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  1. That's unfortunate. Reto and their paying customers gain from valued testing that is timely.
  2. I am planning an overhaul of this thread to spruce it up and do a little pruning. .
  3. I have been away for a while. 1) Any news on the Auto Resolve (AR) testing? 2) Will any customer suggestions be included with the AR test? .
  4. WAR Victories by Faction for the Last 3 Years .
  5. Watch Q&A & Why #11 with CEO Reto.JM

    I think the Q&A with the CEO went good. I appreciate Reto.JM's interaction with the H&G Community. Much of the development execution in the second half of 2017 was already planned and in motion before the Reto.JM came onboard. Unfortunately, I think an opportunity was missed. Call of Duty (CoD) moving into the WWII theme in 2017 was an opportunity to attract new players to H&G. Balance/Fix Gameplay, New Maps (not map tweaks), and Marketing could have paid huge dividends. There needed to be a push in development before the release of CoD in NOV 2017. It was not the time to announce, "working on the back-end." Carving out Market Share I understand the state of H&G is not where we all want it to be. Even though the game is not completely refined, there should be greater efforts in: Retaining & Bringing Back Great Customers Some may continue to deny the enormous significance of clans on the Grand Strategic Campaign Map or in the many Action Battles, but we should recognize, and value, their contribution: Honoring Clan Attributes: A Stronger Community with Customer Retention - co-authored with @Jacky95 Operation Glasnost has been impressive. It has been sustained since AUG 2017. Well done!! Feedback on Operation Glasnost (Reto Transparency) The Insider Summit was unexpected, a huge gesture, and greatly appreciated. (There should have been an official video created to capture the spirit of the summit. It' not too late.) Now is the Time for Action. Show Us 3!!! I believe if you point out an issue then you should offer a well thought out recommendation. Balance and Fix Gameplay Fractions Equal a WHOLE new gaming experience A Consideration of Time Auto Resolve (AR) - Searching for a Solution How to Reduce Assault Teams (ATs) on the Frontline Not as far into the future as submarines and aircraft carriers or as soon as fix/balance and new maps, somewhere in between should be added depth to Heroes and Generals. Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities Discussion of Para Forces on the Campaign Map Ground Convoy Continue to make H&G unique - High Quality H&G Beer Steins (Give folks a reason to be proud to be a part of the H&G Family) I will be sure to re-submit my resume for consideration. Here are some concepts from other games: Past Video Gaming Contributions - sfscriv .
  6. Development Overview is now public

  7. Letter from the CEO #3

  8. Amphibous vehicle is so useless

    I think the amphibious vehicle should be only for Recon. Recon is the sneaky bunch that need to flank to gain an advantageous position. Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities & Multi-Echelon Command Teams - Place the ribbon progression unlock between the motorcycle and the Recon armor vehicles. - The amphib vehicle could continue to use jeep resources and there would be a motorized ampib recon AT with jeep resources. Recon would select the ampib like infantry selects a jeep in their deployment menu. - Make an amphib ribbon for shuttling soldiers across water obstacles. - Have the motorized amphibious Recon AT able to shuttle dismounts on the Campaign Map to bypass blown bridges (Air Encounter Map) on the Campaign Map. Enhanced Battlelines - No reduction in price - No increase in speed on ground - 20% faster in the water - No crates Interesting how you slipped in the Weasel. I do not think it needs any of the items requested. .
  9. SHOVELS - Teraforming for H&G

    I would like to see about three shovel movements with the shovel in the dirt sound. The bots do the work and the bots and players get to use the positions. I could see something like this: The video is set to show the emplacement of the house. The transparent green means the site is okay for building. If the site is not suitable, the transparent image turns red. .
  10. Ground Convoy

    Much appreciated. It would be great to get some of these concepts included in H&G. I'll keep cranking them out and fusing the ideas into a functional whole. Thanks again for the support. .
  11. Past Video Gaming Contributions - sfscriv

    Here is an old concept (SEP 2010) for improving Battlefield 2 / preparation for the release of Battlefield 3. This is a detailed recommendation which included "diggin' in" for each of the different kits/classes. .
  12. SHOVELS - Teraforming for H&G

    Anti-Aircraft Emplacement Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! Bot Defenders Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles I do not believe the game engine will allow the ground to be distorted by in-game action. My guess would be any construction would have to build on top of the terrain. Like this: The Squad Leader (Battlefield 2: Project Reality mod circa 2008) initiates the construction of: - Forward Operation Base (FOB) - Anti-Tank (AT) emplacement - Heavy Machinegun (HMG) emplacement - Razor wire with hedgehogs Here is an old concept (SEP 2010) I created for improving Battlefield 2 (JUN 2005) / preparation for the release of Battlefield 3 (OCT 2011). This is a detailed recommendation which included "diggin' in" for each of the different kits/classes. Just above the second grey row. Many a Assault Map fight exceeds an hour. Let the bots do the dirty work. Only three bots with a limited number of creations. I propose that just the bots have the ability and only real player controls all the bots for a specific action battle map. Can you expand on this concept? The bots having prepared defenses and actively defending would slow down the pace. .
  13. BA and SA rifles not useful on infantry

    First 18 real-hours of War: - No motorcycles, jeeps, or APCs - No Recon - Only Light Armor - No Para-Forces - Recon Plane Only - Cargo Truck deployed stationary AA emplacement Folks are not able to deploy there most expensive/capable weapons and equipment at the beginning of the World War as their Faction simply does not have the capacity yet. .
  14. War production

    Campaign Map Variations - A New Challenge Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities Proposed H&G Resource System .