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  1. magic_mushy

    Here we go again

    you read it here first.... LOL 😋
  2. Very true. There is no substitute for skill. Which takes time to acquire. I think the lack of player population is preventing that from being introduced. e.g. in my timezone the vets would never get another game if this was implemented. Reto wasted too much time trying to "improve" the game to the point where they were happy to market the game again. They've spent their money, the improvements have not been well received by vets and new players alike. Player retention is at an all time low. The lack of marketing, a positive community and good reviews/press is preventing Reto from seeing inflows of new players. They've got to fix the game, get the serious content which has been promised for 4 years (i.e. the new Soviet Assault maps). Then advertise to attract new inflows. When I watched last Fridays dev stream it struck me that you're dealing with a mob who don't understand what's gone wrong and don't know how to improve. They're bewildered by feedback, which at the surface is contradictory. The lack of game experience for Reto prevents them identifying valid feedback. A perfect example of this is their response to the Fw-109. A good portion of the ace pilots, who play all factions, have pointed out the glaring imbalance with this plane. Yet Reto doesn't know if it's overpowered or underpowered as they've had feedback from some that it needs a buff and others that it needs a nerf. Another example is tanks. You've got one group who says there's too many tanks and they're too costly and difficult to kill. Then there's tankers who swear that the rambo problem has never been so bad and tanking has never been more difficult. Reto you need to keep working on the glaring issues with the game. You also need to get out and play with the community, you guys need to find your love for the game again. Start streaming, like Circinus used to. Come play with the players, at the end of your Friday streams. Come and play with some of the clans on teamspeak, or just play with the general playerbase on the factions discords/teamspeak servers.
  3. I've always been against heavyset. So sign me up. I will caution that BA scopes could become an issue, without HS gold (something I'm more than willing to live with). Should we start looking at scopes as being extra equipment? To add a scope to a weapon will require 1 or 2 equipment points? (except for recons) I'm also fine with the concept of allowing players to equip body armour, which would use 3 equipment slots. As a compromise, since I assume a fairly large section of the community dislikes OHK weapons. What I don't understand about the OHK weapon dislike is folks don't seem to mind other weapons, which kill you almost as quickly. There's a misconception that OHK BA rifles are the only gun where you don't stand a chance to "respond" to being shot. Properly used SMGs,ARs & SA rifles will kill you before you have time to react. A BA rifle has to hit your head or chest. If you're standing side on there's a good chance they'll hit your arm or leg. Not many folks are very skilled with BA rifles, especially the iron sights. The recons will generally sit back from a cap point. If you pick your route properly and get to cover those rock lying recons/infantry aren't going to bother you that much. Hell a tank, with HE is a bigger problem, most of the time. I'd like to see the bfine/bridger craig style of skill/marksmanship returned to H&G.
  4. magic_mushy

    Mosin rework

  5. magic_mushy


    god damn it I still can't fly for shirt. We got more wingmen and more Skillz than ze Germans. Flight h@X engaged, might have a chance this time.
  6. magic_mushy

    GE Aircraft Overpopulation

    Which might be justified if any of this was cause by players. Remember, despite what they say. Reto has always done what they want to do with little regard to community concerns and wishes. The reality is topics like this and others have and will always be pointless. We're just
  7. magic_mushy

    Nerf SU AT Weapons

    I love how everyone is treating this thread seriously and not as the low quality bait it is...
  8. magic_mushy

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Remember past experience has proven this is ineffective and a waste of everyone's time. It's too difficult for the streamers to extract good questions from a live chat feed. Time is wasted trying to interpret what the question is and then provide an answer. Just grab the 4 points that @Champi0n raised. Directional Sound System Terrain defects Specialist class spam LMG weapon handling (plus overall weapon re-balancing). New Soviet Assault Map Update Add the topic of how far in development is the next Soviet style ASSAULT map. Give the devs a little time to prepare appropriate answers and don't bother doing public questions. Reto made major changes to how Tanks work without changing how AT weapons work. Reto changed the balance for LMGs, without re-balancing other weapon classes. Maps aren't designed for wide deployed bipod use. (We do need new assault maps first. I hope the new Soviet assault maps are designed for bipods).
  9. magic_mushy

    Nerf SU AT Weapons

    meanwhile the PTRS users have requested... I wonder who's going to win?
  10. magic_mushy


    Do you guys play assault recon and cap points?