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  1. Get and learn how to use binocolours. Can't tell how many times I saw those pesky snipers in their little bushes and roofs who I peppered with M1919 after marking with binos. Because they usually are prone, an MG is effective against them. They also have a harder time shooting you when they are getting sprayed by loads of bullets. I also use only fast reload and always try to get to a high spot with enough cover. If there isn't enough high ground, then at least a good covered spot is sufficient
  2. That's even more ridiculous
  3. It works in both ways. In factory 02 I think (the closer one to B line) has a ridiculous spawn point that requires you to walk around a wall to enter the factory, which is pretty dangerous thanks to the open field. But then the attackers have shoddy spawns like the C line in forward airfield. WTF is that spawn in between C3 and C2? You literally spawn behind little bushes that for some reason have armies of spawncampers. Both of these are my experiences.
  4. Good, because then there will be a reason for bad players to get good instead of spam "tHiS eNEmY iZ HacKiNG"
  5. Lol yeah, try throwing that thing in IRL. It would be silly to see whole teams of AT mine throwing soldiers.
  6. So that the amount of resources gets doubled? Because if there were more players, then there would be more resources on the map. If anything, there should be incentive to balance the amount of resources on one map.
  7. Simple, when there are a lot of objects and the lighting is pretty bad, all objects start to blend with each other and it just starts to look awful. Try going to Factory in a bad weather setting. It would look really bad and hard to see. But when you go into a building that doesn't have many objects or has some lighting, it tends to look much better. The solution would be to put more lighting around in buildings. Factory in particular is pretty dark considering it should have plenty of lighting inside the main objectives.
  8. I have a problem seeing anything. Usually in buildings like Factory where there are a lot of objects, but not enough lighting.
  9. Now that you mention it, that makes it hilarious.
  10. The problem I could see is the foliage overload. Of course, then there is the window break thing but I think it doesn't affect performance these days. Compared to when they were first implemented...
  11. Hmm, the problem is the poor job at the thread... CaseClosed.
  12. LMG > AA every scenario for me. I can't carry an AA gun on top of a church to snipe planes.
  13. That's the issue, there is no support for clans, everything is playermade. A;though I am quite worried that their way of clan support might end up like Squad 2.0.
  14. If they going to add this into the game, then the aux system still should be removed. You can make the spawn-stuff-with-points without the aux system crap.
  15. More like I had more uses out of M1919 than the AA gun I used. Why would I sit in an AA gun that is heavily vulnerable to everything when I can just use my M1919 to down the planes from a better spot? Hell I saw others using the AA guns, but didn't see any planes going down. People usually just ignored the planes if they could instead of wasting time on them. Did I also mention how nobody uses it anymore for ground troops? Found it too clunky for it and it is better to just use your own gun than that thing.