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  1. Just start as inf and change to recon. oh wait...
  2. Its made so that teams (2 players or more) gain control over platoon, even if it is their first battle Good concept but not well thought out
  3. Yes please, buff M1/M2 to 2hk (its considered semi auto isnt it?)
  4. User created maps could be best way to expand on maps. New maps from Reto are rare (mythical even), so rather than trying to make new maps, create new, user driven system, paid if accepted to increase quality, and possibly dodge legal issues. If that is possible (and everything is possible).
  5. You might be mostly right, I was thinking of pineapple, and those segmented parts seemed like they would be tempered with controlled shatter along thiner edges, to maximize damage, german and russian granades might not work that way though at all (pineapples might not either), and you are right about soft steel not causing a problem. You dont really want smallest (and flat since rotation cause it to lose energy faster) fragments though, as they carry less kinetic energy (and thus potential damage). Part about pressure forcing shrapnel out is wrong though, as you said gas pressure is equalised, so its not affecting shrapnel at all, or maybe slightly (unless you are talking about those directed at exit, then naturally, thats how cannon actually works), so with tempered steel, some sharp fragments could get stuck or even get slightly welded, with some unluck, with cumulative effect with consecutive shots. But all that is void since as you said there is little to no tempered steel in grenades. All in all I have never seen granade shrapnel (and I dont think i want to), so I was speaking what was logical to me. Tell that to 222 drivers. I think you are underestimating how strong uncountered tanks could be. In worst case driver could repair/defend vehicle directly (or use mg) Also you might have not played guns of icarus, but in this game you have pilot, gunner and engineer. Yes you need coordination, but thats what makes it fun.
  6. Thats my point, all those shrapnel can either clog the gun enough to stop shell, or destroy shells (making it very innacurate, or effectively shooting a low range shotgun) Edit: more on topic. How about removing AT ( or neutering to really basic values, and making it cheap), but making tanks 2 player, driver and gunner. Sure it would be strong (maybe OP in good hands), but rarer, nishe even, but more rewarding. Exp would be shared or something.
  7. But think of shrapnel inside of barrel, it could seriously damage it if not destroy it after firing a shell. In best case shell pushes shrapnel out, but most likely most of it would get stuck and shred either barrel or shell, possibly exploding shell inside barrel, causing more damage (and more shrapnel)
  8. shirt, thanks for answers.
  9. Can bar become 2HK? Visualisation of dmg is not conclusive, and its hard to tell in the middle of fight.
  10. Thats an easy question, you see more than 3:2 germans to russian, you quit. You take your 3min penalty, avoid getting raped twice (7k+ repair cost and getting your butt handed to you). Actually I'm on quest to APCR ammo but since every match you are out-numbered best way to gain exp is to fly low and fast hoping to get some lucky bombs avoiding planes at all cost. Once they are on your butt, they wont quit until you are dead, so dont hope for repairs. Not really sarcasm, but quite some salt. (You lied to me forums, (russian)planes arent credit piniata!)
  11. New maps are ok, but I would love to play old ones as well, they are quite different so they would work together as different maps. Or perhaps as alternative theme rolled randomly.
  12. Voted game modes, but MAPS, definitely new maps, if you play a lot it can get boring once you learn their quirks.
  13. It also serves as penalty for leaving a match. Played some games where leavers were an issue, not so much here though. But I agree, might be a little redundant.
  14. Thanks a lot, if it really works how it used to, then I will be content
  15. Looking forward to new maps (or old pre-change ones, those were fun as well). But new gamemodes? That is interesting, CTF is a rare one, FFA has some potential here too (maybe not really).