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  1. When I used to be enthusiastic about the war I was like you. I didnt cared what server I played on, I regularly played on US servers with 200ms latency without a complaint, or even on 400ms asian servers facing Chinese clans if it was a somewhat important battle. Unfortunatelly the game isnt as exciting or fun as it used to be, so I became less tolerant against frustrating issues like being forced 7/10 times on the 100ms Moscow server with garbage rouiting.
  2. Sure, thats why I end up on a 100ms server after 5s of MM search time. I guess EU almost never has enough players online to fill a game on their own server.
  3. Im completely fine if I end up in a battle with not the optimal connection if I queue up for the match manually. Its obviously fine if they select the best server for the majority of the players in that game. I am not fine if I random queue, war or staged it doesnt matter, and I am used as a filler for the Russians or US. Its not acceptable to throw players on a high latency server, just because you want to create a better experience for a bigger playerbase. In random MM I am being thrown on 100ms+ games all the time after 5s search. Its something Ive never experienced in any other fps game, even the ones with smaller playerbase manage to consistently offer me battles with decent connection. It seems latency has a super low priority in this game's MM, all they care about is desperately start and fill battles, and they are willing to sacrifice some players experience, just to keep the MM times low for others. They dont want to give us a completely basic option in other games, a command to control our Max latency for MM. Let me choose if I want fast matches or longer MM but decent ping.
  4. Im sorry but this is a seriously flawed mindset... Ruining the experience for one part of the community just to satisfy a bigger portion is an absolutely terrible choice.
  5. Forming my own clan, need ideas.

    My suggestion would be "The Rag-Tag Circus" which was a nickname for the US 83rd infantry division. They earned this nickname because they captured anything that could move, and by that I mean srsly anything, they drove to the frontlines in captured german army and civilian vehicles, buses or firetrucks They even captured a ME-109, and they said, [email protected] it, telts fly this thing You love to be the most efficient with your resources, and those guys were really good at that.
  6. The current mod repairs are really punishing the imprecise weapons, not just the M1/M2. Reto are not taking into consideration at all the bullet waste caused by inaaccuracy and imprecision, which is why you might end up with higher repair cost with a ppd40 than with a pps43. The current system of calculating repair costs is often pretty unfair, and I would like to see some adjustments to it. With some weapons you spend 8 bullets, with others 15 to grab a kill, yet the repair cost for mods are roughly the same, and this is where the per bullet costs are flawed.
  7. Console

    IMO they should just clean up the commands and make the console a littlebit more user friendly. In CS I almost never use the menus, simply because the console is so much faster and convenient for making small adjustments. In this game I dont use the console at all, because its just not intuitive and confusing. Even the devs on the devstream are often confused and dont know the commands.
  8. Well one would be that all BA rifles have the same sway, but the scopes adequately magnify its effects. The Kar doesnt sway more than the mosin or the springfield, its just more visible with the 4x.
  9. If I wouldnt be sure about my statement I wouldnt be providing him tools how to do the test on his own. It doesnt matter how many hours I would put into making a video, there would be still many who would accuse me of rigging the video, but if anyone can make this simple experiment, there is no BIAS involved. As I said, If you dont believe me, I cant stop you to make your own tests, and see it with your own eyes.
  10. Im no videoeditor myself But you dont need to know much to do this test on your own. Find any free video editing software and you can very easily measure the time with it. It does not require any editing skills. A good free software is HitFilm, you can zoom in, you can move frame by frame, pretty easy to use for this purpose. If you watch a 2 min tutorial for beginners you will be able to perform this test on your own. use a disposable email like YOPmail for registering, you dont need to create an actual account.
  11. Scout II is the exact same mod for all guns, so I dont really see why it would be different than using factory standard. Im not going to make a video because of 2 reasons: a) if I make a video would you believe that I didnt edit it to prove my point? Seems like a waste of time knowing you b) youtube's compression screws up the video so badly that you would not make out the extremely hard to see detail of the bullet hitting the surface. So I still believe that it would be more beneficial if you would just do this test on your own and believe to your own eyes.
  12. both guns factory standard with scopes so I could easier tell when the bullets hit.
  13. So Ive done some tests out of curiosity, and I confirmed what I thought. This is pure perception, and its completely false statement once again from adrian. Ive recorded both the G43 and the M1G shooting from the same spot at the same target from 450m, and measured the time it took the bullet to hit the target in a video editor. The numbers were consistently the same for both guns, which means both guns have the exact same muzzle velocity, and the perception of longer leading is caused by the higher magnification of the scopes. Dont believe me? Its easy to reproduce this test on your own.
  14. Town = Piece of Garbage (Broken)

    This is the main reason why I quit playing. The maps are completely broken and because of this I cannot enjoy the game anymore. The maps are way too much biased towards the defenders and the design hugely encourages passive camp based slow playstyle which I really dont find fun or enjoyable. The community also for some reason pushes the devs into prioritizing new maps over fixing the current, unplayable ones, so I dont see myself playing this game anytime soon.
  15. Net Neutrality

    The biggest problem in the US is that vast majority of the regions have only 1 internet provider, there is basically no other choice for people, which means there is no competitive market. The ISPs are not competing with each other, every one of them has their own region. Loosing net neutrality would allow these providers to do whatever the F they want, and the people would have to just suck it up and live with what their ISP decides to do. Many of these ISP providers have their own streaming services, and currently they are not able to compete with giants like Netflix, but if they are allowed to throttle the traffic from Netflix, many of their users will have no other choice than to use the other shirty service the ISP offers. Their main objective is to milk big internet companies like Google, Netflix and many others. They either pay to the ISPs to access the high speed lane, or they throttle the speeds. Its not suicidal, because their customers have 2 choices, live with it or live without internet. Its pretty disgusting how these multi billion corporations are willing to ruin the internet connection for millions of people so they can earn a littlebit more. Just like every normal human being who doesnt have his pocket filled with US ISP money