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  1. Let's talk about Battlefield V

    Casual - Smaller maps - Closer spawns to the action - Designed for self-sustained Lone Wolves that don't rely on other players for anything - Casual Assist features like 3D spotting, scope glint, regenerative health for personnel and vehicles,etc - Few Teamplay features like remove integrated VoIP; integrated dependence on other players for first aid, repairs, ammo; integrated leaders - Michael Bay explosions with spastic non-stop action - Great looking/sounding with little to no substance Designed for Console users and not designed for the Personal Computer (PC) gamers Because the PC gaming experience is becoming more shallow and simpler. Some PC game franchises were hijacked to dumb them down for mass appeal. .
  2. War is currently unlocked at Account Level 10. .
  3. I support @Rdanzer's Platinum Matchmaking concept to have Staged players Auto Resolve (AR) action battles on the Campaign Map. .
  4. Is the "Rally" icon on the map above an Easter Egg for an upcoming interactive map in H&G? The Rally Icon looks like it could be a new squad leader command map feature integrated into the game. ,
  5. Let's talk about Battlefield V

    Gifting money to EA/DICE encourages their continued movement toward even more casual games. The leaders in the industry (the games making the most money) guide the other games to copy the winning formula. Your vote counts and many have directed the industry to increasingly casual content. I did not purchase BF1 and will not purchase BF V (WWII) as I will not encourage the continued decline to casual gameplay. Money is the only real voice heard in the gaming industry. Yes, like the ridiculous BF Hardline which was getting such poor word-of-mouth chatter that its release was delayed. Agreed .
  6. Short "Trailer" for H&G

    I enjoyed the video. There is a whole section dedicated to Video & Pictures from the community .
  7. Thanks for sharing. I was unfamiliar with the number of servers at each site. .
  8. Waging War: A Vision of Conflict

    Campaign Map Variations - A New Challenge - The Campaign Map selected is based on the playerbase. The map does not change for the duration of the War. After the War, the Campaign map could change due to a change in the playerbase or to fight a different map to add variety to the War pr the Campaign Map could be exactly the same for the next War. Multi-Echelon Command Teams - I played a lot of Battlefield 2 as the Commander with the character in the game and vulnerable to being easily killed. The reality of warfare in WWII and modern day is many leaders are influencing soldier activities without being in harms way. Radios, laid wire field phones, and/or runners are used to provide guidance. The intent of this suggestion is for the platoon leader and above is to be off the Action Battle map serving in an Real Time Strategy (RTS) role where there contribution is coordinating friendly soldier activity while also providing support. An interactive map, status information, and integrated VoIP become the weapons used by the integrated leaders. Currently, the Faction leaders are not integrated and the responsibilities are not shared with the general public. Factions are consistently controlled by a handful of Whales and Clans within each faction. .
  9. My Dad's WW2 and other military vehicles! This would be a very good time to show off an H&G WWII vehicle. .
  10. This looks like an excellent reason for the H&G Calendar recommended over a year ago. Would it be great to mobilize H&G fans to support the H&G product? .
  11. Ground Convoy

    Logistics - Supply Lines Strategic - Operational - Tactical Faction Capital - Front - Effort with Supply Depots .
  12. Waging War: A Vision of Conflict

    Many would be happy seeing less of certain weapon systems on the war-torn battlefield. Here are some of the stuff missing until 36 hours real-time (6 War days) into a new War on the Campaign Map. - Infantry scopes - Heavy Tanks and Tank Destroyers - Full sized Paratrooper AT - Medium and Heavy aircraft Could be very interesting to see the impact for gameplay. .