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  1. 请下载安装文件,然后右键单击安装文件,然后选择以管理员身份运行以安装游戏。 http://l3.live.heroesandgenerals.com/HeroesAndGenerals-setup-165312.exe 这样,游戏即可获得所需的所有权利。
  2. QuarX

    Help about binoculars I have

    Looks like an 1970s Japanese made binocular Those were sold by the millions worldwide
  3. QuarX

    HUD/UI missing

    Do you have the game installed on another partition than C ?
  4. QuarX

    Anyone pls help!!!

    Hi Please download the setup file for the stand alone version of the game http://game.heroesandgenerals.com/Heroesandgenerals-setup.exe after the download right click on the setup file and choose >> "run as admin" << Let the game install on your computer and give it a try.
  5. QuarX

    exit from the battle every 5-7 minutes

    For the understanding exitcode: 259 = STILL ACTIVE? returncode 0 = NO The server ask the client if he is still active and the client answer is no. Do you use a WiFi connection ?
  6. QuarX

    Can't see my mouse in Action Game.

    Please start the game and look at the windows taskbar for H&G Sync In the H&G Sync window click on FILE and choose Edit localsettings.ini in the text file look for the line render.resolution= and change it to the resolution you want like 1920x1080 save the text file and give it a try.
  7. If you suffer from a solid color screen please start the game and look at the windows taskbar for H&G Sync In the H&G Sync window click on FILE and choose Edit localsettings.ini in the text file look for the line render.enable_true_fullscreen= and change it from true to false (or vice versa)... save the text file and give it a try. This will force the game to reinitialize its internal engine settings.
  8. Does your computer only display a solid color screen (blue) when you join a match or is your computer crashing/rebooting (blue screen of death)?
  9. QuarX

    Crashing game

    the game has problems to initialize your graphic card ( Radeon HD 7970 ) please try to re-install your graphic driver https://www.amd.com/en/support/previous-drivers/graphics/amd-radeon-hd/amd-radeon-hd-7000-series/amd-radeon-hd-7970 You first need to find out what graphic chip you are using After that you can download and install the appropriate driver for it. Those drivers are needed to use all features of the device.
  10. QuarX

    crashes crashes and more crashes

    cool ... that error was just a timeout detection and recovery conflict this occurs when windows attempts to recover and reset the graphics hardware and this operation takes too long. Most of the time a simple reboot can fix this. enjoy the game
  11. QuarX

    crashes crashes and more crashes

    what hardware are you using?
  12. QuarX

    Some games...

    I agree with all of your points above, and I very much agree with your final point "the infamous Moscow servers". Unfortunately Reto says for years that there are no problems with the Moscow servers
  13. QuarX

    Some games...

    Wifi always have a drop of data through brogh in the 2.4 GHz because that frequency is pretty busy... some games have a compensation for this .. so you wont really notice it if it isn't too bad You can try if you can connect your Wifi on the 5.0 GHz band which is a lot better for gaming but you need to be fairly close to the router in order to use it.
  14. QuarX

    Some games...

    You should never have packet loss ... it shows that there is something wrong on your network ... do you use a Wifi or cable connection to your router That's a problem with the steam/discord version of the game ... for an unknown reasion... once it starts to show this message.. it always shows some problems with the game files ... on the other hand if that would be true you couldn't play the game at all. Not sure who to plame here ... steam/discord or reto moto. I use the stand-alone version of the game which does not show this weird behavior. http://game.heroesandgenerals.com/Heroesandgenerals-setup.exe
  15. QuarX

    Some games...

    You are not loosing any packets as far as i can tell ... are you sharing your internet connection with someone?