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    Fix the sound!!!

    Look, I'm aware of what happened, and I'm not saying that it's not their fault. I was very loudly complaining about the audio issues, and it's gamebreaking for me, but I'm also not ruling out the possibility that a big portion of the audio bugs we experience could be hardware or settings dependant. When they released the "upgraded" sound engine, everyone had issues with the sound, Everyone was complaining about it, but they released 2 hot fixes and a lot of players said it really fixed the issue for them. I personally know a few players who have no issues with the sound since the hot fixes. I don't think reto will care to allocate resources to fix this issue, which seemingly is affecting just a minor portion of the player base, so our best bet is trying out different settings or HW and maybe we will be able to find out what's causing it.
  2. zaerius

    Fix the sound!!!

    It's just a guess tho, which came to my mind because the game was not able to launch with my new dac set to its max 32bit 380khz(which was an overkill anyways, but hey why not ). It might be that the game can handle only 16bit 44khz, which is the default for most ppl. For me it is broken, but apparently for many it isn't, so perhaps there is an issue with our settings somewhere.
  3. zaerius

    Fix the sound!!!

    @TheLycan77 may I ask, what bitrate and frequency have you set in your sound settings? Considering that the game wouldnt even wanted to launch when I had the max quality settings, it might be that the game cant handle any higher settings, and also might be the reason why so few of us are complaining since most players have the default low sound setting set. I would test this out myself, but its too much of a hassle to reinstall the game
  4. zaerius

    question for reto.hades

    @Reto.Hades your avatar is outdated There is a new game from Supergiant games called "Hades". This one looks actually pretty badass, not like a creepy aging fat balding guy who lost half his teeth and has a failing liver
  5. zaerius

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    Using only captures can lead to a pretty awful state of the game if your team is pushed out on all lines, unable to capture any points, thus not being able to spawn any heavier equipment, while the winning team would just spawn whatever they want, making the game even more miserable to the loosing side. However Im subscribed to a very similar idea, which is an accelerated token(field maintanance) gain performing teamplay oriented tasks. It could be anything from healing your teammates, repairing damaged vehicles, driving an APC, putting a supply crate on a good spot, protecting tanks, fighting planes(not necessarily only when taking them down), raiding and defence kills or just simply being inside an active CP(even if there is no enemy inside the point and you are just defending). This would drive players to do tasks which benefit their team, and in return they would be rewarded when they would be able to spawn a stronger equipment. And these are all actions which doesnt really depend on your teams performance, anyone could be active and complete these tasks even if their team is loosing badly.
  6. zaerius

    Fix the sound!!!

    No need to be offensive, I genuenly believe that for a lot of players there are no issues with the sound, and everything is working just fine. It's just a few of us who have miserable sounds. For example if I'm watching some streamers the sounds are much better than what I'm experiencing while playing the game.
  7. This is exactly what Im looking for, but the more I think about it, I dont think reto will have the balls to restrict combined arms to infantry only.
  8. zaerius

    Fix the sound!!!

    I have one 200 eur high quality headphone, another one for 350 with an external dac and Amp and the sound is absolutely awful, the issue is not in our equipment
  9. zaerius

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    wouldnt it be better to actually give a reason and motivation for organized groups and highly competitive players to play war instead of regulating the equipment of the casual playerbase?
  10. zaerius

