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  1. Looking for bad players and trolls

    Do you use any communication? Or you simply just ding a ling with bicycles as some sort of communication?
  2. Where did I say it's the players fault? Players were given these tools, they use them. Of course Reto is supposed to balance the game, but so far hasn't done enough. If you need to overcome a weapons fault with the use of badges, then the weapon needs fixing. That's it. The badge system isn't supposed to be a crutch and skill compensator, it sure isn't supposed to make bad weapons playable. If a weapons bad, you buff it, not make it playable thanks to some badges.
  3. M84 t-post+2x; expensive

    So that you could snipe without a scope. Don't need the FoV? You return it back. Come on, it's easier than to spam alt accounts in RTS.
  4. Spawning on points please

    I'm not saying "remove and replace", just add the spawning on points as an option. What kind of disadvantages are we talking about? Sure, you spawned way further and didn't have the longer spawn protection, but sure as hell I didn't need to cross a field for cover or to get to a point and defend, if it wasn't contested. Sure, confusion for contestion was a thing, but then I would simply spawn one point away and go from there, by using routes of choice. I can't do that, I get spawned in the middle of nowhere. I found it less fustrating spawning one point away from the fight, then spawning half away, getting spawn killed, then spawning 1.5 away and then getting spawn killed again for some damn reason.
  5. M84 t-post+2x; expensive

    If you drop your FoV to 55, you get what is essentially 2.2x scope.
  6. Looking for bad players and trolls

    Ahh good, I got the most useless-full builds in US, like car burglar, weapon borrower, grenade spammer or pilot.
  7. Or anything unpopular, but true. *cough* badge system needs changes *cough* just removing Heavy set is a bad idea *cough*
  8. "Adding toys" won't help retaining new players or making the game more stable/optimized. Badge system isn't helping retaining any new players because it is helping the old players more than it is helping new players. Old players can mitigate OHK BA rifle, new players can't. Old players can reload everything super fast, new players can't. Old players have bonuses to accuracy in probably 3 different ways, new players don't. All without any drawbacks. PUBG at least doesn't have that kind of nonsense in-game. People are enjoying it heavily because it's also quite unqiue (though, people starting to go to Fortnite as an alternative that is also more polished). PUBG also doesn't have ridiculous gunplay as we do. The gameplay is one big issue because it's not enjoyable to go over RNG gunplay, dumb spawns and awful balance. There is also no variance between playstyles, it's either grind or grind. Badge system is an excellent example of why the gameplay isn't enjoyable.
  9. Spawning on points please

    I mean, it already happens, just much worse. You won't effectively remove spawn camping, but atleast don't put us into no cover spawns.
  10. Spawning on points please

    Can't get sniped if you are behind cover. Don't even need Roll Safe meme for this.
  11. Faction is nerfed? ✔ Other faction is OP? ✔ Incoherent rambling? ✔ Dumb poll? ✔ Boycott faction? ✔ No real arguments? ✔ Salt? ✔ New account? ✔ Can be ignored? ✔ Congratulations, OP gets a 5/7, a perfect score.
  12. Soldier Faces

    Uniforms also had a shiny effect, and Reto in Reto fashion fixed US one, but forgot to check GE ones.
  13. While there are spawns that allow for spawning closer to contested points, they are often in places that are cancerous to leave. Pretty annoying when you spawn, walk out and get sniped by a tank. And some tanks don't even care about distance. Spawns are either too far, are too in the open, or are even too close to points. That's not fun for either side. Would be great to spawn on points again. Even though I would have to trek over more land compared to middle points, they have way more protection and you aren't forced to walk back from the middle point if you want to go defend, which is very crucial to attackers (not many people do defend in an attack situation).
  14. Seems reasonable. Was it really not enough time though? 25 minutes is a lot of time for talk.