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  1. You sure do like to throw darts. You sound like everything is perfect. And, the simpler the better for you. .
  2. Features could be exclusive to the Campaign Map. These features could include integrated leadership positions and the Crowd units created by @Rdanzer There also additional ATs that can be added. Multi-Echelon Command Teams HQ Crowd Control, TF War Fighting, and AUX Mentorship Long Range Recon AT (SCT-controlled) View: Same view distance than any other aircraft Morale: N/A Break Contact/Exfil: No special ability Primary Function: To identify and illuminate Aircraft Encounter maps beyond the range of player controlled Recon Plane ATs for Aircraft AT to attack. Function Loss: N/A Note: This AT would be an unlock for the SCT position and controlled by the SCT Leader. Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities Partisan AT (SCT) View: 1/3 the normal view distance Morale: Starts at 75%. +50% with Victory. (125% maximum) -50% with Loss. Break Contact/Exfil: Unable to move from uprising action battle town. Primary Function: Revolt against occupying force. Can be reinforced by Pathfinder and Mechanized Recon ATs. Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon Function Loss: N/A Spy AT (SCT) View: Double view distance Morale: N/A Break Contact/Exfil: 10% chance of successfully escaping after an enemy Mech Recon capture. Primary Function: Infiltrate from the single friendly main capital to single enemy main capital to assassinate a member of the enemy faction command team. Spies and Saboteurs Function Loss: N/A Note: Can only be detected, intercepted, and destroyed by enemy Mech Recon ATs. Anti-Aircraft AT (XO) View: Lesser view of ground forces with a greater view of enemy aircraft ATs, but not as good a view as aircraft AT. Morale: Standard Break Contact/Exfil: No special ability Primary Function: Detect and destroy enemy aircraft. Passing enemy aircraft on the Campaign Map trip activates an air raid alarm for real-player AA soldier types and mobilize AA-bot units. Function Loss: None Note: This role on the campaign and action battle maps would be conducted by both real-player and AI bots. AA Info: Anti-Aircraft Soldier Engineer AT (XO-controlled) View: 1/3 the normal view distance Morale: N/A Break Contact/Exfil: No special ability Primary Function: Repair Bridges and Railways. Enhanced Battlelines Function Loss: N/A Note: This AT would be an unlock for the XO position and controlled by the XO. Cargo Truck AT (XO) View: 1/3 the normal view distance Morale: 50% greater loss if not directly supporting an action battle Break Contact/Exfil: No special ability Primary Function: Move logistics operated by bots. Provide supplies to establish Supply Depots on the Campaign map and support the construction of Command Bunkers. The later concept will be described in a Future thread. Bot Info: Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! Truck Info: Cargo Truck function .
  3. sfscriv

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    Clearly the armor plating topic was fabricated to pretend the idea was from the community. No way this initiative could go from a simple comment during DevStream #2 (recent) to prototype server in about a week. The discussion during the DevStream seemed forced and artificial. Turns out it was a big smoke screen. This is yet another mistake wasting valuable development resources. Just have to sit back in amazement. Oh, my!!
  4. Thanks. Appreciated. Be sure to check out this
  5. The big development projects over the last three years have degraded the gaming experience. I think Reto is responsible for the bad concepts and the waste of valuable development resources. The ideas from the H&G Community have largely been ignored.
  6. 1) Where are your brilliant suggestions? 2) Do really think posting something one time and never mentioning it again will affect change? 3) Have you read any of the detailed threads/topics or are you just tired of not reading something that you have never read? .
  7. Playing as a soldier and gaining a victory in War I have frequently received 150 WFs. I do not recall the AT winnings being very clear. I have seen folks joining a battle close to end with a large number of ATs for an unknown gain. Good to know it’s just XP.
  8. The above would be bot Assault Teams controlled by integrated leaders. The Air Defense AT would be the only one that could be compromised of real players. The Spy AT would turn into real players near the enemy main capital.
  9. Explain why folks are committing their ATs in the last minutes of an Action Battle.
  10. sfscriv

    Armor plates

    Not common... Got it. Makes sense. .
  11. Point Defense. (with tight restrictions) I believe a large majority of players do not want to defend even with their own personal detachment of bots to assist in the defense. I think the default setting for bots defending should be controlled by an XO in an RTS-type system where a real player is controlling the actions of multiple bots conducting different types of activities which would only be on buttault Maps. .
  12. sfscriv

    Armor plates

    Asking for Armor Plating or an adjustment to the Heavy Set Combat Badge? .
  13. sfscriv

    Armor plates

    Does this make any sense? Show us video of WWII infantry soldiers using armor plating. Just change the function of the Heavy Set Combat Badge and save valuable developer time. So the real issue here is Reto's inability to acknowledge, understand, and take action to BALANCE the game. I thought this was a World War II game. How is it possible that armor plates are even being considered? How many documentaries or WWII movies do you remember with soldiers wearing, adjusting, or complaining about armor plates? ZERO!! Adding Armor Plates sounds like a horrible idea that is not realistic for the time period. Is the One Hit Kill (OHK) rifles the problem or is that there are too many soldiers with OHK rifles. The only soldier type that has OHK rifles should be Recon and there should only be two to three Recon on a team for the Action Battle. Sounds to me like the issue is not only the inability and/or unwillingness to attain BALANCE, but poor development priorities. The BIG projects conducted by Reto over the last several years demonstrate a lack of understanding. Unwanted wastes of the most valuable resource - Developer TIME!! So, Reto is pursuing another boondoggle!! Another enormous waste of Developer time that could be used for many other much more important tasks. It is very difficult to witness. How could this actually be occurring. Why are the other developers not able to tell the boss that this is yet another really bad idea? Sounds like this Reto effort has been in the works for a while now. Reto does not seem interested in easy fixes that would produce better results. A lesser solution contrived by the developers that will suck up more development resources seems to be the only option. Reto, it appears you are not considering the second and third orders of effect of the weak armor plate notion. Money!! The armor plate option will reduce your revenues. Think about it. Does Reto really want to reduce the purchase of soldier items? Don't have enough room, my soldier can't carry the extra weight, and the customer purchase is crushed by the weight of another poor development decision... .