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  1. QuarX

    WW2 gun collection.

    As a German soldier/officer you only have a very limited space for "personal items" at the frontline, taking a private weapon with you and waste that space with it just to look bada$$ would be pretty silly. However .. with your personal stuff you could do what ever you wanted.
  2. QuarX

    WW2 gun collection.

    Not quite ... as I said those Gewehr 24(t) produced by Považská Bystrica after 1938 looked much more like a Mauser 98k
  3. QuarX

    WW2 gun collection.

    Those vz. 24 rifles produced by Brno after the occupation of czechoslovakia in 1938 looked more like the German 98k and was called the Gewehr 24(t) The rifle on the photo is clearly an pre-war vz. 24 export version.
  4. QuarX

    WW2 gun collection.

    Isn't that rifle a Czech made vz. 24 from the 1920s? The P38 has writings on the slide so it is a post war production. The Imperial Eagle "Reichsadler" on the grip also shows that it is a replica because any kind of cosmetic/personal markings on the gear was strictly forbidden in the German army in WW2. Whoever sold you that stuff as from from the WW2 area fooled you.
  5. QuarX

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    Here is the entire film of the Swedish Army tests with the German Panther in 1951
  6. QuarX

    Visiting the Normandy D-Day area

    I don't say that they all lying .. but this Heinrich Severloh is telling some fairy tale. He's making money with this tale for about 50 years now.🙄
  7. QuarX

    Visiting the Normandy D-Day area

    But you want the real thing ... not lies?!
  8. QuarX

    Visiting the Normandy D-Day area

    Really? I am not saying that this Severloh fought that day on the beach but the rest of the story is bull... He claims/thinks to have killed about 2ooo that day in his zone of fire. Total American casualties on that day was +/- 25oo. The US 1st and 29th Divisions together suffered around 2ooo casualties at Omaha Beach. He claims that he had fired about 12.ooo rounds with his MG42 (wich would requier about +/- 50 barrel changes in order to keep that gun functioning not to mention other parts that might worn out) Maximum ammunition supply for a MG was 8 boxes or 2.ooo rounds per day at that time in the German Wehrmacht. If you are serious to learn about history .. you should avoid The History Channel.
  9. QuarX

    White Screen

    You can try this
  10. QuarX

    BatlleEye Removes me from battle...

    Good to hear that ... feel free to report back, if you encounter any other problem with the game.
  11. QuarX

    Black Screen On Loading

    Please start the game and look at your Windows taskbar for H&G Sync Click on File and choose edit localsettings.ini in the text file search for the line render.enable_true_fullscreen= and change it from true to false. Save the text and give it a try
  12. QuarX


  13. A few movies about the Waffen SS training camp for foreign volunteers in Sennheim (today the town of Cernay in Alsace, France).