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  1. zaerius

    Fix the godamn sound!!!

    LOL they still havent fixed it? Good to see Reto hasnt changed a bit, so I dont have any reasons to return to this game. Its mind boggling to me how something as important as the directional sound is in an fps game can be left ignored for so long. I cant take any fps seriously where the sound is messed up. This is a prime example of the things that made me quit, something is utterly broken and it takes months and years for them to even acknowledge the issue....
  2. zaerius

    Nerfs and buffs

    I've played US and SU for a long time for the reason you are running back to GE. The challenge. On GE you have a lot more tryhards and vets who will carry your ars, on US and SU you are the one who has to step up his game. Many players are like you, who just wants to lay back and win battles effortlessly, I'd rather loose some matches to truly earn my victories.
  3. The clip you showed only showcased your lack of patience while aiming, you were just panic spraying in the general direction of the enemy, not even aiming for the chest area, almost all your hits were leg shots. The T1 pocket pistols are meant to be piss weak, because they take just 1 equip point, and you need to make up for the lack of damage with proper aim. With this weapon you need to make every shot count, because as you experienced spraying even an entire mag wont deal enough damage if you are not scoring headshots.
  4. Im not sure if it was meant to be a brag or an excuse for your poor aim, because in this game 1.8KD is not much to brag about for sure.
  5. zaerius

    Factions rework

    So it has nothing to do with your deep hatred towards the soviets, and its not at all your reasoning why you suggested this setup where the soviets would be clearly underpopulated and stomped by the other 2 factions?
  6. The game is more successful than it was for the past year, just look at the player numbers. It might not be a good game, a game that I would enjoy playing, but certainly they achieved what they wanted, more casual players throwing money at them. We, the veterans dont matter, because we want to build an awesome game, not a successful one. Reto clearly wanted to become a cheaper copy for BF and COD dropouts, and they did a good job, which means this game is not anymore for the veteran playerbase who were playing this game for years, because it wasnt anything like the above mentioned games. Do yourself a favor and stop playing this game, it will never become the game we wanted it to become. I gave up on this game, and you should do too. All the letdowns, disappointments corrupted me. Once I used to be positive about the future of this game, now Im just one of the many toxic, grumpy old players who hate what their once beloved game has become. Stop yourself before you become one of the annoying toxic forum trolls. #NotMyH&G
  8. zaerius

    Tank strength poll

    the damage system sure needs some adjustments, but nerfing/buffing them would not solve the real issue with them, which is the number in which they appear on the battlefield. I wouldnt mind tanks being super strong, but having 50%+ of all the players sitting in tanks for the entire match is completely destroying the gameplay. I wont even bother launching this game until this gets resolved, and the number of tanks kept in bay.
  9. This game for a very long time used to be my absolute favorite, and I played the hell out of it, but unfortunately at its current state the game is just not enjoyable for me anymore. The gameplay is so damaged and far from what I would consider to be fun and enjoyable, that I cant be bothered to play it. It doesnt give me the excitement and joy I used to have, only the frustration is left, and I dont see RETO willing to make all the changes I would like to see. The only solution I see is to give the players the control, give them the tools to change and customize the gameplay experience on custom servers they would rent from RETO. Give me the option to pay a monthly fee to play on my own custom servers the game I want to play. Give me the option to select what weapons, mods, classes, resources would be available on my server. I want to have games without tanks, planes, recons, with Ironsight BA rifles on every infantry soldier without a scope and heavy set. Or players would be able to just create massive 18v18 tank or aircraft deathmatch battles, easing up the special class spam in the official normal gamemode. It would bring together players who prefer a certain gameplay, and it would help building smaller communities with like minded players. This option would also allow RETO to look at what settings are popular, and steer the game into that direction. They would get a decent feedback on what players actually want the game to be. This would be also a very useful tool for clans to figure out the basic rules of clan battles on private servers, experiment what settings are fun, and which ones are not. I believe with this option it would help grow the competitive side of this game, and players would be able to give a much more detailed feedback to reto on what should be in the clanbase system. Clans would be able to develop and practice strategies, players would be able to perform tests on weapons and vehicles to provide much more detailed feedback. Besides the much more detailed statistical feedback, RETO would also get a decent profit from all the rented servers. They could make profit from what now is currently provided for free. @Reto.Hades for years you guys are not able to "Make the game we want to play", and a lot of players including me lost the hope that you ever will. Please give us the tools and an opportunity for us to customize the game to get closer to the experience we desire.
  10. zaerius


    I find it quite interesting how easily the community is fooled by some new animations. For years players were complaining about the random physical recoil, and now they are completely fine with the rng because the visual recoil animation was shortened? The physical recoil, the random conefire is the exact same on every gun, but somehow players claim a significant improvement to the accuracy? The guns are just as inaccurate and random as before, its just easier to spray. We were asking for a better, skill based recoil, where skill and experience actually matters, and we recieved the exact opposite and everyone is happy. This update did not increase the skill ceiling at all, it just lowered it since now every noob can easily spray his entire mag without any struggle whatsoever. The only thing that was making low skilled spray n pray playstyle ineffective was the high visual recoil, now that its gone all we have is a cod random spray n pray gunplay. This update was a cheap way to fool players into thinking they got what they asked for....and it worked.
  11. zaerius

    New face

    IMO it would be a terrible decision. I know well the community, and the moment they would add afro americans to US they would get a ton of backlash from the other 2 factions. Players would complain about the unfair advantage of the dark skinned player models,also this would serve as a justification for the soviet playerbase to ask for female characters(which most likely would have different hitboxes due to differences in body type). Soon reto would be under huge pressure, and we would end up with black female german soldiers running around the battlefield, and Im sure this is not the image that pops into your mind when you think about wwII soldiers. Getting into this territory is an invite for all the SJW. Also I believe a pretty big portion of the playerbase prefers to keep the game as historically accurate as possible, and I dont think they will like this direction either. So to sum it up, it would just bring in a lot of complaints, backlash, demands, and more problems and hate is the last thing reto needs at the moment.
  12. zaerius


    Sad to hear, its a rough decision to release so many employees. I wish good luck finding a new job to all of those who didnt make the cut. While I dont really understand how a half sized team will be more productive, I hope it will work out well for the company in the end.
  13. zaerius

    Hit Markers

    On the sekrit sub-forum for the silent majority ofc. Slowly but surely they will try to get closer and closer to those games. The scopes for everyone was the first step, later they made several changes to speed up the gameplay to satisfy the current generation with 5 second attention spam who could not appreciate the tactical aspect of the slower gameplay, tanks blowing everything up for the Michael Bay effect(without the cool effects BF has),now we have the hitmarkers, and soon the cod like no visual recoil will hit the live servers. Who asked for these changes? None of us. This game is not for me anymore, if I want to play a run n gun mindless shooter I have better options.
  14. zaerius

    Skirmish Legacy

    While many disliked that map, personally it was my favorite skirmish map, and I have plenty of great memories of it. You have to keep in mind that back then the game was completely different. Maps had great visual clarity, almost no bushes to hide, hardcaps on tanks and recons, and no infantry scopes. That rock was the most important point on the map, whoever controlled it mostly won the game, and all players knew it. Players from both sides were swarming The rock, there was always plenty of great cqc going on there. This was the only viable vantage point from where you had vision on the B point, there was simply no other place to snipe, no bushes, buildings, nothing. It was a great point, but with the current scope and tank spam it would be completely unplayable.
  15. zaerius

    Hit Markers

    Its so sad to see reto throwing away the unique treasure what this game could've been, and instead they are desperately trying to copy other succesful titles. At this point this game is nothing else but a poor man's BF.