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  1. A nerf to the Chaffee

    lol, breath taken and I have played that chaffee. I have all gold badges for that character and roll around the map like a champ. The fact that you did not react to my whole post tells me that you sir need to be the one to take a breath. each faction has its ups and downs. Anyone can choose a complaint to post.
  2. How many AT's lost each war without WF gain

    I have been dploying my germ AT's, I place them not in the front lines and not near capitals as both are congested with AT's. Lets point out the reason for this issue of no WF and no XP. lack of people playing war/game. cause of that, lack of fixes at a rate of which the players want. I am not saying that there is no fix's going on. I am saying that the WF issue has been going on for 2 years. plenty long enough to fix it. Your meta game? lol
  3. A nerf to the Chaffee

    The chaffee is a med tank used by H&G as a light. it needs to go to the class that it belongs to. another tank should be introduced in its place. Again I will say, Stop with the De-buff this and that. Each faction has its up and downs. I play the german faction. no one speaks for me and I speak for no one but, myself.
  4. How many AT's lost each war without WF gain

    When I logged in today I seen that 14 of my AT's were AR and not played, no WF or XP. yeah i equipped 4 more AT's thinking that maybe more towns used that there would be a better chance of use on one of them. It did not work. I did how ever place two plane assault teams on an Airfield that had no other planes and that did get XP and WF. But it still in the end resulted in a loss of WF. RTS is dead now. Caused by people that turn a blind eye to what is going on. lol +1
  5. How many AT's lost each war without WF gain

    You assume that i am new to this and that I placed my AT's in an area of which was played by some team and then went poof. Why are you fixated on that area anyway? lol Look at the whole map. Could I have maybe spread them out and placed them around the map to see if a new person could make WF and or XP? I did just that and have been trying all places on the map. I have never placed AT's at WARSAW. Plus capitals have too many AT's around them. I think you just like posting.
  6. How many AT's lost each war without WF gain

    SirHeresy + 1
  7. How many AT's lost each war without WF gain

    That sucks milk, you are an older vet ainit? WTH Maybe they are hoping the old vets with tons of WF will go broke? That will not work as all the old vets just see this and say Meh ok ill stop deploying. Then when its fixed again, the mass of AT's will deploy again. Or not . not sure about that.
  8. The true reason GE Is Hated by US/SU players

    yeah i played as SU and found the same thing along those lines. I also noticed more and more people are doing this. All I can say is let it go. When they kill you one time out of you killing them 10 times its just funny that they whistle. shows there age group. But, yup there is a but, all factions do this a lot. there is no one faction that does it more than the other. Trust. P.S maybe you are know to these guys and they hate your play style because it is better than theirs.
  9. How many AT's lost each war without WF gain

    lol, I am now deploying as SOV for a month to see what that gives. so far its a loss in WF. I will not run out. I am a old player of H&G.
  10. Soviet PTRD

    I think all guns need a buff. lol op this op that. i have played all sides and each side has a difference in play style because of the variance of the guns to each other. The US faction is CQC mostly. They rule in this area. The SU faction is more med to close range. You do rule in this area. While GE is the you cant find me because i can see you from afar. As for the special's like the PTRD, that is a weapon that when used rite will make the opposing team not drive. lol That being said the reload makes it inline with the game play. the aim is aeh so so. Try and not post without a search for your issue, rant, compliment or stuff. Most of the time you will find a post relating to yours. I've done what you just did many times and found that my issues have already been posted on after i made the post making my post a duplicate. ? for you, looking at the time you posted this, was I the one PTRDing you? All ive been using today is the PTRD and saying you shall not drive every time i blow up a jeep. lol
  11. How many have you lost. today's login showed me 10 foot AT's surrendered without WF gain. This was to see if a new person could make war funds. I have been doing this for a month now and the same results each day. I place them against the SU not the US. Also when I did the month long placement of 10 foots against the US it was about the same. This will stop new people from deploying and using AT's.
  12. The true reason GE Is Hated by US/SU players

    i did not read any ones comments. So if i am redundant oh well. You think because GE T'bags or whistles that we are hated. lol Not so. If you were here pre pleb season we were the force to run from and that has not left peoples minds. Everyone that went SU from US back then was the ones GE stomped. Soooo if you think about it; it is still US and US against GE. get it? About the whistle and T'bagging, Any time I play this game I get that treatment from the other teams all of the time. From people I do not even know! lol I take it as a compliment. The only time I whistle or T'bag is when it is someone I know. its funny to me that I say hi that way. lol ask PSAM, exile, hdawg and well they get the drift.
  13. The RTS is DYING because of these issues, Alt abuse, Yyup that old thing AR's due to pop drop, Pop drop due to cheating, I.E, alt abuse, access to console by player base. WF loss even with vet membership!!!!! <-------- Big one lack of new maps. The lack of oversight on clans that abuse this games mechanics. In any game you should not lose purchasing power while paying for VET membership. This meaning that we Vets should not lose WF or credits while playing. All vets should be on this one with me. A fun fix for trolls, if caught trolling dont ban them, take away everything from them and make them start from scratch. Plus change the uniform to glow in game and give players that kill them a reward of some sort. yeah i could just see it, 20 people chasing 4 guys on the map. oh bye the way, for those that want AR to go away, Think about the alt abuse that happens now and triple it after that happens.
  14. Filter for rts

    can we get a filter for the AT's on the right side of the screen above the AT' column. I.E, Foot inf, moto inf, moto guard, recon and so on?
  15. Unpleasent gun names?

    racial names are re portable. as for the others grow some testies. And yes women have them too. lol