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  1. I thought this would get more attention.
  2. I had been monitoring War 536 for hours in the afternoon (Eastern Time) on Sunday, 19 NOV 2017 watching the Soviet forces knocking at the door of Rotterdam and Istanbul. The Soviet Forces were one Campaign Map node from Rotterdam proper and three nodes away from Istanbul. Then the American closed the door and eliminated the Soviet narrow penetration near Rotterdam. Methodically, the Soviets grinding toward Istanbul. There was only one Strategic Center needed to win the War. I stood ready prepared for the next War... The War ended. I immediately clicked 'Continue to the Next War' and the game appeared to freeze. The icon greyed out and I waited. It was not unfreezing and remained grey. I restarted the game and was greeted by the top image with a wait of 1,510: I watched eagerly as the number diminished by a couple hundred at a time... I got back into the game and had to reselect 'Continue to the Next War.' Then 'Join the War' selecting the German Faction, waited for the Campaign Map to populate, and selected 'Deploy All.' I was again greeted by a greyed out 'Gold' and 'War Fund' icons in the second image, unable to make a selection that would register. Again, for a second time shut down and loaded the game. The wait was only 400 something. After another count down and after selecting the German Faction, I was greeted by yet another greyed out menu shown in the third image. Instead of being one of the first in the queue, my Pathfinder Assault Team (AT) was over 700 in the queue. .
  3. In-balance thread. Aircraft vs Ground Forces AT Rambos vs Tanks Weapons more closely balance by weapon category Underdog Bonus (War Funds) Auto Resolve .
  4. Fixing the Wasting of Vehicles

    - Keep the spawn zones active for vehicles so the vehicle can reenter reactivating the ability to spawn in the vehicle. - The radius/time is extended for squad vehicles and extra points are awarded both the passenger and operator. Enhancing squad cohesion. - Close proximity to the spawn location upon death extends the despawn timer so the vehicle has a greater chance of being reused. - Entering an Anti-Aircraft emplacement does not immediately despawn your vehicle. - Reduce the time-penalty for spawning in vehicles. - Make it where vehicles 'to spawn' on are visible in the main full map view and the view interacting with specific capture points. Upon death, place an glowing Infantry Support Vehicle (ISV) icon (with the following words underneath "Active Mobile Spawn Available") with a glowing number over the top of the icon for the number of ISVs active. Have the icon on the center bottom of the screen indicating there is a friendly mobile spawn active on the map. Icon and words are missing when there is not spawn vehicle available. @Reto.Desji .
  5. Prioritizing Map Development

  6. Prioritizing Map Development

    Maps in development I added the blue discs to the matrix below. Kreml = Brest Fortress Assault Map DevStreams updates on the map releases from Q&A&Y #4 on 28 SEP and Q&A&Y #1 on 17 AUG in the Spoiler gray banner. This is actually exactly how the [Crossroads] map is designed. I know heights are not apparent from the picture I posted so I will use your own image to illustrate: As you move towards the center of the map you will basically go through this sequence no matter from where you approach: 1. Vantagepoint on the ridge of the valley. From this vantage-point you have 1,5 km line of sight to the other side ridge. This vantage point is mostly covered by trees 2. Open area fields which are exposed due to slanting down towards the village 3. Vantagepoint at the field boundary. 4. Open area, more fields. 5. Funneled into the village streets (chokepoint)... ------------------------..............................+++++++++++++++..............................------------------------ A H&G Forum section dedicated to just maps is a very good sign. I believe new maps should be a very high priority for the Reto development team. Let's see which map types should be first out of the production assembly line. Add your prioritized list as a separate post below. Justification as to why you think your sequence is preferred would be appreciated. These are the current maps: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here are my thoughts: It is difficult to determine which maps should go first. At this point in the game development progress, any maps and soonest would do the trick. Matrix to be modified based on Developer feedback We need the following: - 9 Russia Maps to match the current France themed maps - Coastal Town Map - Flight Training Map - Strategic Center (Capital City) Map - Aircraft Action Battle Maps - Mine Map - Partisan Maps - Other game mode maps Season for each map: - Fall - Winter - Spring - Summer "Published by Reto-Moto on Dec 19, 2014 We sometimes let a couple of players into our test & development servers to help us test specific things - when we weren't looking a couple of the guys grabbed the content for this awesome video and edited it together." It appears a lot of folks, including Reto, think the Winter version of the maps has to have falling snow in the sky and 8 inches (20 cm) on the ground. I think there could be minimal snow accenting spots with barren trees and clear skies. Server resources for particle effects and tracks in the snow averted. It is important to impact as much of the player base as possible. A large portion of the campaign map could be Russian-themed which would entail making Russian versions of the existing nine maps. These maps would be available to all players able to access the Assault, Skirmish, Encounter prospectively. There are approximately 4,000 players