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  1. you are just chatting on the game forum,i guess you didn't play the game yet
  2. https://hngdissclousre.blogspot.com.tr/
  3. kutaymeric

    sfx volume

    Press 'Esc' in game,then select audio options,you can set it from there.
  4. If you mean lines on the war,they are skirmish maps, Your forces must come across with enemy forces in the line between the 2 Assault towns/maps.
  5. kutaymeric

    Not same gold prices

    I think it's Reto's sales technique.
  6. kutaymeric

    News & Updates

    Post your message to here: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/forum/67-general-development-suggestions/
  7. kutaymeric

    Update 1.09 ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

  8. not Alpha. I shared the new vehicle's screenshot.
  9. sure. thx, i didn't know that. I didn't know that too thanks
  10. kutaymeric

    Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    M1/M2 with Field Trigger,Iron Sights and Jackal Ammunation.. H3-Anti Tank Grenade... Medic Bunch or Revolver Still OP!
  11. kutaymeric

    Best Para Loadout?

    M1 Carbine(602 rpm,scoped or not) + med kit ---> Use this loadout to make rampages. M1A1 Carbine + anti-tank grenade(its hard to unlock as para) Use this loadout to make rampages aganist tanks. M1A1 Carbine + Knife + Med Kit M1A1 Carbine + Medic Bunch (contains 3 med kits) M1 Carbine + Knife M1 Carbine + Pocket Pistol M1911 pistol + M1917 Revolver + Pocket Pistol + spade (thats damn fun combo)
  12. kutaymeric

    Faction in WAR mode ?

    I think nobody cannot know the answer of your question.Give a chance to ticket and send it to Reto.Probably they don't answer it too. I suggest: Close all applications when you are playing online games.Check out Task Manager for be sure. Only your device should be connected to your modem Join an Asia server in different game for be sure about your minimum ping value Also you can test your ping value in this site: http://beta.speedtest.net/
  13. kutaymeric

    Can people help Reto moto translate H&G ?

    No,community can't translate H&G for now. Maybe Reto will allow it in future. If they allow game's community for translate the game to Lithvanian language if you haven't got a interpreter certificate,you can't do it my friend.
  14. I made a screenshot blog for you my friends. Just sharing my experiences with you.Don't get rude when you are writing comments and do not discuss about far contents. Here you are: https://hngdissclousre.blogspot.com.tr/
  15. kutaymeric

    about new helmet

    I meant: there weren't any colored helmets for paratroopers but they changed US paratrooper's factory helmet in the 1.09 prototype.(it's not avilable in-game now.)