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  1. That's unfortunate. Reto and their paying customers gain from valued testing that is timely.
  2. The content of this post was pulled from multiple threads. Many edits have been made to streamline the messages and add clarity. Blocking and Removing Auto Resolve (AR) authored by @geschlittert Five 5-minute RTS Fixes Keeping the RTS Playable authored by @AxeHeadSlam Let Staged Players Auto Resolve (AR)! - Matchmaker Group "Platinum" authored by @Rdanzer How to Reduce Assault Teams (ATs) on the Frontline authored by sfscriv A System to Drastically Reduce the Resource Queue authored by @Paciencia095 We are currently in our second of three known Campaign Map tests being conducted by Reto. The goal is to find a functional solution to the current Auto Resolve feature. On 14 SEP 2017, the decision to conduct tests related to improving the balance of the Campaign Map/RTS/War was announced. The first link in the quote below is from the DevStream Q&A&Y #3. Wow!! Thanks for bringing our stardom to my attention. We got some good coverage. Even better, it sounds like some serious testing is in the near-term: - Starting Position adjustment - Auto-resolve turn-off - Underdog turn-off Significant steps!! Here is the link to the start of our FEATURED time in the Spotlight with 7 minutes and 10 seconds of Fame.. Background: Problem: ** The Campaign Map is too small for the number of ATs and the Campaign Map is too large for the number of action battle participants.** Transitioning to a Solution: The third test is for the Campaign Map Auto Resolve (AR). There are concerns about just turning-off the AR feature. I am sequencing and re-wording posts to stitch together a potential concept for implementation: Comment - Those who select a faction are actively involved in the War and not counting against the faction in the War while just playing Staged. There needs to be creative ways to increase participation in the War. Comment - The idea here is the Encounter/Skirmish battles are fought by "Platinum" Staged Fighters. Only the resources losses/experience gains that align with the staged battle resources will transfer WF, XP to the Assault Team (AT) owner. Perhaps, account progression player levels V (1,600 XP) through XII (50,000 XP) can participate in the Platinum and matches. This would encourage Veterans to participate in the War and newer players to support the War. Account progression player levels V (1,600 XP) through IX (14,999 XP) would select a faction ("Platinum") for the duration of the War, but would not be included in the player count for the current War as they would not have access to participating on the Campaign Map. Comment - Have the random war fighters enter a queue to fight the acion battle nodes in sequence based on when they entered the queue. Action battle nodes would not include Encounter/Skirmish maps. Reto stated more than once on recent DevStreams: Comment - Once the first set of multiple battleline conflicts occur, a winner is determined and the battleline is then controlled by that faction. Other features that will assist with the gameplay on the Campaign Map: @Gerrit. & @Melvinivs . @Reto.Hades The next test for the Campaign Map is related to Auto Resolve (AR). This thread has a number of concepts that could potentially improve the testing process. @Jacky95 @GermanSoldier @BroskyBro @Rdanzer @Thorning2 @Matt6767 @Flint74 @Hdawg @meforte @Lemarcq @Kilowolf @hoko90 @Baswaldo @Akinaba @Sqeek @Junell @HarmlessHarry @TheIthuriel @Gerrit. @ValorousTF .
  3. I am planning an overhaul of this thread to spruce it up and do a little pruning. .
  4. Most of these threads were created by me to assist in improving our H&G Game. I have selected some threads authored by others with credit annotated. Suggested H&G Development Priorities Campaign Map TEAMPLAY It's time to put our experienced veterans and their high ranked soldiers to work. Integrating organization brings random players into the war effort as part of the team. Let's include all the individuals in each faction's effort to Win the War. Multi-Echelon Command Teams Adding a diplomatic game mechanic to H&G. Added to the "historical figures" thread authored by @boomthekid Diplomacy Further developing the Resource system on the grand Campaign Map would provide gamers a deep rewarding experience. Proposed H&G Resource System Once the battle is won, then what? Let's add some decision making with consequences. This thread and the next three threads were inspired by @ghostdoggo Introducing an Action Battle Capture Option on the Campaign Map Leaders lead troops and leaders have to make decisions of resource allocation with consideration of the civilian population in their occupied territory. Introducing a 'Loyalty' Game Mechanic Let's integrate a number of features to add depth to the existing framework. My Thoughts: Resource System, Capture Options, & Partisans Partisans are civilian militants behind enemy lines in occupied territory. Partisans could be a whole new 'soldier type' that fights behind enemy lines in only the War. Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon Assault Teams (ATs) should be specialized according the function they serve on the battlefield. Specialized Function - Assault Teams The goal of the Spy Assault Team (AT) is to infiltrate a very long distance to an enemy Faction capital using the 'Enhanced Battlelines' . Once within the capital region, the Spy AT can enter 'Sleeper' status and wait for other Spy ATs to arrive or swing into action and have a low probability of success. Spies and Saboteurs authored by @GaiusBaltar Aircraft Encounter Maps embedded in the Campaign Map and having limited Assault Teams (ATs) with the ability to infiltrate behind enemy lines and exfiltrate from enemy occupied territory undetected. Enhanced Battlelines A good discussion about Campaign Map Resources. Resources, regions, railroads, and devastation authored by @wolfshield156 At some point participants on the Campaign Map have to eat, sleep, work, etc. The AT owner should have the ability to issue the follow-on order right after the initial order. Assault Team (AT) Follow-on Order This next thread was authored by @AxeHeadSlam, the leader of the German Faction, and he has a lot more insight into how to improve RTS gameplay. 5 Much needed 5-minute RTS fixes that'll keep RTS playable until RTS 2.0 Make an additional option for staged action battles, to fight in a “Platinum Matchmaking” group – to resolve Campaign map (War/RTS) battles which are currently autoresolved. Let Staged Players be the Autoresolver! authored by @Rdanzer 48 hours of Assault Team (AT) inactivity resulting in the AT being despawned. The faction receives 100% of the resources back and the owner of the AT receives 100% of the War Funds (WFs) back. A System to Drastically Reduce the Resource Queue authored by @Paciencia095 In order to balance the likelihood of each faction having a fair opportunity to achieve victory, I would like to recommend a shift in the starting strategic centers for each faction. Campaign Map Distance Analysis - Recommendation A H&G Forum section dedicated to just maps is a very good sign. I believe new maps should be a very high priority for the Reto development team. Prioritizing Map Development ^^^ ** ^^^ Action Battle TEAMPLAY Think about which in-game tasks you do not want to do and which tasks in the action battle are not being properly conducted by others that should be accomplished. Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! Add new Anti-Aircraft (AA) resources with a new AA soldier type with the ability to emplace stationary gun positions, use existing AA trucks, and have its own separate AA Assault Teams (ATs). Anti-Aircraft Soldier Potential soldier types to enhance TEAMPLAY. Heavy Infantry [Infantry Subclasses] authored by @GermanSoldier In an effort to specialize the function of the half-track, create a separate identity for the cargo truck, encourage teamplay, and reinforce dependence on your team mates; I would like to recommend the role of the cargo truck focus on logistics. Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles Understanding the situation on the battlefield as the action unfolds is important for teams striving for a win. Existing Markers - A Better Understanding of the Threat There is already a progress approach to gaining access to rank, soldier types, vehicles, maps, and to participate in the War (Campaign Map). Perhaps, and initial phase for integrating VoIP could just be on two maps in the War with Leader channels. Progression Approach to Attain VoIP Communications with Phased Integration Consideration of the orientation and status tools found on the individual player's Heads Up Display (HUD. Heroes & Generals HUD authored by @Altumfx Can you imagine if Squad Leaders (SLs) where not only communicating with their squad members, but also discussing enemy activity and coordinating their next moves with each other? Squad Leader to Squad Leader Cross Talk As part of a comprehensive H&G aviation update there should be a training map, aircraft action battle maps, pilot instructor feature, anti-aircraft as its own separate soldier type, aircraft should be required to land to re-arm, faction runways for assault maps, all factions should be able to crater/repair faction runways, and a Dolittle Raid option to strike deep into enemy territory on the campaign map. Recommendations for Upcoming Aviation Updates [Consolidated] Since the developers are increasing the number of planes, there is also an opportunity to improve TEAMPLAY. An unlockable RADIO for Infantry and Recon Squad Leaders to be used with Binoculars. <Pilot and Infantry Coordination> - authored by @ninkanoob For an Action Battle, a faction commander develops and briefs his plan. The squad leaders receive the plan, briefback to the commander, coordinate with the other squad leaders, and brief their fire team leaders. The fire team leaders brief and control their fire team members. Should there be Fire Teams within the H&G Squad? ^^^ ** ^^^ Feedback Reto has an enormous opportunity to take advantage of a multi-million dollar marketing campaign being paid for by multiple other video game companies. World War II (WWII) is going to be a big fade for at least a year. Carving out Market Share Honor and express gratitude toward your customers. Retaining & Bringing Back Great Customers Being a World War II (WWII) online game, it should come naturally to have marketing efforts coincide with historical WWII anniversaries. Marketing: Sale Ideas - authored by @RadicalEdward2 Reto-Moto you should consider using major WWII historical events as marketing opportunities. Players Name Your Top 3 Most Memorable WWII Events (Marketing Opportunity) The Reto-Moto team is selling the H&G game and the platform to communicate with the public should be impactful. Configuring the New DevStream Twitch Room Recommendations based on proximity to the customer base and internet infrastructure. Refining the Network of H&G Severs We are presenting a number of concepts to improve the clan experience, encourage new and old clans to join the H&G Community, and to inform random gamers how to create and administer their own H&G clan. Honoring Clan Attributes: A Stronger Community with Customer Retention - authored by @Jacky95 & sfscriv This is predominantly feedback from the H&G Community with some of my personal feedback at the end. The principal finding was that the unique Campaign Map War is the main reason to invest time in the game. What is the end-game? Derived from a great discussion by @Rolf_Mützelburg & @Rdanzer A Reason to Participate in the WAR What is the right balance between Arcade and Realism for a Free-To-Play (F2P) Heroes and Generals (H&G)? A Balance between Arcade & Realism This is HUGE consideration for all H&G gamers. "Time..." We only live once and we have precious little time. There needs to be an across the board reduction in the amount of time it takes to do most everything in H&G. A Consideration of Time For the DevStreams, it would be great to refine the execution of the exchange and dig deeper into the issues. It's Time for Some DevStream Deep-Dives What are some other "fractions" the could change gameplay for the better? Fractions Equal a WHOLE new gaming experience The timing on introducing new factions/sub-factions. Marine/Naval infantry equipment authored by @wolfshield156 Five summaries of five separate threads within the H&G Forum related to improving the game and the interaction between the H&G Community and Reto. Large contributions by @Rolf_Mützelburg @BroskyBro @Zeupus @Frontfunker Listen, Acknowledge, Offer Solutions, Give Credit, Openly Track, & Satisfactorily Resolve Issues Operation Glasnost is a good initiative and has been defined as 'Transparency.' What changes in transparency can the H&G Community expect to see? Feedback on Operation Glasnost (Reto Transparency) ^^^ ** ^^^ Includes assistance, tips, TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures), additional feedback, Story Telling, and History. More extensive Collection @reto.kensolo It was great to have you present on Devstream #68 (Apr 1, 2016). 28:43 - The function of the H&G game Producer It was very good to get an incite into the functions of the 'Producer' which is a lot like the Chief of Staff in an Army HQ. Your role in the Reto organization is dealing with all the different development groups to bring it all together as an operational whole. I have authored number of threads here in the H&G Forum that would likely be of interest to many of the different teams. Thanks and keep up the great work. @Reto.Robotron3000 I have added a number of links to substantive threads. I believe the Partisan concept and Enhance Battlelines will be of particular interest. .
  5. I have been away for a while. 1) Any news on the Auto Resolve (AR) testing? 2) Will any customer suggestions be included with the AR test? .
