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  1. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I will look into those locations to sort through some pictures. Appreciated.
  3. Fixed the original post to clarify the type of vehicle I was interested in.
  4. Surely, there is some system/pattern already established. In my opinion, the DevStreams should have there own section in the H&G Forum.
  5. 1, and 3. are answered above in the quote in this post.
  6. I'll check it out and post an update in this thread. You were correct. Hover over the Roman Numeral to see how many points are needed. I could not remember where I got those numbers from. Thanks!!
  7. If the enemy steals a half track (IFV), can the half track (IFV) then be used as a mobile spawn for their Faction?
  8. Can someone assist?
  9. Are there existing images with the following in the same screen shot? 1) Wrench Repairing, Soldier Reloading beside Ammo Crate, and Medic Healing 2) Infantry, Tank, Plane, Paratrooper with chute deployed, Recon with scoped bolt action rifle, and light-skinned vehicle 3) Six Dismounted Infantry moving together 4) Campaign map with all three Faction General superimposed 5) Warehouse or open field full of H&G equipment 6) Great H&G Action - Firefight: weapons firing and explosions .
  10. 1) Is there a way to gain access to an H&G Server currently not conducting an Action Battle to take screen shots? 2) If so, how do I get access to the server? 3) If the server has limited access, who would be a good point of contact to coordinate access? 4) If available, how would I spawn different vehicles and weapons? 5) What is the duration of persistence spawned-in equipment? 6) How would I remove equipment? 7) How do I keep the equipment from de-spawning? Thank you for your assistance. .
  11. I am hoping that I do not feel the need to call in the Cavalry to assist this thread. Cav Info: A Big Shout Out to the ... CAVALRY !!!
  12. Added to my big post on the first page toward the bottom of the webpage. The bots/NPCs/AI (Non-Player Characters/Artificial Intelligence) would do the dirty, time-consuming jobs no one wants to do. The primary duties of the bots would be to provide logistic support, assist with transportation, defend control points, build protection and obstacles, and repair vehicles. Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! ATs should be specialized according the function they serve on the battlefield. Specialized Function - Assault Teams .
  13. Speaking from a position of being the leader of an online gaming organization for almost a decade. Starting a clan on your own is very difficult and can be very rewarding. It may be easier to start a clan with friends. You can, however, start from scratch. - Identify the Purpose - Research other established clans. Find what you like, see how they are organized, and identify the tools they are using. - Mission statement (Who, What, Where, When, Why) - Vision (Paint the picture of where you want to be as an organization in the future) - Start with one game (Best to recruit from within the selected game's player base) - Decide on an organization name, clan tag, theme, logo, slogan Give some thought to: - How will the atmosphere/culture be within the ranks? Very casual, semi-organized, strict adherence - What do you have to offer? Experience, Skill, Availability, Hardworking, Teamwork, Fun - How frequently do you want an event? Multiple times a week, weekends, once a month, laissez faire - What is your geographical area of operation for the organization? hometown, state, region, time zone, national, international It can be challenging due to internet connection quality and time zone differences for an East Coast resident to game with folks in Korea and West Coast resident to game with folks in East Europe. Consider: West Coast of the United States can establish participation nation-wide and west. East Coast of the United States can establish participation nation-wide and East. You need a home for the organization for the members to meet on a regular basis. - I recommend the bare minimum is a Forum and VoIP (both can be found for Free). - All the bells and whistles would include: Paid-website, paid-email, paid-Forum, paid-VoIP, YouTube channel, and a PayPal account. Depending on the game, the game server can be the most expensive monthly cost. Develop a Code of Conduct, Expectations, Recruit application, and a recruitment process. As the person initiating this project, you want to be positive, trustworthy, cautious, genuinely open to the suggestions of others, fair, and decisive. Lead by example. You are going to have to listen to others and be able to navigate through the inevitable drama. You become the conversation referee. Establish and consistently maintain your standards for the organization. Be prepared as you will be approached by people who exhibit poor behavior. There is a fair chance someone may, at some point, decide to recruit from within your organization to start their own clan. Recruiting tips: - Get Established. Get your house in order. - Create recruitment topics - Establish a footprint on the internet - Post on other forums related to your interest - Initiate communication, establish rapport, stay positive, invite to a VoIP server, fight together, and ask a simple series of questions. ... Do you have __ VoIP? ... Are you in a clan? ... Do you want to be in a clan? Then some simple information is passed. Save this VoIP server IP as bookmark and you are welcome to join us in the future. Here is our website/forum. We are actively recruiting. Be able to describe your organization and the expectations. Tell the prospect to be sure to fill out and submit an application. Administer the organization. Let folks know what is going on. Empower others (Worthy of trust/Reliable). It can be a real challenge to get others to assist in the organization's administration and funding. Be ready to do it all for at least eight months. @DaniGaming Did you read what you wrote before you hit 'SAVE' ? Here are the words you used, "Well, but, mediocre, but not" With your huge wealth of knowledge, then you leave us with ZERO tips. Shameful. .