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  1. I will not deploy until the rts is looked at. I am losing too much from the towns ending on auto resolves before there time. Besides the player base has either gotten worse at the game or there is foolish crap going on more now a days.
  2. Is Heroes and Generals dying?

    This game is not dead yet! there needs to be some major changes to the way the devs react to us though. They need to listen to all of us and not just a few. There is so much that needs to be fixed and changed that it is pushing the new people away. I have been trying to get the younger gen. in this game but, when i do i get this for feed back, the guns are not balanced between factions the goal of the match is not known the tanks are not balanced why is there two factions with a bonus and not just the one with the lowest pop? why is the uniforms cost so much higher for one faction it takes too long to get things. the war-funds do not accumulate when a assault team is put in a battle the how too's is a long list why do the wheels not come out on the planes when trying to land. more for the germs why do the guns on the plane only shoot from one wing why do the resupplies for assault teams take a path into a fighting town instead of going around the color scheme in this game is more brown than anything. I do not think this. why is there a way to play both sides in one match? why do only certain vehicles flip back to the wheels when the others dont. I think they are referring to the half-tracks. There is more but, this is i think the most top issues for the new comers. Do not flame at me saying that well your playing the germ faction and that im bias. This is the feedback that i got. This is from a 20 person group. They tried all factions by the way. They were most upset with the germ and sov factions the most. They likes the US faction the most. Do you want this game to die? Or help keep it going!!!!!!!
  3. The Unbalanced War

    troll post lock it down
  4. This is regarding the war side of fps. since we have a gross amount of comments on how people play badly or plane just want to ruin others fun time in the war side of the fps. I wonder if implementing a small tweak to the players being able to play. attach a check on the influence of the player. If the influence is too low then they have to play in staged until this is brought back up to where it is acceptable for the player to join the war side of this game again. This would hinder any and all types of bad behavior on the war side. Thoughts?
  5. How does the "report player" system work?

    The RETO gals are very good at making this game cheater free. I have been around for a while and have seen cheaters in this game but,! they do not stay long. I always laugh at those that cheat because killing their toon is fun. Not only do you get the satisfaction of killing a cheater but, you can also be assured that RETO is going to slap them. So in close, the cheater gets hit twice. Good job on this RETO. No ****.
  6. I would like to see the RTS run smoother. As for now when a battle or town that is attacked finishes, it lags out the map. Also the resupply for At's also lags the map sometimes crashing it. This for the RTS side is a high need of fixing in my thoughts. The cloud based system is not working as intended for auto resolves. The battles resolve in weird times lately. instance, Town was attacked, after the 5 min startup at 25 mins the town auto-ed. it happen 2 more times to me before I said f it and shut the game down. I think other people feel the same way about this. I do like this game and just because I pick on you RETO gals does not mean that I want this game to end or that I don't like you. It is just the opposite. Thanks, krazy7s
  7. Alt accounting

    Having and playing an alt account is not a bad thing. As long as you play the game to win. Having a alt account to grief or pop and leave a match is not ok! Anyone who says different should uninstall windows or mac............. I did deploy and will continue to deploy as I have figured out that the grief people are nubs and will not deter me from playing. Waste of time they are. And for RETO gals, The resources you would need is null for this issue as all you have to do is watch the battles that cut troops off and or make advances on the field in huge chunks within a hour. you will find most of the grief in those battles. A fun way to deal with the ones who grief would be to lock there main account to the faction they are on and make it so they cannot create another account. This way they can still play but, are no longer able to mess with other factions. Oh yeah with the message saying you are grounded. I know this cant be done.
  8. Alt accounting

    The way to tell who is an alt account! 1. they tell you in the game chat! Yup this happens alot... 2. they spawn and crash the toys again and again without doing anything. yup they also say in chat ohwell reto wont do anything about it. 3. they join the match but never spawn again and agian. yup this happens 4. they tk til they get booted and then do it again when they can. 5. they block people from playing by standing infront of them constantly. 6. they get some kills but only by assist. this one is tricky but you can tell by the none movement and map checking for team position to relay to the others on there ts or crapcord. 7. they join a battle then leave as soon as it pops. theres more but lunch is needed more than this crap. kind ragards, KRAZY7s
  9. FPS

    Hi Reto, Am I able to use console to adjust parameters of things ingame to increase fps?
  10. Auto Busters

    Yeah auto's suck. But I fear that you are bias with this pop a battle thing. How can you assure us that all factions around the map will be trolled the same ?
  11. Looking for a good German clan

    Get on FUBAR ts3. We have people from all time zones. No need for a password. You will need thick skin in this TS. lol.
  12. [FUBAR]

    We are looking for players to join us in the FPS and RTS sections of this game. You do not have to join this clan to play and nor do you need assault teams. All you need is thick skin and a sense of humor. We also play other games. here is the TS3 connect info. no need for a password. Jump on Teamspeak3
  13. [FUBAR] Is looking for players

    We are looking for players to join us in the FPS and RTS sections of this game. You do not have to join this clan to play and nor do you need assault teams. All you need is thick skin and a sense of humor. We also play other games. here is the TS3 connect info. no need for a password. Jump on Teamspeak3
  14. M1/M2 is too OP cant stand it

    Reallllly' You need a video? Wow, I didn't know that you were a troll poster. lol, He/she is afraid of truth.
  15. war lvl join

    +1 for this post.....