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  1. sfscriv

    using Binoculars on tank.

    Ground forces are under powered in their ability to damage aircraft. .
  2. sfscriv

    using Binoculars on tank.

    Allow the targets to fight and not be bombed to death without recourse. .
  3. sfscriv

    Battle of Dunkirk 2019! War log

    I knew that when I posted it. The more awareness and discussion about the Campaign Viewer, the greater chance of it being updated, advertised, and incorporated into the U/I of the game. .
  4. Proposed Recon Aircraft abilities on the Campaign Map. The orange Recon Plane AT range rings originate at the closest friendly airfield to the frontline and the middle ring (Recon Plane Observe) depicts the distance for a friendly Recon Plane AT to over-fly enemy territory and return to the airfield. The white range ring is the view distance for the Recon Plane AT when it arrives at its turn-around point. To enable this feature, the Recon Plane AT would not be susceptible to enemy aircraft interdiction (Air Encounter) or enemy Anti-Aircraft (AA) AT positions on the Campaign Map. Not only will Recon Plane ATs be able to observe enemy activity deeper into enemy territory, but the over-flight of the Recon Plane AT will decrease the loyalty level of Town Maps to prepare the battlefield for the next phase. Scout Asset View Distance & Special Abilities .
  5. sfscriv

    using Binoculars on tank.

    I really like this idea. Reto would have to fix the ability for ground forces to scratch the skin of aircrafts first. Once Anti-Aircraft guns are somewhat effective, then Reto could consider assisting pilots. <Pilot and Infantry Coordination> - authored by @ninkanoob .
  6. NO !! Many of us have encouraged Reto to balance the Air - Ground gameplay. Reto just does not seem to understand or care. You can see that I put in a lot of work to provide potential solutions back in JAN 2017. With the vehicle overhaul Reto had a chance to fix a long standing issue, just was not a priority. AT rifles were far more important. Anti-Aircraft Soldier dated 1 FEB 2017 Faction Runways, Require Landing for Re-arm, & Crater/Repair Runway dated 29 JAN 2017 Pilot Training Map and Instructor Feature dated 22 JAN 2017 Aircraft Maps - Recommendation dated 29 JAN 2017 Recommendations for Upcoming Aviation Updates [Consolidated] dated 29 JAN 2017 H&G Devstreams - Aviation topics. - H&G Developers (Reto) comments about aviation in DevStreams - dated 11 SEP 2016 Recommendation for Cargo Truck function change for action battles dated 29 DEC 2016 <Pilot and Infantry Coordination> - authored by @ninkanoob dated 22 JAN 2017 Reto has had years to adjust the imbalance between ground forces and aircraft. All you can hear is the faint sound of crickets in the distance. @Jacky95 put in a lot of recommendations as well. We fought hard, but our opponents would not come out of hiding. .
  7. sfscriv

    Battle of Dunkirk 2019! War log

    Here is the link to the Campaign Viewer .
  8. sfscriv


    Thanks. I was unaware of an official H&G Discord server. There used to be Faction TeamSpeak servers and they were stickied in each factions section in the forum. .
  9. sfscriv


    Can you provide the Discord information and where it can be found on the H&G website and/or forum? Thanks .
  10. sfscriv


    First 18 hours, Only the first 10 Assault Teams (ATs) per account Second 18 hours, three lines continuously accessed in sequence. - First 10 AT deploy queue - Second queue for Reinforcements (already deployed and some remaining resources) - Third queue for the next 20% of the Remaining AT for those players who have already deployed their first 10 ATs After the first 36 hours, five lines. - First 10 AT deploy queue - Second queue for Z-Group already deployed. **To be explained in the Future.** - Third queue for Reinforcements already deployed with reaming resources - Fourth queue for Redeploys - Fifth queue for rest of Whale's Army Waging War: A Vision of Conflict Ability to undeploy without penalty if over 3 action battle nodes away from the frontline @Gerrit. & @Melvinivs .
  11. sfscriv

    Snow Maps

    Temporary solution for snow maps authored by @_Finnish_Gamemaster_
  12. sfscriv

    Prototype open again

    It would be nice to see the following features: Action Battle Load Panels - More Info Requested Selecting More Than One Soldier Type - one of the newer updates lets you select one specific soldier or all soldiers Token Plus - Seasons, Illumination, Weather, Terrain, Uniforms .
  13. sfscriv

    Prototype open again

    Or, it could be a sign of things to come... Make an additional option for staged action battles, to fight in a “Platinum Matchmaking” group – to resolve Campaign map (War/RTS) battles which are currently autoresolved. Let Staged Players be the Autoresolver! authored by @Rdanzer .
  14. sfscriv

    Progression Beyond Level 12

    Once you make Level 12 for your account, then what? I think it would be a nice addition to have each of the soldiers in your personal army displayed across the screen with the following information. Soldier image Rank When Created # Command Points Assault Teams Combat Badges selected Top Weapon with number of kills Top Vehicle with number of kills K/D ratio # Wars # War Battles .
  15. sfscriv


    I would be interested in knowing. How much, what type, and when will the resource additions occur for the US Faction? .