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  1. Discussion of Para Forces on the Campaign Map Ability to Undeploy Assault Teams (ATs) & How to Reduce Assault Teams (ATs) on the Frontline & Waging War: A Vision of Conflict In World War II, nations had to gear-up for War increasing their factory production rates and decided to pursue advanced weaponry leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge on their opponent. The longer the duration of the conflict the greater the production capacity and the greater the lethality of weapons. @Paciencia095 War-Day 6+ Deployment ratio of 3:2:2:2:1 [1st-10 : Z-Group : Reinforcement : Redeploy : Remaining Follow-on (Whale)] .
  2. sfscriv

    why do you keep deploying?

    Give the timing of the AR shutdown some thought. A year after announced and right at the very beginning of a big update release. Do you really think the AR test was being taken seriously by Reto? Or, do you think the "Test" was just to get the forum users to shut up about it? I lean toward the later. Reto really did not want to shut down the AR system and has higher 'Reto' priority tasks to accomplish. I do not believe Reto is giving serious attention to the RTS portion yet. .
  3. sfscriv

    Our community to blame for 1.12

    Please provide your definition of "Tryhards." Are you discounting the contribution of most of the other major league forum users? .
  4. sfscriv

    Our community to blame for 1.12

    How can you say that? What about: - 'Insider Summit' - Operation Glasnost - Development Overview - Fourteen Question and Answer and Why Devstreams - DevStream Deep Dive on Weapons - Three Letters from the Reto-Moto Chief Executive Officer - Seven Intelligence Bulletins - Changing the Faction starting Strategic Centers - Removing the Under-Dog bonus (extra War Funds) - Conducting the Auto Resolve (AR) turn-off test - Adding Medic features - Addressing the AT Rambo issue with the new vehicle damage system - Bringing back a Tutorial with Bots - Showing a little progress on releasing some maps - Removing the Auxiliary slot requirement in squads - Putting on-hold the bondage masks - Very serious interaction with the Prototype threads .
  5. There are a number of significant issues needing development attention. Auto Resolve (AR) - Searching for a Solution No infantry scopes until War Day 6+ - Waging War: A Vision of Conflict It would be nice to get the iron sight zoom back I agree the exit animation needs to be sped up. I would recommend a 40% faster exit. Disagree. Where will the mobile spawns (APC/halftrack/ISV) hide? Where will Recon hide? I would like to see this feature returned. I think having a dedicated Anti-Tank soldier type would improve the gameplay. Not everyone should be carrying anti-vehicle devices. Floating Fixed Limits for Specialized Soldier Types Recon sway needs to be reduced and the recoil on weapons by category needs to normalized across the factions. I think a single strand barbed wire fence marking the map boundary would be a nice addition. This is an issue. This would be a vital feature to retain players. Agreed How to Reduce Assault Teams (ATs) on the Frontline Proposed H&G Resource System & RTS/Campaign Map/Strategic War Improvements Campaign Map Variations - A New Challenge .
  6. sfscriv

    why do you keep deploying?

    Are we certain the best course of action is to shut down Auto Resolve forever? Reto, clearly said the turning off of AR was a temporary test. I think a number of improvements are needed: Auto Resolve (AR) - Searching for a Solution .
  7. sfscriv

    Best Money Making Class?

    American P-38 plane prior to the update and probably still the biggest money maker. .
  8. sfscriv

    why do you keep deploying?

    Many gamers do not understand, do not care enough, or, genuinely, can not stop themselves. They complain, but do not have the self-discipline to stand firm. The part that can be fixed is education for the segment that "do not understand." Your VOTE counts. Every click and your participation are measured by the developers in the form of metrics. For example: If folks don't play a specific map and demonstrate a lack of participation, the map gets changed. If you support your favorite concepts on the forum, the concepts have a much better chance of gaining the attention of the developers. The biggest, most important VOTE is with your wallet. All developers understand the bottom line. .
  9. This is the root of the problem. Fix and balance the existing gameplay then add new content. .
  10. What is wrong with pointing out that a AAA developer struggled to get, not their first ever game, a mod of Battlefield 3 to function? Your second sentence it talking about after the example provided. .
  11. sfscriv

    Impression after a few years away..

    Welcome back. I remember you. Here are some of my thoughts on the latest update: Immersive as Hell... Wow!! I agree MAPs are overdue. .
  12. It took Battlefield 4 four months to become functional. Reto will be working to iron out the bugs caused by the release.
  13. #1 is lack of development progress .
  14. sfscriv

    Our community to blame for 1.12

    Reserved for a Reply I was finishing up a relatively long reply in this post and the forum worked its magic deleting the content.
  15. sfscriv

    RTS AT organization by type

    Assault Team (AT) Employment & Naming Convention Ideal Task Force – Assault Team (AT) Deck. Former H&G Divisions - Please Explain - This is apparently an idea that Reto was considering. CROWD CONTROL with HQ’s- opportunity for a Command Structure - I am currently working on a concept based on @Rdanzer's work. .