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  1. US, best faction.

    Sure.We are best!
  2. Paratroopers on War.

    %100 Americans should have got more paratrooper production on war
  3. Game Dosent Work With New GPU

    Also check out 'Nvdia Control Panel'.I'm using Nvdia graphics card too. Update your drivers and make sure about your computer see new graphics card. Please write here your rig for more help and suggestşons my friend !
  4. Why does my game crash?

    Your CPU motor/progressor could be old i think. Please post here your rig.Then maybe we can spot why its stop responding. If it isn't about your CPU, its easy to find solution. Goodluck my friend !
  5. Game will load, but game window will not...

    @QuarX is right.It could be 'feature'. I'm playing HnG since 2014, everyday it persists to me.In earlier days, i was thinking it is a bug.Just then i understood it.It wasn't BUG.Umm.. i must stop, i can't tell anymore because;
  6. "Server Down For Maintenance"

    Restart your computer and modem. Verify game files from steam. Try to launch the game as administrator Turn off your firewall/virus program Contact with reto. If problem still persists, format your device.It could be work perfectly.
  7. Plss help me!

    Just trolling you.Don't labor for trolls.
  8. s.m.k hart

    Maybe you can penetrate light tanks' motors .Also you can only penetrate motorcycles,terrarain vehicles shortly light armored vehicles.
  9. Does the stg scope really look like this?

    Check out your render resolution. And... did you assembly on the picture ?
  10. Recon's scope

    US Faction has got 2.2x scope for rifle M1 Grand,M1 Carbine and M1903.Also 8.8x scope for M1903.(Infantry can use only 2.2x one.) German Faction has got 4.2x scope for rifle G43, K98k, FG-42 and Sturm Gewehr.Also 8.8x scope for K98k. (Infantry can use only 4.2X one) Soviet Union has got 3.5x scope for rifle SVT 40, Mossin Nagant 1891-30 and AVS. 36.Also 8.8x scope for Mossin Nagant 1891-30. (Infantry can use only 3.5x one) You can't adjust your weapon's scope like in Delta Force,Battlfield,Call of Duty,Counter Strike Series. Here are some pictures of German and American scopes.Note: Pictures are old !
  11. Guide to Criticizing Weapons

    This guide is very short.But good job.Also you could share this shirt on steam!
  12. teamkiller ban

    Yep.It's being so maddening sometimes. ENG-US: Return to fire with fire Original Sentence: Ateşe ateşle karşılık ver
  13. So far in the sky!

    We were earning lots of xp by killing enemy soldiers and destroying enemy transport planes.But they decreased xp come from air jobs.
  14. AT Rank Gain algorithm

    Your squad will gain xp to unlock next uprade/level.Your soldier should have got enough command points.You gain command points by ranking up.Also you can gain them by winning war.For example:
  15. Cannot load into games

    It says: 'Unknown Error' . Send additional info to game server.I don't think it's about steam or prohibition/ban.Restart your computer and modem then try again. edit: Absolutely somebody will help to fix your problem,you should still write here and give more information.