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  1. DJDAD


    I have no illusions that the other factions ever feared me. In fact, I've talked with many of the other factions clans about issues in this game and we've had cordial discussions about the problems with game balance and have always enjoyed a good congenial relationship. If anything, I would hope that they respect me. I've never claimed to be the best player in the game or even one of the top players but I also don't make it a rule to run rampant on the forums calling other players morons and the like. I will make an exception here with you though as you seem to have come in dropping any pretext of courtesy and respect for other players in the community. I know GeneralBedDover very well, have played with him for years and know that he puts the balance of the game over any personal desire to have an OP faction. His comments on the PTRD and it's effect on the balance of the game are credible, your personal attacks on him and everyone else who disagrees with you are not. They demonstrate not only an inability to clearly comprehend the basic issue but also that you lack any of the basic social skills that most people learn in early childhood, therefore, it seems that the only way to convey any idea to you is through the guttural language that only one of your caliber is able to comprehend. SO, just to tell you straight, nobody really gives a rats back end what your opinion on the issue is if you can't grow up and have an honest discussion about the game. The point is that Akir in his toxic, or intoxicated, state has insulted other players skills when he's not the brightest bulb in the box.
  2. DJDAD


    Akir you must be off of your meds or your rocker one. You're comments display a lack of experience playing against the soviets when they were shooting down every US plane in 2 shots or destroying jeeps, tanks, sniping players everywhere they turned. If the weapon was so dead then why did every other Russian player use one? Next time you plan a whine fest let us all know in advance so we can plan to bring some cheese and make a party of it. As for a lack of skill, the few times I saw you in an actual battle you weren't exactly at the top of your leaderboard so I wouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house buddy.
  3. Blame Reto, not the players. These guys aren't alts, they're vets randoming into matches because they don't want to wait an hour to get into a match. Reto could fix this problem easily but they either don't listen to the community or they just don't care. Turn off all of the auto-resolves and every battle goes into a queue as soon as it initiates. As the matches before it get played, it moves up in the queue until it's first in line. ALL players who random get put into the first match in the queue and so on. You can still pop a specific match IF you get enough players on both sides to queue for the specific match but otherwise ALL matches get played in the order they were initiated. Easy enough but like I said before Reto doesn't listen to the community. We've brought this up for years now. Same old same old....
  4. Solution: Step 1 - Break the seal on a new bottle of Johnny Walker Step 2 - Pour a shot Step 3 - Drink the shot when you get headshot Step 4 - Rinse and repeat. Step 5 - Crawl to your bed after the first match (It's the only one you'll get) Problem solved
  5. DJDAD

    H&G after new deploy system

    Even looks like Gaius
  6. DJDAD

    Buffing AA

    Agreed, What we really need is tracer rounds like IRL. Nothing has to be nerfed or buffed
  7. Agreed. As for the equipment, it stays the same as it is now. Your Russian characters can only use the weapons they have now, same with the US but they all belong to one faction, just different skins, etc. Same goes for the ATs. Only Russian equipment can spawn out of Russian ATs, and US out of US ATs.
  8. DJDAD

    What's in a Name

    So I posted this thread a couple of years ago and got lot's of awesome answers. Lots of new players since then so I thought I'd start it again. A lot of players ask me if I'm a DJ in real life and well, no, I'm not. My two sons got me into this game because they knew I was a WW2 buff and thought I would like it. It was the first FPS game I had played and I didn't expect to play with anyone but them so I simply picked my initials and added DAD after that. So what's in your game name?
  9. DJDAD

    I'll be murican this war

    Hey Draco, You've shot with us before. You are welcome to hop in and squad up with us anytime. We're mostly shooting staged now as the war has lost it's luster so any faction is fine. DJ
  10. Agreed, Most of the vets I have talked to are not making warfunds. Of the few that have told me they ARE making warfunds they have only a small number of ATs and play the FPS far more than the RTS side and they pull their ATs back far from the front lines when they are not on. There are several problems with this. First, if during the non-peak times there are not enough active generals at the front there will be gaps in the front lines that the other factions can exploit, leading to more rapid swings in the front lines and thus more generals who thought their ATs were safe coming back on and finding their ATs gone, often with huge losses in warfunds. It is the larger generals who are willing to leave enough ATs at critical areas on or near the front who help stabilize the war map and keep the wars lasting. With more and more of us not deploying, the wars will become shorter and shorter and more of the smaller generals who pull back to safety will find that there are no safe places to pull back to. Second, if you are running more than a couple of ATs it is near impossible to make up the negative warfund economy simply by playing the FPS matches. Third, with the loss of all troops, equipment AND warfunds with the new morale mechanics makes players more reluctant to push large numbers of ATs as the risk of them moraling out and losing warfunds is all too real. I've watched it happen. This means more ATs sitting back not being used at times and this increases the queue on each factions resources. IMHO four simple fixes will bring the war map back to life: 1. Stop taking players warfunds for ATs that morale out or undeployments (take the troops out but refund the WFs. Nobody gets hurt) 2. Fix the random WF payouts for ATs in a battle 3. Bring back the underdog bonus or implement a greater WF gain for troops capping points, killing tanks, etc. 4. Give generals warfunds for ATs that were in a battle on a line that was closed out if spawns were generated.
  11. DJDAD

    RTS wishlist

    The warfund drain is real and so is the exodus of veteran players from the RTS side. If Reto would allow us to undeploy our troops without losing the warfunds when we have to go out of town or work takes us away for a few days, more players would do so. Losing the spawns BUT gaining the warfunds back for undeploying or idling for several days would mean more resources in the stockpile without hurting the player base.
  12. DJDAD

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Colt Ford Chicken and Biscuits
  13. DJDAD

    Not necessarily looking for a clan....

    You are welcome to shoot with us. I am with the Silent 7th. We are a US/Australian clan. No membership or set times to shoot required. Our TS address is: (if you decide to download TS) or you can just send GeneralBenDover or me a friend's request. Happy Hunting DJDAD
  14. DJDAD

    Looking for a clan

    Here is a link to most of the clans in each faction: DJ