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  1. There is still an issue with stuttering for certain people. The latest hotfix did resolve a lot of peoples' problems. Although there still appears to be a group experiencing problems. I'm trying to examine this issue with Reto. Please post if you're having issues and I'll update any request for diagnostic information from Reto as they request it. At this stage I'd be interested to know how much of your CPU is utilised when playing the FPS component of the game. Open your task manager and let us know what hng.exe is using and the total usage of your CPU is.
  2. Just saying, butterflies aren't just going to shoot themselves now are they?
  3. How are you going to limit specialist classes in assault games (war and staged matches)? Too many games are filled with tankers, recons and pilots with virtually no infantry. This is made worse with the lack of auxiliary seats so players get trapped in their specialist class. Infantry is the main backbone of the assault game mode.
  4. Please start a new report include map name, match IDs, ping and FPS details.
  5. Rebjarne did say that when they had moved to their new content creation tools that there might be community made maps.
  6. Generals and clans will certainly queue on battles that they have a direct interest in. I'm sure there's still a lot of other players who are in the general matchmaker queue who can be inserted into these matches. This does raise the problem of a large clan steamrolling teams of random players. Although this is a current problem that's encountered in staged matches. As for specialist classes, they should still be permitted to queue on individual war matches and/or in matchmaker. With the new encounter maps for specialist classes the wait times should be reduced as well as their presence in the assault game mode. (in war and stage).
  7. From players that I've spoken with that model is still unpopular for a litany of reasons. That aside there's still no reason why we can't have both systems. Allow players to queue on any war battle that they desire. While enabling the general matchmaker population with war (elite) selected to pop new war matches. If I see more than 3 battles playing on the war map at anyone one time it's a busy day ATM, which is just sad.
  8. Joined Saturday at 11:43 AM
  9. Currently a war match starts when 10 people (5 vs 5) select a match on the war map and queue on it. Then once the battle has popped it will fill the remaining slots with random matchmaker players from that ping local. This system is perfectly fine for clans and organised groups that are tyring to push or defend a particular front. Although the folks who queue on a particular town risk sitting around for 1Hr 10mins waiting for an auto-resolve or landing in a match with an unfavourable ping. Get matchmaker to fill war matches with players who have "war (elite)" ticked, in their maps & filters section. Let's go back to those early squad 2.0 days where every single war match, that fulfilled the fun requirement popped. If matchmaker sees 10+ players queuing to play, let it prioritize them into available war matches over staged matches. Remove the requirement for players to directly queue on a battle in order for matchmaker to pop it. Maybe introduce a 10 minute grace period, after the battle queue has started to enable AT owners to queue up for the match. If no one has queued after that time limit, then start and fill the match from general population matchmaker players. The other problem with the current system is larger groups of players can secure a favourable ping. Too often I see the entire enemy team leave the match due to ping disparity. The matchmaker is unable to replace those players before the game has been won unopposed. Introduce a ping limitation option, so players can elect a value for the highest ping they're willing to play. Additionally, there should be a pause to starting the match, when there's a mass player exodus. This pause will enable matchmaker to refill the empty slots.
  10. @Zoaron Players are simply joining staged to play the game. They're not actively seeking out new players in order to ruin their fun. War is difficult to join at the moment, due to a variety of reasons. So a large percentage of the player-base is getting their FPS fix in stage. There's 3 different match making ranks (bronze, silver and gold), which are meant to segregate players based on experience and equipment. Although, due to lower player population matchmaker is mixing all the ranks into the same matches. So you can have games where one team consists of bronze players vs another team which largely consists of gold players. There's always been a steep learning curve for newer players. When I started H&G it was the same thing, it took me months to begin to improve. Over 3 years later I'm still improving. H&G consists of 2 types of people, those who realise that things will get better with perseverance. They'll evaluate what they can do to improve and become more effective on the battlefield. The other type believe the path is too hard and will quit. You're not going to change the player-base, who are enjoying playing staged matches. You're also not going to get the game developer to prevent people from playing stage. You only have control over what you do. Personally I hope you stick with it and see things improve and you come to enjoy this fantastic game like I do. I wish you all the best and let me know if I can assist in helping you improve.
  11. Hi BarberNeOX, we can't help you here, nor are we able to discuss this issue further. Please go to and submit a ticket to the developers and patiently await a response for them.
  12. What's your source?
  13. Not a bug, you hadn't logged in with that account for over a year.