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  1. PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    entertains the crap outta me. We always have a good chuckle when an AT rambo fails over and over again to reach his objective. They eventually quit out of sheer frustration.
  2. PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    spawn point might have changed hands after you spawned, which would also make you visible. Hunt them back. If you've got a dude who's going to constantly come for you, then use that knowledge to your advantage. Kill him over and over and over again.
  3. PSA - Why Tankers complain about AT infantry

    Planes, Tanks, recons, paras and other infantry can all kill AT infantry. (funnily enough pilots, tankers, recons, paras and inf can all be AT) If you equip AT weapons in your load-out you're sacrificing those slots and limiting your load-out. When I tank, I sometimes get killed by AT infantry. Majority of the time, as a tanker, I dish out a lot more punishment than I take. It's like any class in this game. The more you play the better you'll get at it. The more you counter AT inf, the better you'll be at staying alive. Reto probably won't change how AT works in the game until they roll out their new vehicle overhaul. In the meantime, all I can suggest is practice and if it gets too much, play an alternative class. Your vehicle can't be harmed until it turns visible. So unless you fire your gun, you'll be protected until you leave the spawn area.
  4. Reto doesn't really want to attract new players ATM. Not until they've finished putting in the new maps and vehicle systems and have remade the RTS component. They want to finish developing the game prior to generating marketing, which will bring in new blood. I think player motivation will come more from lengthening the period they play against bots and creating more player levels, to ease them into their exposure against more experienced players.
  5. It's punishment for playing the game for too long. Basically creating an disincentive to continue playing the game. I think instead of using the stick against loyal players. Matchmaker might be improved to better match player of equal abilities against each other. I believe the current main focus for Reto is to reduce queue times. From my personal experience the hazing I received from more experienced players encouraged me to evaluate my own play-style, in the hope that I would improve.
  6. A player does not get to choose to farm noobs. You end up with the opposition that matchmaker provides. If they're noobs it's not the players fault.
  7. Game director has previously said no to this suggestion as it would over-complicate the game.
  8. Paint your Panther - and more!

    Who here isn't satisfied with camo for the Panther???? Buff the the STG.
  9. Symbol settings change back to default after every match

    Try changing another setting like render quality at the same time and then save. It should now retain your settings.
  10. Friday Fun Post: Vehicle Gameplay Update development video.

    Shut the love up Donnie.
  11. plane bug

    You can only deploy landing gear in areas of the map where infantry can go.
  12. Best recon plane?

    Owl is the hardest to spot and is super easy to bomb other planes with due to the centre mounted bombs.
  13. So I googled images of French corn fields and they look like they do in the game. Which begs the question. What the hell is wrong with your corn?
  14. Quick Solution to P38 problem

    They should just remove the US and SU factions. Game would be much better that way.