  6. WAR Victories by Faction for the Last 3 Years .
  7. As we look forward to more depth in the conduct of the War, let's see what has been said by the Developers related to the Campaign Map and our version of Real Time Strategy (RTS). H&G Devstreams 1-10 with Timestamps. Devstream #1: Aug 22, 2014 10:33 – Assault Teams explained (command points) 18:10 – 15 Strategic centers established 31:55 – Tying Grand Strategy unit allocations to friends/clans 50:30 – Possible distant future. General tied to HQ. Kill/Capture an enemy general. Take out assault teams commanded by general. Devstream #2: Aug 29, 2014 10:48 – Strategic Center specific maps? 17:50 – Multiplayer strategy game. Breakouts, overextending… Communicating with other players. 40:00 – Limitations on resources. Raw materials and production to be introduced Devstream #3: Sep 5, 2014 18:25 – Assault team deployment to the frontline will get you XP as an officer 22:25 – Reason for faction winning war. Coordination (battle plan), cutting off resources. [My thought: Location of Strategic Centers] 36:01 – Small positive flow of war funds for account with just a general character? 51:30 – Being able to interact with the Campaign map while waiting in the queue for the next match 1:10:56 – Strategic Center (Capital Cities) maps? Devstream #4: Sep 12, 2014 19:03 – Join campaign missions with own squad? 24:14 – Division size units? 1:09:10 – General control your own assault team? Delegation. Devstream #5: Sep 19, 2014 7:34 – Paratroopers on Campaign Map 20:38 – Campaign Resources explained (S-build test-beta) 23:42 – Production regulates the deployment of assault teams. Balance by category. 25:41 – Origin of Production Resources Devstream #7: Oct 3, 2014 53:02 – Mobile anti-aircraft Assault Teams? 53:47 – Artillery use on Campaign Map 56:12 – Restrict access to Campaign Map Devstream #8: Oct 13, 2014 14:17 – Restrict Tier One from War battles 23:47 – Ability to downgrade assault teams? 38:10 – Joining your own assault team in battle? 39:40 – Ability to group different types of assault teams? Devstream #9: Oct 24, 2014 5:17 – Faction Resource Production explained 1:02:14 – Preserving units to reduce war fund costs Devstream #10: Oct 31, 2014 59:26 – Strategic map airfield discussion 1:03:02 – Color code when officer is online commanding assault teams H&G Devstreams 11-19 with Timestamps. Devstream #11: Nov 7, 2014 17:44 – Fear, Reward, Cost of Heavy Tanks. Difficult vs Ease of killing tanks. Want more on Campaign map. 43:56 – Interdiction mission (spot resources on campaign map and destroy the supply train) 46:09 – Command structure Devstream #12: Nov 17, 2014 26:48 – Campaign map battle report for assault teams? Devstream #13: Nov 21, 2014 53:33 – Resources determined by controlled territory? 56:40 – Resources needed to extend offensive operations Devstream #15: Dec 5, 2014 5:14 – Staged battle (Training) symmetrical, War battle (Campaign) asymmetrical, and Mission (future feature) 52:17 – Logistic Elements? Gather resources 53:15 – Waypoints for Assault Teams to select route 56:40 – Mission to destroy bridge to disrupt supply line Devstream #16: Dec 12, 2014 20:41 – Food, fuel, etc 34:12 – Complaints that Game is too complex Devstream #18: Jan 9, 2015 42:12 – Campaign Map with Developer; Deploying Assault Teams 53:01 – Combat badges for Campaign Map activities; purchased General does not have access to badge perks Devstream #19: Jan 23, 2015 38:33 – Providing post-battle status of assault teams 1:00:27 – Pacific Campaign? H&G Devstreams 20-29 with Timestamps. Devstream #20 Jan 30, 2015 9:50 – Developer enters campaign map 10:56 – Developer assault team deployment 16:48 – Diplomacy system? 17:56 – High ranking player communication 21:18 – Conditions to win campaign; 12 of 23 strategic centers 33:19 – Future: Leaders pool resources 41:38 – Intent to include whole world with a very long development time 42:09 – Resistance forces? Devstream #21: Feb 6, 2015 3:32 – Resource Pooling Description … Before assault teams wiped out and other no action … Now assault teams share in the action and losses … Action squads draw from resources 8:04 – Future match of action squad with assault team 9:03 – Earning war funds Devstream #22: Feb 16, 2015 27:38 – Improve campaign map viewing (64 – 256 MB cache) 41:29 – Clarification on resource pooling … Example: Heavy tank accomplishments in action game (not skirmish) transfer credit to assault teams with heavy tanks 43:05 – Deployment of assault teams 49:01 – How forces are committed to battle from Campaign to action 52:53 – Considerations for large stacks of assault teams engaging in battle 55:05 – Access to resources of late arriving assault teams 55:43 – Retreat function explained 57:00 – Joining your assault team in the action battle 1:01:26 – Battle lost: unused assault teams and encircled assault teams Devstream #23: Feb 20, 2015 44:31 – Check the availability of resources during a battle (and you can press tab to check resources of both sides) Resources are fixed to battle line. Devstream #24: Feb 27, 2015 4:06 – Attaining Soviet (new faction) capability on the campaign map 17:15 – Advantages of defense (choke points) on the campaign map 20:05 – The mistake of calling the campaign map Real Time Strategy (RTS). Long-term: Strategic thinking, use of resources, and coordinating with other leaders. 22:30 – Mistake of overstocking resources on the frontline 23:47 – Incentives to make good decisions on assault team placement on the campaign map 25:46 – Gain strength and defend. Lighter forces on the front and contain enemy with heavier forces positioned off the frontline. After build-up, move on the offensive. 27:40 – Feeding heavy tank assault teams with war funds to maintain operations 29:02 – Issue with multiple accounts (zero sum gain). Earn War Funds (WF) with infantry and spend with others. 31:16 – Production system 33:17 – Economic cycles (game loops) 47:30 – Campaign map fog of war 47:48 – Plan to exploit weakness with a measure of uncertainty. Probe the frontlines for weakness. 48:42 – The best laid plan does not survive first contact 49:55 – Resource Management Raw Material -> Manufacture -> Consumption 50:51 – Potential future types of raw materials 54:34 – Ten minutes of preparation preceding campaign war battles due to possibility of three-way battles Devstream #25: Mar 6, 2015 5:15 – Balancing Assault Teams (ATs) on the campaign map. Encouraging AT upgrades. Offense costs more. 12:04 – Supply queues 12:40 – Limiting resources to encourage conservation and good strategic conduct 14:39 – Use of paratroopers on the campaign map 32:56 – Placement of strategic centers and starting points 40:04 – Rivers on the campaign map Devstream #29: Apr 17, 2015 29:09 – Rank, character types, unlocks, tiers; level of experience restricting access 35:28 – XP gained for Assault Team (AT) participation on campaign map? Based on the resources your AT destroyed on the action map. … Action Battle 5xp and Campaign 140xp for enemy soldier killed … 2,040xp for enemy aircraft destroyed 46:37 – Retreat leaves resources behind for action players H&G Devstreams 30-39 with Timestamps. Devstream #31: May 8, 2015 8:15 – Morale system 23:01 – Command badges (Charismatic leader, Battlefield commander, Logistics expert) 24:01 – Leaders with battlefield experience 28:23 – Spartan shield (Lambda symbol – Laconia) Devstream #33: Jun 1, 2015 27:50 – Para-blocking Devstream #34: Jun 5, 2015 52:41 – Number of Assault Teams per faction 1:04:34 – Consistent Faction Colors … Identifier Friend or Foe (IFF) … Blue – Friendly … Red – Enemy Devstream #35: Jun 12, 2015 18:56 – Cool down period after campaign map battle successful defense? 