online gaming each day. About 10% (400 players) of those participate in the War on the Campaign map. Adding a Coastal map would convert existing battle action maps where land fall is made at the end of battle lines. There are approximately 140 current map nodes on the Campaign map that could be converted to a Coastal map. This map could also be made available to Staged battle participants. Original post - Coastal Map: Reto, take a look - Coastal Town Map - authored by @Shwepshappens We need to take into account the composition of over 18 million soldiers in the combined armed forces: - 17,800,000 infantry (95% of total) - 506,000 Tankers (54% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 184,000 Pilots (19% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 147,000 Recons (17% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 95,000 Paras (10% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 9,000 Generals (1% other than infantry [of the 5%]) I think the flight training and aircraft maps should have been released on 2 DEC 2016 when the first wave of new recon aircraft were released. Pilot Training Map and Instructor Feature I think the region themed maps should be accessible to staged battles. It may be a good idea to limit accessibility of certain maps to just the war side of the game to encourage participation in the war. The city maps could be limited access - War only. The Strategic Center (Capital City) maps should be done with the center piece or the backdrop themed based on the location. London - Big Ben Clock Tower, Paris - Eifel Tower, etc... The photo is of Warsaw, Poland during WWII Map Types: - Russian - Coastal - City (Strategic Centers/Capitals) - Flight training Aircraft action battle maps - Aircraft Maps - Recommendation ... Bomb factory ... Sink ship ... Wreck train ... Attack Ground Convoy ... Destroy bridge ... Chance encounter with enemy aircraft over sea I think it is important to tie the Aircraft action battle maps to the Campaign map and the resource system. Forecasted Resource Management (H&G Developer Concept) And, definitely an Armor map based on: Battle of Kursk Mine map -> Automatic movement of train with raw material to the Factory map. Partisan version of the Coastal Town, Mountain Town, Town, and Strategic Center maps with much more cover and concealment. Plowed fields, crops, orchards, irrigation ditches, silos, shacks, static carts, more bushes, etc to facilitate closer range contact between occupying soldiers and Partisans. Partisan Maps Mechanized Recon against Pathfinder map. If Mech Recon is able to detect and interdict no matter the location, special rugged remote terrain action battle map in which the Mech Recon has to attempt to stop Pathfinder movement across the map. Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon In my opinion, the Campaign map is not ready for another expansion. There is much development needed with the existing map before spreading into other areas of the globe, but when the next expansion occurs it should be a whole other set of maps based on a North Africa theme. -----***----- -- Other considerations -- Map Categories: - Assault - Skirmish - Encounter Time/Illumination: - Day - Sunset - Night - Sunrise Weather: - Clear - Cloudy - Fog - Rain - Snow - White Uniforms Theaters: - Europe - West Asia - North Africa - Tan Uniforms - East Asia - Japanese & Chinese factions (Expanding the game to appeal to the Far East market has great potential) - Pacific - North America - Atlantic ----------- Much lower priority based on the WWII theme: - Sub-Sahara Africa - South Asia - Central America & Caribbean - South America .
  7. Great post!! I boiled down your comments for later use. PlanetSide 2 was/is very good. I was a huge fan of Battlefield 2. .
  8. For the German Faction, which is the best all-round aircraft? I also currently have One Recon Plane AT and would appreciate some guidance on pros & cons of upgrading. .
  9. Packed goodness in this topic as well
  10. Here is the current format when an Action Battle is loading. Starting with the name/label of the action battle being loaded in the center top, instead of just 'skirmish' place the specific map type name. In an order format, state 'Attack' or 'Defend' and then the specific name of the town on the Campaign Map, if in War mode. At the same level going across to the right side of the image, you will see the 'time of day' and 'weather' has been moved up into the banner. A Snow flake has been added to depict this is the 'Winter' version of the map. For future map development, there could be four versions of each map: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Moving down the image, there were four tabs labeled 'Summary,' 'Resources,' and 'Details' in the first image. I recommend going with four tabs, in the images below, with some of them renamed: 'Battle,' Resource,' Soldiers', and 'War.' The Battle is zoomed into the playable area of the map (with smaller icons desired). Resources is unchanged. The Soldiers Tab would provide more information similar to the using the 'Tab' key while fighting in the action battle. Rank, screen name, soldier type, and ping would be visible as the action battle is loading. click on the image to gain a closer view Finally, the War Tab would show the Campaign Map of most of Europe, click on the map to zoom into the region of the Campaign Map, and the cycle of three maps would be end with the action battle and nearby towns. The current War sequence number is depicted in the bottom left in all three panels of the Campaign Map. Continuing to click on the map would continue to cycle through the three versions of the Campaign Map. click on the image to gain a closer view @Reto.Vashu Some more potential U/I - changes/additions. .
