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  1. English only Soviet chat

    k my bad, messages with non latin characters like chinese and russian.
  2. English only Soviet chat

    The OP is not asking for banning russian speakers, he is asking for an option to filter out the non latin messages from the chat. Its quite annoying if you dont speak the language, but all you see in the SU chat is russian. It completely kills any non russian conversations. I think it would be reasonable to have a filter which would hide non latin characters from the chat, so the english speakers would be able to communicate.
  3. H&G: Which Path Should It Take?

    Stock PPD on 15m is equal or has better TTK than most of the weapons in BF1, and you have an option to mod it while in BF1 you cant. I believe only the Automatico and some of the shotguns are performing better on close range than one of our worst weapons
  4. H&G: Which Path Should It Take?

    The way the damages are set up is arcady, and I think it should be. Either pistols would be useless, or SMGs would be way too powerful if the damage values would be the same. What I meant is how fast the weapons are able to kill in this game is much closer to realistic games than to arcade. In COD or BF1 you can shoot your opponents for a second and they wont die, while in this game weapons are so lethal, that they often are able to kill faster than the human reaction time. The guns are super lethal, but the gunplay is really arcady for it, most weapons are COD style pull down your mouse and wait till your enemy dies. And in this part I think they made a big mistake, for as lethal guns as we have, there should be a much more advanced gunplay, where spraying would be discouraged and punished by the game.
  5. H&G: Which Path Should It Take?

    I still believe they try to aim for the middle ground between BF1 super arcade and RO2 extreme realism, its just that they fail to find the correct setup. For example they went way too far down the realism path with how players with camouflages blend into the environment, which is not fun in this particular game, and it should be toned down a bit back to arcade. They went too arcade with the tanks, and I think they will try to correct this with the armor update, and it will hopefully improve the game. With the gunplay they set up the damage model pretty close to the realism side, we have pretty lethal weapons, but they failed to create an adequate recoil mechanism for it, which remains way too close to the arcade style. I got into this game exactly because it offered something from both worlds, but it sticks out when they fail to find the correct balance, and it creates a frustrating gaming experience.
  6. Many GE clans in Staged today

    All SU players who were at the launch of their faction went through the toughest times a player could experience in this game ever. They were fighting with stock SA rifles, no vehicles, no tanks, planes or paratroopers versus fully geared clans with all the toys. They experienced the lowest low, where they went into every single battle knowing that they will most likely loose even against random teams. For ~1.5 years crucial strategical equipment like APCs, high tier tanks, planes, paratroopers were extremely limited, since not many generals had them grinded out. For such long period of time players had to play with no support of special equipment, but they didnt give up, and they became a strong faction against all the odds. US went through the same as GE is going through right now. The constant loosing, knowing that no matter how hard they fight, they have a very slim chance of succeeding made many players give up or switch to the winning faction. The core of the US playerbase who didnt give up however got stronger, and they learned a lot from those times. The M1/M2 brought back a lot of veterans, just like the STG44 and the Panther did, didnt it? You misunderstood me, with my post I wasnt trying to attack GE players who want fair games, and better balance. I myself constantly post about the issues I have with the game, but there is difference between leaving constructive feedback and suggestions, and pure whining. My post specifically targeted the gentleman above, mostly because I got tired of reading the same whiny nonsense comments of his over and over again. Pointing out that underdog bonus isnt fair is completely valid argument, economy is part of the strategy game and giving advantage to two factions isnt a correct solution to balance out the player numbers. I have no issues with GE players asking for the underdog bonus being removed, or any other suggestion which targets balancing issues what the current game has. My issue is when some players get so sick of loosing and they keep just blaming and throwing mud on the devs, demoralizing their own faction, while not even trying to constructively offer solutions or point out what are their exact issues. Im not bashing any GE palyer for quitting the game because they got fed up, I took breaks myself, but I did it either quietly or I left a constructive post before I gave up. I apologize if I offended you or any GE player who are not like my targeted audience, I didnt meant to troll or insult you. I understand better than many players how does it feel like to be on the loosing side. I understand how everything seems unfair, unbalanced BIAS. You can use this experience to point out gamebreaking balance issues, or you can follow the example of phayamoa and cry in every opportunity about how poor your faction is currently. In my 3+ years of playing this game, mostly in war Ive played hundreds of em, but won only handful ~15 across all 3 factions. I for one doesnt enjoy being on the most powerful side for too long, so when one faction starts to get on the top I always keep switching between the two loosing sides. I know how does it feel to be on the loosing side trust me.
  7. Many GE clans in Staged today