30:44 – Pacific Theatre? Devstream #39: Jul 10, 2015 22:18 – Assault Team activity 47:49 – Faction messaging system … End of War … Strategic center change of control H&G Devstreams 40-49 with Timestamps. Devstream #41: Aug 14, 2015 43:31 – Adjusting the Assault Team (AT) in-balance; more resources compared to ATs 46:30 – Possible future ‘Reserve’ (free ATs) Devstream #42: Aug 21, 2015 24:53 – How battles are determined; number of spawns per player 25:36 – By the numbers per player number of spawns: … 10 infantry … 5 paratrooper … 18 x 5 = 90 paratroopers minimum; if all para … 50% of faction should be infantry and paratroopers … 4 tank crewman … forces retreated if not enough resources are committed to the battle … pathfinder assault team not enough to start a battle, but enough to slow down progress for a short duration 29:56 – Bouncing an AT out of a battle with a loss in morale (20%) and resources (25%) 32:53 – Seeking alternative solution to use pathfinder AT 35:31 – Attack vs Defense … fun (fight) vs fun (fight) … fun (unaffected) vs not fun (penalty & retreats) … not fun (penalty & retreats) vs fun (unaffected) … not fun (penalty & retreats) vs not fun (unaffected) … For Skirmish: not fun vs not fun (random: Loser – penalty & retreats) … fun vs fun (No participation: auto-resolve with no timer reset) 38:34 – Possibility of denying the ability to choose which battle to join via a the campaign map Devstream #45: Sep 11, 2015 26:45 – War production based upon actual sites controlled? Devstream #49: Oct 9, 2015 23:32 – Encounter map trigger on Campaign map 32:28 – Expand player base; less complex entry H&G Devstreams 50-59 with Timestamps. Devstream #51: Oct 30, 2015 22:21 - Campaign map adjustments ... Pressure release on German faction ... Increase connectivity between American and Soviet factions 23:50 - Consideration: Adjust Campaign map starting points for factions 28:15 - Desire to expand the Campaign map ... Need detailed vector maps 32:55 - Easier way to manage assault teams Devstream #53: Nov 13, 2015 46:08 - Replay war on campaign map (mentioned; not demonstrated) 49:35 - Rigid location of Strategic Centers (capital) on Campaign map? 56:53 - Resource Management system update 1:00:36 - When add North Africa? Devstream #54: Nov 20, 2015 40:43 - Campaign map war replay tool https://www.heroesandgenerals.com/media/CampaignViewer/out/Main.html Devstream #58: Jan 8, 2016 21:43 - Anti-aircraft not yet ready to be its own separate assault team 47:47 - "I think at that point we might consider doing a specialized assault team for the AA-guns." 48:06 - Aircraft defense on Campaign map H&G Devstreams 60-69 with Timestamps. Devstream #60: Jan 22, 2016 Devstream #63: Feb 19, 2016 1:25:58 - Discussion on fuel consumption Devstream #66: Mar 11, 2016 54:58 - Character resources in a specific battle used to select who plays in the battle Devstream #67: Mar 18, 2016 14:26 - Overall progression tree H&G Devstreams 70-79 with Timestamps. Devstream #71 May 13, 2016 20:57 - Squad War Battle Requirements for participation 21:20 - No map choice for war battles 21:41 - Matchmaker decisions explained (delay waiting times) 38:11 - Resources available for the current battle 50:22 - Joining your assault team battle on the campaign map 53:01 - Generals closer to each other and communicate where to attack 54:07 - "More power to the Matchmaker" Devstream #72 May 27, 2016 8:05 - Skill based matchmaking system 31:23 - Linking squads for clans to join the same battle on the Campaign map 32:40 - General's list of preferred squads to use his Assault Teams (ATs) 34:29 - Fight against friends? 36:39 - Progression tree for new players; learning the process 39:02 - Group Assault Teams (ATs)? Devstream #73 Jun 10, 2016 27:00 - Matchmaker explained for war battle (majority determines server selected to host battle) 37:28 - Send external requests for reinforcements Devstream #76 Aug 5, 2016 43:14 - Campaign map updates - ~600 additional battlefields - Fewer choke points - Select multiple assault teams by using 'shift' key - Timer to see battle duration - Can copy and paste city name Devstream #77 Aug 19, 2016 13:37- Player account experience leveling based on overall score - Opens access to game modes, soldier classes, rewards Devstream #79 - *Launch* Sep 23, 2016 1:01:30 - Over 18 million soldiers in the combined armed forces - 17,800,000 infantry (95% of total) - 506,000 Tankers (54% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 184,000 Pilots (19% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 147,000 Recons (17% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 95,000 Paras (10% other than infantry [of the 5%]) - 9,000 Generals (1% other than infantry [of the 5%]) 1:10:06 - Launch trailer six themes - Fight to Win - Combined Arms Warfare - Join a Squad - Large Inventory of vehicles and weapons - Grand War - Experience comraderie H&G Devstreams 80-89 with Timestamps. Devstream #82 Nov 8, 2016 1:00:43 - Upgrade the campaign map game 1:01:12 - Update the transport system 1:01:56 - Land, Air, and Sea movement 1:02:32 - A hint of naval forces in the future? 1:03:25 - Anti-aircraft guns in the strategy game 1:03:44 - Anti-aircraft resources and as a separate type soldier 1:04:33 - Ability to configure assault teams and be able to downgrade Devstream #83 Nov 18, 2016 27:26 - Massing combat power to engage enemy. Attain more advantageous conditions. 31:19 - Clan designates an area of operation with a designated objective 32:00 - Attack to advance the progress on the campaign map 33:23 - Steam rolling the opposition 34:43 - Going against other clans on the campaign map Devstream #84 Dec 2, 2016 36:20 - Different resource pool for the two types of planes Devstream #85 Dec 16, 2016 8:28 - Furness (AUG) with campaign map functionality 26:14 - "Asymmetrical, yeeaah..." 49:23 - Why does Europe continue to be the location for conflict? 49:42 - War Victory for the year (23 Americans, 12 Germans, 35 Soviets) 49:56 - "Americans, you thought you win the war. Ha, Ha, Ha. The Russians are laughing at you." Devstream #86 Jan 6, 2017 1:36 - One of the longest campaign map wars in a year ended 18:03 - New vehicle classes need to be worked into the strategy campaign map Devstream #87: Jan 20, 2017 39:00 - RTS Campaign map aircraft ranges Devstream #88 - Medkits & New Render Feb 24, 2017 2:55 - Campaign map hot fix to adjust the morale system ... Defender runs out of morale AT undeploys and resources lost ... Morale rebuilding delay being removed with the ability to immediately enter the deployment queue depending on the current stockpile ... When 'Undeploy' you lose the resources, but the resources are transferred back to your faction RTS Enhancement/Overhaul - Capture Options & Partisans authored by @ghostdoggo Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon Forecasted Resource Management (H&G Developer Concept) Specialized Function - Assault Teams Campaign Map Distance Analysis - Recommendation Campaign Map (RTS & War) topics - H&G developers <Pilot and Infantry Coordination> authored by @ninkanoob Multi-Echelon Command Teams .
