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  1. No. Simply you join a FPS game that others have set up for a reason. Units can retreat, soldiers are deserting
  2. I use only Jägerpatrone Kurz and the sights. Makes first 4 bullets almost all hitting the target. You can even forget the Jägerpatrone and use the stock ammo. It will be a bit more accurate but will drop damage fast. On automatic weapons stability is more usefull for me as RoF. A high rate of Fire will bring me nothing if they spread out too much. Only a way to increase costs. Btw, not using badges for my primary weapon on this char.
  3. I don't think limits will be the solution on forhand. We had a nice assault teams a way back. Anti Tank infantry. It could be thought over to make some badges and weapons only available for more specialist units. In those days the anti tank inf had only some worth in the autoresolves those days. But for example get some engineers to lay mine fiels (engineer units) Anti tank inf with panzerschreck/bazooka or PTRD (anti tank inf unit) etc etc. MG on bipods yes, but including recoil. High recoil when you fire while standing, medium when you are on your knees and low when you lay down (MG's). PTRD only can be fired from bipod and laying (including all other anti tank guns, if they would be coming). Make this for all weapons and you one step closer how it works in real life as well. Recoil can be bit lowered with the MG when they use bipods. A change that will require more adjustments as well. The total pat of balancing of weapons can be dropped if they make the weapons inline of what they really were. Just make it so it fits in game. Long long time ago I created a table of the weapons that were available at that time.
  4. Maybe they had to get the system they had a bit more tuned. In the earlier days AR was fought by AI. Well not foght minut by minut but AT's came out damaged if the AR was "large". AT level was included the resolving so a level 3 inf counted more as a level 1 inf. For now the battle should be fought after x time players not join and fought til x% of troops so they will retreat or even get lost. But.. .atm there is just a huge danger as too many whales would be able to do alot of damage. Warfunds should be rewarded even by AI fights. The AI fight can be stopped at any time when players join the battle to take over control. However the damage that was made by AI should be the starting conditions for the time players joining. In general Assault teams (specialist ones) should be more expensive. Expensive in a way you would need for example 3 guards to maintain a mech inf. Just an example to get the picture. Now tanks, paratroopers fighters etc will hurt you more as they do now when you loose them. RTS need to be fun but also a bit of more risky so a player have to think about it a bit longer if he/she want to take the risk. Add to that a frenchaise mechanisme so FPS players are paying a part of what they use to avoid massive losses to generals without taking FPS player to the responcibilitie of (mis)using. Ofcourse Underdog bonus should be removed, not even been implemented, from the beginning. It supported only the waste mentality of many.
  5. To the M24 chaffee example.... German ystopped with the production of light tanks around 1942. The Luchs is the last one and was assigned to recon forces, not to the tank units. The doctrine of Germany turned into the production of medium tanks. Sadly the game not have the characteristic doctrines of all armies that are in this game included. A chaffee woeld have face mostly medium class German tanks. That the chaffee is classed as light is still oke, as it was that way. And this showed already in the pass (not only due devs but hardly supported by some players who are gave some advice (don't forget those)), the doctrines of armies not counting and they just look to what could fit to eachother. Simply look at the MG42 how it is nerved to get in balance with other MG's. As man ystill believe it wasn't that accurate and not had that high RoF. It had. Later models and modifications the weapon was turned down the RoF, but still accurate. For those who still think it isn't, try it yourself, same as I did with our "patenschaftbattalion" during my active time of service. Yeah we had the possibility to shoot with some older weapons and not only with the G36. You blame Reto, but blame also some of the players who adviced them in this way. @Galius You trolling again as usual. This has nothing to do with so called Asymmetric balancing. Otherwise the luchs was assigned to the recons and the M24 had faced a medium tank on the techtree.
  6. Funny that you start over autoresolves. The SU are doing mostly the same including you, and others. Just a shame RETO went into to make AT's cheaper a long time ago, otherwise you would have lost alot only because tha Parablocks you set. Don't get me wrong as it is a legimit way to play. Just funny about those autoresolve part.
  7. worked out the hexagon idea bit more... Imagine...
  8. For the RTS part I would go away from the current system, this system has reach his max. As said in many other posts the RTS map will be best in hex grid system. It creates much more battlefiels (each grid tile) It open ways to add vegetation for each region (other kind of battle enviroments) It will allow bigger towns (spread over more tiles) It will allow some terrain not aavailable for some units (f.e. Tanks can't climb some mountain areas) It will allow more kind of Assault teams. It will allow the player much more attack possibilities. For example they add the west wall fortifications, a nice coastal maps with landing ships (some warships on background). Can even think about to give assault teams attack or defense bonus in some kind (f.e. Units at Siegfriedline are harder to beat in a kind of AR). Add roads, railroads to it for faster movement if you move assault teams over tiles with roads/railroads. Main battles will like now, towns, airfields, industrial complexes (harbors etc). the other tiles are skirmishes etc In the current system you can do most the same but... the map will be overflooded with lines and battlefields
  9. Long long time ago, Somewhere on the forums, Written in the year 2015:
  10. I would love to read your ideas to have a check on what I have written a while ago. The point I wouldn't agree is on adding more factions but reduce it just to 2 and have nations in it that can spawn from the faction stockpile. Bassicly the faction works as an alliance of nations and is providing the nations with equipement. I have worked it out further but would be too much off topic. 2 factions means easier player balancing.
  11. Wrong, most I make on SU front so not have to do with US. Just look on how many tanks, planes etc are in battle what all cost warfunds. Just look how bad the backlands are defended, it just will cost you warfunds. And as I said in the post before... RTS is totally broken... but still able to make warfunds over and over again. And that without underdog bonus the players on SU and US side have. How broke it is I can tell you as well but in that case we will write here over and over again as that book will very thick. We not have to argue about that.
  12. It is what you see as truth. And that not have to be the truth for somebody else. Now just leave as you already planned to do, insstead just try to get more attention and get into the big picture.
  13. Learn to pay the maintenance with ingame currency. I noticed I make enough, more with veteran, but still enough to maintain most my assault teams with infantry (normal ones). Sadly... the 3 faction and all meassurments to get it ongoing and the support to US and SU with underdogbonus (what some really needed otherwise they went broke) made a lot of this game broke. On the faction I play, we have rarely underdogbonus and I'm still able to make profit with my assault teams. Those are playeed by randoms and not only fielded against newer players. Some really need to overthink their strategy on the RTS map what not means there is alot broken on RTS
  14. You also looked on the amount you had before and now? As far I have seen I have more shcrecks in the box as before. Same with some other equipement
  15. Most points to agree with on a certain level. None of the points well thought over in depth as well. Many parts so subjective... All blame RETO but it's huma to point out to others first before looking in the own direction of the players. So bye bye.