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  1. zaerius

    Feedback Hotfix 23.10.

    Update is perfect, no hotfix needed! You guys just need to adapt, and give up on your clicky clicky palka blyat crutch, and covert yourself to clicky clicky tankisti blyat. Dont fight the gamedesign, abuse it! /s
  2. zaerius


    Finally the soviets are deploying more troops than GE? Seems like reto managed to make SU stronger than GE!
  3. zaerius

    New trolling... no assists and disappearing tanks

    Its because the vehicle despawns when the owner spawns a new vehicle. Before we had some deploy delay, but now players can very often just insta spawn. I agree vehicles either should stay on the battlefield longer, or on despawn destroy the vehicle and award an assist to the player who dealt the most dmg to it.
  4. zaerius

    StuG 3 needs more shells

    Ive heard some guys saying that they are fighting tiger 2s using HE, is it really that effective in destroying the armor of the tanks?
  5. zaerius

    Wich light tank schould I buy?

    Ofc mechanic gold is really useful, but IMO in case of the luchs gunner, is a much more beneficial bage. It has such long reload time, that by the time you are about to fire your 2nd belt most of your internals are already gone.
  6. zaerius

    Wich light tank schould I buy?

    IMO in the current state of the game the pzII's are not really effective, also with these tanks I feel like gunner gold is a must, while with the 38t its nit as important.
  7. zaerius

    Stats suddenly updated

    Its an old bug, when a battle report comes in while you have the stats page opened it will multiply every stat. If you go to a different page and reopen your stats you will see the normal stats again. The vehicle stats are a complete mess, its not showing the correct numbers. The overall and weapon stats seem to be accurate.
  8. well, its still not implemented to the game, so you are not late
  9. I was advocating for proper skill based recoil which encourages skillful use of the weapons(tapping, bursting) and heavily discourages and penalizes spraying. This is the furthest away from what I was asking for, this change is just further dumbs down the gunplay because it will just encourage one thing, spraying. Are you under the impression that they changed the physical recoil of the guns? Because if yes, I will have to disappoint you. The conefire is well and alive, there is absolutely no change to that. The physical recoil is the exact same on the proto as it is on the live. The only thing that has changed is the visual recoil, which has absolutely no effect on where your bullets go, its just the visual movement of the model of your gun on the screen. And Im sorry to tell you, but this change will encourage even more spraying, resulting in ever bigger "who gets the headshot first" contest. In this post I explained this in a bit more detail: My probem is with this update, that they havent touched the physical recoil, which is really arcady, and this change will just make the entire game more spray heavy, and that is not a good change in my book.
  10. I dont have much hope, but lets give it a try... @Reto.Millan can you please include this conversation about the recoil changes into your feedback?
  11. zaerius

    New infantryman for war

    Many generals just keep on buying rank 12 soldiers purely for the AT, they are not playing these characters. I personally always grind my soldiers, every single one of them has equipment and gear, so I always buy rank 0, and level them up. Its also kinda fun to climb the ranks, you have a goal to achieve. If you are planning to use this character, I would say buy rank 0, since you will reach rank 12 eventually anyways. You save up those 210k, which you can use on equipment. If you are satisfied with your current soldier loadout, just go for the rank 12, and you dont need to grind anything.
  12. zaerius


    They wouldnt, since all german players(biggest playerbase) agree their equipment is garbage and everything SU/US has is so much better.
  13. Cmon man, never seen you tap your Johny even with the current visual recoil After the recoil changes I dont think you will use that often either. That is actually a good idea I can support. I would rather see skill based horizontal recoil introduced, which would pull the gun off the target, forcing you to stop the spray, reaim and shot another burst, but for the time being having increasing visual recoil could be a decent solution.
  14. zaerius

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I believe there is a bug when something clipping into your tank it can have that effect. The train tracks or sometimes those small trees you can drive through can have that effect.
  15. zaerius

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Yes the engine also is inconsistent, on M2A2s I always go first for the track and then the engine, but sometimes I simply dont get hits on these components no matter how many shots I put in the area where the hitbox should be. I dont think so. I had matches where I gun breached a luchs 3 times in a row frontally, but aiming for the same spot the 4th time simply gave me base structure damage. Tried to shoot it on slightly different positions, nothing. I believe there is simply a bug with the hitboxes, and they are simply un-hittable no matter where you aim or how many shots you fire at it. Are you sure your gun barrel wasnt destroyed? The velocity on the shells drop drastically resulting in those banana shots.