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  1. gpilger66

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    Well I play in a clan too and only one faction.... if a member wants to join another faction...fine, just dont queue on your clan buddies or leave the match where your clan is fighting....pretty simple. I never agreed on captured weapons...every factions had their own OP weapon and that was fine. players would adapt and deal with it. At least before that captured weapon update the game felt more authentic.
  2. gpilger66

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    On a more serious note....captured weapons should have never been an option. If you want or prefer a different weapon just switch to that faction and as many others stated already...the core idendity of the game has been lost. I get the point that Reto has to make money somehow and a lot of people did spend real money on captured weapons.....fine, but fully modding them will not have the same effect. I dont think anybody will spend gold on mods.
  3. gpilger66

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    oh....awesome...I will be able to mod my PTRS on GE....but I think pilots wont be very happy about it😏
  4. gpilger66

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    NO....and I will not waste my time time to explain why...since it will be done anyways and since the wast ''silent'' community asked for it🙄
  5. gpilger66

    US armies with MG42

    Stop worrying, with the next update the MG42 will be pretty much useless again 😉
  6. gpilger66

    v 1.20.1

    Well done Reto, this is an unsuspected but very positive surprise and definitively a way to try to keep especially new players interested in the game.
  7. ^^ This That is exactly the point, I really dont care about tanks unless I get killed with HE....after that I will come for you....whenever you get killed by any AT weapon named ''Tank kaput? :('' ...that was me 😉 I have seen endless and countless cry posts from tankers asuring that they never use HE but joining any war battle will proof you otherwise...the struggle with HE spam is real. The last thing I want to do is driving around the map chasing tankers....but I will do it if I have to and I dont care about how much it will cost and how many times I get killed in the atempt...95% of the time I will get you 😉
  8. gpilger66

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    So basically the only competitive weapon against AVS, M1919 or M1/M2 for GE which is the MG42 will be nerfed senseless again. IMO weapons got pretty much balanced after the update, nerfing or buffing will not avoid that new players with low tier gear will get reckt. I would prefer a map makeover instead of a weapon makeover, like removing all those stupid rocks which take all the fun out of the game....
  9. A headshot is a headshot no matter the caliber, even a .22LR will kill you in a single shot. If you can land a shot with a crappy pistol, it should be 1HK...I am ok with it.
  10. gpilger66

    AT Rifle Suggestion

    I didn't like any of it. ^^This...
  11. Yeah I know and I already have my badges in gold.... it will still annoy the hell out of the tanker and in war we are normally 2 or 3 guys going after tanks and they will go down at some point 😁
  12. Awesome, another cry post from a/or frustrated tanker/s🤣 That means that I am doing a great job with my dedicated AT rambo.... I just love the M9A1 and have it on all factions. You are right in certain maps with river crossings the M9A1 lacks a bit of range and I cant get those sneaky I decided to make a second AT rambo with the recoilless, did nt had much faith in it until I picked one up and the range and precision is awesome. I hope my aim will get better 😉 So for you crytankers it is perfectly ok to sit on a point and HE click the enemy which has only Infantry? and please dont even say that you dont have HE on your tank.... because that would be a lie in 99% of the cases. Do you even play war??? I really dont mind about tankers unless you kill me 1 time too many, after that I will come for you and I will get you no matter how many times I die in the proccess.... BTW I am a tanker myself with every single tank in all factions and badges in gold. Whenever I use a tank...I already know that I will die most likely due to an AT rambo and I just deal with it. Wana play tanks? use the tank vs tank map or just gid gud....because in war you are at the same level as recons, utterly useless...
  13. gpilger66

    Stupid matchmaking

    MM is definitively broken since the last update, somehow specialist classes get priority over players who do have AT's in a war match. It takes ages for GE to pop a battle, while the other factions can instant pop them. MM needs a serious rework again or at least rolled back to before the update. As it is right now it even affects the RTS side of the game since you cant move your troops or attack important cities effectively at least not as GE.
  14. gpilger66

    High Levels Hurting the Game.....

    I can feel your pain and frustration..... @Reto please nerf 1st Jägers 😉 On a side note, the same thing happens when you play against US or SU clans.... until we get a sort of rank based Match Maker which does not allow low rank soldiers to join a war battle, that issue will not be solved.