  11. It's great to see so much interest in this topic
  12. This is a recommendation to allow players to select more than one soldier type for Staged and War Action Battles. This could potentially decrease the waiting time to get into the action. The Green arrows point to the addition of boxes to select specific soldiers of different soldier types to enter into the Match Maker (MM) process. The Red highlighted icon is to opt for more than one soldier type. There are two red boxes to just have a better view the concept icon. The larger box would not be present and the smaller icon would have white shading similar to the 'Squad' options icon. The click boxes for each soldier would not be visible when you are interested in the current just one soldier waiting for an action battle. When the Combined Arms icon is selected the click boxes appear on the soldiers, the player selects the soldier avatars desired to enter into combat, and the MM finds the first action battle with one of the soldier types. @Reto.Vashu Another option to decrease waiting times. .
  13. How does Reto create the conditions for a better balanced participation on the Campaign Map? Currently, there are too many Assault Teams (ATs) on the Campaign Map, the queue is too long, and some account holders are waiting days to get their first AT on the map. This next image is embedded in two other threads: Staggered Production resulting in Staggered Availability of Resources & Encouraging Campaign Map Activity This concept supports increasing more individual player participation in the War on the Campaign Map AT Fairness - Limit deployments to 10 ATs for set time periods ... Day 1-3 only the first 10 ATs per account ... Days 4-5 separate queues: First 10 AT deploy queue and a Second queue for the rest of the ATs associated with separate accounts at a ratio of 3:1. Three new accounts get to deploy there first 10 ATs and then one old account which has already deployed its first 10 ATs gets to deploy the remaining desired ATs. Cycle continues 3-new:1-old. ... For Day 6+ no limits to AT quantities for each account Question: One in-game Day equals how many real-life hours? AT Functionality - Ability to undeploy without penalty - Follow-on Order - Assault Team (AT) Follow-on Order - Recon retreat without penalty - Specialized Function - Assault Teams - More than one encounter action battle per battle line which is part of the near-term plan for Reto - Select few AT can infil/exfil into enemy territory - Enhanced Battlelines This next part is obvious for those who understand Economics. I am not suggesting increasing prices. I prefer the options described above. P-Price is the War Fund (WF) cost of ATs Q-Quantity is the number of ATs Reduce ATs - Increase the Price of ATs - Increase the Price of Reinforcements - Increase the Price of Deployment - Decrease War Funds (WFs) earned - Reduce/Remove Under Dog (UD) bonus WFs [I am recommending this be adjusted so it is the same for all Factions] .
  14. Because tanks serve a purpose in conflict and should not be vaporized by a BB gun.
  15. We'll see. It would be great to be surprised with some improvement. Not likely, thou.
  16. It should require teamwork to take down a tank and not rapid fire socks covered in grease. Yes, it does suck to have this type of encounter .
  17. Tanks have been running like rabbits from a single infantryman on a bike since I have been playing in APR 2016. Unfortunately, when the maps all got a big overall haul many map features greatly favored the infantry. To make thing worse, Reto is devoting valuable development resources to likely further weaken tanks with mobility kills and the wrench not repairing the tank to 100%. If Reto can not balance the tank versus infantry in the current easy state with less variables, what makes you think they are able or willing to balance the tank vs infantry with many more variables with Armor 2.0. We are very likely in for an enormous disappointment that will take years, if ever, to fix. Anti-Tank Infantry was actually encouraged by Reto knowing that there was a huge problem. Unbelieveable! .
  18. @RadicalEdward2 What do you think? .
  19. Good to hear RadicalEdward3 had what appears to be successful interaction with the developers
  20. The hand nukes could have been balanced long ago. The idea of not being able to repair your tank to 100% with the wrench sounds like a series of disabling new game mechanics. Recipe for certain death... I have been yards away from friendly forces to only be hand nuked. Tanks have to stay away from all infantry 80% of time or die. .
