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  1. Third time the charm, eh? I'd suggest me, @Siisti_Sammeli, @Ranken said he'll fly if it's not too late, and @Haiw but he'd prefer not to. Might be a fun battle. Yeah, my bad there, but I'll explain. You can't really see the high ranking players because they leave before the match ends (I made those screenshots when match was about to end or when the dogfight ended), some because they ran out of planes, some because they just wanted to farm jeeps and not fight in the air, and some just because they got shot down too many times (same with low ranking players tbh). The highest amount of rank 17 p38s we saw was at once was 3 - though 2 didn't spawn at all and 1 left after his first death. I'm not trying to tell you that we had p38 vets in every battle, but it wasn't rare either.
  2. Strange thing in staged battles

    Check if your plane is fully repaired.
  3. Ash and dust

    Amelia jest jak dora, 8 osób na 1 koncie.
  4. Even camping as a recon isn't as boring as farming high scores...
  5. Tired of huge sway 8x scopes?

    Want to have good zoom, no sway at all AND ability to OHK Heavy Set Gold? Replace your BA rifle with a SMG/SA+wrench and buy a Greyhound or BA-6 (222 is 2hk, but still great)!
  6. omg only 100k creds with rank 7 char reto pls
  7. Porady/pomoc

    /tell nick wiadomość <- w czacie z FPSa Czasami działa w ten sposób co na Twoim screenie, czasami nie.
  8. I give up. Me 410 is UNPLAYABLE.

    You clearly don't understand that me410 is utter garbage in a 1v1 fight, you don't need Victus to prove that fact. It's just like AfonsoQQ said, the only thing you can do in me410 is to run away, if there is no other me410 to take your chaser down, you're just delaying your death.
  9. Exploity

    Jeden gracz strzela sobie faustami pod nogi, a drugi leczy mając apteczkę w jeepie obok dostając ~17xp za każde uleczenie.
  10. Omawiamy aktualności

    Jak ktoś chce wygrać bitwę z tym bugiem - wycofaj 1 ATeka piechoty, spawny zsychronizują się z tymi na mapie generalskiej.
  11. 1st Jägers - Polish Section

    Działają idealnie, miny AT to najlepsza obrona przed PTRD i czołgami - jak coś w nie trafi to absorbują cały DMG.
  12. Offtopowe pogawędki

    Cockblock stulecia