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  1. You will be player level1, which limits you to a single map. When you make player level 3 you'll be able to play more maps, by player level 4 all maps will be available to you.
  2. Can you please take screenshots with your map open?
  3. Here's my entry into the epic section. There's some awesome vids that have been posted. Nice work all and good luck in the comp.
  4. Change moral back to the old system where you don't lose your vehicles and troops and people might be more interested in leaving some units out in defensive positions. Which would be helpful to their faction, unlike the current system where everyone piles their ATs on the front line, while they're active and then pulls everything back to the nether regions of the map when they go offline.
  5. There's a happy compromise... ^ I like it... Reto take my money (oh you already did) and make it happen.
  6. I know you can spam e but sometimes I'm too caught up in the moment. i.e. I'm completely uncoordinated with slow reaction times so I generally figure out things have gone wrong when I hear the shoot deploy.
  7. Yes please. I to often bump my e key in the heat of spasms. It would be great to be able to cancel an accidental ejection, prior to it taking place.
  8. Why play a team game if you're not going to try and win? What reward beyond winning do you require to coax you into the action? Is this where society is at? Do we say I'm not going to win my sports match, try hard at work, school or any other facet in life because the reward isn't enough? Most people don't understand the benefit of capping and defending points. I see it constantly on the forums. The grind is too hard, I don't earn enough credits... All of these complaints stem back to a play style which is camping. They don't get enough credits and points because they're not carrying out the tasks that earn you credits and points. They stay hidden in a bush off in the never regions spamming bullets at targets, hoping they'll land a headshot which will give them a sense of self fulfillment. If I had one person help me cap and defend for every person I see 10m away from the cap point hiding in a bush, I'd never lose a match in this game. Generally the team that pulls its finger out of its butt and pushes together will win the day. The team that sits back and expects someone else to carry them will always lose. Get over the aversion to digital death and come join the folks performing the hard graft. Trust me it's a lot more rewarding.
  9. We're playing a game not a simulation. All guns are not going to be made OHK, so no point talking about it. I'm not sure who you were addressing with your easy mode camping comment. I can assure you that I don't camp, I've got over 100 vids on youtube showing you how I play this game. RedFoxFour also has a huge volume of videos and Twitch streams. I can attest that he doesn't camp. In fact he specifically stated, that like me, we're disappointed with the inclusion of OHK infantry sniper scopes. I also dislike the huge volume of foliage, which just encourages players to crouch/lie in bushes. Players who stay in the same spot obviously will have a harder time grinding up their physical training ribbon. In order to be a valuable asset to your team you need to be constantly moving. To ensure that you're either assaulting a point or defending another point.
  10. Only just read your comment. Yes there's a small group in the H&G community that view not using the HS badge as the badge of honour. We all know who uses it and who doesn't. If I hit you and see 2XP I know you've got HS. I have no problem with newer players using it as a crutch. Vet's, well that's another story. I don't understand why people have an aversion to dying to a OHK BA, while they're fine with dying to any other number of weapons that will basically kill you before you can respond. Here's a list of weapons that can kill you before you have time to respond: 1.) A properly modded SA rifle 2.) Tier 2 or 3 SMGs 3.) Tier 1 SMGs thanks to hipfire adams RNG cone of fire fun. 4.) LMGs, 5) Grenades, 6.) Bazookas 7.) Panzerfausts 8.) AP mines 9.) Pistols 10.) M1A1 (nah that won't)
  11. I've never farmed XP. I assault aggressively, hence I'm always moving. To get your recon ribbon you're either capping points, finishing matches without being killed or shooting long range sniper kills. I've just gone and looked at my ribbon progression, I was a bit off in my last post. The toon I was referring to is rank 6 physical training and rank 5 for Tactical and Recon. HSS you unlock at the end of rank 8, which is simple to obtain, without farming. When I walk into a building I could get insta shot by any number of weapons. I try to clear buildings methodically so I surprise the enemy, not the other way around. If I stuff up and get OHK by a BA or mowed down by a LMG, SMG or SA then it's generally my fault. Recons, in my opinion are a fairly useless class and people who camp away at great distances are generally useless to the team or spawn camping. H&G requires most players to either cap a point or defend it. Not to sit at great distances and try to land long range kills.
  12. Doubt that 99% don't have HSG. It's a badge that you get by running, sprinting and riding bicycles. So it's easy to earn. You don't have to get into cap zones and perform actions that benefit the team. Unlike camouflaged gold, which I believe is the hardest badge to earn. The latest US toon that I've been grinding up earned scavenger silver followed by HSS, all my other badges are currently at the bronze level. Recons don't bother me, there's very few decent recon players in the H&G community, from my experience. I'd love to see OHK scoped weapons removed from infantry. Although I doubt it will happen, like a I doubt HS will ever change. The scoped inf rifles are very attractive to new players, who I'm sure spend real money unlocking them. I remember when I started playing H&G all I wanted was to unlock the scoped rifle for my infantry man. Even though back in those days it wasn't able to have any mods. I then spent and inordinate amount of time sneaking around the map, sniping a handful of people and being completely useless to my team. It's a theme that is still repeating. You'll see a lot of new players want to grind up a scope, so they can become an elite sniper. You see them game after game. Either positioning themselves miles from any active game play, hoping for someone to wonder their way. Or sitting right outside contended objectives, refusing to actively take part because it's they believe they're contributing.
  13. Personally I don't find that to be the case. I don't have heavyset equipped on any of my 24 toons. If I get OHK by a rifle it's either I made a mistake or I got surprised by someone hiding in a bush in some strange part of the map. I'm encountering more players who wear HSG and use medi kits. So they become 3 hit kill targets. That means in certain situations the BA can only kill 1 person before reloading. Not even the handguns have that limitation.
  14. seems fine to me. The US can have a L-4 Grasshopper with 6 bazookas mounted on the wing
  15. I wonder what percentage of players use the heavyset badge? I'd estimate that it's the most used badge in the game.