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  1. GeneralBenDover

    medium plane stats

    It would nice if RETO made the 2 tiers of Medium planes more competitive with each other the yak and the ME 109 and the P40 were not so disadvantaged in real life as they are in this game.
  2. GeneralBenDover

    500 Gold giveaway FUNTAGE

    Ted.The.Bear eh? ..any relation to BobTheBear????
  3. GeneralBenDover

    Devolution of a once great game

    It appears theres only maybe 2 RETOS left and I dont think they read the forums.
  4. GeneralBenDover

    Devolution of a once great game

    Not much more to say Sir Heresy and DrHoops and the Title say it all..100% agree.
  5. GeneralBenDover

    Dear Reto devs: how many does it make it ludicrous ?

    This has been screamed at RETO for years.. Specialty ATS should have a feature for the owner/General to "White List" players giving only those players permission to use those specialty ATS ( NOT INF ATS) RETOS response is they want everyone to be able to play whatever they want , My response to that is LET THEM BUY THEIR OWN SPECIALTY AT THEN. It was never fixed, it never will be fixed and so I, along with many others, dont deploy anymore. GBD
  6. GeneralBenDover

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    Another weapon, like the anti tank rifles, that just simply should never have been put in the game ..and insanely over priced just to add insult to injury.
  7. GeneralBenDover

    Snow Uniforms

    Just wondering. IF I buy a snow uniform, will there be random snow maps though out the year or are they only good for a few months a year? They are very expensive. GBD
  8. GeneralBenDover

    Pausing veteran membership until snow theme is over please

    Not sure why they didnt make the snow maps random..would have solved all of this ..Maybe make them random all year seeing people are forking out MONEY on snow uniforms. but PLEASE get rid of the blasted snowballs!!
  9. GeneralBenDover

    Snow Uniforms

    Cool ill see you a mile away ..youll be the dead guy wearing WHITE in the greenery! 😂
  10. GeneralBenDover

    Snow Uniforms

    It is expensive if you only get use of it for Winter
  11. Its not that simple, because you cant unequip the stupid things they are there when you do your weapon/equipment swap ...I use my main weapon in a fight and go to flick to my pistol...and quick draw a fkn snowball!!! im DEAD
  12. GeneralBenDover

    Feedback from a veteran returning

    What ever happened to the new maps we saw previews of?
  13. GeneralBenDover


    The weapon balance is totally screwed has been for a long time ...RETO cant seem to get it right..they still have the system of making a weapon unplayable/annoyig to use, to stop it being over used ..anyone who thinks this is a faction bias has no idea .They need to revert the settings back to BEFORE the Adams cone fire nightmare and thats just for a start.
  14. GeneralBenDover

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    Its been circling the drain for quite some time ..many of us tried desperately to have RETO listen, so many suggestion, so many opportunities to make this game the greatest game out there. It COULD be spectacular ..instead its a spectacular disappointment. I played every day for over 4 years like so many others , put many many dollars into the enjoyment this game did give and showed the promise to give so much more ..Now I maybe play once or twice a month if that , I never deploy ..The RTS is a total dead stick. Our clan had over 60 regular players at one point, they are ALL gone, along with 100s probably 1000s of others.. Times running out RETO.. turn the corner or the lights WILL go out , and im afraid thats lights out very very soon. [ Truth is its probably already too late] GBD
  15. GeneralBenDover


    Adding bots is a great idea, its been suggested for years ..the blurry scopes is just going to piss people off and the game will take a hit on player numbers
  16. GeneralBenDover


    How do they make it better? More to the point.. And Red planes in a war!!??! Whos idea was that?? Well I guess the Red Baron did it and look how it worked out for him! And what fool approved it????? AND THEN what bigger fool said lets make em 682 000 credits or 1800 gold!!!! ..I guess they might get some players to buy them if they get on while they are drunk.
  17. GeneralBenDover


    Red camos for planes ..... WHAT?????? Wheres the sharks mouth or the cool 109 camos????
  18. GeneralBenDover

    Community Hotfix

    The tank v tank map really needs to have the tank classes sorted better , spawing in as a Russian light tank v tigers is a little too challenging
  19. GeneralBenDover

    Community Hotfix

    RETO , how to take off the players .101 BUFF the PTRS 41 so that everyone buys the new 650K gun because now its as OP as FK! THEN realise it willl need to be nurfed because its ridiculous (LIKE IT IS NOW ) and take off all the players who have now wasted 650K!! Really guys you cant see this coming????
  20. We are wishing to contact any and ALL Australian and New Zealand players, New or current in the interest of getting our players into war matches to increase the chances of getting low ping war matches. Since the changes to how ping is set in war, low ping war matches are very very rare for Aust/NZ players , we can go days without seeing a single one. Our best chance is to get Aust/NZ players cueing on war matches instead of staged. So we dont care what faction you are or play for we want to play with or against you.. Please feel free to visit our Teamspeak at or jump in a match with us or against us. GeneralBenDover Silent 7TH
  21. GeneralBenDover

    Community Hotfix

    Great to see the Devs at least attempting to listen. Restarting the Dev streams is excellent anf these hotfixes are a start .....BUT You guys need to play your game!! Limiting the classes is a must BUT not before you introduce plane v plane options FIX the tank V tank mode and maybe even have some special game mode for recon..otherwise players will be frustrated with not being able play these modes. Correct me if im wrong but when players get into a match as say a tanker, they will not ever give up that tanker seat so youll have a situation were players hog the specialty classes because its so hard to ever get them. GBD
  22. GeneralBenDover

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Im sorry guys but if the LMG recoil was reduced after the hotfix, it must have been by a very tiny amount..They dont seem to be one bit different to me.
  23. GeneralBenDover

    Armor plates

    Will the plates be visible ingame?
  24. GeneralBenDover

    You Are Terminated

    nice vid mate ..well done
  25. GeneralBenDover

    Terrain issues - Airfield (as requested by RedBjarne)

    Mt Town map, A line tank Spawn , one of the A1 spawns actually rolls your tank when you spawn the ground is so bad.