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  1. zaerius


    Congratulations. whats the "little extra" they didnt tell us about? Is it that little badge with your nickname on it, or was there something else? Just out of curiosity, have you kept track of your overall kills? Nice job, if this contest was 3 years ago, I wouldve gave you a run for the prize unfortunately Im not as enthusiastic about the game nowadays.
  2. zaerius


    I agree, I also think these contests are just some sort of an experiment, and if the results are pleasing we might see them more frequently. I think this could be effectively used to perhaps motivate players to play different factions, or use unpopular weapons to gather more data etc. Yes, my only criticism about this contest is the unique kill aspect, which heavily favors players with highly populated areas, who play quick staged skirmishes and encounters. I think this should be changed in the future to make it more fair for war players and for those who live in areas where the game isn't popular. Sure there are many changes and improvements which would increase the avg playtime on the long run, but they do no harm organizing these small competitions to improve the short term numbers, so I don't think this is something the players should complain about.
  3. zaerius


    It's not a skill contest, it's about encouraging players to invest more time in the game, a contest where everyone has an chance to win. In the end it boils down to dedication, how much time you are willing to sacrifice to win. I'm fine with this model of contest, where skilled players have an advantage, but even less skilled players can win if they are more dedicated.
  4. zaerius

    Move interactions to another key

    You will be able to freely look around once you started to interact with the crate and keep holding E. The direct aiming is only for starting the interaction.
  5. zaerius

    Silenced SMGs? Seriously?

    Why ppl shouldn't be excited about long avaited and positive changes? SU was struggling with the quite terrible ppd and PPSh for years, it is exciting for many to see this finally getting reworked and fixed. Just because a change isn't groundbreaking and tackling your personal list of issues doesn't mean it's useless waste of time. SU was waiting for this and for their lmgs for years, so don't be a prick just because your experience won't benefit from this change. You know that I am one of those who is relentlessly pointing out major flaws in the game, and I also suggested plenty of fixes, but I will also give reto credit when it's due. The SU smgs and lmgs are one of the major complaints SU had for the past few years, and it's good to see reto is trying to work on this.
  6. zaerius

    Silenced SMGs? Seriously?

    I'm excited for the SU SMG rework hades hinted, which might include the 35 round box mag for the ppsh41 hinted in one of the promo pics.
  7. zaerius

    Move interactions to another key

    At first it was confusing and weird, but I believe once I get used to it, this will reduce the accidental crate humping or car entering. That wasn't my experience. I just stood right next to a jeep, aimed at the box, and my char auto ducked and used the crate just like now.
  8. zaerius

    Move interactions to another key

    This probably will change in the next update based on what I saw on the prototype server. Crates won't have the invisible interaction box around them anymore, you will have to aim directly at the crate to interact with it. If you are at the back of the vehicle in front of the crate, and press E while not aiming at the crate, you will enter the vehicle.
  9. Currently single fire AFAIK doesn't change any characteristics of the weapon, and it's kind of a useless feature since we have such fine trigger control with the mouse, that it's not needed to switch fire modes. While most weapons operated the same way in single and full auto mode, there was at least one example, the FG42 which was designed differently. in single fire the weapon fires from a closed bolt, which increased the precision of the weapon due to the shorter bolt travel path. in full auto it fired from an open bolt for better cooling. This could be used in game as well, so in single fire, weapons would have certain stats boosted, like increased accuracy and precision, lower recoil etc. I believe this should be applied to all weapons with a selector switch, regardless how hysterically accurate it is. Before all of you go ham about the macro abusers getting a buff, I would also suggest adding a hard cap on the ROF in single fire mode, which could be the same for all weapons around 100-150 RPM.
  10. zaerius

    Unofficial HG Community Survey Poll

    For me it's around 4, and it all depends on what changes reto will bring to the game. I always spent money on this game for one main reason and that is supporting the dev team, but the game currently isn't in a state where I feel further investments justified.
  11. zaerius

    Why are we toxic ?

    I would lie if I told you that I was never get overwhelmed by my disappointment and hopelessness with the game, and got out a few toxic and perhaps insulting comment. I understand all the vets who are toxic, and that is a natural reaction when you are helplessly watching something you like getting destroyed in front of your eyes. It's just really hard to stay constructive and objective, when you have to deal with the same annoying issues for years, and seemingly the devs have no interest fixing them. I still like this game, Tbh for me Hag ruined the other fps games, they just seem way too simple and shallow. This game with the RTS gave every single battle a deeper meaning, and a never ending combination of resources and lines. In other games its just the same thing over and over again, victories and defeats that nobody cares about.
  12. zaerius

    Tank spawned upside down

    On mountain town A line you can spawn in a ditch that can instantly destroy your tank. I spawned a tank, heard two beeps and my tank was gone nnext spawn I instantly started to back up while the screen was zooming in and I managed to stay alive with half health and my armor almost gone
  13. zaerius

    Motobike unlock

    Thats also true, with those changes they further slowed down the progression for a ribbon that was already painfully slow. I wonder what statistics they were looking at that convinced them mobility is OP and has to be nerfed...
  14. It goes even deeper. I've suggested an action based token system way before the field maintenance was introduced. Unfortunately reto didn't implement 2 main points of the system, earning tokens based on action and making combined arms joinable with infantry only, and they made the entire system time based.
  15. zaerius

    Motobike unlock

    If there wasn't such thing for US, I would be fine with other alternative early unlock for the bike. Something like this Cushman Model 53 Airborne Infantry Scooter Put it on chauffer lvl 3-4, GE already has the ketten, and SU could get the Ural. To complete the timeline 2015 -jeep unlocks after the 1st match -bike driver lvl 7 2017 -jeep on driver lvl 3 - bike driver lvl 9 2019 -jeep driver lvl 2 - bike driver lvl 10 Yep, they improved the new player experience a lot it seems...