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  1. Thanks. Do you think Reto will consider this option? .
  2. Reto Stopping Auto Reslove

    This thread was authored by @AxeHeadSlam , the leader of the German Faction, and he has a lot more insight into how to improve RTS gameplay. 5 Much needed 5-minute RTS fixes that'll keep RTS playable until RTS 2.0 Make an additional option for staged action battles, to fight in a “Platinum Matchmaking” group – to resolve Campaign map (War/RTS) battles which are currently autoresolved. Let Staged Players be the Autoresolver! authored by @Rdanzer Feedback from the H&G Community with some of my personal feedback at the end. The principal finding was that the unique Campaign Map War is the main reason to invest time in the game. Derived from a great discussion by @Rolf_Mützelburg & Rdanzer A Reason to Participate in the WAR For the DevStreams, it would be great to refine the execution of the exchange and dig deeper into the issues. It's Time for Some DevStream Deep-Dives .
  3. So, your recommendation is to discourage newer players from wanting to join in the War? How much H&G are You going to want to play if You are continuously being vote kicked? Agreed. We are not equal and life is not fair. Re-Read the thread - Tutorial Feedback .
  4. who had the idea?

    ME !! Really? You are Late to the game. Wise One, Please enlighten Us... You have a lot of reading to do to catch up. Try the link below. Be sure to not just pretend to read the content of the first several posts. Actually, read them. Take notes before you reply to this post. You will need them. Thanks, @Flint74 I have been actively working for improvements to the RTS since before the linked thread in DEC 2016. You're welcome, @doramass .
  5. What are some of the topics you are interested in going into greater detail? Please do not include a specific weapon as a topic. Think bigger picture. .
  6. Good information to know. I placed the quote here in one of the 'token' discussion to improve the understanding of the topic. .
  7. I do not agree with locking out inexperience. There is a need, however, to dig into the details of the RTS portion of the game to fix existing issues and discuss new features. It's Time for Some DevStream Deep-Dives Experienced players could guide, not control, the use of resources on the Campaign Map. Multi-Echelon Command Teams Folks will actually do what is in their best interest if they know enough to make a sound decision. We need to teach them. Tutorial Feedback - I have plans for a more extensive thread to integrate more hands-on learning. .
  8. Favourite WWII movies

    Saving Private Ryan (1998) Band of Brothers [TV mini-series] (2001) The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) Patton (1970) A Bridge Too Far (1977) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) .
  9. High Quality H&G Beer Steins

    I too really appreciated the informal approach while finishing off the work week drinking beer. I am ready to put the H&G beer stein in a prominent spot. It's important to connect with the fans. .
  10. That is a very good point. Perhaps, trees or a wall would provide some protection. The fact that the faction runway would be behind the friendly controlled access point would deter most enemy from attempting to infiltrate all that way to maybe shoot a plane. .
  11. Thanks. It would be good to get this thread acknowledged by the forum administrators and, shortly thereafter, receive a decision on the whether or not the format has bee accepted for use. .
  12. Just this recent 'token' topic for the last Q&A&Y DevStream already has at least four separate threads. .
  13. I believe there are many much more important uses of limited development resources. Suggested H&G Development Priorities I don't... Year 2021 at the earliest. .