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  1. A very important note! If RETO would like to use such system to advertise the WAR mode for staged and new players, they have to absolutely make sure that players who wish to participate in War Missions would always get into battles with enough resources(vehicles, tanks etc.) on BOTH sides. It would be extremely discouraging for players if they would constantly get thrown into single line assaults with no vehicles versus tanks and planes on the enemy team. Generally the Mission Matchmaking should always prioritize battles with plenty of resources. Generals would have to adapt to this mechanic, so if they would want their battle to be filled by the Mission MM, and not to get AutoResolved, they would have to put in enough vehicles and resources.
  2. I think my proposed UI design might be a littlebit missleading, so let me clear this up a bit. It wont divide the playerbase, because its not a new gamemode, its an extra Matchmaking system you can choose to participate in. You cannot select only the "Missions" and queue on it, you would just like normal, queue on Staged or War missions. Just like now you would be matched quickly into a random battle, and this is where the current MM takes the job as done, but this is where the Mission MM would step in to make additional steps to further balance the battles. The Mission MM would try to shuffle around players across the active battles to improve the skill level in each battle. So the top 4 columns represent 4 actively running battles, and the differently colored tiles in them represent the differently skilled players who are playing each battle. These battles are not balanced, and highly skilled Gold players meet lower skilled Silver or even Bronze players. Battle 3 is a freshly started War battle with a lot of Gold players in it, so the Mission MM would try to offer this battle to all the Gold players who are playing in other battles, and at the same time it would try to fill their places, and this is what you can see on the bottom column. The goal of this MM is to create as well balanced battles as possible, and it would work on top of the current "fast" MM as a choose able option for those who want to participate in creating more balanced missions. And this is how it would possibly help the Aussie WAR playerbase: For the Australian playerbase currently it is extremely hard to find and fill a War battle with players, and due to that you guys often have to play on horrible ping or in staged. The Mission MM's main goal for low playerbase regions like yours would be to start and fill as many War battles on the Australian server as possible. This MM would be able to reach and collect all Aussie players from staged who wish to play war. It would allow the players to just play staged, and be sure that they wont miss a war battle with decent ping. All you would have to do is to tick in Missions and select the War sub option, and queue up for a staged battle. Once, enough players are ready, you would receive an alert in your current staged battle, and you would be immediately transferred to a war match with other Australian players on the Australian server. For the rest of the Aussie playerbase, who do not wish to participate in War battles, there would be still the benefit of better balanced staged matches.
  3. goddamn rage

    I vaguely remember that redbjarne said something about upgrading their sound engine a few devstreams back...but tbh I dont really pay attention to the streams anymore, so Im really not sure about it.
  4. goddamn rage

    Their sound engine is the most unreliable and terrible Ive ever seen in any fps game. Nimble is completely pointless since you wont hear footsteps most of the times anyway. The silent gunshots are simply infuriating, and even vehicle sounds are missing or cutting off.
  5. totally legit match, sure

    According to @somewhereOverTheRainbow, who happened to be on the enemy team, US was assaulting on D line and they never managed to take O1, so no such thing happened. Assaulting D4 on town map is a complete suicide against a decent team like the SU seemed to have, so no wonder players who actively try to take it will die...a lot. On the other hand I see 2 AAA players (the OP's clan) in the middle of the scoreboard, with also not so impressive stats, so I think the alt acc accusation in this case is completely unjustified. At least those supposed alt accounts tried to take the CPs.
  6. totally legit match, sure

    Not every badly performing player is a griefing alt account, mostly they are just victims of the poor matchmaking. You guys should stop being so paranoid and crying wolf every time you get some inexperienced players on your team. All you will achieve is Reto will take the issue even less seriously, and ignore your reports on real griefers.
  7. My 2 cents