  8. Watch Q&A & Why #11 with CEO Reto.JM

    I think the Q&A with the CEO went good. I appreciate Reto.JM's interaction with the H&G Community. Much of the development execution in the second half of 2017 was already planned and in motion before the Reto.JM came onboard. Unfortunately, I think an opportunity was missed. Call of Duty (CoD) moving into the WWII theme in 2017 was an opportunity to attract new players to H&G. Balance/Fix Gameplay, New Maps (not map tweaks), and Marketing could have paid huge dividends. There needed to be a push in development before the release of CoD in NOV 2017. It was not the time to announce, "working on the back-end." Carving out Market Share I understand the state of H&G is not where we all want it to be. Even though the game is not completely refined, there should be greater efforts in: Retaining & Bringing Back Great Customers Some may continue to deny the enormous significance of clans on the Grand Strategic Campaign Map or in the many Action Battles, but we should recognize, and value, their contribution: Honoring Clan Attributes: A Stronger Community with Customer Retention - co-authored with @Jacky95 Operation Glasnost has been impressive. It has been sustained since AUG 2017. Well done!! Feedback on Operation Glasnost (Reto Transparency) The Insider Summit was unexpected, a huge gesture, and greatly appreciated. (There should have been an official video created to capture the spirit of the summit. It' not too late.) Now is the Time for Action. Show Us 3!!! I believe if you point out an issue then you should offer a well thought out recommendation. Balance and Fix Gameplay Fractions Equal a WHOLE new gaming experience A Consideration of Time Auto Resolve (AR) - Searching for a Solution How to Reduce Assault Teams (ATs) on the Frontline Not as far into the future as submarines and aircraft carriers or as soon as fix/balance and new maps, somewhere in between should be added depth to Heroes and Generals. Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities Discussion of Para Forces on the Campaign Map Ground Convoy Continue to make H&G unique - High Quality H&G Beer Steins (Give folks a reason to be proud to be a part of the H&G Family) I will be sure to re-submit my resume for consideration. Here are some concepts from other games: Past Video Gaming Contributions - sfscriv .
  9. Nations dropped like dominos: ... Poland lasted 2 weeks ... Netherlands lasted 4 days ... Belgium lasted 3 weeks ... UK began evacuating after 2 weeks ... France lasted 6 weeks ... Denmark lasted 6 hours ... Norway lasted 2 months ... Greece lasted 3 weeks Consider the Elements of National Power: Diplomacy, Information, Military, Economic (DIME) And the Principals of War Clearly the effective use of Combined Arms played a significant role with aircraft supporting the mechanized Blitzkrieg (surprise, speed, and force in close coordination). .
  10. Development Overview is now public

  11. Letter from the CEO #3

  12. Amphibous vehicle is so useless

    I think the amphibious vehicle should be only for Recon. Recon is the sneaky bunch that need to flank to gain an advantageous position. Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities & Multi-Echelon Command Teams - Place the ribbon progression unlock between the motorcycle and the Recon armor vehicles. - The amphib vehicle could continue to use jeep resources and there would be a motorized ampib recon AT with jeep resources. Recon would select the ampib like infantry selects a jeep in their deployment menu. - Make an amphib ribbon for shuttling soldiers across water obstacles. - Have the motorized amphibious Recon AT able to shuttle dismounts on the Campaign Map to bypass blown bridges (Air Encounter Map) on the Campaign Map. Enhanced Battlelines - No reduction in price - No increase in speed on ground - 20% faster in the water - No crates Interesting how you slipped in the Weasel. I do not think it needs any of the items requested. .
  13. SHOVELS - Teraforming for H&G

    I would like to see about three shovel movements with the shovel in the dirt sound. The bots do the work and the bots and players get to use the positions. I could see something like this: The video is set to show the emplacement of the house. The transparent green means the site is okay for building. If the site is not suitable, the transparent image turns red. .
  14. Ground Convoy

    Much appreciated. It would be great to get some of these concepts included in H&G. I'll keep cranking them out and fusing the ideas into a functional whole. Thanks again for the support. .
