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  1. Proposed H&G Resource System

    There is much to fix in H&G. At some point in the future, we may want to add additional features. .
  2. WWII Deaths by Country

    Not sure how accurate are the numbers. Still gives an indication of the loss of human life. .
  3. NEW: Partizans ! (For Soviet Faction)

    The Partisans could appear in any Faction's occupied territory. The 'loyalty" level of the population in Town action battle maps would determine if a revolt is imminent. .
  4. Clan v. Clan

    There are already multiple action battlefields detached from the Main Campaign Map. Let's make temporary use of North Africa to encourage the RTS portion of H&G. I would like to propose a Clan versus Clan limited conflict. This could be broadcasted on Twitch or other online service to spread the word about H&G, have current and new players learn how to play the RTS portion of H&G, and encourage competition among clans which would breath new life into Heroes and Generals. @Reto.Hades RTS/Campaign Map/Strategic War Improvements A Reason to Participate in the WAR Prioritizing Map Development Multi-Echelon Command Teams Aircraft Maps - Recommendation Honoring Clan Attributes: A Stronger Community with Customer Retention .
  5. Both ends of the Faction Runway would have overhead cover. There would be Anti-Aircraft emplacements. Cratering runways would give pilots another take to accomplish other than bombing infantry. A dedicated bot would be the primary operator of the repair tractor and could be temporarily replaced if a pilot wanted to conduct the repairs. What about the 'Instructor' feature? Aircraft Maps - Recommendation Pilots would be drawn away from relentlessly obliterating ground forces. The AA gun/guns would also be primarily operated by bots. Innovate! Bots do the Dirty Work!! Disagree. Just give the aircraft a reasonable amount of ammo. Would be fulfilling. The enemy would also have to successfully land to rearm and repair their aircraft. Agree Correct. It would be greatly enhanced by doing one of the most important tasks conducted by any pilot.---- Conducting a successful LANDING. .
  6. NEW: Partizans ! (For Soviet Faction)

    Pathfinder AT - Panzerfaust & Ammo crates only available for Partisans if Pathfinders are participating in Action Battle - One hand grenade only available for Partisans if Pathfinders are participating in Action Battle - Partisan stolen weapon respawns with full basic load of ammo instead of captured quantity - Pathfinder airborne jump into enemy airfield: ... provides information about loyalty levels of nearby action battle areas ... reduces civilian loyalty levels in nearby action battle areas Mechanized Recon AT - Limited operation (distance from front line) in enemy territory - Only enemy Mech Recon ATs can detect presence of Pathfinders - Spotting mechanic only available for Partisans if Mech Recon participating in Action Battle - Friendly Planes only available to access the Partisan Action Battle if Mech Recon participating in Action Battle POW AT (SCT) Resources are deposited into the winning Factions stockpile as the POWs are captured and then moved farther back from the frontline. One-third of the resources go into the winning Faction's stockpile immediately upon winning the action battle. The defeated prisoners move to the nearest winning Faction Airfield Map. So the prisoners are moved away to safeguard them from conflict and to deter swift repatriation. Once enemy prisoners are staged at the Friendly Airfield, the prisoners become the responsibility of the cadre of Executive Officers (XOs) as a whole to transport even farther from the frontline using Ground Convoy ATs. Once the prisoners are moved from the Effort area of operation to the Front area of operation into the Front Area Prison Camp another third of the captured resources are deposited into the winning Faction's stockpile. The next move of the prisoners would be from the Front to the Rear Area XO for final safekeeping and the final third of the resources is deposited upon checking the prisoner into the Rear Area Prison Camp. Cargo Truck AT (XO) The Ground Convoys will move prisoners from the appropriate Airfield Map (Initial Effort Prisoner Holding Area) to a more secure Front intermediate Prison Camp and finally to the Rear Area Prison Camp. The Ground Convoys will have different progression unlocks and one of those unlocks will be to add a Guard AT to the Ground Convoy to guard the prisoners. The Guard AT will be purchased just like a normal Guard AT, but will not count against the Infantry stockpile or production pools. The Guard AT will be purchased, add capability to the Ground Convoy, and can not be detached from the Ground Convoy AT. The percentages in the brackets above are for the chance of successfully moving a Ground Convoy through a Town Map currently in a state of revolt. If the Action Battle maps on the Campaign Map are occupied and not in a state of revolt, then there is zero chance of the prisoners escaping as they are transported ever farther into the occupied territory. If the Town Map is in a state of revolt, then a one Guard AT attachment to the Ground Convoy will give the convoy a 30% chance of making it through the town without the prisoners breaking free. Two Guard ATs attached to the Ground Convoy and a 60% chance of passing through the town without issue. Three Guard ATs attached to the Ground Convoy and a 90% chance of passing through the town without issue. If the prisoners break free in a revolting town, they will join the Partisans as dismounted infantry without weapons. They would have to be protected by the Partisans or recaptured by the occupying forces. .
  7. NEW: Partizans ! (For Soviet Faction)

    The only way to purchase a special Partisan soldier unlock is for your faction to attain a Victory in a War, you contributed in a winning Action Battle in the same War, and you had at least one Assault Team (AT) participate in at least one winning action battle during the same war. This would be an exclusive feature to reward the dedicated fans. Partisan version of the Town, Mountain Town, Coastal Town, and Strategic Center maps with much more cover and concealment. Plowed fields, crops, orchards, irrigation ditches, silos, shacks, static carts, more bushes, etc to facilitate closer range contact between occupying soldiers and Partisans. Normal Action Battle is 18 vs 18. Standard Partisan 21 players vs Soldier 15 players. The ratio can change based on the 'Public Order' (Loyalty Level). Heavy unrest would put more Partisan players on the battlefield. Introducing an Action Battle Capture Option on the Campaign Map Introducing a 'Loyalty' Game Mechanic Partisan AT Level ONE: - Start with pitch fork - Double barrel Shotgun (two-shot reload) paid unlock Level TWO: - Unmoddable bolt action rifle - Enemy cargo truck paid unlock becomes available after any Partisan steals first enemy vehicle; if resources are available and unlocked Both Levels: - Pick-up weapon: ... Can become default spawn weapon, if selected, for subsequent spawns in the same action battle only. ... Maintenance costs only for the base weapon; mods selected by previous owner are cost free to the lucky Partisan ... Stolen weapon respawns with Partisan at the ammo level at the time of capture ... If friendly Pathfinders are present, the weapon captured by the Partisan has full ammo upon respawn Guerilla forces resisting an occupying force. - Only soldier type able to convert an enemy halftrack into their own mobile spawn platform. .
  8. How to Reduce Assault Teams (ATs) on the Frontline .
  9. Faction Runways, Require Landing for Re-arm, & Crater/Repair Runway Anti-Aircraft Soldier .
  10. Anti-Aircraft Soldier Faction Runways, Require Landing for Re-arm, & Crater/Repair Runway .
  11. NEW: Partizans ! (For Soviet Faction)

    Partisan, Pathfinder, & Mech Recon .
  12. H&G is not the only video game with problems balancing Ground vs Air gameplay. .
  13. Pilot Training Map and Instructor Feature

    It would be great to see some pilot training features implemented. .