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  1. Nothing official. Reto is aware of the issue.
  2. Server down? Getting those itchy withdrawals? Apply these vids for temporary relief
  3. who the hell let him back in here So where is fubar these days? Miss the old rivalry.
  4. Awesome effort. Big Congrats... Everyone should check this hoon out, he's legit.
  5. Is this your way of confirming that h&g is getting trains?
  6. The way the hoarder badge currently works is any weapons that are unlocked from the same class/ribbon i.e. infantry assault ribbon which effects BA, SA and AR(M1M2/AVS36/STG44) will only receive extra ammo to one weapon. If you're using 2 weapons from different ribbon classes i.e. BA & SMG or BA & LMG, then both weapons still receive extra ammo. Hence why I speculated the main load out they were targeting was the much maligned BA/M1M2 load out. I am speculating that other builds have been caught out, due to these new rules. The dynamite lover badge changes are different and I'm assuming is an attempt to stop the AT tankers nightmare builds and the I'm going to carry nothing but grenade builds.
  7. Send a ticket from here They'll resolve your purchase problem.
  8. Can you please post video examples?
  9. I'm trying to think why the Hoarder badge has been changed. The only builds that it seems to have effected are: The BA/SA build (which I've never seen complaints about). The dual SMG build (never even tried this myself). The M1M2 / M1903 build. (stopped using that when the M1M2 got the nerf bat. There's been a lot of anger over the different carry points of the M1M2 compared to the STG44 & AVS36. Could this be Reto's method of addressing these concerns? Will the M1M2 get readjusted like the STG44 now to reduce spread and increase accuracy over distance?) Anyone else got theories? Does hoarder effect the new medkits? Considering the massive use of Heavy set, does anyone even use or care about the Hoarder badge?
  10. Great vid mate, really enjoyed it.
  11. G'day guys, Made the 100 subscriber mini milestone so here's 6 vids to celebrate.
  12. So how does the signup process work?