  15. Ground Convoy

    Executive Summary There could be Command Teams (CMD TMs) at different echelons of each Faction guiding activities across the whole Campaign Map. The Commander guides maneuver forces and coordinates with the other two CMD TM members. The role of conducting surveillance and counter-surveillance will be lead by the Scout Leader. The Executive Officer (XO) takes on the role as the chief logistician guiding support forces to push needed supplies to the front lines. For more info about CMD TMs: Multi-Echelon Command Teams There could be a new Cargo Truck Assault Team (AT) added to Heroes and Generals: The Cargo Trucks would be owned & controlled by XOs and operated by bots in this thread: Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles The bots/NPCs/AI (Non-Player Characters/Artificial Intelligence) would do the dirty, time-consuming jobs no one wants to do. The XO, as part of the three-man leadership team, would prioritize tasks and directly control bot activities in the action battles and on the campaign map. The XO would have to decide how to best utilize the bots to support the Commander's fight to victory. The primary duties of the bots would be to provide logistic support, assist with transportation, defend control points, build protection and obstacles, and repair vehicles. In this thread we will continue to focus on the activities of the ground convoy. Crated supplies (Ammunition, AT weapons, Medical) would originate from a single designated Faction Capital which would be designated by the Faction Commander. Initially the Faction XO would control the movement of supply crates to the Fronts. As the operational area of the Faction and the duration of the War continues, Rear Area XOs will be added to move the crates to the Front. Here is the hierarchy for the CMD TMs with XOs at each echelon: Here is the Faction organization for the separate CMD TMs on the Campaign Map: Depicted above the enemy would be across the top of the image and the Faction CMD TM at the bottom would be located in vicinity to the one designated Faction Capital. The supply crates would be moved from the designated Faction Capital all the way to the frontlines to provide the supplies in the crates on the action battle and in the vehicle crates operated by the soldiers fighting on the action battlefield. H - Ammunition & Panzerfausts (Crate) I - Medical (Crate) In the 'Simplification' image, the reader only sees the transfer of supplies to a Strategic Center (city/capital) the transfer would continue all the way to the frontline. I will replace or add an image depicting the whole process in the future. Transporting the supplies across the battlefield in the image with the aged tan-ish background, the supplies go from the Faction capital to the three 'Fronts' per Faction. Each XO will have his own Ground Convoy ATs for his area of operation. The transfer from the Rear Area to the Front will entail the supplies being delivered by the bots of the Rear Area XO to a Airfield Map near the operational boundary. The Front XO's Ground Convoy ATs will pick up the supply crates from the Airfield Map when the timing is appropriate and move the supplies across the Front to an Airfield Map in vicinity to the Effort area of operation. Once the supplies make it to the 'Effort" area of operation the supply crates on the action battle maps will be filled according the supplies present on the Airfield Map nearby. The Ground Convoy ATs would be visible moving on the Campaign Map and would be moving targets for enemy aircraft. The detection of ground convoys would be accomplished by the enemy ATs guided by the enemy Scout Leader: Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities Upon detection, the ground convoy ATs could be interdicted by enemy aircraft ATs. Aircraft Maps - Recommendation One of the Aircraft Encounter Action Battles would be the Ground Convoy interdiction. The numerous aircraft encounter maps on the larger Campaign Map would have their own designated line as part of the Enhanced Battlelines. In the image below, the ground convoy is moving from a Coastal Town on the left to a Strategic Center at the right. The truck at the top would be a Ground Convoy aircraft encounter map. The Pathfinder AT is using a separate set of lines to exfiltrate from enemy territory toward the Coastal Town. This next part is a modification of an idea presented by Khadmon: This concept of Prisoners of War (POWs) and POW Camps would also be a series of tasks for the XOs and would be the mission of the Ground Convoy ATs to move the POWs from the frontlines (Airfield Map) to the Rear Area. POW AT (SCT) Resources are deposited into the winning Factions stockpile as the POWs are captured and then moved farther back from the frontline. One-third of the resources go into the winning Faction's stockpile immediately upon winning the action battle. The defeated prisoners move to the nearest winning Faction Airfield Map. So the prisoners are moved away to safeguard them from conflict and to deter swift repatriation. Once enemy prisoners are staged at the Friendly Airfield, the prisoners become the responsibility of the cadre of Executive Officers (XOs) as a whole to transport even farther from the frontline using Ground Convoy ATs. Once the prisoners are moved from the Effort area of operation to the Front area of operation into the Front Area Prison Camp another third of the captured resources are deposited into the winning Faction's stockpile. The next move of the prisoners would be from the Front to the Rear Area XO for final safekeeping and the final third of the resources is deposited upon checking the prisoner into the Rear Area Prison Camp. Cargo Truck AT (XO) The Ground Convoys will move prisoners from the appropriate Airfield Map (Initial Effort Prisoner Holding Area) to a more secure Front intermediate Prison Camp and finally to the Rear Area Prison Camp. The Ground Convoys will have different progression unlocks and one of those unlocks will be to add a Guard AT to the Ground Convoy to guard the prisoners. The Guard AT will be purchased just like a normal Guard AT, but will not count against the Infantry stockpile or production pools. The Guard AT will be purchased, add capability to the Ground Convoy, and can not be detached from the Ground Convoy AT. The percentages in the brackets above are for the chance of successfully moving a Ground Convoy through a Town Map currently in a state of revolt. If the Action Battle maps on the Campaign Map are occupied and not in a state of revolt, then there is zero chance of the prisoners escaping as they are transported ever farther into the occupied territory. If the Town Map is in a state of revolt, then a one Guard AT attachment to the Ground Convoy will give the convoy a 30% chance of making it through the town without the prisoners breaking free. Two Guard ATs attached to the Ground Convoy and a 60% chance of passing through the town without issue. Three Guard ATs attached to the Ground Convoy and a 90% chance of passing through the town without issue. Partisan AT (SCT) If the prisoners break free in a revolting town, they will join the Partisans as dismounted infantry without weapons. They would have to be protected by the Partisans or recaptured by the occupying forces. Here is more info about the Partisans: Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon @Reto.Robotron3000 I know you are out sick with the flu and swamped with the weapon Deep-Dive DevStream. When you get a chance, this is likely worth a look. Get well soon. @Reto.Hades I heard The Netherlands with not out with the Flu. Check it out. @meforte @Lemarcq @Matt6767 @Hdawg @Melvinivs .
  16. Past Video Gaming Contributions - sfscriv

    Here is an old concept (SEP 2010) for improving Battlefield 2 / preparation for the release of Battlefield 3. This is a detailed recommendation which included "diggin' in" for each of the different kits/classes. .
