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  1. I wonder why they removed it. Also, enemies should be able to hear you as well.
  2. Its pretty futile to write, since its players mentality that causes this "problem", but I personally dont wait for passengers, unless they are actively trying to enter (not running if front of my jeep though, those I drive away from), not whistling after I pass them before honking behind them for few seconds to give them chance to enter. Also there is option to spawn inside vechicles - use it if you want a drive, no point to wait for rebels. Other issues are like those above stated, stupid drivers, mismatched objectives, danger on road etc.
  3. Well i happen to grind infantry almost to 4gold in rifles and upgraded gun acordingly only to find out tanker cant use garand, so I surely would like to get those upgrades back, so same problem yours. As to trading, im against it. I dont like the idea of every one having acess to every weapon. Factions have some identity right now and it fits game somewhat, also it would make people pick best weapon without the downsides other equipment has (eg. us autos and ger bolt-action). If in-between faction trading is not the thing you had in mind, then what you should be asking is abillity to sell unwanted items, which is not a bad idea.
  4. Worse thing is, that you cant enter mixed team eg. tank + infantry, recon + tank etc. since team can only consist of same class... Or you need to have both classes unlocked and hope for aux slots, but that is "unreliable" way to do it.
  5. You forgot to mention that at longer ranges grass beomes "thiner" and you can be seen easily. I dislike this false sense of security.
  6. Stuck at step 7, after getting clue from the head statue guy, bowine six asked me to find holy hand cannon, but i dont know where to start looking for it. Any tips?
  7. Yes i definetely over-estimated range, but i think you got what i meant. As to "slam fire" i dont think you can move while shoting that fast, so high risk high reward. And maybe double barreled could be worse but also cheaper, and you get it earlier, or be able to fire both shots with no delay and have faster reload. Lastly its not like all factions have to have every kind of weapons, only russians get AT gun, USA has worst scopes, etc. If you want play shotgun you can just play other nation, its not like you are bound to one (well in war you are, but still)
  8. Pump action (slow) and short enough range (not even one lenght of a house) would make autos better in most cases imo. Also many cap points have a lot open ground, and for buildings you still have grenades and alternative enternances. I really like concept of shooting someone in the face from hug distance, a melee weapon if you will, slightly more range than shovels and a guaranteed kill (if you hit). Think 20 degree shrapnel cone with proportional fallof damage with percentage coverage of actual hit with about 150dmg on 100% (hope some of that makes sense) All of that makes it situational and not that better than smg with possibility of headshot, and rof high enough to out dps miss shot shotgun.
  9. Shotguns with range limited 1hk wouldnt change camping, one can just camp with smg headshots for close quaters anyway. I love shotguns, it would be great to play with them. How about something like disabling headshots and drastically dropping damage after ~50m. Weapon with high specialisation.
  10. They are right about weapons, auto are better in close quaters, and modification to those weapons will help you win encounters. But since those tips are aimed at newbies they should be giving more progress-oriented tips, ones that are more mindful of credit costs, especially grenades and mines, those are highly situational and should not be used besides those situations as they are way to expensive and inefficient (cost/kill). Melee combat, just as grenades, is situational, if one expects to outrun bullets, well then good luck. Also nothing about dangers of APC, like campers, tanks or simply increased deploy timer. In close quaters you should rather sturm in with a jeep than try to sneak your way through the forrest, where apcs are usually hidden. They are useful though. So in my opinion those tips are more harmful than helpful, they would impart overall progress. Also they don't bring up any downsides or dangers of using said equipement.
  11. Well, sorry, that came more aggressive that I intended. My point is that this is a waste of time, I cannot see why there is a need for this wait, and when you see you are loading into losing game you would prefer getting in there as fast as you can, no? (that is politically right argument, I just really don't like to waste time)
  12. Lets change it then: 30sec timer to adjust my auxseats is horsecr*p and a waste of my time, so is joining midgames. Change plox.
  13. Why do we have to wait before starting to load the game, after match maker found a game? Its really annoying, even more so when you are joining started game, which in itself isnt fair.
  14. Well if you know magic trick do please tell me, just saying its possible doesnt help since normal means clearly doesnt work. If you cant stand up, you cant crouch from prone. Standing up animation takes some time so it seems like you crouch from prone. Confirmed by raped friend.
  15. Damn man, I feel you... not literally like the guy you described though.