    For the exact same reason why US and even SU veterans deployed and fought for years when they didnt had any chance to win a war. Though times create greate man, and filter out the weak. You and many others enjoyed playing axis only while it was no effort to succeed, when things got hard you left one by one, leaving all who are still willing to fight in an even harder situation. Crying and whining is your way to achieve respect?
  8. Since I was summoned, let me quickly explain my solution. I suggested to add a new "previously selected slot" bindable menu option, just like we have currently tge"previous weapon" and "next weapon" options. For example I use this loadout: 1. BA rifle 2. Pistol 3. Medkit 4. Binoculars By default the "previously selected slot" button would switch back and forth between the slot 1 and 2, so in my case I would be able to switch from my BA rifle to pistol and back to BA rifle by pressing the same key. With this option I would have the option to select different slots and set up the two I want to use in the given situation. For example if Im searching for snipers I often switch between my Binoculars and BA rifle, but currently its a bit unintuitive, since every time I have to select the binoculars with B and than when I want to use my BA rifle I have to press the key 1 on my keyboard. With the suggested system I could use a single key (I prefer Q) to quickly amd easily circulate between the two.
  9. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    Im just speculating, but for the similar system I suggested, I had an idea to use the Squad member and Squad leader ribbons to determine with how many points players will have at the start of the battle. I dont think it would be a good idea to give every player a max amount of points or high enough to spawn a high tier gear at the beginning of the battle.
  10. Worst idea to add such thing as movement momentum to any fps game. There is a reason why every single fps game avoids this like fire, and they instead go with an unrealistic tight movement control. Players hate it, and in some cases it can also cause motion sickness when your character does not move into the direction as your brain thinks it will move.
  11. H&G: Which Path Should It Take?

    I believe the devs always aimed for the middleground between the super hardcore realism and extreme arcade, and they should continue trying to achieve a fine balance betwen the two. I also believe many of us are attracted to this game for this very reason. For one, I dont enjoy for too long the arcady playstyle which BF1 or COD offers, but I also never really could get into the hardcore games like RO2, RS2. The hardcore realism is just too punishing, and due to that it encourages a much more passive and careful approach, often creating a very slow and camp based gameplay.
  12. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    This aspect a bit concerns me, since it seems that this system can be a bit too punishing for the less skilled players, but on the other hand it should solve griefing, wasting resources, and should give much bigger strategical impact on the game for active players. We will see how it will play out.
  13. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    I also assume this is what they are going for. I believe the tokens will be similar to our salary, where even if you perform poorly or you barely do anything in a battle, you are granted to recieve at least your soldier's salary, but if you play actively on the objectives, you kill and destroy a lot of enemies, you are rewarded for that with extra payout.
  14. looking for fun?

    Did you even read the OP? The topic is about organizing Fun Events for the community such as shovel only, racing, 2HK BA rifles and such. It has nothing to do with funny pictures, for that you have the Pictures and videos section, for complaining about GE stuff you have other 1000 topics. Read at least the Original post before posting, not just the title.
  15. looking for fun?

    The major problem is you are going completely off topic, derailing this nice topic... If you are not smart enough to recognize what this topic is about, and how your comments are completely not related to it... "Complaining about something" is completely fine, as long as you post it in the correct topic, I just see a thematical problem here...