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  1. sfscriv

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Give them a taste of the good life and some of them will stick around longer. Hook'em !! -> Combined Arms Exercise .
  2. sfscriv

    Carving out Market Share

    That is good news for this Community. Why is WWIII going the way of the dinosaur? .
  3. sfscriv

    Waging War: A Vision of Conflict

    With more frequent updates as part of Reto's development plan, it will be nice to see which improvements are made in the coming months. .
  4. The release of the RTS refractor must be approaching fast. The long overdue update will allow adjustments and additions to the Campaign Map/RTS/War. .
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. .
  6. sfscriv

    Carving out Market Share

    Well at least, this change did not occur a full year of more after the big boys took a shot at WWII. .
  7. sfscriv

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Likely a very good move to add WWII to the title of the game. Would have been better timing months before the CoD WWII title release in NOV 2017 and the Battlefield WWII game released in OCT 2018. Better late than never. That was a lot of foot traffic missed while those companies were selling WWII on a grand marketing scale. How does your initial image highlight your unique selling point to the consumer? Where is the hint or emphasis on the Campaign/RTS/War? The glowing red 5-man squad in front of tank area of the image likely should have shown a map of Europe depicting a broader conflict. .
  8. sfscriv

    i am amazed

    This is the root of the problem. I was in a King Tiger and the enemy Hellcat was rolled over on its side. I hit the underbelly of the Hellcat many, many times at 10 meters distance and it eventually despawned. That is ridiculous. .
  9. sfscriv

    Upcoming Tank Map "Gorge" (Work in Progress)

    A canyon, a gorge, a bowl, a big crack in the Earth... Does not make an interesting or fun tank map. It should be rolling hills with sparse vegetation. .
  10. sfscriv

    Immersive as Hell... Wow!!

    You have two really good stories there. I enjoyed both. .
  11. sfscriv

    Switch sides in WAR

    Issues: - If a player joins a Faction, they are stuck in that Faction - If the War runs too long in duration, a player is stuck in a specific Faction until War is over - A player has to join the War to see the Campaign Map in-game - A player has to join the War to see, purchase, or upgrade Assault Teams (ATs) Discussion: - Once you are able to see the activities of the Faction you joined you should not be able to switch Factions - Once you deploy an AT for a Faction, you should not be able to switch Factions Recommendations: - Staged should be disconnected War - A player should be able to see, purchase, or upgrade Assault Teams (ATs) without being required to join the War .
  12. I believe Pimp has been goofing around on the Depot Map (Encounter size; Staged) this whole time. He probably did not even know there were other options. It's okay, Pimp. Give it a couple years and we may show you how to select a Skirmish Map. You probably would not be well-suited for an Assault Map. And, you should definitely avoid War-mode. We would not want you to get your feelings hurt. You would likely have to rage quit as there would be too many activities surrounding you to keep track of. .
  13. In an effort to specialize the function of the half-track, create a separate identity for the cargo truck, encourage teamplay, and reinforce dependence on your team mates; I would like to recommend the role of the cargo truck focus on logistics. Stationary Anti-Aircraft emplacements would be deployed from cargo trucks.Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles .
  14. There is a lot to learn in H&G and many ways to transfer the knowledge to our playerbase. Hook'em !! -> Combined Arms Exercise HQ Crowd Control, TF War Fighting, and AUX Mentorship Pilot Training Map and Instructor Feature .
  15. There is so much detailed information to cover for the War. That is likely one of the reasons @Rdanzer developed the "Crowd" Concept. For the learning part, players could start off in an AUX unit and progress to a TF unit. HQ Crowd Control, TF War Fighting, and AUX Mentorship A series of videos could also assist in ramping up the learning curve. Information Transformation (your Combat Boots) (second post in the linked thread) .