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  1. zaerius

    New face

    IMO it would be a terrible decision. I know well the community, and the moment they would add afro americans to US they would get a ton of backlash from the other 2 factions. Players would complain about the unfair advantage of the dark skinned player models,also this would serve as a justification for the soviet playerbase to ask for female characters(which most likely would have different hitboxes due to differences in body type). Soon reto would be under huge pressure, and we would end up with black female german soldiers running around the battlefield, and Im sure this is not the image that pops into your mind when you think about wwII soldiers. Getting into this territory is an invite for all the SJW. Also I believe a pretty big portion of the playerbase prefers to keep the game as historically accurate as possible, and I dont think they will like this direction either. So to sum it up, it would just bring in a lot of complaints, backlash, demands, and more problems and hate is the last thing reto needs at the moment.
  2. zaerius


    Sad to hear, its a rough decision to release so many employees. I wish good luck finding a new job to all of those who didnt make the cut. While I dont really understand how a half sized team will be more productive, I hope it will work out well for the company in the end.
  3. zaerius

    Hit Markers

    On the sekrit sub-forum for the silent majority ofc. Slowly but surely they will try to get closer and closer to those games. The scopes for everyone was the first step, later they made several changes to speed up the gameplay to satisfy the current generation with 5 second attention spam who could not appreciate the tactical aspect of the slower gameplay, tanks blowing everything up for the Michael Bay effect(without the cool effects BF has),now we have the hitmarkers, and soon the cod like no visual recoil will hit the live servers. Who asked for these changes? None of us. This game is not for me anymore, if I want to play a run n gun mindless shooter I have better options.
  4. zaerius

    Skirmish Legacy

    While many disliked that map, personally it was my favorite skirmish map, and I have plenty of great memories of it. You have to keep in mind that back then the game was completely different. Maps had great visual clarity, almost no bushes to hide, hardcaps on tanks and recons, and no infantry scopes. That rock was the most important point on the map, whoever controlled it mostly won the game, and all players knew it. Players from both sides were swarming The rock, there was always plenty of great cqc going on there. This was the only viable vantage point from where you had vision on the B point, there was simply no other place to snipe, no bushes, buildings, nothing. It was a great point, but with the current scope and tank spam it would be completely unplayable.
  5. zaerius

    Hit Markers

    Its so sad to see reto throwing away the unique treasure what this game could've been, and instead they are desperately trying to copy other succesful titles. At this point this game is nothing else but a poor man's BF.
  6. zaerius

    again no hotfix?

    do you remember what I told you a month ago? Its always been like that, this approach from the dev team hasnt changed at all, and this is why every single update just makes things worse. They are all excited about making big changes, but they dont care about adjusting the small things after the release to truly fit the new features in the game.
  7. zaerius

    New recoil system

    And that is a bad change. Removing the visual recoil while not touching on the physical recoil itself is a really bad choice. It will lead to much more spray heavy gameplay, which will mean even less skillful gunplay and more RNG. Many powerful weapons are balanced out by really high visual recoil, the best example being the M1919, where the only thing that stops you from spraying the entire 50 round belt at your targets in one go is that due to the high visual recoil after a couple of rounds you will completely loose visuals on your target, which forces you to stop your spraydown and reacquire your target and fire another burst. Low visual recoil also balances out somewhat weaker weapons like the DP28 and the thompson, which are currently really effective in long spraydowns compared to their counterparts. The visual clarity on the thompson is its only advantage, its so much easier to use it in ADS than the pps or the MP40. This advantage will be gone since all weapons will have this low visual recoil, and these weapons will be just worse in every way. Having no visual recoil in combination with the super easy to control vertical recoil with horizontal dispersion will just lead to skilless spray n pray COD gunplay. Im all up to tone down the visual recoil and make it easier to see what you are shooting at, but this must come with a physical recoil overhaul. Without the visual recoil forcing you to burst, we need the physical recoil to be changed in a way so it will make spraying more punishing and not effective. We need horizontal recoil which after a few shots will start to pull your aim to the sides, off the target.
  8. zaerius

    Objective marker concealement

    The options are not optimal, and I would like to see another option added. Currently we can only make the markers transparent while in hipfire OR while ADS, but there is no option which combines both. Please add an option where if I place my crosshair in hipfire on the marker it goes transparent, and if I go ADS all markers disappear.
  9. Nicely done little vid, +1 for the soundtrack, my favorite Metallica song. But I feel making this video was a mistake, from now on this will be used by tankie noobies to prove how the tanks are still way too weak and easy to destroy Also the title of the topic pretty well describes the current infantry gameplay, nobody wants to play like this, but you are forced to if you want to have the slightest chance to win the battle.
  10. zaerius

    yay another update

    whats this? You created a topic named "I think I'm gonna take my leave", where you explained that NO AR is hurting the soviets, and it makes the RTS unplayable, so you dont want to play till it gets resolved.
  11. zaerius

    yay another update

    During the AR off test you said you are going to quit the game because NoAR hurts the soviets and makes the RTS unplayable as SU. What has changed since?
  12. zaerius

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    You are then younger than me, and younger than robotron. By your logic Ye are kid to us, so give respect to your elders kid, and call us mister
  13. zaerius

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Whats up with you calling everyone, including the devs kids? It kinda annoys me, it is the most imature insults used only by kids who think they are adults. Everyone who has different opinion or experience than you is a kid. This just shows your maturity level
  14. zaerius

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    perhaps its because the competition is gone, all vets quit, and now you can be king of the hill. It cant be because the DP is that good, every soviet main player will confirm this
  15. zaerius

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    What? I thought you quit and uninstalled the game. It didnt lasted long you addict! No, you cant enjoy a gun which is worse in a few stats than its counter parts 😱