    On this matter I suggested an alternative MM which I believe could somewhat help to improve the war experience for Australian, Brazil and other playerbases with low playercount. @GeneralBenDover and @IstBlood do you think this could help to revive the Aussie playerbase?
  8. I am aware that players on the forums are just a very small portion of the playerbase, but unfortunately its the only feedback we can work with. RETO has to solve first the issues of those who complain, who can tell what are their issues with the game. It does matter to what extent the MM is random. No player wants completely random MM, where they are being put in matches where they dont belong to due to their lack of skill and experience. Its a terrible experience for the players, and every single game is trying to avoid it by separating players based on their skill, but this game fails in this task, and due to that many players suffer and leave. Returning back to your suggestion, reto removed the battle list from the game years ago, and for one simple reason, it caused massive issues to the MM, and they stated they wont add it back, because they want to leave the players as few options as it is possible to make the job of the MM easier. Battle list is not coming back and we need to advocate for alternative solutions.
  9. Im reading the forums on a daily basis, so I believe I have a pretty decent idea on what are the most frequent issues of the community. I believe its more than just a wild guess. In this suggestion I attempted to solve, or atleast improve some of them like the imbalanced matchmaking, long waiting times in war, autoresolve. Ofc it is impossible to satisfy everyone. I dont really think this would improve on any of the issues I tried to solve, and it could possibly make things even worse, since it would further reduce the influence of the matchmaker. The basic idea for this topic was born from my personal selfish desire to be able to participate in more frequent vet vs vet fights. Im tired of one sided sealclubbing games what is currently the case in 99% of war matches. Either you get completely destroyed, or you are on the sealclubbing team, neither of them is fun for me. This special MM would let me to play some random games, and not miss out on the exciting battles filled with veteran players.
  10. Ping at Brazilians servers

    Its not Reto's fault, ISPs sometimes take really stupid routing. Usually I have 80ms ping on the moscow server, but it happened multiple times that I had 130ms, or in one case 250ms ping for a week to moscow, because my ISP thought that is the best route to moscow.
  11. Vote Kick System

    It would just become an easy way for clans to make room for their clanmates by kicking out random players. It would open up a completely new way of trolling and griefing, so no. It would never work, and it would just bring in more issues than it could solve.
  12. Oh, in that case I believe we have a misunderstanding. I never said these Missions would be War only, but perhaps I spent way too much time describing how beneficial it could be for war mode If you take a look at the first picture, you will see that there are 2 checkboxes, and you would be free to participate only in staged Missions if that is your preference. Because simple solutions almost always require restrictions and/or punishments, and I like to achieve my goals in a more gentle way, even if its a bit more complicated.
  13. Yes that is another issue, currently its just too frustrating to play the objectives and constantly getting sniped from all angles, while the snipers have their dinner served on a silver plate. My idea however is not meant to fix this issue, it wont change the player's playstyle, but it hopefully would improve the matches and the overall player experience. something like this? It is a good idea to give players an option to choose from. Some players might be swimming in credits but not being able to deploy ATs, while others may like to take their chances and gamble a littlebit for a possible chance of getting something of a higher value.
  14. Fix the M1903

    While I agree with you that the differences are minor, I wouldnt mind to make BA rifles a bit more different. KaR98 best performance on range with the best scope, Mosin best muzzle velocity with slightly worse range performance and scope, M1903 best on short ranges with the lowest magnification scope. Its kinda personal preference, for example I dislike the most the M1903's ironsight and the KaR98 is my favorite.
  15. May I ask what is the reason why you would never use this option? It is true that for some players K/D is more important than having a fun challenging battle or rewards. I understand that this system would not be appealing for everyone, because their ego is more important than a good fight or rewards. So you have a good point here, to attract this group of players we have to replace K/D farming with another way to grow their epeen. Maybe a leaderboard for players who complete Missions, or some kind of unique perk in front of their name. Rewards would not be a good motivation for every player, but in general I believe it could help to motivate a lot of players to participate in this Mission MM. The most common reward would be just extra credits, ofc I understand that giving away valuable vanity items on a regular basis would not help their business. Maybe there could be a bar that would fill up after every single completed mission, and after 10-20 missions you could get a random reward, but mostly it would be just some bundle of boosters, maybe a 24h vet membership, or discount vouchers. Skins, camos and weapons would be extremely rare drop, just to leave there a chance to win something valuable. I do believe that a system like this would on the long run benefit the company, since players would have an extra goal to work towards, they would play more, and there would be a higher potential that they would spend money on the game.