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  1. Can't join games. Rejoin button doesn't work

    You should also check your Audio and Video drivers ... most people forget about their Audio drivers .. but audio is also a part of a game engine .. so checking those once a year or so is a good idea.
  2. Texture bug at long range view

    Not quite .. its a bug where the low resolution textures are not loaded into the VRam ... and the engine uses this zoomed in "dummy texture" First rule as a pilot in H&G.. activate High Dynamic Range (HDR) in the Video Settings of the game .. it will not only fix this problem (most of the time) but you have also a much easier target acquisition on ground targets.
  3. BIAS.... This Moscow Server

    It Could Be Worse thank god friendly fire is off
  4. Crash on battle start

  5. In the Year 2525...

    According to this well made documentary, Judgement Day was July 29th, 2004. What you think is your life is just some augmented reality made by Cyberdyne aka The Matrix. Don't forget to catch those Pokémon's !!!
  6. Can't join games. Rejoin button doesn't work

    What happen is that the game engine crashes on execution. In most cases a simple reboot of the system fixes this issue with the game engine. However, you are having this issue for quite some time, so I assume you already rebooted several times by now Please make sure that you don't use the DirectX 12 rendering ... your GPU might say that it supports DX12, but only do that to a certain level.. and the level that the game uses may change on every update of the game. click to enlarge Another thing that might causes a crash of the game engine on some systems are the "True Fullscreen" mode which is activated by default. To change that please click on the H&G Sync icon in your Windows taskbar click on File and choose localsettings.ini a text file will popup. In the text file search for the line render.enable_true_fullscreen= change it from true to false. Save the text file and give it a try.
  7. Não consigo instalar o jogo : ( help

    Well, that's a problem that is around for quite some time .. the reason what causes it is unknown .. at least to me The problem is that you need Adobe Air to update the version of Adobe Air You can not update the Adobe Air the game uses by installing the version from the Adobe Air site those are two completely different pairs of shoes. Here is the most recent version of Adobe Air for the game. (‎07.‎11.‎2017‏) http://www97.zippyshare.com/pd/cn9kJhF1/34598/Adobe AIR.zip >>If you trust me<< download it, double click on the zip and copy those files in the package into the installation folder of the game, when asked choose "replace existing files" ... that should fix your problem. I think I am a pretty trustworthy person ... .. these eyes won't fool you
  8. Crashing H&G

    Are you looking for help or are you guys just talking about your feelings?
  9. OH MY GOD 5.000.000$ RETO

    One good thing has it ... now with an investor they have to deliver ... no more bla bla bla Soon ™ bla bla
  10. Sound issue

    Yep, could be that they disabled that command .. so you have to wait until THEY fix it ... but this can take a few eternities, so don't count on it
  11. big lag spikes in action game

    Okay, a radical solution, but sometimes the best way.
  12. New Anti Recoil Hack in Town ?!?

    Well, I don't have that kind of trouble when I fight Allies ... okay, we can say A CERTAIN FACTION, if you want me to not point the finger at the problem.
  13. New Anti Recoil Hack in Town ?!?

    I usually live by the devise"Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you."
  14. big lag spikes in action game

    Yep, a clean Windows installation can be a pain in the bud I asume that you are using Windows 10 right ? Please open your Task Manager in idle mode (no other program windows are open) by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your keyboart or right click on the Windows taskbar and choose Task-Manager. In the task manager click on MORE DETAILS at the bottom and on to the PERFORMANCE tab. In the performance tab click on GPU and have a look at the utilization of your GPU aswell as on the Dedicated GPU memory usage in idle mode. click to enlarge At the upper right corner of the "Dedicated GPU memory usage" you can see the amount of VRam in GB, if a wrong number is dispayed or you can see a minus sign (-) in front of it, that would lead to a faulty driver installation or faulty VRam. In idle mode all those lines should stay flat. That's why I am asking you to do this. It indicates that something with your VRam isn't right, those textures that disapear and need to be loaded again are normaly stored in that VRam. As I said it could be a faulty driver installation or faulty VRam. One pretty new reason for that could be a so called MINING BOT. Since the immense growth of almost all cryptocurrency, more and more of this bots are used to occupy other peoples GPU/CPU to secretly generate cryptocurrencies.