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  1. M1919 mod + badge

    I instead burst them down. Screw snipers in any case.
  2. Capturing Weapons

    No, but should we continue going that dumb route?
  3. M1919 mod + badge

    I'm doing great on range with just the RoF trigger. Whatever suits anyone.
  4. Capturing Weapons

    "Game is crap anyways, let's make it crappier with red vs blue" Yeah, that sure is the good way to go...
  5. LeadBoards is FAIL

    More like staged nolifeboards, because they only evaluate your overall performance. Also, do these ever get reset?
  6. enemy status does not display

    Removed? No, I don't want that. I'm just saying people shouldn't rely on it all the time.
  7. Firing out of the car seat

    ??? You don't need that many resources to make an ability to shoot out of the vehicle.
  8. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    Honestly, if this token system was selective and not for everything applied, and only if the equipment behind it weren't so polirizing... I mean, lose Heavy Tank once and you have to rebuild it. But everything else also costs tokens... This is basically a snowball effect. Once one side picks up momentum with just a few kills, they can close the game pretty easily.
  9. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    No, I think there shouldn't be a max limit on your tokens. If you are really doing good, why should you be limited by some arbitriary limit? Although, you can make the limit where the passive increase stops, but your active duty continues to increase the tokens.
  10. Firing out of the car seat

    What? Reto can do it. How else have they put something in the game? Whatever they add into the game can be removed.
  11. Oh I remember it, along with the wonky hitboxes. The gunplay was hardcore compared to what it is now.
  12. H&G: Which Path Should It Take?

    The middle ground was what made me want to play the game. Currently the mechanics, like RNG sway, spawn mechanics, squad 2.0 aux seats and overall smoothed out maps with barely left flanks aren't making the game fun anymore.
  13. NO GOD NO. I remember the horrible movement we had 3 years ago. You were literally on ice everywhere. This delay OP is suggesting will be just that. No to crappy movement suggestions!
  14. enemy status does not display

    That indicator doesn't show if your point just recently became available. I guess that could be made more clearer.
  15. enemy status does not display

    That indicator is there to show if whether it's getting capped and how strong is that cap speed. You shouldn't be relying on it as some kind of indicator like a radar.