossing to the left flank might already do the trick: Something like this is what i have in mind
  8. Nace

    Nerf both tigers!

    This is the true problem, I couldn't agree more. bring back the pre damage normalization model at least and Increase the Tiger IIs spawn time. A possibility would also be to have a higher armor weardown multipierer ( maybe to mirror the lower quality steel used in Late 1944-1945. )
  9. Im don´t think this is a good Idea, if tanks were as hard to deal with as I expected at first you would have my support but as it stands right now every tank can be easyly killed if you know the weakspots. would it be more realistic? Of course but I don´t think that it would result in better Gameplay as would simply be more Frustrateing: 1 H3 to your engine? well guess you are dead. As all the At Rambo has to do now is wait for you to poke out, Right now you can allways try to escape (even tho it usually isn't effective if your enemy knows what he is doing) which makes a day and night difference looking at it from a psycological perspective. however I can agree on the Idea to make you lose ammo if a rack is destroyed.
  10. It's actually quite simple: go for the fuel tanks / ammo racks and you should have no problem to destroy tanks (if you can't ambush them go for the Gun breech first) This way you can take on panthers with a BT-7 very easy: you destroy the turret ring ( optional ), then you go for the ammo racks and fuel tanks, boom panther dead in 5-6 shots. I was also able to 3 hk chaffes with the Panzer 38 (t) first 2 shots into the ammo rack second into the fuel tank and the chaffe is gone now It´s all about knowing where which component is. Which is a good think if you ask me
  11. Nace

    New German Plane

    The next plane to be added for Germany will be the Fw-190 D-9 as you can see here: https://trello.com/b/Zcq44t2R/heroes-generals-development-overview
  12. Nace

    Update 1.12 Test 3 NOW open! And win prizes!

    So as this was the Final test and I actually had enough time to do some proper testing here are my thoughts: Token system -while not perfect it is working decently. some of the Weapons / Vehicles need adjusting in thier spawntime. -Finally we have the Freedom back to change your class mid Game without the annoying auxiliary seats. -The Johnson has 35 sec´s of stock spawn time on Infantry Increasing it to 40 sec´s like other top Tier Infantry weapons would make sense ( keep the 35 sec´s on Para only or Increase the FG42´s spawntime to 40 as well ) -The Jubo / KV-85 should have a lower stock spawntime than the Tiger I as they are less powerfull -The SU-76s Spawn Time should be decrease slightly as its the worst performing and the M10 spawn time should be slightly increased as its the best performing of the Tier 1 TD´s -The Trucks should have a lower spawn time as they are worse than APC´s i think 2:10s would be more apropriate Vehicle Overhaul: -No complaints there, Its works very well, good job! -Now it is truly about skill, tactics and knowing the Position of Components not just the boreing old "shoot da hatch" kinda meta. -Anti Tank weapons are in a good spot right now, but that can change once the Update hits live and the meta adabts to the new situation. -Planes are Finally vulnerable to A fire, you can still do very well as a pilot but you can´t just fly with you head cut off anymore. ( also dogfighting is now more enjoyable than ever ) good job! Terrain update: -I like it, everyting except for the Motorcycles is more or less Valid off road but this promotes diversity in form of the Kettenkrad, T20 and Weasel. ( which is good ) -It Could however lead to problems in War battles as defenders now have even more advantages but we will see how it works out on the Live Server.
  13. Nace

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Okay I had time to play around a bit with the new Deploy/Token system, So here are my first thoughts: Infantry Vehicles: -Motorcycles are too expensive, i'd say let them cost between 400-450 tokens -The Supply trucks are also bit bit too expensive considering their Performance, 600 Tokens would be more appropriate I think -The AA Trucks are too cheap to spawn, which encourages wasting resources, id say let them cost about 400-500 Tokens Planes: -maybe increase the Price for heavy fighters to about 400-450 Tokens -The other prices seem fine so far Light Tanks: -The Light Tanks seem to be balanced quite well so far except for the Stuart. it costs 270 Tokens while the Panzer 38(t), Panzer II and the T26 cost 380. (they all have pretty much the same performance) So it should also cost 380 tokens. -the Starter tanks have a difference in Performance so i'd Recommend: T38: 230 Tokens Panzer I: 250 Tokens M2A2 : 270 Tokens
  14. Nace

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage

    From what I was able to test so far the new Damage system seems to be working pretty damn well. Positive: -I was able to get a bunch of 2hks when aiming at the ammo (which is good i was hoping for that) -good choice to limit the armor wear down to 50%, this way it stays realistic and MGs can't pen everything but are able to deal with very lightly armored vehicles. -disabling modules does not make a tank completely useless, but it does severely limit the Combat effectiveness. ( very useful if you are up against stronger tanks ) -Pen drop off over Range (sadly it is really hard to test without the actual metrics for each gun) -Corrected Armor Values -New Particle effects Negative: -still no advantage for choosing to use AP over APCR -No historicall accurate ammo Count for the Tanks -No Crew as a soft module yet -Reload time not yet adjusted for the type of Main gun Suggestions / notes: Right now there are basically 2 Options to kill a tank: -Destroy the ammo racks (at least 2 in my Experience so far) -deal enough damage to the General health pool missing: -Kill all of the Crew members -if a bomb explodes close to a Tank it should blow the Tracks off. -AP should have less Penetration than APCR but deal more General/module Damage But i'm really liking it so far good work
  15. 1. Adams Cancer Fire (well RNG in general really) 2. Washed out Colors, Brown and Gray everywhere and the Overall Atmosphere. 3. The Lack of proper tutorials and a way to steep learning curve for beginners.