  17. This is not my first rodeo. Meaning I have devoted significant time/effort to assisting other online games. Here is just one of many examples. I will share just this one for now. ArmA has a robust modding community. An employee of Bohemia Interactive worked on an ArmA mod during his spare time. A lot of hard work, community assistance, and word of mouth sky-rocketed the mod into its own stand alone DayZ product which released on 16 DEC 2013. I entered the scene as attention was reaching enormous levels while the concept was still in the mod phase. I will share one of the many submissions. I submitted this on 20 JUL 2012 and it was acknowledged by the Assistant Game Director. If you are familiar with ArmA 2 and DayZ, you will recognize that a number of the recommendations were implemented by the DayZ development team. The image is based on ArmA 2. Here are some of the features that are now a part of the game just from this one submission: - Hats and sunglasses - Seeing your character's appearance while in the inventory - Making the vest a functional piece of equipment - Attachments for weapons - Melee weapon as a separate functional inventory slot - Being able to see the number of available slots in the backpack - An in-hand transfer slot visible in the inventory I was very happy to see quite a few suggestions were used for the in-game inventory within the product. We can all make a difference. "Identify a need where you provide benefit and Passionate people CAN change the World for the Better." @Jacky95 @ghostdoggo @Rolf_Mützelburg for your reading entertainment. -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 3 JUN 2017 Here is another concept presented to a modder. Sa-Matra's mod was award-winning in the "Make ArmA Not War" contest. The name of the ArmA 3 mod is King of the Hill (KOTH). Before the image is presented, let me point out the reason for the suggested enhancement in ArmA 3: KOTH. Before individuals or groups make contact with the enemy, there are steps that should be considered. One very important step is to Marshall forces before departure. Instead of leaving the friendly main base as a mob, I recommended the following. There was more than one image and a fair amount of supporting text to pitch the concept. -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 9 JUN 2017 Very similar marshalling concept for PlanetSide2 on a much larger scale that was submitted in AUG 2014, but not acknowledged by the development team. -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 1 OCT 2017 A Match Maker (MM) from the year 2006. In DEC 2006, I submitted this concept to EA DICE for the development of Battlefield 3, but was not acknowledged by the development team. Oh, the memories... This was intended for the early stages of joining a match. The player would have already decided on the map they wanted to play. Next was to rank order the desired kit/class/soldier type and the player's level of experience. The commander of each team would establish the task organization, the needed kit/class/soldier type for the upcoming battle. The process would align the need (commander's list) with the desire (player's wants) while taking into consideration the experience of the player. The same process was undertaken for the use of vehicles. What Role do you want to serve on the battlefield? Then there was the 'Desired Mission' to align the personnel with the squad missions. Those that wanted to attack deep into enemy territory would be added to the squad which was about the venture on the same mission. The integrated leader positions Commander (CDR), Executive Officer (XO), Scout Leader (SCT), and Squad Leader (SL). Battlefield 2 (BF2) had integrated Squad Leaders and a Commander for each team. I was recommending the XO and SCT be added to increase the Real Time Strategy (RTS) attributes in the game. If players were interested in serving in the role of a leader, they selected and rank ordered only the desired positions. BF2 had integrated VoIP in 2005. There were still many players who did not have a microphone or did not want to verbally communicate with others. The idea with this section of the 'Mission Preparation' was to place gamers interested in using the VoIP in the same squads and to place folks with ability to speak English in the leader positions, if that was the main language spoken by the leaders. @Jacky95 @meforte @Lemarcq @Kilowolf @Marv2.0 Some interesting past concepts above. -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 1 OCT 2017 In the DayZ Standalone. the smoke coming out the chimneys was my submitted concept as well; along with many others. The smoke is not very noticeable when the survivor is using the fireplace. The idea was for other players to be able to see there was someone in the house and using the fireplace. The use of propane gained a lot of interest from the DayZ developers and has only been partially implemented. Here are a bunch of other concepts presented to the DayZ developers: Github - sfscriv's List of DayZ Improvements Looks like most of the entries are from the year 2013. The most significant contribution that has been implemented has been portions of the inventory system in the initial post. You can see the DayZ developers now have varied loot spawning in different regions of the map. This is the map I created to identify zones. -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 27 OCT 2017 I created this matrix to assist players back in 2008. -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 17 DEC 2017 Here is some analysis of different games with the intent of find an ideal configuration. This first image is a layout of the kits/classes in the Battlefield series conducted in March 2010 before the release of Battlefield 3 (BF3) in October 2011. Here are the images from an analysis of mini-maps from March 2013 of the Battlefield and Call of Duty series. This was an analysis conducted to improve Battlefield 2 (BF2) integrated systems relating to teamplay, communication, kits, leader positions, and leader tools originally posted in May 2011. Lengthy post in this thread on the second page. There are many different ways in which to learn. One effective way to share information is via video (audio and visual input). I pitched a concept to senior leaders of Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) in March 2015 to embed YouTube videos into their product so the customer would not have to leave the software application to view the video. To my surprise, an unrelated company has a similar feature in their product. I believe the way to improve understanding of the Heroes and Generals product is through many different supporting methods. -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 28 DEC 2017 From JAN 2011, here is the Campaign Map for the Medieval 2 Total War (M2TW) RTS game. This was for personal use to plan future conquests, ship/army movements, guild & religious sites, and alliances. I made this image in May 2011 for internal use within my clan. The image depicts the classes of soldiers in the RTS game Company of Heroes (CoH) for both the US and GE factions. I image also has the different types of vehicle and the Engineer produced items in-game. In AUG 2011, these images were screen captured and created to better understand the integrated leader positions in MAG: Massive Action Game an online multiplayer FPS video game developed by Zipper Interactive for the PlayStation 3. This is a MAR 2010 image, prior to MAG release, on a project I was working: -------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ Added on 10 JAN 2018 Reference the following thread Multi-Echelon Command Teams Reference the following thread Prioritizing Map Development Reference the following thread My Thoughts: Resource System, Capture Options, & Partisans Reference the following thread Campaign Map Distance Analysis - Recommendation Reference the following thread Discussion of Para Forces on the Campaign Map Reference the following thread Information Transformation (your Combat Boots) Gentlemen @Reto.JM & @Reto.RedBjarne, I am ready to get to work!! .
  18. SHOVELS - Teraforming for H&G

    Anti-Aircraft Emplacement Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! Bot Defenders Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles I do not believe the game engine will allow the ground to be distorted by in-game action. My guess would be any construction would have to build on top of the terrain. Like this: The Squad Leader (Battlefield 2: Project Reality mod circa 2008) initiates the construction of: - Forward Operation Base (FOB) - Anti-Tank (AT) emplacement - Heavy Machinegun (HMG) emplacement - Razor wire with hedgehogs Here is an old concept (SEP 2010) I created for improving Battlefield 2 (JUN 2005) / preparation for the release of Battlefield 3 (OCT 2011). This is a detailed recommendation which included "diggin' in" for each of the different kits/classes. Just above the second grey row. Many a Assault Map fight exceeds an hour. Let the bots do the dirty work. Only three bots with a limited number of creations. I propose that just the bots have the ability and only real player controls all the bots for a specific action battle map. Can you expand on this concept? The bots having prepared defenses and actively defending would slow down the pace. .
