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  1. The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    I prefer to fly this way: Dunno why, it just feels easier to dodge.
  2. The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    You can dodge the bullets, and I swear sometimes the bullets DESPAWNED behind my plane and did not hit me (mostly vs Pe3 but sometimes it even happend vs the mighty P38!), so yeah, you CAN outrun them lol
  3. The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    Because in a 2v2 you are able run away AND wait for a teammate to kill the P38 chasing you, superior speed helps with that. I'd say that both 410s are running away and only 1 is hunting P38s, when the P38 turns, the other Me410 becomes a hunter. What's with the other P38? you don't care about it.
  4. The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    Oh in 1v1 fight, yes I do. This is the third time I am saying in it in this topic ohh.
  5. The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    What next, luchs vs t70 on a frontal fight 200m away from each other)))
  6. The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    How about 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 (still waiting for that 4v4 vs Victus btw)? Hell, even 2v6 is easier than 1v1. Comment about 20mms being OP vs ground and the first answer is about me410 being good...
  7. The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    Yeah nerf P-38 (the only US plane that can annihilate ground units without a problem) and leave Me410, Pe3, Yak and both Bf109s with their OP 20mm cannons.
  8. War 556

    Actually Buda was a failure in which GE captured over 600 paras, we won by taking Leningrad.
  9. Since the latest update you do not get xp for damaging/destroying a MiG. Just a bug that won't be fixed for the next 5 months.
  10. Żołd.... Wiem ile razy bylo to "wałkowane' Kliknij na czołg po szczegóły, raczej dalej aktualne.
  11. P08 Parabellum czy P38 Parabellum?

    P38 jest tańszy w naprawach, p38 jest 3hk vs HSG z wulff engel a p08 z wulff faust.
  12. Offtopowe pogawędki

    Efekt miesiąca darmowego wystawiania ATeków.
  13. What the title says.
  14. Third time the charm, eh? I'd suggest me, @Siisti_Sammeli, @Ranken said he'll fly if it's not too late, and @Haiw but he'd prefer not to. Might be a fun battle. Yeah, my bad there, but I'll explain. You can't really see the high ranking players because they leave before the match ends (I made those screenshots when match was about to end or when the dogfight ended), some because they ran out of planes, some because they just wanted to farm jeeps and not fight in the air, and some just because they got shot down too many times (same with low ranking players tbh). The highest amount of rank 17 p38s we saw was at once was 3 - though 2 didn't spawn at all and 1 left after his first death. I'm not trying to tell you that we had p38 vets in every battle, but it wasn't rare either.