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  1. Willhelm was right

    Willhelm used to be a regular in this forum. A year ago he messaged me and asked if I was still in this forum. I said yes, and he told me "An illusion, just leave it alone". I said I will stay, and he hoped me I found better reasons than sticking with this game. Of course, I'm doing my own game, an RPG. That's not the point though, the point is Willhelm said sticking with the game was a waste of time... And now, an year later, he wasn't wrong. Did the worst parts of the game got changed? We are still stuck with a abysmal main menu with a trash Flash player engine. The RTS has never been changed to actually be an RTS. Balance is still off. Spawns are still the worst thing that came with maps 2.0. Squad 2.0, despite it getting changed "soon", still exists despite it being the worst update ever. I'll say this again, I'm an idiot. I should have known that nothing good is going to happen over the year. Actually, I have been sitting here, waiting for once an update that would make the game more enjoyable since 2014. And that never came, only went worse. I know it takes time to develop things. I know how development work. I did practice in a company for 1.5 months, I understand how the process goes. But in 4 years, the updates have abysmal. Not to mention the forum quality tanked over the years. No more interesting threads, only the same discussions with the same outcomes. Despite that, I feel like I'm getting more toxic when I jump into threads. I want to suggest new things, I love new mechanics. But the general gist is people suggesting stuff that will never be added (new factions), things that are just irrelevant to the current issues (we don't need more dumb toys) or gigantic changes to in-game systems when the same issues can be fixed with much more simple solutions (simplicity is an art). So the point of this thread? I'm done. Yeah, I really should stop coming here. I should have done that many years ago, but I liked the feel and idea of the game and hoped the game became better, but it never happened. So I guess this thread is the last thing I'll post. Maybe I will come back, maybe I won't. Whatever. That will depend on the future. But now I really should stop following this damn illusion of "a better game". P.S. If you care to ever meet me anywhere else, then you don't have to go further than looking up my username here.
  2. Is forum dying?

    I guess I am part of that problem. Have to admit, I post for no reason than just make a heated discussion where no one "wins". I guess this comic pretty much explains our forum: I honestly felt like not wanting to come to this forum anymore. The quality is just terrible and there is nothing worthwhile anymore, compared to in 2014. Then again, even then it was non stop death discussion about tommy gun and MP40 where they were extremely similar. People were simply mad about a milisecond difference of TTK. Damn, Wilhelm was right. There is no reason to go to this forum. I'm an idiot.
  3. Monthly Report (dat.duck)

    Can you guys put some "hard" cover leading from spawns to the points? Hard cover meaning using buildings and those indistructible fences as some sort of pathway to a point. At least provide some cover from one side, as going over open fields without any cover makes it too difficult for foot soldiers and makes it quite easy for campers.
  4. New Factions

    Because this was talked to death a lot of times and nothing new gets put into the discussion. It's also a thing I don't want to happen. More factions/sub-factions? Yeah, more grinding is sure fun. I don't want to begin with what is currently wrong with the game that makes new sub-factions or factions just impossible.
  5. You can't, it's determined by the average distance of each player. I tried with a good old tracert and the ping values were going nuts. It always spikes to a 400 ms and then goes to a 140 ms. It's goes wild every time I try. Meanwhile the Rotterdam server seems to be a 60 ms with some spikes to 130 ms that are rarish.
  6. 200 dollars is not enough to upgrade your whole PC. You should save up instead of buying right now.
  7. With these kinds of specs, I would recommend just upgrading your whole PC. The motherboard highly depends on what kind of CPU you will pick. Picking a GPU before a CPU that also needs an upgrade is quite problematic. From the specs you gave, it seems your CPU is from 2008, which means it's very old. 10 years, damn. Your GPU is as good as a integrated GPU, meaning it's just as much crappy as it gets. 2x2GB = 4 GBs. In this day, that's not enough and the norm is 8 GB, and it's getting closer to 16 GBs. It's also DDR2, which is quite old. As for the PSU, your 350W might be too weak. I guess a 450W or 500W is the usual amount these days. Getting a new one anyways is better than keeping a 10 year old one still running (I don't trust it will stay good for long, stuff have warranty yo). Also I'm unsure if you are using a HDD or an SSD. SSDs start up all programs and your OS significantly faster, so they are good to look after. The problem though, is that GPU and RAM prices have been skyrocketing. It's currently the worst time to buy a GPU or RAM, because: GPUs are being purchased hard by cryptominers. GPU prices have probably doubled. RAM prices have increased because of phones. The creators have been taking a large amount of DDR4 memory, thus making a shortage of memory and increasing the prices hard. Nevertheless, it all depends on how big your budget is. Do you want a budget PC or a more powerful one?
  8. Buff the PPD and PPSh please

    Just FYI, I don't want to see anything removed. With that said, I hope they make at least somewhat the crouched or prone sway modifier reduced. 0.86 prone modifier for PPSh and 0.95 modifier for PPD? Seriously? MP34 and Grease gun at least are quite close to their "tier 2" guns, but PPD is super bad. Even a Bazooka has less sway while standing than with either SU SMG. Even MG34 and M1918 BAR has less sway than those SMGs. What the heck?
  9. The new weapon chart that was recently given pretty much shows how inaccurate the guns are. Their sway is close to the MG42 and M1919, but their damage is quite crap and RoF isn't helping. MP34 is very similar in sway and recoil to the other SMGs, where only the camera recoil variance is higher. Grease gun is almost like tommy gun, with miniscule difference - which kinda makes a tommy gun a better gun than GG because of them. Meanwhile, PPD and PPSh clearly have the sway of the LMG and the damage of the SMGs. PPD is even worse with it's crap RoF. Also, there is a clear tier 2 > tier 1 thing going around here. Any way to make it less problematic, like an increased reload speed for tier 1 weapons? That would distinguish tiers more.
  10. Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    Okay, what's with the variable names? Some are camelCase, some are just first letter uppercased, and then there are snake cases???? This annoys me.
  11. Development Overview is now public

    Oh cool, a trello board. Finally a proper way to see what is being made.
  12. Deleting Account

    Well, yeah. Not much use here of course, as he won't be playing, but that account would be banned if it got sold. If this was Steam, it would have been more severe.
  13. When these crashes end!

    But I'm asking you, not him. Just... tell your PC specs. The only problems I have are usually packet loss, which I guess is part of my internet problem when multiple people use the WiFi. I don't know, my i5 4460, GTX 750, 8 GB with a HDD never had any problems other than the internet problem. Random crashes were quite rare. Do you have any background processes running?
  14. But I doubt it detects hardware level macros. Like if the mouse had it's own memory for macros for it's buttons. How are you going to detect something that is on a different device? Software level, like AutoHotkey or the like, are easily detectable because of it's scripts running in the background. You can't detect a macro on a different device in a legit way. I mean, I don't have a way to read my printers memory.
  15. When these crashes end!

    But that's a completely different issue. Still no PC specs.