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  1. Germany wins the entire game

    united all factions add AI zombies as enemy all playerbase related issues are fixed.
  2. all german names are blocked ,.... why???

    Suprise party.
  3. defending nerf

    Eh ? Well lets put it this way. Since absolutely nothing happens in this game before reto has collected enough data/statistics and analyzed it for few years, good example would be reign of Mg42 in the past. Could you actually provide us some sort of statistics how many actually did ask for these changes ? And why are you even trying to satisfy everyone ? Current spawns would be a good example, I cant remember anyone asking to make attackers spawns in town to what they currently are. And even if someone actually did ask the spawns we currently have I probably just ignored it and thought not even reto does anything this idiotic. Practically every map favors defender as it should, making the attackers job even harder with these new spawns was something I did not expect even from classic reto.
  4. This is the end!

    ofc they do, which is exactly why we are in this situation.
  5. OHK rifles

    1.grind awaits 2. quite sure 2hk SA is faster.
  6. OHK rifles

    Heavyset badge.
  7. How to counter pilots ?

    that spoiler list indeed did cover most of the things you can do.
  8. Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    If our supreme leader says its realistic. Then it is realistic.
  9. Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    There you go supreme leader. Thanks supreme leader, I can tell you have studied alot. If only you could read as well as you enlight us with your flawless historical knowledge Dont hesitate enlight us with your reto statistics. Im quite sure you are the one that requires quite alot of research here. Remember the AK is made in 46 but they wanted to give it a name it a year later thus ak47. Direct quotation from you mr. supreme leader. When infact the Ak46 was a prototype that could be divided into AK1 and AK2 which indeed had alot similarities with the Stg44. And actually kalashnikov himself was happy with the designs of AK1 / AK2 milled / stamped receiver. But hes colleague insisted to make AK even more reliabe which eventually became the AK47. Didnt even bother to correct you last time but since you took the weapon knowledge in conversation. Well actually it was me exactly who said tank can be destroyed even by infantry antitank weapons since the tanks ammunition doesnt care do they get hit by a cannon or panzerfaust. Its you who were arguing that its only possible by antitank cannon. Yeah, I really wonder whos the dumb one here. Well clearly it aint you who has had weapon in hes hand. Yeah, directly from you mr. supreme leader, dont get me executed for disagreeing with you please.
  10. Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    Its your realism reference you should know. Exactly, first i was wondering what such intelligent person is doing here with us dummies but apparently it seems everyone else should leave as well and leave you here. Accurated stats ? 600rpm, well yea got that right. 2hk ? Well got that right ? No recoil ? bs. No sway ? Bs. Yeah 50-50 half right rest bs not bad. Yeah, i remember when ppl argued M2 vs Mg42 arguably best weapons in game of that time. Apparently the cons of movement made Mg42 worse, but same issues doesnt apply to murrican lmg's so it would only be logical to make stg44 behave like lmg without the cons of lmg. Yeah, you sir will succeed in live. So M1 or M2 cannot mount scopes, but you can mount M3 scope to it so it becomes M3. I dont really understand your logic. Historical knowledge says guy who refers to movies such as pvt. ryan & enemy at the gates. A guy who thought catastrophic kill on tank can be caused only by anti tank cannon when infact the exact video which you posted where jack in box effect ( yes it even has a name when turret blews off ) happened was due to tanks own ammunition cooking off, really you thought that it was due to explosive charge of antitank cannon was the reason for it even the antitank cannons explosive charge is even less than what panzerfaust for example has. A guy who thinks the effective fragmentation area for artillery is 360. You and your knowledge really starts to remind me of this. Oh supreme leader, please share your knowledge more with us
  11. Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    Oh right, they shot them thru the drivers vision, well thats fine for me as well. Well quite sure I said there were more dedicated players, players in general playing the war. You even yourself said that those who have brains left already. Which definitely explains why you are still here. Ah really ? Well if you say so. Yes, thats why they have been yelling at forums, its so useful at range that they themself want it to be nerfed. This is just bs, not even your regular funny historical movie reference bs. so i wont even bother. Yeah, no idea whats differency between 2hk fully automatic AR and slow BA. No idea, really who were these dummies actually arguing against your brilliant suggestion ? Does the M1 or M2 actually have nightvision scope on it ? I mean only thing that makes carbine into M3 is the nightvision scope. But if you say it has a nightvision scope, sure then, why would you lie like you havent at all done so far.
  12. Grey and Saturated

    This is official game of fifty shades of grey, sadistic spawns and nothing but shades of grey. I can only imagine what this game becomes due to new movie fifty shades darker.
  13. Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    Why would I Bother to blow up tracks of tank if I can simply open the hatch ? Theres quite few intresting details in this your realistic way of taking tanks down. Not to mention you could not even open the hatch from outside if its locked from inside. But I might be wrong, if you say thats how it was done and even more if it was shown in most realistic war movie to this date, what can I say. Quite sure Ive explained several times now what took away the german superior AR tactics. Just saying, you took the ignorancy in the conversation. Oh yeah, it was the damage of 1919 that makes it so op. Care to explain us dummies why so few people use fully modded BA rifles these days or why soviets dont run around with PTRD only ? I mean its a fact that dmg is what matters ? Judging by your historical knowledge and general knowledge of this game im quite sure there aint a gun in this game that would not be hard for you to use. No offense.
  14. Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    Yep, yet its the movie you select to support your biased views. I dont see anyone here supporting single one of your claims, might be my age and poor eye sight care to quote for me who are exactly the ones that even partially agrees with anything you have so far said ? Yes rest of us have been here only a few days so we arent at all aware of the AR steamroll germans had. My only opinion is that you should really go be bad somewhere else. Roughly the time kar takes to reload by that time i would have shot you twice. You see, unlike you I indeed do use heavy set instead of plane steal badge.
  15. Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    Oh right, that makes sense. well quoting your historical document pvt. ryan it seems german weapons doesnt fire at all. Im not going to even bother, it was the last nerf that nerfed mg42 / m2 both to near useless state. Before it, it simply was best weapon of entire game. This isnt anykind of secret and no one is blaming germans for using it. Its simply that you are pretending everything your faction doesnt have is OP to have a excuse for you being simply bad player. Have I started a single tank related OP topic ? Sure you can have the full dmg modded kar and il take thompson, obviously kar is better due to alot higher dmg ?