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  1. I only just recently started out flying and I found my preferred way to dogfight.
  2. Selfish Germans

    Hell knows, I guess "reasons" 'n stuff.
  3. Reto Stopping Auto Reslove

    Thank god Reto has already built a Battle Resolver So they update that tool and implement it to simulate and resolve unplayed matches. That way generals get XP, earn WFs and have their ATs "played" without them getting trapped and killed by the current moral system. This system introduces more random chance so it's harder to predict and it means that faction resources will get used one way or another. Then I'd love to see them update matchmaker. There's lots of folks who tick all the options in the matchmaker (encounter, skirmish, assault and war). Yet we virtually never get into a war match. It appears that matchmaker has an inability to start new war matches. From my experience war matches need to be popped by 5 vs 5 players, then matchmaker will try and fill it with people from that local. When squad 2.0 was first introduced war matches popped left right and centre it was easy to get into and start one. These days my clan sometimes gets lucky and we're able to get war matches going, although we generally have to suck up 200+ pings. Yet most of the time we're stuck spending 1+hrs trying to get matches going. Which is rubbish, I've got limited time to play the game and I don't want to waste most of that time searching for a game to play. Finally they've got to fix the "new player" experience. Currently new players get 2-3 games against the bots before they get stuck searching for a skirmish game for 30+minutes. We're losing hoards of new potential customers/gamers due to this. Let the new players spend more time beating up the bots and levelling up their gear and then drop them into general population for a good hazing.
  4. Heavy Planes speed, not equal!!!

    I believe that was meant to have been removed in the 1.0.8 update, are people still experiencing this? All the heavy planes have different attributes, which makes them all the more interesting. Sofrigo you're a great pilot, time to grab a US and GE pilot and come have some fun with me. Aus1n46 is one of the best pilots in the game, hope to get some more flight time with you soon. I'm slowly improving, the ground doesn't scare me as much anymore.
  5. Give factions a choice in scopes

    Limit inf scopes to 2x and remove the ability for inf with scoped rifles to mod them to OHK.
  6. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte

    3 stickies later.
  7. P40 buff

    All the top pilots in the game (I'm not in this list) have made this claim. I suggest you need to fly the PE3 more and learn why it's the better plane. I'm not seeing many people agree with your request for a P-40 nerf. Maybe reduce the volume of time you spend on the forums requesting nerfs for every conceivable weapon that's not German and spend time learning how to use your vehicles and weapons better.
  8. 1.08 Update sucks for US faction!

    P-35 is fine, it's the most manoeuvrable plane in the game, P-38 is a heavy fighter. So no need to switch current aircraft around, they're where they should be. It would be cool to have the P-39 or P-63 added one day. The main problem it seems is you're outnumbered when flying, which can happen to any faction. Try and make friends with allied pilots that you do fly with. Send them friend requests and try to create a squad with them. Then you can join matches together and you'll resolve the outnumbered issue. Furthermore, if you introduce voice comms you'll gives yourselves a greater advantage.
  9. P40 buff

    Exactly. Get behind them and they're toast.
  10. The worst semi-auto gun in-game

    It's a completely different weapon to the STG and AVS. You can't expect it to compete on range with these weapons. It's basically a tier 3 SMG and should be treated as such.
  11. P40 buff

    If a good pilot in an ME410 is behind a P38 that pulls up it's game over. The P38 will be shredded. Providing you know how to lead and land your shots. I don't understand people who complain that they have a hard time flying when they're outnumbered. Do you really think that you should be able to wreak havoc, when you're outnumbered? The fact that you're outnumbered means you're going to be at a disadvantage. Which might be overcome or compensated for by having a greater level of skill than the other pilots. While the P-38 is a fantastic plane, the Petlyakov Pe-3 is a better plane. It has the ability to outmanoeuvre all other heavy planes, providing you know what to do. The Me-410 is the hardest of the heavies to fly, but once you learn it's strengths, it's a mean mother. Keep practicing guys, learn your weapons. If you think they're too difficult to use then switch factions.
  12. Score of pilots

    You kept the enemy planes focused on you and not the ground crew, while you were in the air. You were the punching bag that softened the blow for the rest of your team.
  13. P40 buff

    What I don't get is certain people who complain that "X" faction has the best equipment in the world and it's just wonderful and I wish I could have that equipment. Yet they refuse to play that faction. It's not like H&G forces you to stay in one faction with no option of changing.
  14. Help please, game error (photo)

    No problems, glad to hear you're back and playing H&G.
  15. Help please, game error (photo)

    Please download and try the standalone client.