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    first fix the amount of tanks able to deploy in a mission, than we can talk about AT rambos. Currently any complaint about tanks being destroyed way too fast and easy by infantry is negated by the sheer amount they appear on the battlefield. As I said multiple times, make tanks as strong as they should be, but make sure they are as rare as they should be. you are supposed to be in your tank, out of the tank you are not supposed to be a universal soldier. Absolutely not! You should not restrict what players can or cannot use in their matches, but what I want to see is a skill and experience based separation of players. If Im a long time vet, I should be able to deal with other vets wielding, higher tier equipment. yes please, give me some decent semi automatic carbine(or alternatives for other factions) which are accurate and decent on range. Its pretty much the same vs any clan of any faction. They will zerg any point on any map, I hope the skill based MM will make it a bit harder for them.
  11. Oh yes, that too... Every time I spawn a vehicle by accident 10m from the objective I feel terrible and I make a promise that I will select foot spawn the next time.... Which ofc I always forget to do in the heat of the battle. This is how I feel every time when this haopens:
  12. Every time I spawn on an APC I forget that it removes my choice of vehicle, and the next time I want to spawn I deploy on foot. It happens every time and it's so unintuitive and triggering. the previous vehicle spawn system was so much better, I wish they would bring it back, with added field maintenance info next to the vehicle icons.
  13. I dont want to rename my soldiers to loadout names because the UI is terrible.
  14. Well, how is it supposed to work then? Because it worked out just fine for me
  15. Not really, if you have multiple soldiers with similar equip its a nightmare to pick the correct one(f.e. scoped vs unscoped loadouts). The UI is not intuitive and its taking way too long to find the soldier I want to play.
  16. Ive been grinding vast majority of my soldiers in war against vets, and I dont see it justified to alter what players can or cannot use in staged just because some vets want an easy grind for themselves. If I read it correctly the updated MM wont be rank based, but skill based, which means it will be even harder to grind new soldiers since you will be facing a much higher skilled opposition on avg, which is a good thing and Im looking forward to that.
  17. I almost have 40 grinded soldiers across the 3 factions, I have no issues grinding out a new soldier in a day. It takes an hour or two to get a fairly competitive setup, where the gun wont be an issue anymore, so suck it up, its pitiful to ask the devs to make the game ez for you instead of using your skill to overcome the disadvantages.
  18. new players should be protected from fully geared vets, that I agree on, but to create a safe space for vets to grind new soldiers? Not so much. I personally never had problems grinding new soldiers versus geared enemies, you are supposed to be more experienced, knowing how to deal with each weapon. Besides staged is not meant to be only for new players and vets who are grinding, its just a different gamemode, and many players prefer it over the chaotic, unbalanced high ping War mode.
  19. I played through all the DS games, and those are quite relaxing games compared to H&G at its current state
  20. Sorry, but I just dont find it funny anymore when I flip my bike every 10m on a completely even terrain, or when half of the sounds are missing so I get killed because I didnt hear a single gunshot from 5m.
  21. every bug and weird scenarios caused by the wonky physics are funny for the first few times, but it gets old when it happens to you a few hundred times. I used to be positive about the game, and full of ideas, but my sea of ideas dried out and there is nothing left there just salt.
  22. zaerius

    How do you like the 6 hr AR?

    While yes, you are right, some players will gravitate towards playing in an organized structured clan if they get constantly wiped by enemy clans, I'm afraid many will just give up on war. War mode shouldt be a place where you either play in a clan or you get demolished by one, and there should be features to prevent this as much as possible. first of all we need features which would motivate clans and vets to fight against each other. I'm thinking about high value towns on the map which would have more value than a regular town, where you, your faction, your clan would gain something if you take it, and also it should hurt the economics of your faction when loosing it. Another feature needed is a different glow around towns where players are actively in queue, so it's easier to find opposition. Currently even if you want to fight clans, it's very tedious to do so. Also the MM needs adjustments so a newish player would never have to face off clans. It's important to lure in new players, and to not scare them right away. Also it would be nice to have some feature to quickly assemble groups. So let's say you see a clan with 18 queuing for a town, but you have just a few friends online. How about an option where you could highlight a mission on the war map and post a link in the army chat for players to join. I disagree that no feature is needed. Clans will wipe town after town, and random players will quit because they will be tired of constantly being a meatgrinder.
  23. zaerius

    H&G Fun for all ?? / H&G Spaß für alle ??

    Using KD to measure skill would only work if this game would be 1on1, but it's a team based game so it can't work. Take as an example csgos competitive mode. It barely takes into consideration your personal performance, you can absolutely demolish your opposition, yet it's still possible to derank if your team looses the match. If it would be based on KD Noone would ever take risks, Noone would go for clutches, not even on the last round of a half in order to protect their kd and rank. There are players in this game with absurd KD, because they are playing pilots, but if they are grounded they are pushovers. The only way to measure skill is by using team oriented tasks to determine how useful a player is for his team. For me a player with 20:30 who plays the objectives is a superior player to a recon with 10:1. The other issue is the MM is allowing way too many filters for the relatively small player base. For a good skill based MM they would need either a much bigger player base, or removing all the filters(no map, class, faction selection) . Both are not really an option. Here is my workaround of how they could bypass the limitations:
  24. zaerius

    Fix the sound!!!

    Missing sounds was an issue ever since I started to play this game 5 years ago, but since they changed the sound engine it got worse, and they introduced new issues as well. The sounds have no depth, there is no sound stage, everything is muffled, it's just a mix of noises playing. Even if the sound is playing its hard to tell which direction it's coming from and how far is the source. For me this is extremely annoying, and alongside with the specialist spam it's the biggest issue I have with the game, which prevents me from playing. The current audio quality is the worst Ive ever experienced in any game, and I can't understand how such important core feature of the game can be left in an awful state like this. It truly tells how much the devs care about quality.
  25. Or just jack up the field maintenance for AT equipment on the tanker class.