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  1. kw712PL

    P-38 Lightning Issues

    Hello, I really haven't thought so strongly of something on here before, and I'd like to say it's just my opinion; but in it's current state, jesus, planes are far too unbalanced. Recently, I've been working on ranking up my Paratrooper character, and since then, I've noticed that any match I've ever played against planes, I would never see any of them use any other planes beside the P-38/ME410/PE3/YAK/P40/BF109E4/BF109D. Furthermore, I've noticed that when you have 2 or even 1 flying around, it is nearly impossible to counter on most maps. There are AA guns placed sporadically around the maps, for the most part, but they are extremely ineffective to countering them. Not only do the AA guns themselves seem to be far too inaccurate, but the second anyone ever starts using one, the P-38/ME410/PE3/YAK/P40/BF109E4/BF109D will simply turn around and kill the AA gun before it even has a chance to do more than superficial damage to the vehicle. I've noticed that it has seeming to become incredibly rare to find anyone on the German/Soviet team playing as pilots against the Americans at heavy fighter tier, while no american are flying against soviet/germans at medim fighter tier, as from what I see, the 20mm cannons even seem to excel at shooting down other planes, and completely dominating the skies uncontested, with nothing able to take them down, as they seem very.. Anti-everything, for some reason. I want to re-iterate that, once again, this is all my opinion, but it comes from observation. I've got many hours into this game now, and I can say without a doubt, that this definitely doesn't seem balanced very well. As I said before, I've been working on ranking up my Paratrooper character, and, it has been what really made me notice this more, though, I can say, as well, that leaving any sort of building on an objective as Infantry will result in being immediately killed by the HE ammo/bomb spam, as well. However, the complete unbalanced state of the planes has inadvertently also affected the Paratrooper class in it's whole, as the Paratrooper is unable to spawn (with only a few minor exceptions, I believe) without dropping from the plane. The issue here stems from the fact that fighters can shoot the plane down the paratroopers spawn in nearly instantly, and will chew through it in a couple of seconds. With more than one fighter in the sky, this results in the match being completely unplayable for anyone playing as the class, as the second anyone spawns in the plane is shot down before it even gets over the map. This became incredibly frustrating to all the players in the match who were playing as Paratroopers, as the rare few times anyone had actually managed to get out of the plane before being shot down, typically were forced to land in the middle of nowhere, and journey across the length of the map just to get killed on point and do it all over again. I hear that there are people complaining about these things regularly, and I don't want to sound just like all the others, but is there anyone who agrees? To further back my point, I even took some pictures of the leaderboards in the server at the end of the match, and looking at the leaderboards, you can see the top three positions on the enemy team are all pilots, and typically have around 1 death, and 30-60 kills. I think it's completely ridiculous, and the statistics correlate with what I've been thinking here. I can say, that every single match I've played with Pilots, has almost always been using exclusively the only plane of the type or in rare cases (medium fighters) the clearly superior tier 2 medium fighter, and that whenever I do see planes, to the end of the match, I'll see the pilot using planes will have gone to the end of the match with around 60 kills and 1 or no deaths at all. (don't be fooled by me having just 40 inf kills, almost all of them were paras that died in their paraplanes a few seconds right after they spawned before they could even reach map borders to jump, which was totally ok for all of them and noone cried because it was just a me-410. ohhhh 20 paras on 1 line is such a great idea, if only there was a way to make para AT's drop on multiple lines at once!) Let's just agree that all planes with 20mm cannons are totally overpowered in general? No? It's just the P-38? Alright I'll go fly my totally fair and underperforming Pe-3/109/Yak/410/P40 and farm some extra 50 heavy tanks on top of the 300 inf I sniped with APCR and don't forget all the paras that died mid air because matchmaker decided to put paratroopers with fighters together! as it's only the mighty overpowered P -"i don't know how to fly but I reached 2k score in this match by farming empty jeeps for 30 minutes and game rewards me with 60... 60 score per JEEP and that is AFTER the xp nerf LOL"- 38 thats the problem I guess... yeah 60xp, remember that much xp is only awarded to those who make the biggest effort to help their team and faction win. And now something more serious - could any moderator/reto create a p-38 crythread and stick it? It'd be way better than having someone necro/create a new one every 5 days. Thanks in advance.
  2. kw712PL

    SU Pilot loadout

    Only pilots and paras get parachutes from planes.
  3. kw712PL

    Credits gaining explanation needed

    It should be a little more than 3 credits for every 1 point of score you make + salary + 10% bonus if your team has won the match. At least it used to be that way.
  4. Paras have no access to BA rifles anyway.
  5. kw712PL

    RETO! Please fix matchmaker

    Matchmaker ignored your battle, it didn't have enough spawns for more players to join. 95/12 = 7.9 -> 7 inf slots 54/12 = 4.5 -> 4 para slots 18/10 = 1.8 -> 1 pilot slot Normally you'd fix this by sending more inf ATs, but this is staged and matches like this are doomed.
  6. kw712PL

    We are the best at parking!

