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  1. Thanks Looks like you were sorry to see it go away. 1) There is a queue of "qualified" players. The first one in the queue picks from the available positions. For example, placing the Platoon Leader at rank 13 rather than 12 encourages new purchased level 12 players to grind for rank 13 to unlock the platoon leader role and gives the player base a more experienced leader. Each of the new leadership positions would require a promotion before being able to access. Leader Ranks for map & echelon level: - Encounter: Squad Leaders rank 6 and above - Skirmish: Platoon Leader rank 13 and above - Assault: Command Team rank 16 & 17 - Effort: Command Team rank 19 & 20 - Front: Command Team rank 21 and above (also Rear Area XOs) - Faction: Command Team rank 22 2) I would image most of the day there will be enough players able and willing to conduct the function of leader at the different echelon levels. If there are not enough leader, the position would be vacate, the duties could be assumed by the higher leader position, and the areas of operation can be tailored by the Faction Commander to adjust to the size for the whole front line and the availability of leaders. 3) I think this leadership system will relieve a small contingent of the overwhelming burden of command and bring in reinforcements from the greater player base. AT Owners will still control their ATs and will be encouraged and receive rewards for accepting the guidance of leaders. Agreed. Assault Team (AT) Follow-on Order Look at the suggest suite of options for AT owners. It is all about how the systems are designed. .
  2. This thread is not about extra planes. It is about the conduct of plane activities and increasing the depth of gameplay. This is a good thread to discuss actual aircraft: Aircraft 2.0 Suggestion .
  3. Sounds about right. It will become a Logistics Hub visible for the whole friendly team. Folks will be able to gain Infantry Ammo, Vehicle Ammo, AT weapons, health, bandages, repairs, and, yes, the Bicycle. Bot operates the vehicle controlled by the XO and the bot conducts the repairs. The bot can construct and deconstruct protective defenses and move to a more advantageous position as the battle evolves. .
  4. When you hold the right mouse down, you are able to look around without moving the turret. You have to be in the tank with the hatch open exposed to be able to look around while the turret is in a fixed position.
  5. Your head and half your body are out of the hatch when you press the right mouse.
  6. Get fired up!!! .
  7. Heroes & Generals participants name your personal Top 3 WWII Memories (battles). Pick and Share only the three most significant events. 1) 2) 3) .
  8. - Use the terrain to protect you. - When you want to scan for the enemy and not turn the turret, hold the right mouse button and the turret will stay in the same position. - Seek maps with no tanks or light tanks initially when using the Luchs. Focus on killing enemy infantry. Village skirmish is a good map. - Unlock APCR as soon as possible. - Out flank the enemy. Move with other friendly tanks. Aim for the sides and rear of enemy tanks. - Combat badge: Faster repair then the faster reload. - When dealing with enemy tanks with more capability, use the P38t instead. - You are not going to win every encounter. Do as much damage to the enemy as you can before you have to respawn. You are engaging infantry and a tank or bazooka starts hitting you. Sometimes you are better off just continuing to engage the infantry because you will not be able to turn fast enough. - 99.9% of the time DO NOT USE REVERSE. It is too slow and you will die. Always forward!! .
  9. Turn the turret and the chassis. Effective fighting with the Luchs
  10. Thanks. There has been a ton of work done to develop and post the many concepts. I appreciate the recognition, Kilowolf. Here is a decent starting point if folks are interested in my vision for a future H&G. sfscriv Collection of Goodness .
  11. There is a lot of different concepts here that could be beneficial to the game. Even if only a couple are selected we still win.
  12. Thanks Having training maps will pull away from players using the staged and war maps where they expend resources. Reto still needs a drain on credits and gold for the use of a training map. The use of development resources have to be justified. This becomes particularly important for a popular pilot training map where folks spend hours practicing landings and target practice. This map concept is not for 'Newbies.' This concept is for 'Pilots' which are not new to the game. .
  13. Thanks. I think there are many opportunities to add depth to the game. Specializing the function of personnel, vehicles, and Assault Teams (ATs) will give us a richer gaming experience.
  14. Pitchfork and shotgun would be close-in fighting weapons. The unmodded bolt action would be at the end of the ribbon progression and be more for medium ranges. .
  15. Building Six high-end Assault Teams (ATs) seems a long way off. I do not see purchasing a Heavy Tank AT as the medium has much more utility. As I devote more time to the Campaign Map, I will be able to make a better determination on some of the other choices I have identified in this thread.