  19. BA and SA rifles not useful on infantry

    First 18 real-hours of War: - No motorcycles, jeeps, or APCs - No Recon - Only Light Armor - No Para-Forces - Recon Plane Only - Cargo Truck deployed stationary AA emplacement Folks are not able to deploy there most expensive/capable weapons and equipment at the beginning of the World War as their Faction simply does not have the capacity yet. .
  20. This is an effort to augment @ghostdoggo's 'Loyalty' concept RTS Enhancement/Overhaul - Capture Options & Partisans Heroes and Generals (H&G) is a First Person Shooter (FPS) and Real Time Strategy (RTS) hybrid. The main selling point is the integration of the individual battles into a grand campaign map. Further developing the Resource system would provide gamers a deep rewarding experience. Present in Medieval 2: Total War [M2TW] (H&G equivalent) with potential: A - Population (Civilians) B - Public Order (Loyalty) C - Income (Credits, Warfunds, Gold) D - Military (Soldiers) E - Production (Vehicles & Supplies) Possible Resource and Status Levels for H&G: Forecasted Resource Management (H&G Developer Concept) A - Population (Civilians) B - Public Order (Loyalty) C - Income (Credits, Warfunds, Gold) D - Military (Soldiers) E - Production (Vehicles & Supplies) F - Food G - Oil, Coal, Iron (Raw Material) H - Ammunition & Panzerfausts (Crate) I - Medical (Crate) J - Partisan (Primarily based from A, B) Some of the categories above have the 'strikethrough' marking (Food, Oil, Iron). At least initially in my opinion, a one resource feed to the factories should be plenty to determine impact. I picked 'coal' as it can be used as a fuel and as an ingredient in industrial production. The raw coal would be transported via trains on rail visible on the campaign map. "V" icon is the Village action battle map and the Tower looking icon above would be a new Mine action battle map My suggestion would be to study the current batch of maps. I like the idea of tying resources to action battle nodes on the campaign map. Here are my thoughts for associating resources with each map: * Recommended Map (Prioritizing Map Development) Enhanced Battlelines - Integrate the Aircraft maps into the campaign map (train, bridge, ground convoy, etc...) Encounter: - Depot -> None * Battle-line/Aircraft map: Destroy Bridge -> If destroyed, stops movement until repaired by bots under the control of the XO position. XO - Multi-Echelon Command Teams Bots - Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! * Battle-line/Aircraft map: Wreak Train -> Automatic movement of train. If destroyed, stops supplies of raw materials to factories. * Battle-line/Aircraft map: Attack Ground Convoy -> XO position controlled bot cargo trucks. If destroyed, stops supplies from designated faction capital to Airfield depots and front line forces. Aircraft Maps - Recommendation * Mechanized Recon against Pathfinder. The Mech Recon Assault Teams (ATs) are able to detect and interdict no matter the location, special rugged remote terrain action battle map in which the Mech Recon has to attempt to stop Pathfinder movement across the map. Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon Skirmish: - Forrest -> None (No resources) - Hill -> None - Village -> None ("V" icon) Resource Movement on the Campaign Map - The flow of raw materials would be transported by train to the factory. - Equipment and personnel would spawn into the Campaign Map from the Strategic Centers - Crate Supplies: Ammunition, AT weapons, Medical would move unseen from the factories - Crate Supplies: Ammunition, AT weapons, Medical would all originate from the faction capital and be transported by bots in Supply Convoys to Supply Depots on Airfields - Crate Supplies: Ammunition, AT weapons, Medical would be transported by bots in Supply Convoys from Supply Depots to the frontline Action Battle Maps Assault: - Forward Airfield -> None (No Resources) - Airfield -> None or player-placed Supply Depot, Anti-Aircraft, and/or Command Bunkers on Airfield H, I - Town -> [Need to Manage Loyalty A, B] Soldier/Partisan/Food Production. D, P, F - Mountain Town -> [Need to Manage Loyalty A, B] Partisan P - Factory -> Automatic (unseen) movement of vehicles to Strategic Centers and supplies to the one designated capital. E, H, I * Coastal Town -> [Need to Manage Loyalty A, B] Partisan. P Reto, take a look - Coastal Town Map {Faction XO designates limited number of coastal towns as Logistic Distribution Harbors and Ship building} * Strategic Center (Capital) -> [Need to Manage Loyalty A, B] Partisan P Distribution of Soldier & Vehicles. D,E {Crated supplies originate from single designated Faction Capital. XO controlled movement of crates to designated depots on airfields to be distributed to front line.} * Mine -> Automatic (visible) movement of train with raw material to Factory. G (Tower looking icon above) * Partisan version of the Coastal Town, Mountain Town, Town, and Strategic Center maps with much more cover and concealment. Plowed fields, crops, orchards, irrigation ditches, silos, shacks, static carts, more bushes, etc to facilitate closer range contact between occupying soldiers and Partisans. Public Order would have to be managed by integrated leaders to attempt to avoid revolts due to low 'Loyalty.' Independent Node: * Aircraft map over sea/open field -> None * Aircraft map Sink Ship -> None Training: - Depot * Aircraft Pilot Training Map and Instructor Feature @Reto.McFly A lot of detail, but a worthwhile read. Proposed H&G Resource System Enhanced Battlelines Introducing an Action Battle Capture Option on the Campaign Map Introducing a 'Loyalty' Game Mechanic Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon My Thoughts: Resource System, Capture Options, & Partisans (Consolidated with a bit more, but also missing some) .
  21. War production

    Campaign Map Variations - A New Challenge Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities Proposed H&G Resource System .
  22. BA and SA rifles not useful on infantry

    What if SA and BA was all anyone had for the War for the first 18 hours in real life (3 War-Days)? Infantry War-Day 1-3 Bikes & Civilian Trucks Only Semi-Auto Rifles (no scopes until Day 6+) Only AT mines & Panzerfaust Staggered Production resulting in Staggered Availability of Resources .
  23. Let's try to stay focused on WWII and not insult each other.
  24. Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    Tomorrow!! .