    Nonono, this is the best AT parking
  7. kw712PL

    Niemcy "przeszli" H&G

    Musisz zjechać w dół.
  8. kw712PL

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Thank You. A few more questions then. fighter recon AT earns some wfs and dies out (or it's line is capped out), I send 2 more (1 lands on a different but also closed line, and the second one on an open line) Do wfs earned by the first AT disappear or will they still be in the pool? Will the AT that landed on a closed line count for the pool? If enemies cap out line I am attacking with guards and I move them back to the same line (or a different one), will they get their xp from before they retreated after the battle ends? And if wf pools are access line based, if a line is closed do the wfs desintegrate, do they spread out to all other available access lines or maybe they just stay on that closed line and you can collect them by sending AT's there?
  9. kw712PL

    Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    So if there is 100 wf and 1 (36 spawns) guard AT with 1 (90 inf spawns) Inf at, they both get 50 respectively? Are pools access line based or team based? A line has 3 ATs and earn 1000 wf, B line has 7 ats and earn 0 wfs. Do ATs on B line get anything? Does vehicle pool matter?
  10. kw712PL

    The P38

    Ofc it can, thats why me410 is a piece of garbage in 1v1. 2v2 is a little different because there is a second pilot that is able to take your p38 down in just 10 20mm shots (even less with if you combine it with mg).
  11. kw712PL

    The P38

    if a p38 tries to outrun/outclimb me I just disengage, he has to come back to me and fight on my rules or fly away. If he turns back to get me we start the whole turnfight in which pe3 is superior again. Imo if its good pilots vs good pilots me410 would win since it can control all the engagements. I think p38 wins overall since its way more noob friendly and thats what is important in this game, but the higher the pilot skill is, the bigger the me410 advantage over a p38 IMO (again, in a 2v2 or bigger scenario). The only think I'd change in it is the damned cockpit that gets your pilot killed everytime you try to go head on against another plane. Maybe make map borders a little further away on some maps so you don't have to turn 5s after reaching max speed. I personally like that Reto added a plane that uses run'n'gun tactic instead of the hold Debug+S to win one. But yeah, adding a run'n'gun plane that requires teamwork in HnG, (aka the game where everyone is not working together) and all the pilots that buy it try to use it like any other plane (since noone told them that it's not a turner and they learned from recon/med that turning is the most important thing) ragequit after 4 failed tries to outturn a p38/pe3 WHILE flying 1v4 they give up on it(was even funnier when me410 got released, after 3 circles if you somehow menaged to survive you'd lose all the remaining speed you had and went directly into the ground). My guess is that the server has problems with registering hits on fast moving targets. or me410 armor too OP Imo it doesn't need a buff thanks to the 20mm that give you the opportunity of destroying a p38 chasing your friend in a short burst which won't give him chance of starting a turnfight. (something that the mig doesn't have). Main me410 problem is the lack of pilots and lack of teamwork, second part can only be balanced by making me410 a turnfighter though. Also after they add p51 that is even faster than 410, it will make the me410 obsolete in the only thing it is able to do.
  12. kw712PL

    The P38

    1v1 is pe3 > p38 >>>> 410 Squad name is a joke referring to the constant "pls nerf p38" spam - it also generates more salt ))) You taking it seriously means that I used my 8k creds well. Most of the time shots actually miss, but yeah, sometimes they do hit and do not damage my plane even if I heard sound of 20mm hitting my plane reto pls fix . (My overall me410 experience, not the fight vs you). My "premade squads" look like this - I don't invite my "wannabe OP pilots that i fly with 24/7" from my friendlist. I ask in army chat if anyone wants to fly the me410 in staged, we don't go on voice comms, we might or might not know each other, and my teammate either knows the me410 tactic already I teach him/them in-game. I probably wasted more time looking for pilots than actually flying lmao (58h in ze 410).
  13. kw712PL

    The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    I prefer to fly this way: Dunno why, it just feels easier to dodge.
  14. kw712PL

    The P-38 Lightning, Open discussion.

    You can dodge the bullets, and I swear sometimes the bullets DESPAWNED behind my plane and did not hit me (mostly vs Pe3 but sometimes it even happend vs the mighty P38!), so yeah, you CAN outrun them lol