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  1. so this is the power of free deploy

    I believe this is file footage.
  2. so this is the power of free deploy

    Rumour has it he's going to learn to fly those planes soon.
  3. Get Skilled and Organised

    It was the advice given to the US faction prior to the introduction of the SU faction. Advice that most didn't want to hear, including me. I was sure it was the fault of weapon imbalance, or reto, or this fetid potato that I laughingly called a PC. But at the back of our animal brain something prodded, scratched and nagged. Maybe the bastards are right. Or maybe we can do that and prove them wrong. So slowly, gradually, overtime some of the US faction got skilled and much more importantly organised. It started with signal fires, grew beyond drum beats to some form of primitive language, broadcast on some pirate frequency. Some of the US also grew fucken giant quantities of ATs. They used those grotesquely large volume of ATs in coordination with other grotesque overweight US generals. Now I don't know if this has any bearing on the current state of play... ...or not... but... I think I lost my train of thought.
  4. Dead Eye vs Tight Grip

    My 2 cents: I run Tight Grip with my M1/M2. Tight Grip works by reducing the bloom while firing your weapon. So it's useful for enabling more accurate sustained fire from any automatic weapon. Since it reduces cone expansion I find it works well for ADS and hip fire. The hip-fire effect is anecdotal and would love official confirmation from Reto. I even use it on some of my SMG toons. Basically this badge will keep your weapon more accurate once you've started shooting. The gold version of this badge will reduce the cone expansion rate, while firing an automatic weapon, by 75%. Dead-Eye, is useful for increasing the accuracy of a weapon after you've done something like turn, fired your gun walked, run or sprinted. So it will return the weapon to maximum accuracy quicker. This badge requires you to be stationary and not firing a weapon to work. The gold version of this badge will reduce the time it takes your crosshairs to fully contract, once you're not moving or shooting, by 50%. The other interesting badges, which you've left out of the analysis are: Pointer Quick Fire, which improves hip-fire accuracy by 75% on the gold version. I find it has a similar effect to Tight Grip on hip-fire and is a great badge to use on rifles and SMGs if you're only going to hip-fire them. Although personally I find tight grip to be the better badge. I do have an SMG toon who runs pointer quick fire gold and tight grip gold and he hip fires bullets like a laser. It's like playing with the original MP40. Quickdraw, which works by reducing the crosshair expansion rate by 75% when turning. Which is useful if you're staying in one spot but turning your soldier side to side. i.e. you're camping the corner of a room and covering an arc. I think the dead-eye badge is the better all rounder although this does have more benefit over dead-eye in this specific instance.
  5. He did it !! The best vassily wannabe !!

    You got the leaderboard to load? I call hax or photopaint.... Eitherway this is not legitz we all know that Chris Kyle would be at the top of that list.
  6. How to be a tanker

    Common every pro tanker knows to wear aircraft thief gold. Ain't nobody got time to be waiting around unlocking planes after they headshot the pilot out with a panther shell. Also you should have dynamite lover so you can carry more H3s.
  7. All cars are automatic?

    and I've never added petrol, checked the tire pressure, windscreen wiper fluid might be empty, not sure if the batteries in good health, hell the engine might need an oil change...
  8. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #9

    Can you please bring back the old server browser for the war map? It's far easier to browse through a list of town names to see things like ping, whether the match has started and how many players are on each side. Than trying to click through flashing dots on a map.
  9. Leaderboard suggestions

    and that's the problem. The leader-board should be expanded to show entire account stats.
  10. Leaderboard suggestions

    We need a leader-board for player accounts. Not individual soldiers. I play with 40+ different soldiers
  11. People saying US is OP

  12. Whales

    leviathan +10,000 CP
  13. Generals 1% rich and wealthy

    These bourgeois pigs have out-deployed us for the last time komяades. Let's rise up and plunder their WFs and kфmmand point for the common good of the people.
  14. Whales