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  1. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    After this I gave a try to the US apc and it also flipped almost immediatelly. Havent found the GE apc on the map, where is it respawning?
  2. Complete Ribbon Buying Cost

    I dont think many players are willing to drop thousands of gold to unlock a weapon on which they will have to drop a few thousand more Its nice to have this info available tho, gj OP.
  3. New level of low

    No, my ego wasnt hurt, I had no problem fighting them, but my teammates had. I had more frags with a factory standard T1 smg than any of them using their pro spawncamping method with the AA truck. My problem is not that these players played encounters, but that they play nothing else than encounters to farm kills for the leaderboards. They aim at the weakest opposition to climb the meaningless ranks, destroying the experience for many new players. These guys are not playing for fun, they play to boost their ego, beating up inexperienced gearless players.
  4. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    The kettenkrad is hilarious, if it stays like this, best vehicle in the game The rest of the vehicles are somewhat acceptable on grassy terrain, terrible in the fields and the forests.
  5. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    -The US moto bike is OKish offroad, but the jeeps and the R75 are IMO way too slow. The kettenkrad is like a rocket now, the weasel is kinda meh offroad. Overally I dont like how slow the vehicles are offroad, we dont have maps filled with roads to flank, most of the spawns doesnt even have a single road attached to them. On most spawns you are better off spawning on foot. -Especially halftracks are way too prone to drift on grassy terrain, and also prone to flip. -If you hit a wall in a slight angle your car will start to climb up the wall, I dont think that is supposed to happen, probably its the unfinished new climbing system. - the new breaks are really effective, you stop almost immediately, will need to get used to it. -crossing E4 is even worse than it was, you jog faster, and my US bike cannot even cross it....
  6. MP40 mods

    -20 respect Dont get triggered, just kidding It really comes down to personal preference, you have a very specific role for the MP40, and I agree on O1 your mod with the faust would outperform mine with the fuchs. But i dont like to limit my guns so much, I like a bit more versatile setup, so if its needed I can effectively fight back on longer ranges too. For me the range performance the fuchs gives is more value than the slightly better close range performance of the faust. Your modding is completely viable for a certain role, its just I use the MP40 for a slightly different role and it needs to perform differently.
  7. Can't connect to Prototype

    @Reto.Circinus is the server off, or it just has limited slots and we should keep trying logging in until we get a free slot?
  8. New level of low

    All 3 sides have their own share of geared vets in staged, and I dont really have a problem with that, but what these guys are doing is something different. Its not really hard to pull 30+ frags in an encounter even with factory standard SA or T1 SMGs, thats why its so effective to grind there.
  9. GG US

    So your dream vacation on the EZ mode which looked more like a never ending nightmare has come to an end finally? Back to the old and comfy GE?
  10. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    Well, I cant wait to test it, this will be a huge indicator whether or not this game has a future.
  11. New level of low

    Im really against any solution that would force players to play a gamemode they might not like. War is not for everyone, and in not every region it is playable due to low player population. If they would make some sort of skill based ranked leaderboard, which would be only available in War, these players who intentionally farm staged encounters to be on top would have to play war to keep their bragging rights.
  12. Auto resolve times

    Deciding who is victorious should follow some reasonable and predictable rules, the timer however should not be. Currently you can abuse this mechanic by blocking towns with minimal resources (220 walkings on assault), and these matches often dont start. The very last second the timer runs out you can just pour in hundreds of ATs to get a free win, even tho for more than an hour your opposition provided more troops. This is a ridiculous mechanic and should have no place in an RTS. As I said multiple times AR should resolve battles where one or both sides are really scarce on vehicles much faster, while leaving true fun battles with enough vehicles/tabnks on both sides open longer. If you plan to reinforce a town, commit to that battle from the start, not when it pops or when its 1 min away from AR.
  13. New level of low

    The problem is not players doing this, but more that the the current iteration of the leaderboards directly encouraged this type of pretty toxic behaviour. This potentional abuse was pointed out on day 1 when it was released, and reto once again did not listen. Now these killfarmers ruin the experience for a ton of players.
  14. Auto resolve times

    So finally AR has became somewhat less predictable? Good, make it even more random, so it wont be a viable "strategy" anymore to push in large amount of Ats last second.