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  1. Taking bets, which happens first Jesus second coming or this. Both are equally unlike to happen.
  2. tussupoliisi666

    WAR is at an all time low ....

    It depends who whines the most. After river ocean of tears the tankers got what they wanted.
  3. tussupoliisi666

    PLS fix hit registration

    This is actual problem, comparable to broken sounds. So it wont be fixed.
  4. tussupoliisi666

    Nerf both tigers!

    Reto logic 10/10
  5. Jeez.... Theyr being "professional" and gathering data. You know very well that if servers crash they have to first gather data is it good thing to bring them back or not. If theyr office is on fire they will have a staff appointment analyzing data & flames should they leave the building or not.
  6. tussupoliisi666

    1.12 update zerg problem

    Did there arise anything else than issues with this patch ?
  7. tussupoliisi666

    It's time for deployable AT guns.

    as stationary AA's has proven they are extremely useful and extremely hard to destroy.
  8. tussupoliisi666

    Just Play

    Rather have it that way than extremely complex game that is broken in every possible way.
  9. Buff me, nerf others. And this is what we got when they decided to listen to you whiners. Not even whiners like it.
  10. Quite sure its exactly what you asked and exactly what you got. Enjoy your tanks now.
  11. "Everything that kills me is OP as fk or game is broken" what else there is to know ?
  12. Id say its working as intended & as requested.
  13. tussupoliisi666

    Why is tanking so easy to counter?

    too obvious try again
  14. tussupoliisi666

    Players leaving the game

    Im starting to realize why you dont see anything wrong with this update or the past updates.