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  1. Oh the irony. When it comes down to shooting down your nemesis, planes. Pufff the high cost of LMG is way too much. But when it comes to killing your skillbox tanks with AT weaponry all the sudden credits means nothing.
  2. Oh looky... the resident "everything that kills me is op" comes to cry for nerfs due to own lack of skill or blaming the game. Dunning kruger effect. Community is joke in this game banning them all unfortunately wont solve anything anymore than nerfing everything. Well im actually horrible pilot so that might be the reason why I sure as fk cant spot a single tank hiding in jungle, then again the much requested jungle could hide even titanic or skyscraper. And all that time plane is hovering like kite hes being easy target and I assume it never occured to your mind to actually shoot at the plane ? Probably not why would you be here otherwise. Community needs to learn to play. A decade ago.
  3. Smaller Battles feel Better in my opinion

    Skirm's are quite fast paced, much like the old HNG used to be.
  4. gemany permits swastics

    Every 20mb update equals 2gt of problems.
  5. I thought the ez mode HE spam without any competition was exactly what you tankers asked for ?
  6. wonder why they were accompanied by infantry pretty much always. Forcing havent worked a single time in history of this game. Like currently you cant force tankers to move with infantry, even less tanker can force a infantry to dedicate to protect them.
  7. Many times, get a friend to babysit your anus while shitting on hill spamming skill HE.
  8. Being part of clan or having clan should be bannable offense. How they dare to play teamplay oriented game in manner the game is meant to be played.
  9. Could you please check the hit detection ?

    If your looking for good FPS gameplay experience your in wrong game. In whiners & generals top prioritys are set by amount of whining, hitreg & sound issues aint one of them.
  10. This I can agree 100%. You can be bad as you wish, for all I care. Just dont cry and blame the game for you being bad. reality is a boat isnt it.
  11. You do understand this is a war game rather than my little pony saga where you compete by collecting hugs & kisses ?
  12. When are planes being nerfed?

    Its rather answer to crying "bawwbaww we cant do anything against OP planes" And so far between bawwbaww plane OP nerf now comments there has been very few actual suggestions how to work out ground - air,
  13. When are planes being nerfed?

    Yes, most likely planes will never ever be "realistic" on that we can agree. Probably because this is arcade game with realistic elements rather than realistic game with arcade elements. And im quite sure this would be even more dead game than what it currently is if it was "Realistic".
  14. When are planes being nerfed?

    Oh, sorry my bad. I though this topic was "when are planes being nerfed" I must be in wrong topic then.