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  1. Pryvate_Jackson


    I haven't read too much into all your proposed changes, but I am not a fan of nerfing guns unless absolutely necessary. For example I think all guns from a certain weapon class should be almost exactly in line with each other to make player skill more important, so that would necessitate some guns getting slight nerfs, but also some others getting slight buffs to bring them all in line. I'm also not a fan of slowing the game down by adding higher ADS times and such because that just promotes camping in corners, and everyone's favorite- sitting in a bush in Narnia. I also think all automatic guns should preform well in close quarters, but SMGs should be better. I don't want to be getting the drop on someone while using like an MG13 or STG or something and just have them zap me off the game because they have an SMG. One thing I think you could do is make reload times for SMGs a good chunk less than other types of guns so they don't get caught out by that as much- but leave the actual shooting and ADSing relatively untouched. A bit off topic but because i'm sure a macro user will read this- but if you have to use a macro because you have that much trouble controlling recoil please re-evaluate the life choices that got you there because that's just sad.
  2. Pryvate_Jackson

    My grandfather's infantry unit

    My grandfather served in the 36th Infantry Division, where he landed in Anzio. He died when I was very young so everything I know about him comes from my dad. I have some somewhat funny anecdotes that I've heard over the years. My dad always said that my grandfather hated all the war movies where the landing craft dropped the soldiers right on the beach. He said that the navy boat drivers dropped them way offshore and drove away quickly. My grandfather had a BAR and he absolutely hated it, because he was the first one the germans shot at, so he switched and ended up with a Garand. He was also one of the soldiers who took Rome. We jump a couple decades later when my Aunt visited Italy and mentioned to my grandfather that there were a bunch of bullet holes in Roman ruins, and did he know who shot them? He said, do I know them, I was one of them! He did not have a great education and had no idea what building he was shooting at. To him it was just some old stone thing. His war ended when he broke his ankle marching, and spent the rest of it in Rome.
  3. Pryvate_Jackson


    The infantry scopes just suck. If you want to reduce the amount of infantry snipers remove scopes for them all together. However even without a scope I can lean forward and basically have my nose touch my monitor and pixel hunt. Infantry snipers will always be a thing. As long as we have these 1.9x scopes just don't make the visible part literally two square inches. The only thing it does it make it a little more annoying to play with. It is not hampering my ability to use a bolt action or semi auto rifle. Just make the circle wider, it's that simple. It is an easy fix to make them better. They are not overpowered as a 1.9x zoom. It doesn't make much of a difference vs. iron sights. If they had a normal sized clear picture they would be a good alternative to iron sights, but not stronger all the time. As for assault rifles, there is really no point. I don't understand the point of having scopes the way they are on assault rifles. If you aim down sight in a building you can see almost nothing. However hipfire, especially since the Adams build is very strong. Scopes don't hinder my ability to get kills, they just make it slightly annoying to look through. If it was your intention to make it too difficult to use it hasn't worked. Reto, just stop making scopes annoying to use. if you don't want them- remove them. It's that simple. If you do want them in the game don't make them annoying to use. Stop sitting in this middle ground, either make them worth using, or remove them.
  4. Pryvate_Jackson

    Please Remove Bots

    Totally agree. The bots just are not fun to play with or against.
  5. Pryvate_Jackson


    The AVS is already a really strong weapon. No need for changes.
  6. Pryvate_Jackson

    Axis Federative Teamspeak (

    discord is just the way to go.
  7. Pryvate_Jackson

    Delete Heavy Set badge.

    or nah.
  8. Pryvate_Jackson

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Yooooo, this looks pretty cool
  9. Pryvate_Jackson

    Stepping Down

    Goodnight, sweet prince.
  10. As you can see from my post history, I haven't exactly been active on the forums in a while so i'm sure someone sometime brought this up. Anyways there's no reason a Stuart should take 8 Panzershreks in a row before dying. In this battle out of the 18 players in there were 3 infantry. This only got worse as the battle went on. There was little old me armed with a K98 and a Panzershrek just trying to kill tanks however needing to do a complete refill just to kill a Stuart doesn't seem balanced does it. I never even got to kill any other tank than the one Stuart I hyper-focused on. The fact that I can shoot a tank 4 times, and it not even care that it was being shot is not balanced. EDIT: I did some testing in a PZ38, and this happened. I don't know what tank that was, but I fired and hit every single shell, over 30 and it still didn't die. That's even more ridiculous.
  11. Pryvate_Jackson

    The Long Promised Anti-Cheat Engine Update

    This isn't real life. This is a game. This is not a milsim. I can click faster than twice per second, so no.
  12. Pryvate_Jackson

    3 years playing Axis (3y old account)

    Wow. My account was made in late 2014, and from all three factions I don't have that many. I just change loadouts for what I feel like playing. Then I have a back up all purpose infantry with a scoped SA rifle and bazooka.
  13. Pryvate_Jackson

    its been a while...

    I think they said they were doing a bunch of back-end stuff to update tools and make it easier to add new things in the future.
  14. Pryvate_Jackson

    Premium Vehicles?

    I would 100% be behind premium skins. They wouldn't have a hint of P2W aspect that a premium vehicle would. Something i'd like is a skin for every thousand hours or anniversary of your download date. As long as the skins aren't like bright pink or something I would like them.
  15. Pryvate_Jackson

    Question about heavy fighters

    Does it turn the same? Guess I should fly it more.