  21. Largest Invasion Force 22 JUN 1941 – Germans attack on the Soviets – 38 day delay (Balkans Campaign, heavy rains, distributing fuel, and establishing forward airfields) – Did not anticipate a long campaign, therefore preparations for Winter were not made – Four objectives (Red Army, Leningrad, Donbass [Eastern Ukraine], Moscow) – 1,800 mile front – By 31 DEC 1941, advanced 1,050 miles – 3.7 million Axis soldiers – 153 Axis Divisions … 104 Infantry … 19 Panzer … 15 Motorized – 3,350 tanks – 2,770 aircraft – 7,200 artillery – 600,000 motor vehicles – 650,000 horses ... +++ ... Normandy Invasion 6 JUN 1944 (D-Day) – 1,213 Allied warships – 4,126 transport vessels – 736 anxillary craft – 864 merchant vessels 19 JUN 1944 (D+13) [storm] – 629,051 Allied soldiers – 95,000 vehicles – 218,000 tons of supplies 30 JUN (D+24) – 850,000 Allied soldiers – 148,000 vehicles – 570,000 tons of supplies Strength by 24 JUL (D+48) 1,332,000 Allies 380,000 Axis Casualties by 24 JUL (D+48) 120,000 Allies 113,059 Axis ... +++ ... Battle of Kursk Attack – 5 JUL 1943 Germans 780,900 soldiers 2,928 tanks 9,966 artillery Soviets 1,910,361 soldiers 5,128 tanks 25,013 artillery Counter Attack – 12 JUL 1943 Germans 940,900 soldiers 3,253 tanks 9,467 artillery 2,110 aircraft Soviets 2,500,000 soldiers 7,360 tanks 47,416 artillery 3,100 aircraft Losses – 23 AUG 1943 Germans 198,000 soldiers 760 tanks & assault guns 681 aircraft Soviets 254,470 soldiers 6,064 tanks & assault guns 1,800 aircraft German Peak Levels 5,202 tanks on the east front NOV 1944 5,041 aircraft DEC 1944 By D-Day, German divisions: 157 in the Soviet Union 59 in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands 26 in Italy 21 in the Balkans 12 in Norway 9 in Germany 6 in Denmark 6 in Finland ... +++ ... North Africa Campaign 10 JUN 1940 – 13 MAY 1943 (U.S. involvement 11 May 1942) Germans 130,000 captured 22,000 dead Italians 340,000 captured 22,000 dead Dead 35,478 – British 16,000 – French 9,243 – U.S. Germans 6,200 artillery destroyed 70,000 trucks destroyed 2,400,000 tons of supplies sunk Germans 2,550 tanks destroyed 8,000 aircraft destroyed Allies 2,000 tanks destroyed 1,400 aircraft destroyed ... +++ ... Just Aircraft 10 JUL - 31 OCT 1940 - Battle of Britain - 2,550 German aircraft & 1,963 British aircraft with 1,977 German aircraft destroyed & 1,744 British aircraft destroyed 22 JUN 1941 - Operation Barbarossa - 2,770 German aircraft 10 JUN 1940 – 13 MAY 1943 - North Africa Campaign - 8,000 German aircraft destroyed & 1,400 Allied aircraft destroyed 12 JUL 1943 - Kursk Counter Attack - 2,110 German aircraft & 3,100 Soviet aircraft 23 AUG 1943 - Kursk Losses - 681 German aircraft & 1,800 Soviet aircraft 6 JUN 1944 - Normandy Invasion - 11,590 Allied aircraft DEC 1944 - German Peak Level - 5,041 aircraft .
  22. I am not a fan of World of Tanks and am not interested in their game mechanics. I think the balance can be achieved without diverting valuable development resource to a game mechanic that is unneeded. When the mobility kill happens, there will be ZERO friendly forces to the rescue.
  23. Unfortunately for me, I think Armor 2.0 will be a bust. Your idea of fuel shortages will be very similar to the mobility kills and increased frustration of vehicle operators up and coming. I think the FUN will dip to perhaps unplayable levels with Armor 2.0. I am not looking forward to it. One of the many reasons I departed the Battlefield series was due to the Super Lone Wolf Infantry dominating. .
  24. I want Para Forces to be laser focused on their principal task. Take out the next Capture Point. 'Soldier Type' Guidance for Action Battles I think they should be attacking the Big Airfield Maps with potentially significant value (Anti-Aircraft ATs, Supply Depot, & Command Bunkers) and reducing 'Loyalty' Level (potentially new Game Mechanic) in Towns 6) Agree with adding gliders, but not with the spawn ability. I think the gliders should only be used to deliver vehicles. The gliders would only be used on the big Airfield map as part of the Dolittle Raid (the second airfield). Not all the Factions used the same exiting technique. . .