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  1. you can purchase vet with credits...
  2. These days you'll be hard pressed not finding people using SMG or LMG. Apart from the scoped fairies in the copious volume of bushes...
  3. P40

    I don't think the P40 will change guys. It does sound cool though.
  4. are you running multiple monitors?
  5. Rumour has it that he was last seen in Argentina, Buenos Aires I believe.
  6. 1.) No Germany still has more players, hence why it still doesn't attract an underdog bonus. 2.) Evidently there are still people deploying on the GE side, whether or not they're forum participants we'll have to wait and see. 3.) Yes you guys need to get your best players and generals back together in a clan and kick some butt. I honestly think the GE decline began with Fubar walking out the door. I still think a large volume of German generals deploy in Rome and then go off to stage and don't move their troops for the entire duration of the war. I remember several wars ago when the US captured Rome there were 70K+ inf and the rest just sitting in Tivoli.
  7. Are you sure it wasn't gaius?
  8. OHK Rifles have always required a head shot or a hit to the torso. They never killed, in one shot, with a single hit to the limb. I have 31 characters, none of them are equipped with heavy set. I find it a fairly useless badge. I rarely put myself in a position to be hit by rifles. I find that skilled users of automatic, semi automatic, hell even pistols will kill me just as quickly as a OHK rifle. Why does a OHK rifle upset you as opposed to dying any other numerous ways in this game?
  9. This is the milk and honey thread of H&G. I will suckle on its nourishment.
  10. You're forgetting that kills, tank destruction and capping are not the only methods for gaining experience. As Mrdamien03 stated all factions earn the same experience for the same tasks. Conspiracy is debunked.
  11. The same thing that would happen if all 12 of your teammates got inside any part of the complex. You'd cap and hold the point. Then win the game. I find that a large percentage of the time the first team to cap and hold the depot with sufficient numbers will win the game. It is this reason why I'm disappointed that the spawn to arrival times are different for the 2 spawn locations. 1 location has a clear advantage over the other. Hence the team that spawns from that side generally wins.
  12. I would support the reduction in XP for distance kills for infantry. It's good to see a discussion on how to incentivise players to focus more on objectives. It would be good to provide extra XP/credits to recons who are assaulting/defending active cap zones. As opposed to the recons who sit back several capture points and tag the occasional enemy player who's lost wondering the map. I would also like to see the introduction of XP for players who attempt to defend or assault cap points. Getting to a cap zone and fighting for it is dangerous business. At the moment the player rational is why risk going to a cap zone, when I doubt I'll make it as far as neutralising the cap. Therefore I won't receive any XP. I see it all the time, players will flood cap-zones, when they perceive the threat has been neutralised and they will get easy XP. The same problem exists on overpopulated lines. Players see one particular line progressing easily and will flock to be part of the easy XP capture experience. Leaving their other line(s) poorly populated. Providing a backdoor opportunity for the enemy to gain a foothold on a major objective. I'd like to see a greater differentiation in reward for assaulting and defending major objectives over the minor objectives. Players are only too happy to race up a line to gain easy caps at the expense of maintaining or obtaining major capture objectives. I also believe the spawn points need an additional revision. The infamous town map spawn lines on b, c, d, and e lines are the perfect example. It's far easier for the assaulting team to stay on the e3 side of the river hiding in the thick jungle trying to get the odd sniper shot. Than risk crossing the river bottleneck, securing e4 and then the police station. I'd love to hear additional feedback.
  13. I believe that a lot of players are currently suffering from a fear of digital pain/death. Hence they try to position themselves where they perceive they will not be hurt/killed while maybe being able to inflict the occasional dose of pain/death to another random player. They care not about objectives or attempting to win the game. They're focused on their own goal of achieving a positive KD. They spam the bullets in their hundreds hoping to hit some distant fleeting target. All the while raging that they don't make enough money to maintain their play-style. That the progression takes too long and their illustrious goals of top tier modded weapons, cushioned by heavyset camouflaged badges are tantalisingly impossible to obtain. Instead of pointing the finger at a particular faction for their perceived toxic gameplay. It would be more productive to review what tweaks could be made to the game to encourage players to go for objectives. Get players to look at maps to see where they should spawn to best support the team. i.e. If you see everyone spawn onto one line, divert yourself to the unpopulated line and put in your effort there. Don't stay trying to capture A1 if the enemy have snuck up another line and are capping a major objective. Don't be the 8th tanker to spawn a M2A2 in a 10 man team. I would propose that Reto creates a training vid, that can be viewed when players unlock assault maps. (i.e. non compulsory) Which explains: How to see which teams are distributed on which lines. The volume of players on each line. What the status is of objectives on the map. What happens if a main objective attached to a line is captured by the enemy. What happens to resources when a line is captured. How to see what resources are still available on your and the enemy team. The credit, XP and warfund benefits of capping, defending and killing enemies on capzones. The importance and function of an APC/spawn truck. It would also be good for Reto to add a few extra bonuses for players who actively play objectives. Something like XP/credit bonus for fighting in a contested capture point.
  14. I would never "fully mod" any weapon except the BA rifles. I find that if I add all the mods to any other weapon they will perform worse than if I selectively use mods. For example some people like to add bullet mods to their G43, while leaving off triggers and springs. Try out a few different builds, see what works best for your play style and keep having fun.
  15. So what is the community willing to trade for a reduction in 1 equipment point on the AVS-36 and STG-44?( It's like the old range finder on the M1919 argument. If it's flipped down they've got to do something like increase smoke, recoil or equipment points.)