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  1. Sir- can u make game a bit fair ?

    Join Germany... fixed.
  2. Armor 2.0

    No, but expect to see dev streams and possible public testing when it's closer to release time. It's a huge update so give the devs time, to dev.
  3. H&G blocked in entire Russia?

    Folks there's 2 servers which aren't cloud based. Those servers are Hong Kong and Russia. So no Russia is not blocking H&G.
  4. Tankhunting needs to be removed

    Para pilot is another issue altogether, which is always being re-evaluated. At this stage you can pretend that there's dudes in your tank like a friendly loader. Trust me you don't want a bot controlling the direction your cannon is pointing at.
  5. Very Low Fps

    Is your laptop plugged into a power socket? (don't run it on battery). How old is the laptop, is it overheating?
  6. Burned out

    Actually I've just grown a new sense of appreciation for what this game is. If you don't like playing it take a break and come back when you feel like it. I find that threads like this and the "I'm leaving the game" or "Is the game dying" threads are pointless. It's like the individual is upset with something, which they have an inability to articulate and are hoping the dev will rush in and say please don't leave, I'll do anything you want just so you don't leave.
  7. Is Heroes and Generals dying?

    @ummeli you're meant to have multiple soldiers with different load outs.
  8. I like this as a suppression system. I hate other systems where my accuracy and bloom go weird.
  9. Hope you enjoy some air combat.
  10. Helmet Mask:

    It's more content for the game, so I'm for it. If you don't like it don't purchase it.
  11. Year Vet

    My annual vet runs out in 2020 so we need a new sale prior to then.
  12. Teach me how to ground pound

    I edit my films down, throw some music on and upload. (This coming week I've got 3 BF109 vids going up). It's not too difficult and it's a bit of fun. I upload vid for my own sack, to record what I've done so when I'm older and more decrepit I'll have something too look back on. I also put it up there for the folks who are less experienced than I. That way they can get a look at what I do and hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks to try out themselves. I learned my craft from the vets who came before me. I still watch tonnes of content uploaded on youtube and twitch. I'm still learning and hopefully will keep on improving. I might even start streaming one-day if/when I get decent interwebz that enables it. oh and my current rig has a 1TB ssd and 2x 6GB sata in RAID 1 for vid storage and editing.