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  1. And? This only means they are weak, they only can compete if they have a ridiculously OP gun in their hand, they relied on a crutch weapon for years, and now that is gone they are nothing less than toothless little kittens. I dont care what I am fighting against, if I fight a good player with a strong weapon, I have to overcome the difference in equipment by skill, thats the way how you improve. Having an EZ mode gun mowing down noobies with T1 SMGs wont make you any better. If I thought like this I would've joined axis years ago, but instead I stayed on US and improved my skills fighting all the MG42s. Add me in game, I will be happy to fight with you, I need to extend my axis friendlist anyways
  2. Where exactly did I made such claims? I never said such things. I said that GE veterans took the visit of US clans as offense, instead of welcoming them.
  3. And your point is? Did it hurt the GE playerbase to boost their morale a bit by winning a war for a change? I was on US when we had ridiculous loosing streaks, and I would've appreciated a similar gesture from GE, but it never came, GE vets never left the winning side to help out the underdogs in need. Now that US is the dominant faction you see US players often switch to underdogs, or even clans(TAW and the polish guys are SU this war), while the GE vets(respect to those who stay strong) are leaving the sinking ship. Its interesting how SU is welcomming every veteran or clans, they are happy to see players join their faction even if just for a limited time. From my perspective it was a nice gesture from the clans, but some guys always have to find something negative about everything, so they can moan louder.
  4. For me it wasnt anything offensive or insulting, altho I understand it can sound like that. Im sorry but isnt his statement true? Isnt the GE playerbase currently petulant, angry, pissed off at the game/reto for various reasons like balance in the action game and on the RTS? At least vast majority of german players posting on the forums seem to be a bit bitter and disappointed.
  5. I dont get this offensive approach from GE when veteran players from other factions offer help. It was the same as when US clans went GE and all I saw was conspiracy theories on how it was just an attempt to make dedicated GE players look bad. You need to learn how to welcome players, because you need every help you can get. On topic, I will stay on SU for a war or two to finish up some of my new toons, and after that I will hop on to play GE.
  6. Only if you didnt posted from all your accounts salt memes when someone calls you out. I mean what do you expect how stupid we are? Every time you create a new account you use the same format and style when posting and replying. I pity you man, dont exactly know what do you want to achieve, but if you need this to feel better about yourself, to boost your ego and self-esteem, than be it.
  7. Its either making the CPs more covered and enclosed, or massively reduce the amount of tanks/snipers on the battlefield. The current gamemode is designed as capture the point, which means if you play the game to win battles, you will be locked inside the cap areas a lot. For me its just a bad design that players located outside the cap are having much bigger impact on who controls the point, than players inside of it. I am getting extremely tired constantly dealing with 5-10 tanks every match nuking the crap out of every CP. As long as resources can be spammed there is absolutely no tactical value of taking out tanks. It would be different if taking out tanks would remove them for a longer period of time, but currently they are back in position under a minute. Something has to change, because the current gameplay is just frustrating for both tanks and infantry.
  8. I am fine with what you just described, helping infantry to progress and capture points by surpressing enemy moving towards an objective. Its fine if tanks and snipers harassing enemy, making it more difficult for them to get inside the objectives. My issue is when the same thing is happening on the capture points. It just destroying the fun of having 100x100 large cature areas, and not being able to use 95% of it. Making bigger CPs was almost entirely pointless, since we have to constantly hide in the same 2x2 rooms to not get shelled from across the map. All I want is more enclosed cap points, where tanks and snipers would have very limited vision to the inside of it. Its very frustrating not being able to engage enemy inside the objectives, because if I move I die.
  9. Damn it, I got robbed then, I recieved only 500 gold on my unban
  10. There was an update to the render engine a few months ago, it improved performance a bit.
  11. While yes, I do want some nice improvements to the squad system, Im not sure if the aux seat system is worth updating. Its just a bit too complicated for the avarage players, and because of that a lot of players never set their aux seats. If they want to improve the current system it has to be somewhat in a way as you described in your last point: Having universal aux seats would definatelly be a quick and easy, yet huge improvement to the squad feature.
  12. You know, there are nice players too with some moral values. Its a shame that you think spawncamping is normal and everyone does it.
  13. Im sorry but Im not willing to take any advice from someone who has absolutely no sense of what fairplay means. If you dont see spawncamping as an issue, if you dont see how its not fun for players, or even worse you do enjoy doing it yourself, we have nothing more to talk about.
  14. Forget about random lags, now I just get constantly screwed with 200 ping instead of 80 for no good reason War as SU just got a bit harder it seems.
  15. I agree, but unfortunatelly if a map is great for tanks, that means it most lilely not so good for infantry gameplay. For tanks I prefer airfield and mountain town, but I really dislike to play on these maps as infantry. French town and Forward airfield on the other hand offer decent gameplay for both tanks and infantry at the same time, in staged I have only these 2 assault maps selected for this reason.