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  1. Antitank(rifles) do more damage than AA to planes, add that to the insanity.
  2. SOSodin

    Does RETO read sugestions

    RETO doesn't play their own game , so how are they going to know what needs fixing. Has a developer ever deployed AT's and played and entire WAR with all 3 factions? The suggestion box/reporting is to make the player feel good, end of story.
  3. SOSodin

    Fix General's Map routes

    Reporting more broken lines Laval..........LaCroixille Formazza........Lavertezzo
  4. SOSodin

    Fix General's Map routes

    War after war same map lines remain broken re-routing troop units in the wrong direction. Examples : Leicester ...........Bletchley (England) Petersfield .........Portsmouth (England) Bridlington ........Hull (England) This affects all factions. Generals need to submit lines they encounter broken. RETO please fix this.
  5. SOSodin

    1.15.1 -Hearing grenade sounds everywhere

    Yep, Hearing those grenade sounds with every character, and its one grenade after the other.
  6. SOSodin

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    Yeah, sure USA needs to learn to fly, and roll and scissor and all that other nonsense, but how that hell can you do that when 1 hit blows out an entire wing and Mustang does ZERO damage to capability of the enemy planes. You guys are great, all ACEs, especially when the game is so unbalanced. So keep stroking your egos.
  7. SOSodin

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    Slirre, I think you are right. They must be listening to some other community. Only reason to fly is bail into cap points before you get shredded but it gets expensive,
  8. SOSodin

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    Still. nothing seriously done about this imbalance of air planes. Wings blown off immediately on first pass and plane then totally useless. Mustang MG do little damage. How can 6 x 50 cal do less damage the the AA with 4 x 50 cal? What a joke. Also, when are the missing health boxes going to be hot fixed? I always hear how they listen to the community ...........nothing but crickets.
  9. SOSodin

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    One pass from any enemy fighter, and the P-51 immediately loses a wing. A nice shiny sitting duck that was already lame when it spawned. Flying use to be fun. Still waiting to hear how that Developer challenge Fighter vs Fighter went, to settle this once and for all.
  10. SOSodin

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    There is only 1 way to settle this endless, rhetorical debate. Have the developers actually play their product. Have 9 current Mustangs and against any 9 ( you pick the number) enemy fighters just released and then they will feel the frustration. Play 10 battles and the US will lose every battle. Enough said.
  11. SOSodin

    Health crate icon on map but crate missing

    Same thing , Health crate missing at E3, Church Map Missing A4 Church map Personnel mines still not working inside airplane bunker 03 big airport map ( reported months ago never fixed)
  12. SOSodin

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    The Mustang is just a shiny P40 and a weaker plane. 1. Can not out turn enemy planes 2. 50 cal mgs have no punch or concentrated fire at all on a first pass or the rest of the encounter. 3. Never live long enough to use the 500 lb bombs ( so what good is that?) 4. 2 shots to wing and its gone, you land (good luck) and ONLY 2 bars of damage , what is that all about ? 5. Sticks out like a Light house with it Silver skin, so you get shot much farther away, spotted mush faster. 6. Can not even out run enemy plane.
  13. Map: Large Airfield map Place: The Airplane bunkers at 03 Problem: Placing either the USA or German anti-personnel mines ( I own both) in the bunker tunnels, enemy runs over them without triggering. This has been going on for months. They work in the entrances but not in the tunnels themselves. Why? Thank you
  14. Makes total sense to the Community, and we shall see if we are heard.
  15. SOSodin

    What is this shaking?

    The shaking while flying is causing vertigo, nausea, and nystagmus. Please remove this unneeded nuisance. Please help make this game fun, but instead another hurdle.