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  1. BravoJuliet4me

    New Social Emote?

    What new social emotes would you guys like to see? Would you buy them or would you prefer they be unlock able like badges?
  2. BravoJuliet4me

    Easter Egg

    What does the easter egg do or unlock?
  3. BravoJuliet4me


    Are war bonds ever coming back? I haven't seen them in the stores in a awhile.
  4. BravoJuliet4me

    Give WF bonus for generals

    Old SU blitz tactic right there . But he's right, its lame to win wars in less then a day. Just spam more infantry like everyone else to pay for your "special units".
  5. BravoJuliet4me

    RETO - HADES, SU can't keep up

    Say what u want about the people that left the SU faction. IDC that's on them and not what this topic is really about despite the fact that they will be referenced. That small group of SU players that left should of never been able to make this much of an effect on our entire SU faction both in the RTS and the battles. But, the numbers and the stats are speaking for themselves, maybe there is some truth to what they are saying and protesting for. I mean, SU has an average of 1/3 wins to losses in battles, so there is clearly some kind of imbalance. Be it weapons or the average experience levels of players playing on the SU faction, idk man. However, something ain't right and it's showing pretty hard. - SU is only holding its territory when either the US decides not to really attack us, or we get help from other factions. Even when the US doesn't intentionally push SU lines we are still being soft capped. -SU is severally underpopulated, and short on enough infantry AT's to cover its territory. This is blatantly obvious by looking at the infantry on the RTS board stats and seeing Germany being anywhere from x2 to x4 bigger then SU, and USA being as much as x10 bigger then SU is. We need some kind of help to counter this. Once our front line falls we lose so much territory to soft capping, its insane simply because we just dont have any infantry for our territory. Just because a small handful of players left the SU (our whales) doesn't mean we should insta lose almost all of our battles and be forced to forfeit the RTS side of the war. We, your other SU players shouldn't be punished for this. Idk what your (reto's) plans are for fixing this problem or if there even is one, but i hope a resolution will come semi-soon because i like playing on my faction. Kindly said in advance and ty for reading this.
  6. You do what u want, but this is just a heads up post. Because of the fact that we lost most of our skilled players, we have been losing battles left and right. As a result when i deployed my forces i lost over 100k in war-funds before they were destroyed (almost all infantry units). Some of my friends reported the same problem on a smaller scale tho. I'm not saying don't deploy if you want to, all I'm saying is be careful out there, don't go bankrupt fighting for territory that we only have a 33% chance of winning anyways.
  7. BravoJuliet4me

    weapons balance

    when the weapons got balanced were they balanced on the stats of the general population or were they balanced with math and DPS? For example a larger damaging round could still lose to something with a high rate of fire, this is DPS. General population stat balancing is when in simple terms you basically just look at the stats of the bigger picture and make a determination that something needs a nerf or buff based off how the community is currently doing. Both methods of balancing can be effective. General population stat balancing favors casual gamers but causes rage due to ease of mechanics abuse once a player goes past a certain skill level. Math and DPS favors higher skill threshold players as it gives more of a truly fair balance to a game, and limits mechanical abuse since weapons are being compared to each other and not how players use them. However, the downside is it tends to establish frequently changing and mandatory player metas of "you must use this weapon and equip XYZ then do actions 1,2,3 in sequential order" which is difficult for casual gamers to keep up with. Like i said, neither method is wrong, but im curious as to what method of balance is used for this game as it seems to be a little bit of both?
  8. BravoJuliet4me

    how do i?

    How do i hide and or delete units that i dont want in my heroes menu?
  9. BravoJuliet4me

    LFC (Looking for clan)

    good to know, ty for that
  10. BravoJuliet4me


    As an infantry player i respect you as a woman in your tank. You are indeed intense and passionate. A tanker of your skill must be a great wife, mother, student and worker! (incase you dont get the reference)
  11. BravoJuliet4me

    LFC (Looking for clan)

    OP huh? soooo they are the kind of player you'd want to fight against to get better? Count me out then i want to improve my FPS game, not get lazy and complacent with stacked teams and snowball style wins.
  12. BravoJuliet4me

    LFC (Looking for clan)

    who is hok? and are they a soviet clan or a mixed faction clan?
  13. I stopped playing this game about 5yrs ago when the lack of having a gun that could even hit the broad side of a barn and the best weapon in the soviet faction were DPS trash compared to other factions had gotten so out of control on the soviet side that we literally had to resort to our starting riffle as being the only higher level competitive play weapon left in our entire arsenal to keep up with and the devs refused to even acknowledge what any of the soviet clans were saying about the issue. Those were dark times... But good stuff happened while i've been gone, and among it i'm happy to see we have a few weapons now that can actually hit what u shoot at! Thank you!!! -Can we please get a hide option for heroes that we don't use or want to see? -reduce and combine some of the more useless badges. For example Steal car/tank/Airplane should all be one badge. And for the badges that can't really be combined but are still very rarely picked up, give them some love and boost/rework them. For example "first blood" badge just needs a rework all together and to have something to do with its actual title. This is just an example of what i mean. "While having first blood badge equipped if you get the first kill on your team you receive 1,000 extra credits." UNDERUSED BADGES NEED LOVE TOO!!!! -Throw in some funny posters on the walls, maybe even a simple easter egg. Idk something silly like find and shoot all posters and it will unlock a dancing social emote. God the amount of fun you could have with social emotes in this game lmao. Also in the past Glitches & Easter eggs have single handedly made games so popular they became iconic mainstream games, like Pokemon, pokemon was a dead game until someone discovered the mew easter egg and the cinnabar island glitch, Call of Duty nazi zombies is huge now because of its famous over the top silly Easter eggs. Those little secrets that players found made those games become so popular they actually became mainstream titles. Have some fun with it while you develop it, like get drunk together one night and go nuts and do some silly s h i t!
  14. BravoJuliet4me

    LFC (Looking for clan)

    about 7 yrs ago or so i used to play this game, i was in clan orb. are they still around? their team speak no longer works and the discord is dead. If not, then is any other clan looking to hire a former spetsnaz operator? I have about 2,500 infantry, 200 LT, 100AT, 100 paras and about 50 planes that i can contribute to the war effort. I am dominantly an infantry player, I speak English, And most importantly i don't live in my parents basement!!!
  15. BravoJuliet4me

    Black Screen of Death

    and the problem came back... :cry: