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  1. Bug in battle statistics

    Yep there seem to be something wrong not only with the kill count... Exemple: In this match (encounter map) the capture point was captured by the US "only" 3 times .. yet the top US player shows 5 captures ?!
  2. No Marmite or Surströmming? No wonder they lost the War
  3. you need to land your plane INSIDE the map boundary ... if you land outside the E key don't work .. you can use the map key M to see if you choose the right spot
  4. How to post a picture ?

    once you uploaded your image right click on it and choose copy imahge url ... come here and right click on your thread and chose paste
  5. The Invalid player.application is the Player.dll (Adobe Flash player) and the "Invalid" seems to be "normal" at least it also shows in my player.log
  6. Soldier

    @Baptiste0855 if you are not sure about a feature in the game and want to see it in action before you buy it it is a good idea to watch some players on twitch to see if you might like it or not. https://go.twitch.tv/directory/game/Heroes %26 Generals
  7. Screen going black

    @oleg.pripyat Thats a problem with the game engine exclusive mode which is enabled by default. A workaround for this: Please click on the H&G Sync icon in your Windows taskbar click on File and choose localsettings.ini a text file will popup. In the text file search for the line render.enable_true_fullscreen= change it from true to false. Save the text file and give it a try.
  8. @Denqre Yep .. the fullscreen mode is another thing that can crash the game engine
  9. @Denqre please try to give your Windows Timeout Detection and Recovery 10 seconds instead of only 2 and see if that fixes your problem Here is how you do it.
  10. BSOD Crashes

    @LtMurphy told me in a private message that uninstalling that USB driver solved his problem
  11. UI is messed up.

    Great ... looked like a more serious problem to me, to be honest ... Anyways enjoy the game
  12. Frequent Ping Spikes to nearly 4000

    Well, I would ask kindly for help first If you yell at support people they most likely show you the finger. Asking them could help ... you have nothiung to lose.
  13. Frequent Ping Spikes to nearly 4000

    You can see it yourself ... your connection is baaad With such a connection quality playing online game is next to impossible .. sorry
  14. IRC Socket

    Ooops .. you might need to run the CMD as Administrator Press the Windows + S key and type CMD right click on the icon and choose Run as Administrator