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  1. That's why they are using it only in some places .... the problem is that some players demand more details and effects while others suffer from low FPS .. so they have to ride on this razor blade with their engine.
  2. That effect is called "Tessellation" where the engine adds more details/volume to objects ... it seems that the game engine applies this feature to some objects that don't really need it. Example for the "Tessellation" effect (not Retox engine) OFF ON Unfortunatelly you can't turn this feature off in the settings of the game There are a few flaws of tessellation. It adds volume to objects .. so it's possible that for you it looks like you'r perfectly covered by an object but because the hitboxes are smaller (according to the real volume of that object and not the added one by tessellation) you can get hit by bullets on the edges of it .... haaaax !! There are also quite a lot of objects in the game where they added this extra volume to the hitboxes but for some reason they did not use tessellation so you get this invisible wall effect on the edges. To calculate this extra volume/detail in realtime your computer has quite some work to do .. depending how heavely it has been used by the game designer. I am not sure if this still works ... but in the Beta you could turn off tessellation by adding the command line enable_tessellation = 0 under render in your client.ini application { enable_console=true } resource { GfxPath="." ResourcesPath="_packed" } controllers { nickname="No Name" German=true InvertMouse=false } locale { LocaleFile="AnimationBin/Localiser/HnG_Ingame_$.xml" } render { disable_performance_test = true disabletextlayer = true enable_tessellation = 0 } boot { run = true crash_report_mode = 3 }
  3. As I said this is a common issue ... Most people don't realize that the sound is also part of a game engine .. to ensure that you get the smoothest gaming experience in all games you should at least check for driver updates once a year or so.
  4. If you get the Error 193:0xc1 when you try to start the HnGService manually that means that the application manager system of Windows fails to find the exact path of the .exe file of HnGService to run the service. How to fix this: Press the [Windows] key + [R] on your keyboard to bring up the "Run" box. In the "Run" box, type regedit and press Enter. This will start the Windows Registry Editor. On the left navigate to this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ In the list of services on the left scroll down to HnGService left click on it once On the right you can now see the service paramaters. In the Key ImagePath you see the location where the application manager system looks for the hngservice.exe Please make sure that this key points to the real location of your hngservice.exe! If the location is wrong, double click on the ImagePath Key and change the path acordengly. Close the Registry Editor start Services.msc again and check if you still get the error Error 193:0xc1 ... if so ...repeat. This error could come up for any service and this solution applies to all the services failing to start due to the above mentioned error.
  5. As the command tells you "maxvideomemory"... When used, it simulates that all of your video memory is in use which forces the render engine to use almost no textures.
  6. Thank you for providing your DxDiag Your audio driver is stone old ...06.18.2015 Please download and install the new Realtek driver RELEASE DATE: January 13th 2017 DRIVER VERSION: R 2.81 http://12244.wpc.azureedge.net/8012244/drivers/rtdrivers/pc/audio/0008-64bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R281.exe That should do the trick.
  7. Press the [Windows] key + [R] on your keyboard to bring up the "Run" box. In the "Run" box, type DxDiag and press Enter. This will start the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. In the sound tab you can see what kind of audio hardware you use If you like you can create an DxDiag file that would show all of your hardware/drivers so we can have a look at it. Once the Direct X Diagnostic Tool appears, click on the Save All Information button at the bottom. When asked where to save the file, click on the drop-down box next to Save in and select Desktop. In the File Name box towards the bottom, the name DxDiag.txt should appear. Leave this as is and click on the OK button. Click the Exit button to exit the Direct X Diagnostic Tool On the Desktop, there should be a file name DxDiag or DxDiag.txt. If there is no file with this name, please repeat the steps above and make sure to save the file to the Desktop. Open the text file an copy paste the content in here ...but please use the spoiler feature of the forum to make the thread still readable for others That DxDiag is only a diagnostic tool that collects technical information on your computer. It is usually needed by technical support agents to isolate specific issues.
  8. @delsiRU_34 You need to contact customer support. The code issue is handled by them. http://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Tickets/Submit
  9. Please contact support they have access to your account. If there is something wrong with it they will fix it http://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Tickets/Submit
  10. Opps two with the same problem! @KeisariKorppi and @AJCalacci please tell us what sound chip you use .. maybe you use the same audio chip and the game engine has a problem with it?!
  11. Some sound chips have the option of autodetection to activate the jack plugs when something is plugged in. I have set my major audio plugs always on active because sometimes this feature don't work. Another thing that may cause this. Go to your Control Panel>Sound>"Playback" tab, and right-click the sound output that is currently active. Select Properties>"Advanced" tab. In the dropdown list at the top, make double sure you don't have too high a bit depth/sample rate combination. Anything from 24 bit, 48000 Hz can simply be too much for some games; it's a quite common problem. Try selecting the LOWEST (16 bit, 44100 Hz) and see if you now have sound, then increase one step at a time until the sound fails, then back off one step. Also, if you have the wrong number of speakers set (say, 5.1 when you have a stereo output), sometimes some or all of the sound will disappear.
  12. You need to contact customer support. The code issue is handled by them. http://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Tickets/Submit
  13. Okay Did you checked for updates for your audio chip lately ? I am asking because most people have everything up to date on their system but forget the audio drivers for some strange reason.
  14. This is something that is out of our hands like @dxp1586 said it`s a memory leak bug along with some other minor bugs in their game code... only Reto Moto can fix this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_leak I only play the encounter depot map in the last few days to aviod that bug.
  15. What kind of sound system do you use? Headpones or speaker? How are they connected to your computer? Via USB or jack? If you use Windows 10 and USB devices please have a look at the manufacturer web side for new drivers for your device ... Windows 10 is known to have trouble with some USB devices/drivers.